We sometimes see clueless sources, apparently individuals in certain institutions whose life mission is to spread foolishness like “obesity is a sugar problem”, always looking to claim that something else is the problem other than a lack of self-control, and this is perhaps why the “obesity” situation is out-of-control because according to their ever “evolving” and utter cluelessness, the other day it was “junk food”, then it became “carbohydrates” and now it’s “Sugar” to blame, but all of that is a load of fucking crap.

It is not my interest or aim to appeal to educated or uneducated fools and whatever image or status they have of themselves. If these nincompoops figure that they will mislead and push nonsensical narratives and no one is to expose their stupidity, they can choke on shit and fuck themselves — that’s not how it works.

And the last portion of that previous paragraph is what I want people to remember most about why I examine this issue; it’s not about me thinking that I am the healthiest person, or that I want people to know my favorite food or drink, or that I am some food guru. For me, it’s about the facts and the truth about the situation; this is what is the essential focus for me when I talk about many of these different types issues in my weekly sessions — it’s mainly about the reality of the situation at hand and clarity.

The trigger (not the origin, which is a different story) of obesity or health problems in general, and I say “health problems in general” since people can still experience health issues if they are not eating right even if they “remove sugar” from their diets and consider themselves to be “plant-based” and may not be “overweight” — the trigger of obesity and health problem in general, is not enough due diligence and responsibility taken. It is not necessarily “the food, the sugar, the salt”; that’s all you would hear some people come with because they are trying to push narratives — alot of these crappy “studies” are devised to sell narratives more than anything else. But I don’t cater to narratives, I eat narratives and misleading bullshit for breakfast — The Deception Destroyer a.k.a Truth Terror and all that good stuff; get acquainted; I live for this motherfucking Krap.

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