You may hear the stories of those who conveniently claim to be “addicted” to something — just replace the word “addiction” with “irresponsibility“, in which case the word “addiction” is often the politically-correct way of framing silliness in stead of “irresponsible”, by those who claim to have an “addiction” to habitual toxicity, and it’ll all contextually fall into place.

Replace the word “sugar” with “overeating” and the context of obesity will also fall into place. There are those who insist “sugar” is responsible for “obesity” but they are fools trying to sound intelligent. These silly “studies” now-a-days are just shit-head narratives trying to sound factual. The facts still remain that nobody has ever lost weight by just removing sugar from food, or have gained weight by just adding sugar to edibles and drinkables. Sugar’s relation to obesity is like “evolution”, a bullshit myth; lots of “links” but no real connection.

With me it’s facts for the win because I fail too see the relevance in fuckry πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž. #KorrektiveKounteracter #ContextCritical

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