When it comes to the issue of evolution, I like to bring things back the the “similar” situation of the day because in my view, evolution tends to take alot of similarities out of context. When we see the difference between a man and a woman, there is alot of similaities at play (two hands, a nose, two eyes, walking upright, 10-fingers; 10-toes etc etc), yet still, they are uniquely different; and this is the same thing we see in the different species around today; we see alot of similarities in the vast scope of life that exists on earth, but they have distinct & unique characteristics that sets them apart from other life forms, this is what we are actually seeing at play with the various life-forms — not “evolutions”. We see this phenomenon everywhere around us: in the plants, in the animals and in us as well; and when is all of this emergance of “similarites” said to have occur?, IN THE BEGINNING according to wisdom — there was no evolution, alot of these things were as they are forever ago.

YUP, It’s all about the factual formula, not to “evolve” but to “Multiply”, making it a must to minus make-shift and make-believe, funneling fantastically farmiliar firm factual fruition from favourable formulations compliments of a prolific proud Practical Practitioner 👏💯😜

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