This session is loosely based on this script:

We must pay attention to what GOD says because GOD keeps his word, GOD’s words define a person, GOD made humans in his image, so it’s quit silly that there are notions that seek to undermine this by suggesting that there is any greater image that anyone can bow to or pray to that represents “GOD“. The image of GOD cannot be fashioned by the hands of mankind through physical objects.

The one and only true GOD is not even a physical being — we must show appreciation to GOD through the image of the heart which is within (love); physical objects are just distractions, we can’t physically see GOD on our own, so when we close our eyes to pray to GOD acknowledging that we are in HIS image, this is a meaningful show of reverence because it is sacrificing your conscience’s urge to give *attention to the material things that you are surrounded by and, instead, devote your complete awareness to the Almighty who is superior to the dust of crafted objects. Some people have it twisted; we can’t create an image of GOD, GOD created us in his image, so with all of our being we should dedicate our lives to appreciating life — praising and bowing to silly inanimate life-less objects, forded by the flesh and used as manipulation, is a fucking gimmick. GOD’s word is a direct calling, the only word that matters above all, is his.

Deceptive fucks have “lost” their half-wit minds; full-blown facts win easily over fuckry ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ˜œ

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