Any substance that is a byproduct of a natural source cannot be “artificial” or “manmade”; sugar is an organic byproduct of sugarcane, it is effectively cane “juice” that is dried, therefore it is not a manmade substance.

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  1. The entire process is man made, from harvesting it to squeezing the juice to putting it in a centrifuge to separate the crystallized sugar to packaging in those cute little packets that never hold enough for a cup of coffee. The sugar cane itself is natural, but the process by which we create the sugar we use daily is man made.

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    1. Right you just reinforced my point. See, from the time we “touch” something and “man-nipulate” it with our cutting, ripping and pealing etc, it becomes “processed”, regardless of if we use primitive methods or advanced and more sophisticated methods. BUT that does not make the “sugar” itself “artificial” or unnatural. The sugar is natural because it comes from a natural source, we just use different methods to get it, but it eventually comes out one way or the other because that’s what it’s supposed to do regardless, it’s supposed to be consumed ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜‚

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