Lets Think This Through

This isn’t “common sense”, me and fools have nothing in “common”; this is not based on frivolous “common” catchphrases or cliches; this is thinking power. Thinking is something that fools have not seemed to develop — “Thinking” is what I do, and I was thinking that maybe I should tell you guys what I meant in my previous discussion (which can be found here: Asus Z10PE-D8 WS: Surprise Scalability And Sustainability) about how investing in a really good computer circuitboard actually saves you alot of money in the long run via the ability to build around various price-point.

Today I am going to provide some thinking power

I think that if you invest in a proper motherboard you will be able to upgrade in a more effective way rather than being stuck with overclocking as the only way to squeeze performance out of the system over time.

So I think I have put myself in a position, where, what I lack in “overclocking”, I more than make up for it in the capacity to actually upgrade in various areas.

I think that there is no other platform that allows you to actually upgrade in the way that a Xeon system does.

I think that with an Xeon system, yes you pay a so-called “premium” upfront, but it is a very cost-effective investment down the line.

I think that with the Xeon system that I have, although I had to pay a premium for the circuit-board, it makes available to me a wide array of configurations on the same platform at different “tiers”, and that is where you save money since, over time, the price is going to come down because of the arrival of newer tech, but the options available to you still remain the same allowing you to scale to suit, according to the *consumer demands that you would be able to more than satisfy because of the extra edge that the *enterprise quality/grade of the xeon-platform offers vs options on the regular consumer division.

I think if the question is asked: “what???, can an Xeon platform still play games at 60-frames-per-second about 1 – 3+ generations after it’s original release?; haha YUP NO KIDDING!, do the research, you’d be very surprised :D

Expecting anything other than thoughtfulness and thought-provocation from here is like me believing GOD is a “humanoid”, the earth is flat or that “planets” are meant for “life” — Not happening πŸ‘ŠπŸ˜œ.


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