When looking at the ancient past, alot of very interesting things truly exposed these ancient figures for what they really were, there is no way that they were actually “gods” and were walking like humans, talked like humans, thought like humans and did many things that were only *neccessary for humans. If i’m a GOD, I do GOD things; a GOD doesn’t act like a planet, a GOD doesn’t act like an animal, a GOD doesn’t act like a human or gets excited to live human fantasies and activities. A GOD doesn’t need to have sexual fantasies or put alot of faith into inferior metals or wooden objects, so when I see these so called “gods” running around earth, doing these types of things, it makes me put the word “gods” in quotation marks.

A GOD wouldn’t waste time “shape shifting” into everything under the sun just to win your acceptance, because at the end, you’re going to still be left stuck with the same question after being confused as fuck at the 1 millionth shapeshift and transformation and this question is; “what on earth are you?” — when GOD spoke to Adman and Eve in the first generation, he did not speak as a serpent, he did not talk to them as a disguise or a piece of technology, he spoke to them as GOD, he spoke with them as himself. If i’m your GOD you’re goin to have to respect me as your GOD, i’m not going to waste time changing shape and form just to get you to accept me when, in the end, i’m still the one you’re actually dealing with anyhow. If i’m going to educate you about life and bring you to a better understanding and open up your eyes with wisdom, why am I then going to turn around and guise myself as some other fucking “mascot” just so that i can present myself to someone?, NO!, I might as well educate you about me as well so that you’ll be just as acquainted.

In these days, we are so unacquainted with the true fundamental aspects of life that GOD may be even more likely to remind us of who he actually is more so than playing the games that some people expect.

This isn’t “common sense”, me and retards have nothing in “common”, this is to make basic competence prevails and become prevalent βœοΈπŸ˜ŽπŸ’―.

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