This pandemic is not truly a war, it’s an outbreak. It’s not a narrative; it’s a war probably when you’re in the Media, on radio, on T.V etc and you need something exciting to say because it’s your 15 or 5 shitty minutes of fame, but it’s truly basic fucking hygiene we’re looking at here realistically — things we teach 5th graders and people who haven’t even reached puberty to do at nursery school stage, that we are still having to teach grown fucking dumbass men and foolish ass women as if we are still stuck in 2020 perpetually the dumbest year for historically stupid ass reasons. So make no mistake, this is not really anything other than just a complete no-good fuck up.

Me β€œevolve”?, HA, I instance introductory insightful intricacy, invoking intensity inseparable from interesting, now and indefinitely βš‘πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž.

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