Comic Series Update [UPDATED 12/30/2021]

Hahaha will I ever get the project finished before the end of the year?, it looks like I have to try to pull something off to buy time so that I can finish it.

I wanted to give you all an update about something awesome that I was hoping would materialize, but my original plans didn’t work out because of shipping and supply issues, so ultimately I had to come up with a last-minute solution where I can at least officially release/launch the Comic this year but in an interesting way that will give me a decent amount of time to get the equipment that I need to resume work on the core material of the series so that I can actually finish it.

Essentially, I had to come up with another special sequence/scenario to add to the project that will give me about 3 weeks to deal with this delay. Since my laptop got damaged by a power outage during a storm, I tried to source a new system that would have been more than ideal to develop this kind of project but that didn’t work out — so along with not having the right amounts of horse-power and technical capability, I also lack a proper monitor; the screen of the laptop was extremely good at displaying colors and the proper contrast for colors etc, but the monitors I have are very old and are not nearly as good, so I am in the process of finding solutions that will solve all of these issues, including the very frustrating lag and stuttering issues that began to plague my operations when I started working on the more technical and sophisticated parts of the project in photoshop when I was enditing large files that contained tons of groups, lots of folders, hundreds of small images and large images with lots of graphical details and layer effects.

The concepts and themes that I created were looking awesome from an artistic and visual point of view but on a technical level, things got so bad for me that it took atleast a couple of minutes just to “nudge” or “move” a layer or an image, and about 30 minutes – 3 hours just to “resize” an image/canvas in photoshop πŸ€­πŸ˜…πŸ˜….

At that point, I knew that I had really reached the limits of the Sony Vaio laptop, but I was getting through and the project was near completion so I decided to tolerate and put up with the technical issues and extreme lack of storage; that is until “disaster” struck and a power outage apparently did damage to the laptop and it would not turn on πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜‚πŸ€£. I actually thought that I had the computer plugged into a powerstrip and that turning off the power strip, would prevent an event like that from damaging it, but I did not have the laptop plugged into a powerstrip (I should have double-checked LOL), it was actually plugged into the wall socket, so when the power came back, it messed up the laptop, and since then, it does not turn on LOL.

Long story short, I had to end up using the Acer desktop which is in some ways better than the laptop, and in other ways, not as good. The acer desktop is using outdated 2010-ish technology and unlike the laptop that has it’s own built-in screen, I have to use the dated Acer desktop with one of the older monitors that don’t display colors as good as the screen on the laptop. But what I really like however is that I don’t get the frustrating lag issues with the larger and sophisticated project files on the Acer like I was experiencing on the laptop, and, I am not entirely sure why that is; it could be due to the fact a that it has a Pentium E5800 @ 3.20GHz opposed to the Pentium B950’s 2.10GHz and it also has 6GBs of memory compared to the laptops 4GBs, even though the RAM in the Veriton seems to be DDR2 and not DDR3. Or it could be that i’m now using windows 10 on the Veriton VS Windows 8.1 on the Laptop and instead of Photoshop CS6, i’m actually using Photoshop CC, or it could be that I am operating on a 7000+ RPM Harddrive VS 5000+ RPM harddrive that was in the Laptop. But I think the CPU and RAM in the Veriton are mainly what is contributing to much better performance when I am working on the project compared to the performance issues on the Sonia Vaio laptop.

So the Veriton is what i’m using for now until I can put together something far superior within the next 3-weeks. But I want to launch the comic before the year ends and that is all resting on the development of the new special sequence which will require some creative smarts and a lot of work, even though it’s not nearly as elaborate or as technical as the main, core aspect of the comic. We will see what happens LOL

This was alot more detail about the technical issues than I was willing to get into in this update but atleast you all have a better understanding of what is the hold-up haha

[UPDATE – 30th – DEC -2021]: I just wanted to put this note here to inform you all that my Comic Series will be Debuting tomorrow night at 10:00 PM πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸ₯³πŸ‘. I wanted to release it in the daytime but given the fact that I have to create an entirely new sequence, launching it at night should give me enough time to get things developed properly lol. I am happy to also announce that the duration of this impromptu sequence that I am working on, has extended from about 3-weeks to about 8-weeks which would give me ample time to both get the necessary equipment that I need, plus finish the project. Some new ideas came to mind today so I figured why not push myself to create more content for the new sequence that will allow me to get a little more time to do what I need to do, and it worked out haha

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