The misguided perception of aliens being on other planets is due to people not realizing the order of creation. GOD brought the heavens into being, then he brought the planets into being, and then he brought the concept of life into being which is a seperate creation, so upon seeing life as a seperate and sacred creation from strictly material objects and a direct blessing from GOD, it then becomes easier to view life as specific to Earth and not neccessarily something that can be found on other “planets” because the creation of the planets in the heavens is seperate from the creation of the instance of life, because remember, GOD didn’t have to create life on earth, which is why it is very interesting that he did, and if GOD didn’t have to create like on earth, why would there have to be life on other planets? — life on earth was never a “must“, so there isn’t any good reason that there “must” have life on other planets.

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  1. If you’re going to create life, and have already created the universe and other planets, why, if you’re all powerful and can create and destroy whatever you want on a whim, would he limit Yourself to only one of the many planets She created? That’s what doesn’t make sense. Why would Earth be the only place the life exists if the Creator could make life where ever She chose? Other than the fact your ideology supports this belief, what makes you think that THIS PLANET is so important as to be the only one that the Creator put life on? It is not like Earth was created, then life on Earth, then, on a whim, the other planets right before the day of rest. The Planets came first, life after. Why are you so certain that the only life that was created was the life here, on this planet?

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    1. Good question but that’s the thing, it makes sense from the perspective that *he* can do whatever *he* wants and this is just what *he* chose — the idea is not to populate every single planet with life, this is just the fantasy of the human mind lol. The rest of the planets are mostly actually “stars” — when the earth was creted, it was created with a specific purpose in mind defferent from the rest of these other systems.


      1. So, it’s a “fantasy of the human mind” that G-d created life outside of our planet because we can only see them as stars. But it is in no way a fact that humans are self-centered enough to think that Creation was limited only to them?

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        1. You don’t have to take my word for it lol — just pay attrention to when nasa and all of these other space agencies actually go on any of these other planets plus point their telescopes towards them — not a single sing of actual living beings πŸ‘πŸ˜‚


              1. I didn’t say you weren’t. I just said OK

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                1. right got it πŸ’™πŸ’™. So what are your theories?


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