Lets look at “perception”; alot of things are based on perception as a result of how people frame stuff, like “evolution” this and “evolution” that, but just because someone knows of a word that they can call something, it doesn’t mean that it is necessarily taking place in a matter that fits the definition of the word being ascribed to said instance, just because something seems like “evolution” it doesn’t mean that it’s an “evolution”. See, “evolution” is what you get from an “evolutionist” because every time something happens with a particular species or type of life-form, and they “develop” in any kind of way at all, we usually hear these people automatically call and label it an “evolution”, but often what they refer to as evolution is just actually a genetic capability and is very interchangeable with other terminologies; something can’t be an “evolution” if it actually has more in aptitude and in sequence with another description, and I am one of these people that believes that words have meaning, so I am very realistic with how I describe things as opposed to delusional because context is everything, and there are certain fields and study that have a vested interest in promoting certain *themes by framing occurrences in a certain category; the evolutionist will promote evolution for example. But I don’t have an interest in promoting themes and fields, my interest is in enthusiastically promoting context and reality.

There are many words in the English language that refer to things that are not real but anybody can use them at any time for any reason, this still doesn’t mean that the notions that accompany these terms and labels are realistic; as a matter of fact, I think the correct term here should be “accurate — just because I can say that something “evolves” or is an “evolution”, it doesn’t mean that it’s the most *accurate term or word that I can use for such specific cases and developments. So I think that if I were to really examine these so-called “evolutions” of the coronavirus or “evolutions” of other viruses, I may discover the idea that they “evolve” might not actually be the most “accurate” term.

WarStar got facts by the stacks. Fools are actually clueless but always act “not surprised” after-the-fact LOL

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