Fools Are Not “Fooling” Everyone

We have to be very mindful about so-called “white lies” — a lie is a lie. If some people can lie about the small things, they sure as fuck will lie about the big things and it’s not so much how “little” the lie is as much as it is about the fact that they are “emboldened” to “habitually” lie in the first place as if it’s nothing.

Fools like to use the “small” lies just to see how far they can push it, and this is how frauds and cons slip through the cracks — with their lies and fabrications and whatnot. So with me, there is no “big lie” or “small lie” because a little bit sprinkled here and a little sprinkled there can make a huge difference since, in many areas, alot of valuable substance becomes lost when things get corrupted with these kinds of practices. Plus, what is “small” to one person might not be so small to somebody else depending on what the matter is.

Some shitheads and their fucked up minds have a hard time seeing things in their “purity” and not resisting the urge to “include” their bullshit — pollute and contaminate and compromise. When it comes to facts, every fucking “little” detail counts, so it is best for it not to be dumbed down by fragile pricks who need an alternative reality compatible with their twisted, psychotic, and conniving mindsets. Wolfs in sheep clothing love to infiltrate and “convert” things into their carcinogenic folly and shock retardant garbage — thank GOD they not fooling everyone.

8 thoughts on “Fools Are Not “Fooling” Everyone

  1. Small lies is a big story, because actually people do this all the time. And mostly these ‘white lies’ are hardly ever meant to be maliscious or to harm anyone. From what i know it is committed to most probably save a situation.
    But I get your point about sticking to facts and the truth.
    Let’s face it there are big issues in life that cannot be lied upon.
    And then…

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    1. Yes that is true, so-called “white lies” are not meant to harm but sometimes the things that people do not meant to do still actually occurs. Some people can easily write off something they said ,that is off-base or that completely changes the context or meaning of something, as a “white lie” so that is the point, we just need to be careful with “lies” overall no matter the reason given. This is how people develop habits and patterns; it’s typically by starting with things that are lighter and softer which causes them to become “comfortable” with them, then they start to take things further and further and get more into these types of practice.

      I am happy that you get the point — I aim was to offer another perspective on this issue despite what the general perception is. Exactly, if people can get into the habit of lying about the “small things” they most definitely can lie about more serious things. There might be place for “white lies” but people suddenly thinking that there needs to be a white lie for everything or when they use so-called “white lies” just for the sake of doing so but it actually has an impact of the integrity and content of things, is where thr real issue is.

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      1. Like is said people do this all the time. In my experience the issue of white lies became a huge chapter in the preachers book.
        In fact this episode of pure living were drilled into the minds of the young and innocent, driven to the point of fear 😨 😟 😱 πŸ™€
        I know how children were beaten the lights out of them because of a innocent white lie.
        White lie became and grew more and more into an authoritarian teaching while so many wrongs were committed around the place.
        So children began to grow up not distinguishing between the right and wrong of living, they just grew up living in their white lies.

        So I agree we should treat this matter very carefully and take the afflicted gently through there motions, since they feel protected and comfortable, secured and safe living like that. They have lost complete trust in the people and how the world in general relates to the ‘truth’.
        I agree, and it really depends how we respond and react to that white lie, and how we affect the self-esteem.

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        1. Yes it happens alot but I am already aware that it happens period so that doesn’t really do much to change the bottomline of the message. Thanks for contributing your own experience and chapter of the preachers book and pure living and how it was drilled into the minds of impressionable young innocent people to my awareness. It is a disgusting things but the more people know about such acts is the better. Yes when you talked about how children were beaten because of “white lies” it just reinforces my point about how a white lie to one person might not be such a white lie to another. Yes the habit of “white lies” can become the comfort of ignorance to those who take perversion lightly. So it is certainly no good to have and environment that encourages the use of deeming things as all of a sudden “white lies” even though such lies can or may actually “taint” or compromise certain situations.

          No doubt, we should always look out for people and try to help the most vulnerable that is pretty much something that should be priority in any area and in all aspects of life. So when it comes to the truth we should make sure that we do all that we can to give people what they need as far as that is concerned so that they can avoid ending up in certain manipulative circumstances and whatnot,

          Right, well said my friend. All-in-all we need to not become too comfortable with the habit or with the practice of lying in any form βœŒοΈπŸ’―πŸ˜

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          1. I fully agree about not falling into the habit.
            And without hammering the point, the message about lies most times hammer and hit home the white lies stumble and then fails to tackle the whole huge conspiratorial lies and problems we face.
            Everyone says the devil is a liar for their own means and ends.
            For me it is always how we treat and approach the white lie issue.
            I find it extremely painful and problematic when we put people on a guilt trip because of a white lie. We can’t leave them hanging there.

            Truth deserves better.

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            1. Correct certain things develop within us on a small “seemingly” harmless level and then we take things further and further. Yes the point sometimes is not hammered be if we look around we can see clear consequences of what is deemed to be minor things leading to bigger things, so white lies can lead to the “acceptance” of “harmless” rumors or what is deemed to be “harmless” unsubstantiated gossip and then these things can encourage conspiracy theories etc. That is so true, some people will repeat the clichΓ©s and use the catch-phrases and things of that nature just for P.R and to fit in, they will call God’s name etc etc. Yup you are every correct, paying attention to how we do things is very important aswell as understanding the issues. That’s I true no one deserves to be just left hanging, people deserve second chances — issues pertaining to fairness and being treated equal and similar standards is what everyone is entitled too and we get to know what these things means when we practice them ourselves, so it’s the same thing when it comes to truth vs lies and how we view these things.


              1. Definitely the truth deserves better.
                A far better and gracious treatment
                You cannot impair someone to the point that they cannot utter or speak the truth.
                That is the simple point for me really.
                And that people lie, alot, lies that are deeper than the “superficial” white lies.

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                1. Right and it gets to have better by those who put in the effort to keep things in context and in the correct perspective with regard to everyday matters πŸ’―βœŒοΈβœŒοΈ

                  Agreed, it deserves a far better and gracious treatment and gets it when it is respected πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

                  Impairing someone to not speak the truth is nothig but coercion and intimidation.

                  That is good, you made a very good point.

                  Yes there are people who lie alot and you never know how hey developed that habit sos we just must be careful with becoming too comfortable with anythng associated with the word “lie” or “lies”.

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