This is just for emphasis; there have been, and still are, centenarians living for eons who did not follow a strict weight-loss or weight-prevention diet, and yet they lived (and live) long, healthy and prosperous lives. They were on the sugar, they were on the salt, they were on the meat and they were on the sweet treats, and yet, they lived to be centenarians. Furthermore, they did not really do any conventional body-building exercises BUT were actually very physically active throughout their lives, routinely doing thorough and laborious tasks, which is important to note. This thing about sugar “linked” to weight gain is a stupendous mythology because no one in history has ever lost more weight by eliminating “sugar” from their diets, compared to adjusting consumption amounts and not overeating.

So again, this is not an issue of what is given or taken, this is a matter of the mind. This is not an issue of “sugar is in everything”; people need to take control of, not just what they put into their body, but also how much of it they are using, and this goes for everything. It is the moderation (or lack thereof) that is literally killing people; if you are not being advised to (or shown) how to moderate or what is moderation or balance, then you are going to start wrong and you are going to be off-balance in the end. Some people, aren’t going to tell you about balance because they don’t know any better, but balance is an interestingly intrinsically diacritical aspect of life; *overeating is the bridging of bulkage.

Freaks [act] “not surprised” to appear wise, when they were clearly too stupid to realize before bullshit materialized — they are obviously not good at lies. Over here is where nothing but authenticity and originality + creativity iz emphasized — where the Xpressive Xtremist is centralized ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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