I’m not here solely just to bring up possibilities and theoretical hypotheses; I am concerned with the basics and the true context of reality because this is how we build, not just study. The basics help you to build on the fundamentals; this is why the basics are very important because they are building-material, it’s where you go from preaching to practice.

Expecting anything opposite of reasoning and competence from me is like me believing in *rumors, the cheapness of “shock” value, and the flimsiness *statisticsFUCK NO!! 👍👍😂

12 thoughts on “COMMENT [854]

  1. Please! Do not say madam…. You can call me Kavya👍

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    1. 🤣🤣 haha no problem, I said madam because you addressed me as Sir, but i am glad to know you by another name 👍. You can call me Troy 🤝☺️

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      1. Thanks a lot Troy… ☺️
        My name is Kavita.
        People know me in the Hindi literary platform by the name of ‘Kavyakshara’. In short, it is called ‘Kavya’.

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        1. You are welcome 👍😂. You had introduced me to this info but it was about a year or two ago and I had forgotten your name since it is very unique and I had not been too farmiliar with its spelling so i am happy that you gave me it again ☺️☺️🌹

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                1. Haha, thank you HAPPY NEW YEAR to you too 💙☺️😄🎉

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  2. It is natural to be worried. Fundamentals help in construction. People only want to know superficially and disregard the basics. You have said wonderful thing sir.👍

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    1. Than you 🤗🌹, you definitely understood where I was coming from 💙☺️☺️. The basics are like the roots haha

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        1. Haha I am glad you feel the same way madam 👍☺️☺️

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