=== [LOOK IT UP: EPISODE 130] ===

The voice you are hearing in the audio versions of these sessions is computer-generated by a digital program that is used to read these scripts created by killa. The voice you hear is not killa and is not killa’s voice and is not the voice of a real person LOL.

This session is sort of like my health report to let you all know what I actually consider when I say that I am healthy. Me being healthy doesn’t just mean that I do not have a virus or the common cold. When I say that I am healthy, it takes into account that: I have great eye-sight. It takes into account that I don’t have any unusual numbness on any part of my body. It takes into account that I do not suffer from chronic joint pains. It takes into account that I am not overweight. One of the ways that I can tell that I am not overweight, besides actually just seeing, or using a scale which I do not use at all in my day-to-day life, is by the fact that I can still wear the same exact clothes that are the same exact size that I have worn over the years, plus the fact that I still have some old clothes from my teen years, that I can still fit into with no problems. So my waist has not gotten any bigger and, as a matter of fact, usually when I use belts, I often have to put extra holes in them to tighten them so that they can fit well on my waist because I do not have a huge waist. Those realities are clear signs that I have not gained weight.

I mentioned in an older post (LOOK IT UP: EPISODE 37) that some people gain weight easy, but for me it’s the opposite, it is not easy for me to gain weight above my natural “slender” body-mass profile. Additionally, me being healthy takes into account that my sense of hearing is great. It takes into account that I do not have high blood-pressure. It takes into account that I do not have diabetes. It takes into account that neither do I have any heart, kidney or liver issues. It takes into account that I do not have cancer, and as a matter of fact, I am mildly “hairy” 🤭🤣🤣. I have alot of healthy hair growth which, to me is another sign that I do not have cancer, because cancer actually affects growth in the body, but I can tell by the way that I have gotten hairy, that I don’t have cancer.

The question might come up “but isn’t meat carcinogenic?“; apparently not to me as far as I can tell. It seems like just a “shock” claim. I don’t think it’s really about “carcinogenic meats” or “carcinogenic sugars” and things like that. I think it’s really about living a carcinogenic lifestyle, in other words, I don’t think my lifestyle in that area is carcinogenic or toxic to me and it shows in the results, not some bogus rhetorical presumption or generalization.

For us, #facts are a MUST like pineapple on pizza 🤭😂. #BringingBackFacts2002+


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