Every [living] thing we see lived from since the beginning because that’s what the purpose of life is; life is for creatures to live. All kinds of creatures lived as themselves from since the time of their creation, they did not come into existence as a result of billions-of-years of evolution resulting from lifeless objects crashing about, atmospheric weathering, and freak occurrences. There was a lot of *care and signs of *consideration that went into the creation of many life-forms aswell, which is clear when we take a close look at them — something cared for them to be the way that they are, they clearly didn’t make themselves and they were not the results of inferior one-off material fusions because we know that this is not how such things come about.

Some people’s favourite word for evolution is “theory”; my favorite word for so called “evolution” is delusion — it’s a clear distortion

This Reiterative Radical I can’t help anybody with “common” notions like common sense, but you can “find” the “lost art” of ample competence here primarily, and prevalent LOL. #Think #Develop #Navigate #Mature #Grow

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