Evolution doesn’t prove how an evolution actually occurred; they just refer to similarities among species as a “link”, which establishes “credence” to the “plausibility” of the theory itself, rather than actually “proving” that an “evolution” actually occurred based on a consistent physical collective body of proof.

Haha lets do the “math”; I come with facts EASY like 1,2,3 — “undivided” attention to detail, PLUS critical clarification on multiple occasions 👍😂

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  1. “Evolution doesn’t prove “how“ an evolution actually occurred”
    So your point is that evolution has occurred, but that our current findings are not yet complete enough to connect all of the dots?

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    1. When you said the findings are not yet complete enough to connect all of the dots, that part is true, they NEVER can connect the dots, and to make up for the lack of substantiation, they just throw up some fable about a “link” — that’s essentially the whole playbook LOL. But I was definitely not saying that they were actually proving anything.

      The main point is that evolution is just about supplying the the “theory” of evolution itself with a list of “plausible links” to make it appear to be even the least bit credible and to keep the theory from going “extinct” so to speak 😂.

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      1. All science is theory until proven. That’s science. And when something fits the theory it adds to the body of proof. Before Newton’s Laws were Laws, they were Theories. Born of hypothesis, empirical evidence, and peer reviewed. As far as evolution, if it is merely a theory that can never be proven in your opinion, what then is the alternative?

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        1. What you are saying is true generally speaking, but there is no proof that will ever come up that will prove evolution, because it’s unrealistic to begin with lol. Just because it’s a scientific theory doesn’t mean it will prove to be a good theory. There have been “scientific theories” that were abandoned because of just not adding up 😂😂

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          1. This is also true. But if evolution is not true, what is? And what accounts for the evidentiary findings to date?

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            1. “But if evolution is not true, what is?”

              GOD 🤣😝. The “evidence” that they have found are just “similarities” that they have “stretched” to categorize as “evolutions” 😂

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              1. Ok. So all humanoid fossilized record of mankind’s evolution is to be disregarded as an unproven theory because there’s another unproven theory (with no record other than a book that says it’s true) that you personally believe in?

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                1. Hahaha no it’s not just what’s written in the bible but what the scriptures knew about certain things because science discovered it PLUS the fact that D.N.A. does not allow for the transmission of physical alterations that happened via external inflictions and influences — that is just now how D.N.A works.

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                  1. That’s actually exactly how dna works. Everything from people to a virus have dna structures. If you find a cure for a virus, say an antibiotic, the dna of the virus mutates and it becomes stronger to be able to exist despite the cure. Super strain viruses are born. DNA is also fairly static in an individual, but the double helix which keeps the chromosomes in place, splits to mix with the other helix when creating new life. Therefore that’s completely new dna strands.

                    Also, DNA is where the chromosomes are. If you believe that nothing can change DNA, and that all humans have the same DNA and that it doesn’t account for external influences or inflictions, how do you explain Autism. There is evidence that there is a repetition of the 22chromosome in the base pair which occurs and on a DNA level, Autism is the result.

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