Experience the ongoing creative force of the Kataklyzm later today at 12:18 PM. A strange creative ascension has taken place involving the COMMENTS [RAW EDITION], and… we could only creatively imagine what else πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

The Video Game Comic notice that I made recently also provides essential details about the style and nature of this Comic series, so if any of you would like to know about these particular aspects, please don’t hesitate to review it βœŒοΈπŸ˜‚πŸ’™πŸ’™

2 thoughts on “KATAKLYZM XTRA #47

  1. ●●●Ticklish bitches of such fragile insecurity, are playing roles, they are in an occupation of a system of narratives, they are a representation of a dull image. They like to lecture mainly, but when they get blazed by the same fire they play with, they meltdown like the cosmetic sheet of soullessness that they clearly are, and like true media bitches, β€œcensor” and β€œsilence”.●●●

    Shew what sparked this.
    Your writing here is like that of a rapper media person,
    Going by the name of King Krap.
    It isn’t an alter ego? Right?

    So stage 16 is going to be flames at your time? I guess.

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    1. Hahahaa that is a seriously old comment I am not even sure if I can remember that far back; that is so 2017-ish 🀭🀣🀣. I wouldn’t mind saying where those remarks where coming from, but I am trying to keep a certain tone over here, so I try to avoid bringing content from other pages on this site into this area about the Comic LOL.

      🀣🀣 “King Krap” the rapper — that’s a good one my friend. I actually go by the name .Killa. and picture is saying that I am the King *Of Krap lol. It’s not really an ego thing, it’s just a competative statement — I am a competative person lol.

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