There is no such thing as “junk food”, and the issue of weight gain is not people not having proper access to “healthier options; the issue originates from the very fact that (in regard to certain varieties of edibles), THEY admit that THEY can’t put it down. If THEY can’t bring themselves to put it down, it doesn’t matter what the fuck THEY “could” have; it is not what THEY “want”. If they “want” to ignore, if they “want” to deny, if they “want” to be irresponsible, and if they “want” to see “irresponsible” as “addiction”, that is their “want” even though there are lots of things they “could” do otherwise, healthy or not. The notion about sugar or any other flavoring ingredient being this “addictive” substance that’s forcefully controlling people’s minds, against their will and sucking them into this abyss of life-long cyclical deterioration, preventing them from seeking better choices iz fallacious bullshit. Certain people just do not “want” the healthier options; it’s not that they are hard to obtain or expensive. Bottom-line is, moderation is the optimal solution for weight and health issues, it’s not really a matter of “processed foods”, “junk food” or “sugar” being the real issue.

“Carbohydrates” my azz, if you do not eat right you will just run into issues whether you are plant-based, live off of fucking fruits, eat meat or not. Again, I must also remind folks that alot of centenarians who live/lived over the age of 100, lived off of “processed” but balanced meals, none of them actually removed entire food groups and none of them made stupid excuses about “addiction”, “sugar this and sugar this” and so on.

“Expensive” and “Addiction” is what the “studies” throw in; as I said before alot of these “studies” now-a-days are little more than devised distractions of “shock shenanigans” — they don’t make “studies” like they use to.

For me these issues are about getting the bottom of what makes things tick or stick; this is about proper perspectives — I don’t care about silly nitwit “shock” narratives that people are spreading; I shred nut-narratives and misleading bullshit for fun. The Deception Destroyer a.k.a Korrektive Counteracter and all that good stuff; get aquatinted. I live for this motherfxxking contextual krap πŸ‘ŠπŸ’₯😜.

2 thoughts on “COMMENT [819]

  1. The very First line made me curious about what is further in the post
    And guess what it satisfied the curiosity well..

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    1. Hahaha that is the best thing. Going in with one impression and then satisfactorily coming out with more than you expected πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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