Not Good Enough

Often, there is participation in alot things for trivial reasons and are perceived to have fundamental meaning but in reality don’t really have that much value outside of the purpose that these schemes are meant to cater to, when you examine many of these practices they are, essentially, a way to get people involved in certain things that are basically frivolous customs at the core because the very core itself is devised or inspired by stupidity; often manipulative, exploitative, and packaged as something to be “proud” of even though it’s basically predetermined generic bullshit mainly driven by colonial politicized rat-race dispositions, covered with things such as “country”, “nation” etc. Anyone can be born into some place somebody decides to call a “country” minutes ago; there is nothing “special” about this bullshit objectification. If you pay attention to all of these foolish wars over “territory” and so on, they have been mostly examples of the retarded shit just explained.

It’s like when the serpent (using biblical terms) tries to frame something that’s not actually wise and make it look good as a temptation but the reality of it is actually backward, stifling and more consequential than realized at first. Now if people don’t take some of these things seriously beyond the scope of what little [logistically] or [organizational] relevance/purpose these things serve, it wouldn’t be an issue, but this is not the case.

We might hear things about “patriotic” and being diplomatic and things of that nature but there is no need for anyone to be these things if values and morales are actually based on “common decency”; this way of life doesn’t give a flying fuck about signs and borders or about conditions of creed and location since these things are manmade fuckry. You won’t catch me placing alot of value in mundane rubbish solely because it’s the way things have been happening; this I not how I think being guided by a fucking conscience that is awakened not “shocked”, or in other terms: enlightened. Maybe that was the case when I was a kid and didn’t know any better and my brain wasn’t fully developed, but I am guided by the almighty, REAL WISDOM, not manmade GARBAGE that’s clearly and obviously compromised and corrupted and contributes to a brain disease of shrinkage and small mindlessness.

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