I am often amused by the question of “if GOD knows everything, why did he create humans that mess up?”; why do things “mess up”?, well, this is the critical thing that people forget, and it is the reality that GOD is perfect, but *we are not perfect, we were never made perfect because GOD’s creation of humans was out of love and in the image of him and his love, it was not about anything being or needing to be “perfect”. It is on the premise of illusion and trickery that there are such notions suggesting that we can match GOD (notions such as “we are gods” etc etc), this is where things result in an epic fail. So we are not perfect and this is where things get interesting because it’s so easy to descend into mischief; it is trying to attain a clear and “righteous” conscience that is truly something to behold because it’s the “holiness” of GOD that purifies and this is clearly not a walk in the park to do.

The ways of GOD can create heaven on earth but the rancid toxicity of foolishness is just short-term thrills that provide cancer that gets progressively worse — there is no future in these trifling perpetuations!

WarStar has facts, full of uses. Fools are actually “clueless” just acting “not surprised” but only after-the-fact and more excuses 💯🤣

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