It is an interesting thought when you consider the perspective of putting value in purityunderstating things from the perspective of true worth. This encourages, growing our understanding and strengthening our conscience so that we wouldn’t fall for things that are just shining and physically alluring but don’t really have true worth. The greatest worth is life, and valuing life and who you are inwardly is far more important than developing an obsession for opulent image and status. Truly appreciating things for what they are worth with a clear understanding is far better than being guided by manipulation and distortion. Evolution is not true maturity, it’s not actual development, instead it’s about constantly looking for what’s “new” and moving on to the next “new” thing, but that’s being force-ripe if we are not truly happy within ourselves or developed within our selves and are looking for outward material comforts; that’s a distorted path, there is no real fundamental growth there or maturity, it doesn’t really make anything become better, it’s like always looking for the “shiniest” thing, and then the moment something isn’t shiny anymore, it’s not appreciated, it’s not shiny anymore so it’s discarded and then it’s time for the next new one, the wisdom or muturity isn’t formed within the person to actually polish-off the previous shiny thing to see that it still has worth and that it still has potential and it still shines after all, but no!, instead a highly materialized zeal is conditioned where you must have something “new” and “shiny” all-the-time; this immature, distorted and underdeveloped conscience is the cycle of constantly chasing after the next newest thing to fill an ever-deepening void.

So what’s important for us is to have a clear conscience and to grow true maturity from a place of purity, not just shiny and artificial gimmicks and developing distorted views of wanting or wanting to be the next new thing, the next new technology or the next advanced alien and such, before we can even get a chance to truly appreciate, mature, and truly develop within our selves and realize what we’ve got before it’s gone because sometimes you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.

If, as fools claim, life is the result of “evolution” (which it isn’t), or sugar is the cause of obesity (which it isn’t), or the earth is flat (which it isn’t), then I must be [just as delusionally] the greatest thing since the fucking covid-vaccine LOLOLLOL #UnrealisticFucks

Facts are not hard to find when this Reiterative Radical is forever factually fucking-up folly LOL

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