Codex Of Practice [JUL/21/2019]- UPDATE |RATING: πŸ”₯

[JUL/21/2019] — RX Scriptures – – Code Of Ethics

Today I finally tell you about the R.X Scriptures and what material you’re actually dealing with here. This section is like a guide book on how to use these scriptures and their teachings. These scriptures (as I call them on a creative basis), are radical in nature and pretty unique views that I have on things that I express in my own words. But parts of the whole body of works are like golden fruits nested in thorns and spikes, they can be very hard to bear but don’t see a “cuss word” or a vicious critique of something or some clowns, which may be harsh but well deserved, and quit xD.

You have to go through the hard layers to get to the unique essence, because my works are inspired by the almighty and reality, there is alot of realistic truth in these scriptures

The way to apply these and activate their critical values, is to read them and primarily let them guide your VISION, they are to enhance your visions — they are not drugs or opioids, their purpose is not to delude. As the bible and it’s contents encourages to seek and find, in contrast, these works I present are to seek and destroy the abundance of foolishness that is circulating out there. This is like an observational serum, they help the masses with 3 types if visions, three types of visions that I have also mentioned in some of my previously released sessions, and these visions are:Β  (1) to spot B.S, (2) to see through B.S, and (3) to see things that others might over-look relevant to certain issues and instances.

You preach the gospel, but these are observational scriptures that are a source of encouragement and inspiration, that also keep things in authentic perspective, and keeps things in CORRECT context, and provides realistic visions. So ironically you have a set of texts and scripts here that are RAW but actually encourage a humble practice and application, the reason being that not every one would be willing to hear or accept the truth upfront, so rather than wasting your time (because remember i’m offering these to the people) arguing too much and that kind of stuff, they clear your senses so that you, the creations of GOD, can stay grounded in reality — that is what the primary purpose of me sharing these scriptures are; they are supposed to be a reference.

You can use their wisdom and share some of the things you learn about, that I have expressed in them, with others if they inspired you to rebuke and refute certain notions and claims that don’t add up, but remember, these are mostly Decipherer in nature, not gospels.

Let me tell you what a Decipherer is; they’re not corrupt or propaganda; they do not support any kind of conspiracy, or rumor, or gossip. They drop facts from beginning to end and from start to finish, and they basically destroy, and annihilate and obliterate every single known baseless superstition, myth or concentrated B.S known to man xD. So they are pretty powerful and extremely valuable stuff.

The purpose of a Scriptural Decipherer, is to have ultimate facts, things like the earth is a sphere, that’s an absolute fact, or night is dark, that is an ultimate fact, or heat is hot, that is an ultimate fact, and a collection of these ultimate facts are used to ultimately destroy a rampant or specific hoax(es), myth(s) or falsehood(s), and this is basically the summary of what my concept of a “Decipherer” or “Scriptural Decipherer” is.

Conceptually, the creator of a Decipherer, is called a DESTROYER, all Decipherer works have “authors” or “writers” also called Destroyers, and the key to creating an effective Decipherer is basic vigilance — a Decipherer is powered by a Destroyer’s strong ability to see and discern extremely well, so invaluable experience plays a very critical role when crafting and creating any Scriptural Decipherer like what these R.X Scriptures are.

Be one with the scriptures, so that you can be one with reality, and we all can be one step closer to deeper and wiser living, with GOD being the ultimate inspiration and guider.

[JUL/07/2019] – – A topic related to the purpose of my RX Scriptures; what kind of writings they are, you know, are they stories?, are they historical?; exactly what are they and how they are best used — more details will be available soon πŸ‘πŸ‘ :D

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