The truth is out there, but lets think about this for a second, because, when we really look at alot of what we have been seeing in terms of UFOs and things like this, much of it has actually been “in here” with us. This thing about “alien” this and “alien” that is a load of fuck; these perspectives have just “alienated” alot of fundamental actualities. This brings me back to the point I have made (in older posts), where, sometimes the truth might be alot closer than we think, it’s just that over time attention has shifted so much away from key basic aspects that alot of stuff we should probably be aware of, seem very foreign. But as the saying goes, time will tell — ignorance and stupidity often are forces that “alienate“.

HA!, this is not beer with 2% alcohol or rum with 20% alcohol or whisky with 40% alcohol or shitty crap like that. This is 100% ligitimate — the energy of longevity and a factual style that flows like the smoothness of milk 👍💣😜.

16 thoughts on “COMMENT [786]

  1. Yes, the truth is closer than we think, great lines my friend. ♥️🙏🏻

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    1. Thank you so much; I am glad to hear what you think as always 👌😂.

      Yeah, paying just a little attention to what’s going on around us, can be quite the eye opener hahaha

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      1. Welcome. Yes, using our God given brains.. 🙏🏻

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        1. Exactly, we must take full advantage of what is essentially our 3rd eye hahaha

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          1. Absolutely, everything is hidden in plain sight. 🙏🏻

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            1. absolutely, alot of things are right under us lol

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              1. Here now, an observative stance and silence.

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                1. Can’t agree more my friend 🤟😂🌹

                  By-the-way, how are you doing as of late?. I recalled that you were not feeling your best recently, but you seem to be active again so i hope that you are much better 💙🙏😇

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                  1. Thanks for asking, yes, I’m getting there.. In and out of hospital however getting there.. Blessed. 🙏🏻

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                    1. You are welcome; i remember it looking like a very serious situation and I was very concerned at the time even though you had indicated that you expected to recover, but since then I had been unaware of you situation so i just wanted to hear from you how you felt since we were already engaged in conversation, and i am very happy to hear the positive development 💙💙. Stay strong my friend 🙏🌹🤗

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    1. hello my friend 🙏💙💙

      The text is in the post — it looks like you are having issues seeing the post.

      can you see the text in these posts in the links below?:

      COMMENT [783]

      COMMENT [782]

      please update me when you can 🤟☺️

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        1. “Yes, now I got 👍☺️”

          very good 👍😄. so you can see those posts but not this:

          Click h

          am i right?


          1. 😊Of course! This 👍
            I read & wrote a comment on that also! ✍️

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            1. true, i didn’t notice the number of the post at first haha


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