To My Surprise

To my surprise, it’s 2022 and these sources who are held up as experts and whatnot in articles and so-on who push the “sugar = obesity” narrative, still have not been able to show actual results that prove that “Sugar” is associated with weight gain in reality. Ofcourse in their fictitious makeshift universes and in the garbage that the twits in Media and certain commercial circles regurgitate, both televised and online, it is “true” AND “works”, but in real life, it’s nothing but a foolish misleading “placebo”.

Another thing that is critical that I would like to share about weight gain, is the fact that if someone, or yourself, is deprived of food, “sugar” or not; they will “starve”, and if they starve long enough, they would shrivel like a raisin. On the other hand, when they start to get “food” and they are fed, they will eventually start to rapidly gain weight, and this is what is responsible for the “weight gain” that we observe in most, if not all people (all people “gain weight” in terms of “growth and development”, BUT we also have the issue of people becoming “overweight” and “obese) — “food” is the true “influence” of weight gain; it has absolutely nothing to do with sugar.

When people eat, the amount of actual “food” that they consume, is what helps the body to gain enough “substance” (in opposite contrast to the commonly viewed “empty calories” of “sugar”) to build bones, tissue, muscles etc. It’s impossible for someone to use “drinks” when they are starving and on the brink of dying, to make them “healthy” and “able-bodied” again; the “sugar” will do absolutely nothing aside from making them “thirsty” and eventually “dehydrated”. So this is another example of how “sugar” is not possibly the substance that’s making people fat and overweight.

Another example that reinforces what I am pointing out, is that if grown people do not feed themselves properly, they will get “lethargic”, become very sickly, and can even die of starvation in a similar inverse way as someone can die from being too overweight which are both issues all strongly related to food. This is demonstrated by alot of the people who go on special/restrictive diets to remove “meats” and various types of food groups, to be “vegan” or vegetarian. If, or when, these people do not eat *properly, they start to become very weak and have muscle loss eventually looking as if they are, or are [becoming] anorexic. There is no possible way that you can give these people just sugar (mindful of the fact that they are [barely] eating vegetables that are [actually] more “nutritious” than sugar, and despite that, they still become unwell due to improper eating) and expect them to grow in size, even to subsequently become “fat” and “obese” when sugar doesn’t even contain the absolute “minimum” of “calories” that some of these “grains” and such that these people who become weak and suffer muscle loss as a result of, are *poorly incorporating into their diets. This is not how it works.


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