When it comes to situations relating to “the 7th day” that GOD rested and so-on, it’s critical to understand that this is not really about the number 7, it’s about a timeline and a cycle more so than about the number; of course it is, GOD doesn’t need some fancy or mundane number, so there has to be alot more at play here. GOD isn’t a shallow being — usually when GOD makes reference to a number, it’s usually accompanies a description about something and a reason, he didn’t just pull some lotto number out of thin-air to “impress” anything; there usually is a critical, broader point, and the point about the 7th day, is what you do on that “day”, technically it’s not about the number; this is about what happens within the particular context of “days”. It’s not about numbers, it’s so that we can identify a particular period. So it’s more about the sabbath not just the 7th — when it comes to GOD, it’s always about the purpose it’s never just about irrelevent things.

This iz the SuperDuper Scribe at it again — i’m not “shocked”; i’m on fucking FIRE; I script facts like CRAZY because i’m not fucking stupid hahaha

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