=== [LOOK IT UP: EPISODE 128] ===

The voice you are hearing in the audio versions of these sessions is computer-generated by a digital program that is used to read these scripts created by killa. The voice you hear is not killa and is not killa’s voice and is not the voice of a real person LOL.

Today, I will share some more pointers concerning the purpose of these writings which will provide an additional frame of reference connected to many of the things I outlined in the episode: LOOK IT UP: EPISODE 126.

All of these sessions are formulated using basic reasoning skills with the intent to capture the undiluted essence of an issue or context which is why I don’t really consider them to be philosophical or theoretical. They are essentially designed to get to the bottom-line. So there is alot of basic reasoning and contextual comprehending that focuses heavily on accuracy and communication whenever an issue of interest comes to mind. It is an approach to things that I usually feel compelled to do to the point where it’s basically a trait of mine and apart of my lifestyle.

In a nutshell, I am about keeping things in context and staying as close to the real point of a matter or situation, as possible 👌🎯😁😆. For people like us, FACTS is a MUST like MARIO on NINTENDO consoles ha, ha,ha.

#ShockIsNotInMyVocabulary #ClickbaitIsNotOnMyLevel


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