“Removing” sugar from diets on the basis of facilitating weight loss, *does not work. “Cutting out sugar” strictly for this purpose *is not realistic, that’s just a bullshit placebo like I have said in past sessions. The body stores food that it cannot fully process, so therefore the less of it that you eat, is the less of it that your body has to try and properly manage. This all adds up when you see the kinds of habits and practices that are actually making people lose weight, as well as take note of the flip side of when some people gain it back. Even the scriptures in the bible warns against *gluttony.

And I must remind people that this is a much broader issue than about what I or anyone likes to eat and their preferences. This is about getting out the facts and correcting what some of these fools manage to fuck up; that’s what these sessions are really about and the purpose of bringing these issues to the surface.

Sugar does not “convert” into fat; some bird-brains in the media and in the health space, are just trying to “convert” their incompetent shock garbage into reality.

I back FACTS for the “win” because clowns “lost” me with their trite fuckry ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ‘Š. #Accuracy #Versatility #PowerStriker

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