Lets face the facts, if you going to prison or jail you’re not necessarily Einstein, chances are you’re not the only person in there that had the same “bright” idea; doing the same bullshit and expecting a different outcome or a different result is not necessarily going to get you to Harvard university or shit like this. Millions of people have been going to these institutions for centuries before you even popped up; if you’re not learning from this in 2021, it’s not hard to figure out that its just not the place to be. Keep out of fucking incarceration; if you want to prove yourself, actually make a difference out in real life the hard way not the shitty way. People are not supposed to be parasites…..

I am no parasite, I prolong prestigious-practicality predicated on preeminent predatory practices, plummeting parasitic-plagues to peril.

2 thoughts on “COMMENT [765]

  1. “People are not supposed to be parasites…..”

    They infect, implant, multiply, grow, and eat away at the world around them. So, I mean … ????

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    1. LOL, yeah they are not “supposed” to but as you pointed out; it happens 😂😂. Look, parasites are parasites, you are you and I am me, GOD is the only one that’s Alpha AND Omega 🤣

      *Mic drop* 👏🎤🤣

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