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The is the official comment area where I just drop comments in the comments place below :D. It says RAW in the title so it’s strictly what i have to say about stuff and it’s not always going to be “pretty” LOL.


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  1. Time to give some insights into observations that go beyond the typical mundane fuckry that circulates into the system of things on a regular, because if individuals are not exercising their muscle of the brain, they are going to be stifled and suffer brain-rot along with the brain-damage that will ensue if someone consumes way too much superficial rubbish, like gossip and everything else alike, there is plenty of that to go around — suffocation of the cerebellum seems to be imminent with the retardation cheap doo-doo headed fucks are pushing.

    I know some of you have been hearing alot about the “costumes”; this is what I bravely refer to them as i.e ancient “costumes”, since I believe that people were very ceremonious back in the day as much as folks are now, and they use to have mascots to honor traditions and rituals, and in a sense, these “garments” and “costumes” gave them an aura of prestige, so I believe all of this went into the influence of how they would craft and depict things and I do not believe that alot of these peculiar looking figures looked the way they looked solely because they were “deities” or fucking intergalactic “explorers” in astronaut “spacesuits”.

    To my mind, these ancient cultures derived creativity and crafty ideas from social-sensations and various superstitions and whatnot, in my view. Sort of like African Voodoo and the making of voodoo dolls; they have these cultural notions and they make objects to symbolize an idea. Although the dolls that they make take on the form of “humanoids” and human looking figures, they’re not making these things to depict actual authoritative figures that they see as deities. As serious as it is to them, this is not the original idea behind these dolls that they make or a necessary requirement. These “dolls” are clearly made as ideological figments of psychological sensations, and if you look at the VooDoo dolls these cultures make, they look very funny and unusual, just as like when you look at many of these ancient artifacts and figurines and how they take on the same resemblance and are perhaps influenced by the same type of perceptions — it does not mean that they saw beings that literally looked as the things they crafted. When it comes to cultural traditions, just because these cultures mean what they practiced, it doesn’t mean what they meant has/had any realistic meaning. Same thing logical goes for some of the fucking ancient texts aswell.

    What is funny to me is that these dudes (some of the folks who are in professions who study these ancient remnants), want to claim that because of the way some of these ancient figurines and dolls were styled where they appeared to have been wearing unusual attire, they think it shows that they were is “Spacesuits”, but that’s just their alien-fanatic conclusions. You can say that what these figures were depicted to have been wearing could also be representative of other stuff, for example, if they came from very hot environments, or if they wanted to cover up from the cold, or if they were warriors and what they where dressed in was supposed to represent a special kind of “armor”, or if they didn’t like the fucking mosquitos and flies, or if they were trying to work around certain issue circumstantially and what have you, like maybe they were dealing with alot of fire or chemicals, they could have been wearing these things for various reasons. That’s not to say that they actually accomplished the desired result but it’s just informing you that this spacesuit crap does not even begin the exempt the case for all other kind of uses and purposes.

    These things these guys are claiming are “spacesuits” could have even been “prototype” gear being presented for an array of reasons, how the fuck are all these unusual attire, “spacesuits”?, without any damn spaceships to correlate anyways?. They are calling these things “spacesuits”, but ironically, stop short of showing or exhibiting the actual fucking “spaceship” or” spaceships” to go along with the said figure in a spacesuit and their fucking SILLY ass excuse is that these depicted beings probably used a “hovering rock” or a fucking “pyramid”.

    Many of these folks (who are in professions where their jobs is to study these ancient remnants), are just fixated on the alien garbage so much, that everything they see has to be a piece of advanced alien technology; so this is why they come to these conclusions, but on the other hand, there are many other similarities and comparisons and reasons someone can arrive at, if they are actually using their own damn head and are not just trying to promote Start Wars and Star Trek fiction.

    Also once again, if you really think about this stuff, some of the practitioners who are in the field of studying Ancient Human History, are quick to rush to the comparison of “astronaut” suits, but much of these “suits” also bare a very identical resemblance to early prototype “diving suits”, so they could have just as much been representing folks who had just as much interest in underwater submersibles, in contrast to possibilities of aeronautics :D.

    Take note that the history of deep-sea-diving and underwater-exploration and diving-suit experimentations, pre-dates all of this astronaut-age stuff since the 1700s, compared to the “space-age” endeavors from the 1900s. Humans were water-borne before they were air-borne; how the fuck do these people think these ancient-cultures actually got around?; how the fuck do these “experts” think the Africans actually traversed vast distances over multiple continents and islands?, on spaceships?, no, I say to them that they traveled by fucking boats you fucking clowns. Even NOAH used a fucking “boat” a.k.a Ark, which was probably a different style of “boat”, but he used a water vessel never-the-less. Humans became more practically water-literate, waaaaaayyyyy before they took to the skies by any practical measure. Some individuals in the extensive field of studying ancient human history, talk about these ancient tribes, cultures and civilizations and how they observed the constellations and talked about the stars, but Water and the Seas and the Oceans and the Rivers literally took these ancient ancestors places :D.

    So depending on which Era you were in, like in pre-Star Trek and pre-Star Wars times, these “suits” could have just as easily been compared to underwater equipment as easily as how they are compared to “astronaut suits” in these times. Why the fuck would they even be blasting off into fucking space?, there is nothing alien “out there” on other planets, even Enoch summed it up perfectly his damn self EONS ago, lmao.


  2. Money is the root of all evil. Water, precious water, is the root of all innovation.

    Water was the path to human connection; “water” was the ancient companion of the steps of humanity, not “spaceships” with fucking aliens inside of them — not Tin-Cans levitating with the chemical-combustion of fucking beeswax inside of them.

    Moterhfuckers used ravines to transit and canals to commute and drank WATER to “recharge”, not some top “secret” advanced electrical alien battery-pack, so spare me the impractical sci-fi redundancies, and rickety aeronautical robotics …*ahem*… praise GOD for water.

    I emphatically raise the sovereignty of GOD consistently at every opportunity; while shitheads call upon the name of “Hell” more times in a day than the entire time Noah was at sea; Classification: pathetic, nutty, prick bitches.

    See I individually specialize in Surprise Sorcery a.k.a facts Out-Of-Nowhere, just like that, INSTANT :D.


  3. Today’s session relates to these:

    The intelligence I bring is certainly not “artificial”. See dufuses tell you about “artificial intelligence” and tell you about “Aliens”, to see who’s just as deranged and unrealistic as them, then try to sell you their books and T.V shows etc.

    A dits might try to convince you, “oh yeah but that money thing is good”, but that’s until the reality hits that this is just all a compilation of garbage, and when you try to utilize this “artificial” crap, it doesn’t work because life is not artificial, all you have accomplished is to successfully brainwash your own fucking self. You bought into this theme of “artificial” marketing, which is what is required for the gimmick to commence. If you were really thinking, you’d realize that the “artificial” remains exactly that i.e fake bull, and it’s just a case of reverse psychology to see how many heads can be marketably magnetized and ultimately monetized.

    Now what I present to the people today is this:

    [1] – You can put up road signs, but you can’t change Nature’s course

    [2] – Man can walk on the Moon, but you can’t “walk-back” the Moon’s orbit

    [3]– We can “condition” ourselves to “pressurize” and “compress” many things, an aspect that we have become acclimatized too, but we can’t “condition” the Earth’s real “climate”

    People dream about “terraforming” atmospheres and constructing a range of “artificial” environments, or that we are capable of such, as if it’s a task in-sync with highly-virtualized Artificial Intelligence, ironically, there is a REAL reason for all of this “artificial” crap, see, they want something that’s “simple” to manipulate, this is all it’s about, and the problem for them is that real life is not at all this simply submissive, not even close.

    They want a systemic playground; they are looking for that Stark Trek moment to be finally “actualized”, but at the moment, the least they could hope for is that their “artificial” fantasies be realized at least in a psychologically fanatical sense, because at this juncture it wouldn’t matter if what they are doing is still actually just “artificial”, fact-from-fiction gets thrown out for the sake of mindless, role-playing, sensationalism.

    The reality is, and has always been that when it comes to the Earth’s real “climate”, there is no “climate change”, — every motherfucking thing centralized “Below” the naturally prioritized sacred “Above”, just gets acclimatized or cultured at best.


  4. There is never a shortage of silliness, now understand this; if the real GOD can create all of these zillions of things, that are zillions of times insurmountable in sizes and in mass, at all; why can’t it be able to easily create “two” (Male And Female) small azz “humans”, two (Male And Female) fucking animals and two (Poitive & Negative) fucking “atoms”, in no time at all?.

    All of this Jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring grandeur and marvelous works, from things being too big to quantify and molecules being too small to see, just cames down to fucking “mining” work and “genetic modifications”?.

    Doing “genetic modifications” so that they can “create” these beings to mine gold to “fix” a planet, that in one regard, it’s being claimed that they created in the first instance along with all the other cosmic creations, and then in the next regard, it’s claimed that they destroyed and couldn’t just “create” a new one like when they just created the one that they are living on that’s “damaged” that they need “gold” to “fix”?. Yeah right, what a fucking fabricated mess πŸ‘ŽπŸš«. Sounds stupid as fuck — I don’t believe it AT ALL.

    FACTS from beginning to the end, that’s my style, no philosophy, not conspiracy — STYLE from start to finish βœ”πŸ‰βŒ. Fools try to play a role, but TRUTH out-of-nowhere surprises these rat bitches like an Amber Guyger sentence 🀘🀘:D


  5. Once again, it’s a fun time to talk about realistic aspects by administering more doses of reality to GOD’s people of Earth. This is critically vital because germs arrive in many varieties; ironically even bacteria is more useful than some of these shitty azz fools, atleast it helps break things down fast; some filth just spread like disease.

    I don’t care which pissy clown this “pisses” off, my truth has the nerve to be irritating as frig, and you’re going to hear it coming out of me all-the-time, non-stop, ALWAYS. If you don’t want to hear it, get hooked up with two air-plugs and try some music — you might be a useless bitch, but you’ll figure it out.

    Some folks have way too much time on their hands and they focus alot of their efforts into sustaining foolishness and then when this foolishness develops into an even bigger predictable mess, then you hear about an “epidemic” and a “Crisis” — somehow everyone is responsible because of a few dipshits that were irresponsible in the first place, who all contributed to acts of delinquency and indiscipline.

    If many of these clowns nipped these issues in the bud instead of being suckers and enablers, these crappy things won’t develop into “Epidemics” and “Crisis”. See this is the ironic result, they encourage these acts and make excuses about how it’s a “disease” and then, not shockingly (unless you’re slow as fuck), it becomes a much greater issue to deal with.

    So to me; “addiction” = a fucking prick. You know what a prick is?, it’s some fucking clown with an “addiction”. I am not distracted or fooled by this absolutely stupid nonsense about “addiction” for one second. Calling something “addiction” rather than “irresponsibility”, is basically a trick to get stupid fucks into the habit of being “symplectic” about fuck-heads.

    This “addiction” for some people isn’t going to stop because from the moment they realize or think that someone is fooled, they’re going keep playing this “addiction” role to take advantage of you xD. So if you want to be the poster-child for shit-brained delinquency and messy “irresponsibly”, which is what “addiction” literally is, by all means, submit your self to these leeches.

    Alot of time “addiction” is just a diversion to distract from the fact that certain people are just being irresponsible, and in a repetitive sense at that, to where they practically made it a lifestyle of convenience. I personally am not bothered by this gimmick, because the only way people can stop being “irresponsible”, a.k.a this foolishness that gets sugar-coated as “addiction”, is when they want to get their own lives back on track, and ironically, often they don’t because they know they can fool a certain set of people.


  6. Today’s scripture/script is going to leave a good taste in your mouth; I’ll be using the case of pizza to make a unique case about having Conceptual Taste, and style and fucking flavor — something, wack, nutty parasites know nothing about.

    A Perfect Pizza = just Cheese & Pepperoni :D

    Pizza made with an extra kick:

    ⭐ -1- Pepperoni
    ⭐ -2- Pineapple
    ⭐ -3- Bacon
    ⭐ -4- Sweet peppers
    ⭐ -5- Onions
    ⭐ -6- Fresh corn

    One thing on this list is unexpected to most because it’s a Fruit, and lots of fools have a problem with “fruits”, and they are not getting enough vegetables in their diets and things of that nature; things that should be first-nature to them, they “alienate” alot, like the fucking silly fools who believe in flying crafts with aliens inside, even though this is not what the fuck the “UFO” really is, but they “alienate” the truth in favor of dork fantasies, so they definitely believe in “aliens”, they “alienate” too much for this not to be clearly the case.

    They have a backwards mental slowness. For them what’s bad is good and what’s actually good is bad. Some of these corny bitches need to put down the beer and the rum and have some milk and vitamins because these deficiencies are clearly affecting their cognitive functionality.

    Folks like them be having the dumbest reactions to “Pineapple” (a fruit) on a pizza, it’s hilarious. In my mind i’m like “What the FUCK!!! get a life, fuck head” why be a cupcake over pineapples on a fucking pizza? — it’s beyond boneheaded. I see people put “cherries” on” cake”, make “cakes” out of “cheese”, put all kinds of crap on a “hotdogs”, and you’re shitting your pants worried about pineapple on a fucking pizza? LOL. Who gives a goddamn fuck!, it’s not that serious. Mind your damn business and go choke on something else, it’s just a fucking pizza.

    It is effectively the same extended branch of nonsense with people and their damn “diets”, they always think their shitty “diet” is the best and stuff. Fuck outta here, nobody is worried about what you eat or about your damn bitchy diet. your “preference” whether it’s on a pizza, desert etc, don’t mean shit.

    It would have been a pity if relevant “chefs” thought like this, since there would be nothing but generic shit being duplicated such like the garbage that typically comes out of the Media. It’s bad enough seeing “consumers” with this mentality, but in my mind. if you’re a chef and you can’t make a pineapple pizza taste good, you’re just a lame crap. Sure you might have the skills and what not to cook exceptional, but the point is, you lack the character to make things fun — fools need to stop bitching about diets and find creative ways to make their own things appealing.

    Leave it to me and my crazy self to make a whole life-lesson about Pizzas and Pineapples xD. This is what you call having Recipe; this is what you call having Formula. To avoid being misled by bogus bullshit “narrative”, always remember these Cs: Context and Correlation — the pair often go in concert βœ”πŸ‰βŒ


  7. Time to get back the fucking basics; the A.B.Cs, 1.2.3s and such, especially for the slow snails, alot of these bullshit pricks are sluggish as fuck — they are just around in real life like zombies and parasites; not very useful…

    I like to add a touch of class and sophistication where I deem suitable ; i’m not a “simple” fuck, i’m very complicated guy, the situation is complicated with me compared to rats, and complicated between me and their fucking mothers, the relationship is “it’s complicated” with me and their fucking cocking-sucking moms like a social status.

    I’m a highly complicated mind of my own, but when it comes to reasoning and understanding, I can be a very effective communicator by bringing it back to the basics and breaking down comprehensively so that the people can hopefully see things a bit more clearer and will be able to make their own decisions.

    The subject of video games and violence is the scapegoat that never seems to be taken seriously, for good reason, as video games are not viewed in the same context of senseless outrage. When someone picks up a video game, it’s rarely for reasons of sadistic grudge or petty vengeance because they can’t get away with it in real life.

    I find things like marijuana and crack, fuel real-life violence far more than Video Games, this isn’t dork crap about “aliens”, this is once again another fact of reality. Another fact is, it’s not hard to see that Video Games actually encourage people to socialize and have mutual relations in countless situations. All the critics need to do is clean the shit off their eyes that they are covered with because of retarded conspiracy theories, and actually observe what the fuck is going on in reality.

    Sure you can say “well people socialize and have fun with drugs like weed and alcohol too”, yeah but unlike video games which are strictly physical material, you don’t get to choose whether or not a crappy drug involuntarily fucks-up your insides and alter your frame of mind. With things like drugs (weed, alcohol, and crack) you don’t have a choice in whether or not they fuck-up your lungs, and give you cancer and put you in an incompetent stage of “high”.

    Whereas with video games, they are just entertainment — out of the two categories, you don’t get these crap symptoms and long-terms effects with Video Games :D. I don’t see Video Games causing nearly as much “violence”, and “conflict” and “crime” as drugs and alcohol, they influence literal toxicity and senseless dysfunction; there is no comparison.

    You’ll find more fuck-ups and fuck-heads per-capita, and much more seriousness involving “drugs” and “alcohol”, than with Video Games. #Facts


  8. In life there are situations that arise that requires the charisma and the will to at least endure, it’s not enough to think that you’re ready, you need to get those vitals in check because you don’t want to run out of oxygen and run out of ideas before a real challenge even starts, so health is stuff we really have to look at FIRST, because regardless of what some fools think of themselves, ego is not enough to get an actual warrior through a real warfare, yet alone ego-driven actors. Ain’t no sense coming to the table because of ego, and dying of so little as a heart-attack because of some surprise-attack 🀣🀣; there are some really smart warriors who are really good at all kinds of surprises πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜‰

    On that note, it seems to me that there is something that happens to many individuals on a biological level, that made or makes them develop to where they get weight gain, and this concern seems to actually develop from very early within the developing years of a persons [pre-infant] life. Suggesting that “sugar” makes people fat is retarded, sugar does not make people fat, so if this is all these folks have as the root cause of this fatty issue, then it’s safe to say they have alot to learn. It is actually abnormal to get fat from sugar and to swell-up, to the size of a fucking whale from eating food.

    There is a reason why obesity was considered a “disease” at one point, and while I would not necessarily classify it as a disease per-say and I mainly just see it as a “condition” atleast, having so-called “experts” look at it as a “disease”, would probably be the best thing to develop on their part, since it begins the reality of looking at the issue from a geneticist stand-point instead of a bio-chemist stand-point, because bringing a bio-chemical hat, to a bio-logical concern is gross mal-practice πŸ‘ŽπŸ˜Ά

    I think there is alot of mix-up between people getting fat off of certain things, and certain things having naturally fattening properties that can make anyone fat. The notion of certain things like “sugar” having properties that can make anyone fat, is a total lie, and is very misleading. Sugar does not have the capability to make people fat since it is not a naturally fattening agent, even the fucking sugarcane that the sugar comes from are stalky, slender and woody as fuck xD. This is what they want to say gets people overweight?; NO WAY, when it comes to natural sources, what you see is what you get, so individuals getting as fat as an elephant because of sugar from “petite” natural cane, is bogus — it’s a burger of bullshit. There is definitely something wrong there, and it’s not the cane.

    You will have to be very limited in reasoning, or blind as fuck, to believe this garbage since while obesity is a very huge problem in certain parts geographically, there are a HIGH number of people who are NOT fat or obese. There is also a HIGH number of people who do not have diabetes, and many of these people also consume things that contain HIGH sugar-content, who do so just like the same people who get fat off of the same edibles that contain sugar, and do not go on to develop diabetes or go on to develop weight issues or any other kind of health problems related to consumables containing sugar — I myself am one of these people. So before you are quick to believe this nonsense, you must first consider all of the facts to put things into perspective and see what a load of shit is actually being spewed about this issue, often from contextually compromised sources.


  9. Additional related observations can be viewed here:

    In today’s session, we will be putting Earthly dynamics back into korrekt context to restore proper perspective, because with this “Climate Change” hysteria spreading around, reality is being awfully represented, and the comprehension-levels of the fucks at the forefront of this falsification, is awfully embarrassing…

    These are 3 scenarios to consider βœ”οΈβœ–οΈπŸ‰:

    [1] You can “transform” the “surface”, but the Earth’s overall “core” remains the same

    [2] You can “change” the “timing” on a “watch”, but this doesn’t affect the overall Seasons of a year

    [3] You can “modify” superficials, “harness” essential, and “improvise” circumstantial “measures”, but you can’t change the Earth’s overall “Climate”

    These things we create are temporary; our “organic byproducts” cannot supersede the pure, natural, fundamental eccentrics. And this is just next-level basic understanding; No bullshit, bloated, bottle-necking “philosophy” over here, just realistic level-headed facts πŸ‘πŸ™ƒ


  10. Some people need to learn that respect is earned not just given out. The respect between me and someone else, starts and ends with me and someone else, fuck what you did for “charity”, fuck what you think you’re doing for a “community”, you could be an “official”, fuck that too. Nobody should think they can use these things to get your respect or coax you into a cause they think is significant. with me, a motherfucker only gets respect if they prove to be respectable, you’re not entitled to me giving a fuck because of your “position” or you feeling important.

    To me the use of these things out of thin-air as a pass-card every time a bitch fucks up is a trickster-mentality, if you have to trick over something as small as these things, it tells me you’re a BIG fucking jackass. You’re hiding behind something, you’re not certified, it’s just a card to play, this is a fucking gamble on your part — like the bitch that is trying to line-up 4 sevens in a row or some lame-ass shit. This kind of thing known as “respect” doesn’t come with “luck”, it’s about character — your viability is difficult to quantify when not having even 1 decent quality, and as a result having to desperately use opportunistic-conveniences as badges-of-merit depending on the shitty situation these bitches find themselves in.

    That’s just swapping colors to see what ones blends in — you’re trying some “evolution” or some fucking bullshit like this at that junction. Be yourself atleast, so that the smart ones will at most sympathize with the fact that you have the potential, even though in much of what you did, there is no reputable origin. Life is what you make it, it’s never too late to stop being a pissy low-life. The stuff some of these fools try are just nothing but distractions, it’s best these fucking retards try princess-pageants or something of that nature that they can manage, because, with the fucking subpar acting, this is not earning respect with the smart folks.

    I have no problem being arrogant to pathetic fucks — If a pathetic fuck thinks they know what arrogance is, I can re-work the formula; my arrogance-power extends from level 100 to level 10,000 — pathetic fucks are going to know how to fucking spell it, and are going to fucking hear it, and are going to fucking see it and are going to damn well know what arrogance is by the time i’m through, because clowns need to understand, respectfully, that a clown is just a clown — with dapper originals like me, expect tons of classic surprises. #Korrekt #Cautionary Classics


  11. What can I say!; priorities, priorities, priorities :D.

    Wise-word of the day: Your battles are yours to choose and yours to choose only and wisely. Don’t “fail” because some irrelevant son of a bitch wants to see you fail (believe me, there are lots of people who would love to see you “fail”, and try to convince you about how good it is).

    I think this is why there may be those who like the thought of failure, it is because that is truly what they want to see, they want to see the failure of someone, they have to see it — deep down within these disturbed bitches, they are truthfully rotten perverse shit-drips. Entertaining these rascals, should not be your priority — WIN!!!, rise to the top, excel, be productive, be progressive, be successful, and be an example to aspire to.

    People who gravitate toward failures, do not know what it means to have real accomplishments, so in their minds, they come up with these theoretical, garbage minutiae-props (or so-called “coping-mechanisms”) to try and soften the reality that they are losers, so to them, losing is everything.

    They delude themselves into being satisfied with being at the bottom — with deteriorating mentalities such as this, life would be entirely frigged the fuck up; be a winner, not a loser. It’s easy to be a loser, but it takes alot to rise above the pressure and make something of yourselves through trials and error.

    ELEVATION is the strut of the Nation :D. Do not “fail” just to “fail”, or fail just to satisfy someone else’s insecurities. Sometimes you only have one shot; some people don’t even get a chance or even stand a chance, but sometimes you only get one chance and in said opportunity, there isn’t always room for error. In real life, there are alot of serious situations where there is no room for error.

    Use your time wisely and take that one shot you might ever have and always make the best of it; “failure” is never a realistic way to progress. “Failure” usually can be summed up as; “you fucked up, wasted alot of time and it’s up to you not to “fail” again”.

    I “use” motherfucking facts, you won’t see me “using” kids to push “Climate Change”, or “using” the people’s money to curate corruption. And I don’t give “warnings”, rats just know to approach with caution. #Korrekt


  12. Health is the responsibility of the fucking beholder, so if you know something isn’t in your best interest and you actively participate in it and intentionally ignore its effects or use it to be influenced by those effects, your stupid ass deserves what you get.

    Now in relation to the above stated, when it comes to the area of packing-the-pounds, saying it’s “sugar” that is the cause of many of the health issues that some people have, is like a scapegoat that excuses these individuals from their responsibilities over their own weight, which actually has proven to never make them any healthier in the long run. Most people that improved in their health ultimately accepted the fact that they have to do something, and weren’t fooled by the crappy excuses, they instead did something.

    The attitude that “it is everything else’ fault”, is where you get the excuse that “sugar is in ‘everything'” and this kind of bullshit, when in fact the real problem is people are just conditioned to have an effortless attitude toward losing their own weight. They’re not aggressive enough with the issue, and are often given the impression, with such nonsense like “sugar is causing it”, that there is a silver bullet. The “silver” bullet is just “cosmetic” — the silver-lining is the doable-inspiration that should elevate you to a realistic transformative altitude, starting with the right attitude if you are vigilant of the relevant steps and take notes of their golden-rules.

    The notion that “sugar makes people” fat is not 100% true, most people tend to eat things that have sugar (but which also have salt and fat and other ingredients aswell), but the sugar in what they’re are eating is not the cause of the weight they are gaining. If you have the obesity-genetics, eating too much makes you fat (it’s not “sugar”, it’s eating too much in general, which triggers and accumulative concentration effect). This is obvious because on the other hand, I have NEVER gotten fat from anything I ate or drank, and i’m eating the same types and kinds of fucking foods as most people in general so obviously this case of obesity has more to do with it than just the food; there is another factor involved that’s causing the weight-gain aspect in some people.

    It all goes back to the facts I spoke when I said something to the effect of “it’s not solely the food”, but it’s the person knowing themselves and their genetics, and knowing their tolerances, vulnerabilities and overall personal attitude towards losing weight. In most cases, the sob-story attitude does not work, I don’t know of any person with any serious condition that believes in these shitty stories because they are seriously suffering and do what is necessary to not suffer, they don’t have the luxury or the time to get “addicted” and to be ok with excuses.

    People need to get aggressive more, stop with the talk, and kick the wieght. It’s no secret or shock that exercise does both help people lose weight and get in shape


  13. I do these sessions because I want to; GOD is my “funding” πŸ‘πŸ‘ :D. This is TRULY for FREEDOM πŸ’―, this is to examine comprehensive ways of dealing with things and looking at things by promoting reality and true understanding βœ”πŸ’₯. I don’t have to “charge” for this πŸ‘Ž, fuck a “charge” i’m always “energized” ⚑⚑ πŸ™ƒ. When your mind is in the right place, you are unstoppable; your power is inner, not outer βœ”βŒπŸ‰. You don’t have to beg for attention, and you don’t have to beg for money 🀣.

    It makes no sense talking about “freedom” and “liberation” πŸ’ͺ, then all of a sudden, some stupid azz motherfucker has something held ransom behind a paywall 🀣πŸ€₯, that’s a greed move πŸ‘€. I don’t “beg” — I don’t have any link in the description to no goddamn PayPal or Patreon πŸ”₯πŸ’― — talking like a bitch is not my “career”, I do writing because I want to do this πŸ”₯🀘 — the real GOD inspires me to do this πŸ“–πŸŒ…πŸ™. A real job is actually coming up with innovation and better ways to work around realistic issues in real life πŸ’―πŸ’£ — these are real significant careers πŸ†πŸ₯‡πŸ“Š.

    Some folks don’t believe in GOD 🀨😢, I BEG to differ 🚫, but I don’t BEG for money xD. I’m not going to beg for money, just to change clothes for a social media audience 🀣, you can’t even fucking see me on a fucking camera. I don’t have greed I have Creed, i’m Religious — this is just pure intellect with raw communication, this isn’t about me, this is for the masses. What I fuck I look like?, I ain’t no greedy, shady, bitch poser πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ.

    In this session today i’ll just focus on the fact, even further than I already have, that I do not believe in the “notion” that the Ancient people didn’t “understand” that it was “technology” that they were seeing. As a matter of fact, I believe that the Ancients used scapegoat “avatars” more often than not, and in some cases did this to fill-in-the-blanks of obscurity, as a unique means to articulate illustrations of impressionable details relating to sequences, just as in the same manner that symbols and signs were used to depict very very ancient context before the strict use of written language.

    I believe that much of this style and approach carried over to descriptive detailing in later times because they felt that the iconic avatars and such, had more profound symbolism, meaning, and impact, but that when all is said and done, these figurative people/avatars were not actually real gods using technically advanced utilities, a.k.a so-called technology, and many of these details may have been passed-down-legends that could have been contextually tailored and filtered, with the use of avatars in their way to shape things up, in the same way that some people are using the notion, or Avatar of “technology” to bring things in-line with the times and to connect with a modern audience (in their minds), depending on the given culture around at the time — they framed these legends and tales in a manner that could be easily relatable to their specific culture.

    To me, it did not have to have taken thousands of people with pick-axe and chisels, nor pulleys and leavers and 15,000 years to construct some of these legendary ancient Super Stone Structures. Even ancient text and some of the input from local descendants and tribes who have generationally lived in some of these areas for eons, mentions consistently that many of these places were fucking built “in one day”, or “under one moon” and things like this. I don’t know about “devices” or “technology”, but many of them were obviously built by an extreme measure of literal force, and alot them have traces of unusual electromagnetic levels and readings; so this obviously proves that an unusual amount of energy and incredible forces where clearly used in the making of these structures, perhaps in entirely different ways then we are accustomed too in these modern times. But I don’t know about this “lost” technology, and “technology” thing that’s being suggested. Also just because the ancients had some “technology” and tools, this doesn’t mean any of what they had was necessarily used to make these structures and areas specifically.


  14. [Temperate Reasonings: Logic In Season (2 Of 2)]

    Check out Part 1 via the following link:

    Some folks talk about the fact that there are some areas with some houses and complexes that were pretty “well built”, which were destroyed by the “Category Five” storms, but this just further adds to the “Climate Change” delusion because when you see the homes with plywood; homes which are mostly wooden, snapped like twigs, with roofs made of flimsy materials that folded in half like a sheet of cardboard or paper, then it becomes clear that, obviously, reality is telling you something different, it is telling you that this thing about stuff being “well built” is and was just a fucking opinion, especially if we are talking about places that have been struck by prior Hurricanes, that were NOT improved or fortified for all this timethat they have been in these huricane-prone areas — the damage and overall toll adds up over time, and if you have folks moving into certain areas and building homes and facilities with poor infastructures, especially in a region that has seen MANY hurricanes before, and then some Category-Five storm comes along, it’s obviously going to be the nail in the coffin.

    Some of these places, like in the Bahamas for example, have seen many storms as well — they have been through many storms, it is an aspect that is nothing new to these areas, it has nothing to do with fucking “climate change”, since these areas have been through many many storms in the past, but I guess some of the populations there didn’t “expect” to be impacted with a Category 5 Hurricane, but there is always a potential for a Category Five hurricane in just about anywhere that Hurricanes have been known to reach to. There has ALWAYS been a potential for a Category 5 Hurricane to impact just about anywhere on earth, especially in places that have had a history of being through many storms, so for anyone in any location that has been through many storms in the past, to think that Category 5 storms can never impact their residency or district, is a destruction to one’s self — it’s just not wise at all.

    There have been lots of Category-Five Hurricanes, even in the past before all of this retarded “Climate Change” crap, so that alone is proof that there doesn’t have to be any major change in the earth’s climate for there to be a category five hurricane since category-five hurricanes did happen in the past in periods of time where these “Climate Change” clowns would like for you to believe, were not as bad climate-wise, as now.

    There is always a potential for Category Five Hurricanes to happen these days, as much as they have happened in the past, it’s just that opportunistically, what happens these days is that Climate Change clowns just use the occurrence of a Category Five Hurricane to say that it is proof of “Climate Change” — that is the only thing that has “changed”. There has always been the potential for Category-Five Hurricanes and major-storms and major-hurricanes, that aspect of Earth has never “changed” — the only thing that has “changed” is the seizing of these occurrences to be framed as some sort of makebelieve “Climate Change” Hysteria.

    What they also try to do is exaggrate the “intensity” of the storms and say that it was either a “bomb-like impact”, or that it “wasn’t a typical cagetory five hurricane”, but when you look at the facts, you realize a fews things, first of which is that the place that looks like a bomb went off after the Category Five Hurricane, was littered with very vulnerable wooden buildings that obviously wouldn’t be able to properly withstand such extreme weather, and then in the second instance of the hurricane seeming to be a “much stronger Category Five compared to some other Category Five”, you realize that this case specifically has a lot more to do with the fucking location — hurricanes don’t always travel at the same speed and velocity and intensity in general anyhow, but depending on the location of where the strom is heading, or where it is in, it could result in the category of storm being more instense IF the location is naturally ideal for such considtions to persist, especially if the storm is in the wrong place at the right time, such as somewhere in the Carribean in a tropical environment, where, it can get the energy it needs to become more powerful. Again, none of this has anything to do with Climate Change, and none of it is unique to Hurricane Dorian.


  15. I provide a killing-mask to protect your nose from all those who carry the pungent bilge of bullshit. It also shields you from infection, because all of the degenerating shit-stains SUCK so much, that these nasty bitches must be carrying all kinds of STDs and stuff like that. It’s beyond cesspool levels, it’s a cesspool filed with a cascade of flaccid rot. So these intellectual thoughts I hope will keep all of you who are interested, from becoming like those decomposing rat filth. Real warriors make the smartest methodical moves…

    With all this “Climate Change” talk, I do not want this to become confused with where I’m coming from when I talk about things like the trimming down of the Trees and so on. It’s clear that what I have been looking at, is the state of the Trees, but i’m not looking at the issue of Trees because of this Climate Change redundancy, I brought it up in one of my previous sessions because, upon closer inspection, when modern cities and civilizations are built and so on, alot of Trees tend to get chopped and removed — we need trees to provide shade, and to grow fruits and this kind of vital thing, so in my realistic view, it just makes sense to keep replanting and replacing trees at every opportunity available, even if we don’t see the direct benefit in some Tree-species, because even in that case, many Trees are utilized by nature and by wildlife in many different ways which contribute to a much more elaborate and sophisticated eco-system which sustains itself in many different natural aspects.

    So i’m not really looking at things from the angle of “climate change” because when you look at things from the lens of “climate change”, nothing would actually make any practical sense because it’s a crappy falsified notion to begin with, but when you begin to look at things thoughtfully, i.e in a realistic sense, you can better understand what’s going on in certain instances and begin to rectify those specific situations with the particular and appropriate needs.

    These are real critical life-tactics we’re dealing with here in this Reality Realm, things that actually matter in real life, that you can actually apply in meaningful ways; not falsified clown-crap. Words of wisdom are for the wellbeing of individuals; a dose of reality is not a “Hypothesis” — it’s akin to a Prognosis :D.


  16. Hello and welcome to the Reality Realm where it’s reality time. You may have heard Urban Legends about other leagues and “dimensions” and “simulations” and such, but they are fucking artificial bullshit that only exists in clown-craniums — they don’t matter, the one with the reality is the only one that is meaningful, but for some, it may be kind of hard to focus on and connect with because of all of these noxious layers of “artificial” shit floating around the real authentics stuff. So, what I present to you is another session so that you can develop realistic understandings and not get lost is the dimensional layers of nausea.

    Speaking of nauseating; once again, this thing about “climate change” is not good, it’s not good to stage notions to mislead individuals into carrying out concepts large scale. So the only thing that’s good about “Climate Change” is to point out how misleading, and silly, spreading such misleading information is, because it is getting into the area of a notion that is not rooted in reality. Any notions of a falsehood, is not good, and “climate change” is one of the biggest falsehoods around at this time, and with things such as “climate change” you get to see the less-than-stellar thought-process of people who are in high positions of responsibility, who often fall-short of comprehending some of the most basic things in reality and in life.

    It really exposes how out-of-touch and silly some of these individuals are, and that’s the only thing that’s good about such topics, and it’s the fact that it exposes how terrible the fools that come up with this makebelieve nonsense are at certain things. Sure things like littering and the cutting down of trees and the placement of concrete roads and pollution, can make environments and conditional circumstances very complicated for settlements, but as far as this notion that exhaust-emissions and meat-consumption are causing some big deterioration and shift of the earth’s actual climate, is bogus.

    It’s all mainly ridiculous, especially when you consider that similar observations about the earth’s atmospheric conditions, in terms of weather and heat etc, seems to have persisted since ancient times, at timelines in history that some of these people try to depict as having drastically better and cooler “climates” compared to modern times, yet when you pay careful attention to some minor details in some ancient texts about some ancient areas, you can often spot a lot of things that contradict these claims.

    I don’t regurgitate to you things I saw from my favorite movie, or gullibly go along with things because I perceive myself to be some fanatic of books — I bring to you off-the-planet reasonings and next-level vigilance βœ”βœ–πŸ‰


  17. [Atmospheric Clash -X- Dwarka]

    We have an environment that’s blasted with major intense heat; we’re not talking about chemicals that are lighter than air and compounds like hydrogen and carbon, propane and these things. We are talking about very intense heat, just pure concentrated heat, as pure as it can get, from the solar Sun — Sun up till Sun-down, every day of the week, the atmosphere of Earth is blasted by this flaming phenomena. It’s even so intense so much as to bypass the atmosphere and heat US up lmao — it’s consistently blasting the Earth’s atmosphere, and yet the atmosphere of Earth is like it keeps on regenerating or something; it is consistently there as well, not much has changed.

    You can tell when the atmosphere of a planet is faulty because of the fact that the gravity will begin to become much weaker, so just because fools claim that things are getting more intense because of “emissions” and cow farming, it means nothing, clearly nothing significant has changed because all these clowns do is point to things that are STILL happening, and has been occurring, and say they are getting “worst”. So the things that are getting worst are still here and still happening regardless of if they claim these things are getting worse or not, and the atmosphere is actually showing no signs of any real weakening, because one of the signs of this, is the fact that the Earth’s gravity is still very profoundly effective, not much has changed there either; that too is STILL happening.

    The notion that “this is getting weaker” and “this is getting stronger” is just highly unconvincing, exaggerated, conveniently selective, opinionated “hypothetical” bullshit — it means nothing. What’s more, talking about things concerning “emissions” in particular, anything that is exposed to intense heat, no matter what it is (but especially things of that nature) are going to be greatly affected more-so when we are talking things like chemicals and so on, which tend to fizzle-out when exposed to heat. At this rate, the earth’s atmosphere should be gone, but it’s not, and this is in the face of intense heat, as pure as you can get from the Sun — morning noon and night, and this [cycle] didn’t start yesterday.

    But these fucking nut-headed fools are trying to say that activity on earth is changing the Earth’s “climate”, a climate that sustains very well despite the exposure to major ignited cosmic intensity, and they reason that this supposed diminish of the climate is because of fucking car exhausts and emissions from farms, which have not even been around as long as the burning Sun has, whose “emissions” all burn-off and fizzle-away before they can even reach the highest altitudes of the Earth’s highest mountain tops, even when people are joyriding around in Hot-Air Balloons, they often have to be constantly pumped with the hot-air from an ignited gas-substance known as propane, because when said gas-substance a.k.a propane, is exposed to the elements, they don’t last and sustain very long; and these hysterical nut-crumbs are saying that an accumulation of such weak azz unstable elements are what’s causing some relatively flawed “climate change” effect.

    In addition to all of this, when you learn what’s in an ancient text about a lost ancient city that was destroyed, a city which was known as “Dwarka”, it tells about a situation where “the roads, courtyards, commercial streets, and residential patios, were all sprinkled with water and shaded from the Sun’s heat, by banners waving from flag poles”; why would the “sprinkling” of water and the “shading from the Sun’s heat” be necessary back then, if the “climate” back then was supposed to be drastically better, warmer and cooler?, much much more cooler compared to this modern era?.

    There was even mention of fucking “lakes” and “rivers” in that same very area/region at the same fucking time for god’s sake, and they still were talking about cooling and ventilation. It’s not like they were in the fucking desert, so if the earth’s temperature and environment back then, was much better, like some of the fools who are shitting themselves about this artificial climate falsification narrative claim (that is completely bogus and imagined), then these people of that Dwarka city back in those times wouldn’t have cared so much about those unnecessary details. The fact that they did, so far back, and was mentioning the Sun’s heat and having to implement adequate measures for shade, so far back; proves these “climate change” but-heads otherwise.

    What is also captivating is that in this very same story, there is the mention of how the Dwarka city was built in one day, and this is not the only ancient account of a city, or a very incredible structure, being finished and completed in one day, so the mere notion that these created structures were just conventionally done with “tools”, and how it took years to construct, with countless people working countless hours and YEARS, is preposterous when you take what the stories actually said into account. All of these stories most-of-the-time point to a specific force that is a “creator” making these cities and immense structures incredibly fast. And the speed and such, is often described very casually, as if they themselves are not actually doing the work and it is the inspiring work of someone else or something else, BUT with connotations of observational awe, as if they are witnessing an incredible power and force that literally single-handedly “created” or brought something into creation, with no mention of many moving-parts being brought in, or the responsible party of individuals, or the individual, setting up any massive props of machinery, and moving-in or moving around high-tech gadgetry/assets.

    This to me, as far as I give a fuck, seems very ironic because anyone that carefully looks at the scope and uniformity of these ancient places and Super Stone Structures, would realize that there had to be something much more intrinsically profound involved with the making of these structures in the way that everything is done so perfectly with very hard solid materials, without the benefit of using “replacements” or a Hardware Store where you could buy ready-made duplicates of something just in-case you messed up — that’s not the case that we have here with some of these ancient structures.

    The way that some of them are designed, it would appear as though most of those designs and inscriptions were done in one-go, right on the spot; and perfectly proportional with no mistakes. The level of skill and physical motion it would take to do something like that, on the scale in which it was accomplished where we have, not one, not two but hundreds of thousands of intricacies throughout many individual structures, executed seamlessly, especially in some instances where it seemed as if the whole construction was just carved out of one solid rock mass, goes way above and beyond the basic process of using “tools” and “technology”. It is almost as if the force itself which was applied to shaping and cutting and drilling and sculpting, was itself an alive source and had a mind of its own and can defy basics physical principles and physics laws

    That is also another common theme with many of these ancient stories being told of incredible power being the cause of impressive feats, where they always seem to depict the force having a mind of its own, and not only being something that is merely applied, but something that is actually alive, which in taking all of that into account, I am very doubtful that our human-meaning of “technology” was infact used to make some of these ancient places.

    In the case of the tale of the city of Dwarka, it was unbelievable what I had learned — these minor underrated details are what totally fuck-up even some of the greatest minds later down the line when certain issues come into focus and they realize how significantly insightful and relevant these underrated details really are xD. I was surprised as fuck when I head and learned about this, and you know me, I love a fucking fantastic and incredible surprise, life wold be exceptionally dull as shit without surprises, so i’ll rather have life with surprises then without surprises, fuck what you heard, this is just me — It was surprising learning about that text and seeing how it is describing the climate of Earth at that time, and you can see that even as far back as those days, the goddamn motherfucking Sun was noticeably intense, seemingly identically and as much as it is now.

    This was a key reference of the goddamn story and a consideration that was factored into the construction of this legendary Dwarka city. Not even a “temple”; it is talking about a massive city, and what’s even more interesting and captivating, is that this was a city that was seemingly close to or well-established with-in a very watery area, and the temperatures at that time made them build this city, and its structures, with some of the same considerations of temperature and shade, as still is the case in these modern times. They weren’t just concerned about proper “lighting” lmao.

    That was just a side note, but on the issue of emissions and so on, as I was saying, if you know anything about most chemicals, alot of them are extremely unstable when exposed to heat, and some even burn and deteriorate at an exponentially rapid rate when exposed to heat — they barely stabilize in the pure sunlight or any other source of friction, like the natural Earth’s atmosphere has been doing naturally for millions of years. So alot of these “fumes” are not fucking up the Ozone, which withstands the Sun.

    Forget the “atmosphere”, the Sun’s heat bypasses the fucking atmosphere of the Earth, and dries up the motherfucking water on the motherfucking ground in the motherfucking soil on the earth’s fucking “surface”. If the sun’s rays can bypass the earth’s atmosphere and literally dry up water on the fucking ground in soil, most of these “emissions” and “fumes”, lots of which are “lighter then air” and certainly “lighter than water”, that these “climate change” falsification clowns are melting-down about; don’t stand a chance. Even the city of “Dwarka” had identically “SUNNY” times LOL.


  18. Time to freshen up — fresh perspective, fresh context, true freshness, this is how we do it for the real GOD; fresh wisdom will rain down and cleanse the soul :D. I’m not some musty ass bitch begging for donations just to change clothes and jewelry; this is about changing hearts and minds. If a fool changes clothes but doesn’t bathe, they’re still shitty and wretched underneath the surface — plenty of shady bitches are about surface-stuff, i’m in-depth

    I’ll tell you all what, I don’t know about all this technology stuff but if you consider what’s actually going on with many of these Ancient Super Stone Structures, it’s almost as if an immense unified force just took those rocks and stones, and just carefully balanced them one on-top of the other.

    When you consider the physics involved and the style of assembly, it is very identically similar to a situation of someone taking some dominoes and stacking them up to build a domino-tower or something.

    The arrangement and assembly of some of these ancient Super Stone Structures are exactly as if these blocks and stones were stacked up like dominoes but on a much more incredibly dynamic scale, almost to an exact pin-point degree of accuracy with precision, as if the force that stacked them up, was far greater than the volume of the total composition of the materials/building.

    For most of us, we know what it is like for most humans to just pick up a set of dominoes and stack and place them with no cement or gluing-agent needed or anything to keep the build intact; it’s mainly a balancing-act. With that in mind, it would appear as though something of a similar and mysterious kind happened with some of these ancient stone-structures, as if the force which actually put them into place, was times greater than the actual construction.

    There is often speculation of Cranes and Pulley-Systems being used and how many hundreds of years these Super Stone Structures would have taken to be built, but again, I don’t think that is necessarily the case.

    So as far as I am concerned, there was something way more happening with some of those ancient buildings then just technology, if “technology” was even used at all as opposed to skill, talent and some sort of incredible ability, because, I don’t believe that technology was necessarily used in the making of many of these areas.

    But this is massively interesting because along with the general perception of the Ancients having the know-how of how to possibly utilize and generate electricity, and unique knowledge of how to circumvent the gravitational forces of earth to some degree, all potentially being used in ancient times, we also have another new dynamic of impressive “Balancing” acts, being used and coming into the picture, that seems to constitute a totality of force and unification, that indicate a series of odd capabilities that may not have been technological accomplished, or manually laborious in nature.


  19. [Temperate Reasonings: Logic In Season (1 Of 2)]

    Check out Part 2 via the following link:

    As usual, soooooo much unsound bullshit to korrekt that I don’t know where to start. Today i’m wondering if there is any end to this “Climate Change” falsification. They call it a “climate catastrophe”, and a climate Crisis but this whole out-of-sync sequence, is like a climate of comedy, and I have a ton of data to share, so-much-so, that it had to be broken down into multiple parts. A couple to be exact.

    Taking a closer look at the lies the Mosquitoes who promote this “climate change” nonsense, like the media and certain industries, try to frame in their severely flawed climate-delirium; we can see alot of faulty conclusions being asserted; take “Hurricane Dorian” for instance, they kept talking about the odd path of the Hurricane, but the reasons for the multiple “odd paths” outcomes, just seemed to be a matter of human error as a result of frantic coordination, delays in updates, and folks trying to predict nature — you cannot predict nature; so this is not unique to Hurricane Dorian.

    What we seem to have seen with Hurricane Dorian in particular, is that they were just racing to get updates out because of the seriousness of it, and as a result, accuracy had been affected.

    They kept focusing on the “path” of the Hurricane which they only wanted you to associate with Hurricane Dorian, but taking the bigger picture into account, no two Hurricanes have ever taken the same exact path in history, so Hurricane Dorian just going where it goes regardless of if it was properly predicted or not, is nothing unique to Hurricane Dorian — no two hurricanes have historically ever moved along the same exact path. I’m more inclined to believe that the “awkward path” situation was a matter of difficulties in being able to properly track the storm due to its size, scope and powerful nature, and some level of human error, and not because of this fucking “climate change” stupidity.

    Hurricanes are not getting “worse”. Factually speaking, there has been no increase in the number of major storms impacting any civilizations on Earth. The numbers remain pretty identically on a year-by-year basis, to where you’ll actually have to make a big fuss about extremely minor things like the “odd path” of the storm and how many days it remained to make things appear as if there are noteworthy discrepancies. Also alot of this thing about the storms getting “worst” and so on is just a matter of selective opportunistic exaggeration, in a feeble attempt to make a desperate connection with this media-driven “climate change” falsification.

    Lets not even get started on the BITCHING at Hurricane Durian “stalling”, what the incomprehensible fuck is this really supposed to be about?, Hurricane Durian did not actually “stall”, it was just moving “very slowly”, so it was actually moving but it was just moving slowly.

    Obviously, the media is going to be reluctant to say “it’s moving very slowly” because if these bitches say this fact, nobody would give a fuck because it’s already common knowledge that storms move slowly or speed up depending on a variety of factors in weather-related conditions. This fluctuation in movementation is not unique to Hurricane Dorian, but obviously these stupid bitches in the Media, because they are seriously concerned about their “climate change” garbage being exposed for the incompetent falsehood that it is, they wanted to really give you the impression that there was something “different” about Hurricane Dorian that would fit the falsification of this makebelieve climate change narrative they imagined, so instead of saying that the storm was “slow-moving” or “moving slowly”, they instead insisted that it “stalled”, for “ultra” dramatic-effect and overacting emphasis, which changes the context and the perception of the situation, which still doesn’t “change” facts, when you look at the facts, instead of what they are running their stupendously lying ass mouth’s about.

    Again, Media-driven “climate change” falsification aside, there was nothing about this “slow-moving” situation, in particular, that was unique to Hurricane Dorian. Obviously with Hurricane Dorian, it was a Category 5, so it was astronomically voluminous, and as a result, un-shockingly took a while to completely move over an area, plus the fact that anything that can slow down a storm, would be bound to slow down a Category 5 Hurricane like Dorian, especially so since it was just so colossal and heavy.

    Hurricane Dorian was a Category 5 storm but was not the first Category 5 Hurricane and obviously won’t be the last, which was probably the same comprehensive conclusion reached to from since the first fucking Category 5 Hurricane. There has been a number of category-five hurricanes in the distant past, so once again, this situation of a hurricane being a Category-Five is not unique to Hurricane Dorian, which in this day-and-era, should be obvious as fuck.

    Having said all of that, by now it should be obvious as fuck that depending on the narrative being framed, someone might point to a Category 5 storm as a hysterical example of “Hurricanes getting worse”, but anyone can EASILY counteract this foolish falsification by pointing to the fact that there was, or is, a Category 1, or Category 2 or Category 3, and say it’s an example of things getting BETTER especially if there were more different lower-level and much weaker-level category hurricanes and storms on average, in any given year, and only 1 out of 100 actually became category-five, or if there were no category-fives.

    “Climate Change” is just utter rubbish. It’s feeble, falsified media-driven bullshit, that anybody with any sense at all, who actually thinks about this issue, can tell that it’s nonsense and easily refute its toxic sewage.

    There is nothing real about this artificially constructed [climate change] brain deadening degeneracy.


  20. This “climate change” hysteria thing is hilarious, it’s like seeing the most autistic competition ever, for no logical reason. Checking the fucking facts people, you will realize that in the fucking recorded trends of hurricanes year-after-year dating back from the 1880’s, there has been no increase in “major” storms impacting any given civilized area on Earth on average, than in any previous decades in recorded history — this is what you call facts. There is no drastic increase in the amount of major storms, or overall total storms impacting any modern global civilizations. Again “Climate Change” is media-driven excrement.

    What the dums-dums often repeat, as if it’s some fucking slogan, is “no, it’s getting WORSE — be afraid, be very afraid”; but that’s nothing more than a poor, mindless conclusion because on the flip-side every time there is a “Category 1” or a “Category 2” or a fucking “Tropical Storm”, anybody can say that no this is “proof” that it’s getting “better” not “worst”. Someone could also say [in addition] that there were more Category 1’s or 2’s than Category 5’s and use that as another “example” that things are getting better because the natural climate is showing more affinity for MORE “smaller” hurricanes and storms, and fewer of the bigger major hurricanes and storms.

    It all depends on the opportunity presenting itself at the particular time. These “climate change” liars and dimwitted fools are just being highly opportunistic and obviously “selective” in their observations. last I checked, you don’t need facts and proof to do something like that. It is a good thing that general existence is in such a way that you don’t need to be the best scientist, or the top book-worm, to know when someone is babbling unrefined incompetence, and that’s because REALITY itself “tells” alot — facts really do speak for themselves.

    Being vigilant enhances vision. What’s in books, or intentionally not put in books to be hidden for you “not” to know, is irrelevant with this kind of next-level vision :D. The “gold” belongs to the shitty “false gods” — the blessings of the real Almighty belongs to the hearts of the people.


  21. The wost health-impact these days is garbage-juice — conspiracy clowns and frauds, seem to be sipping alot this and it’s causing very rare cases of schizophrenia and brain eating-disease, so it’s the mission of great minds, to give you the dose of reality that’s vital so that you can be immune to such messy dipshits.

    I don’t take Wannabes serious, I take them as what they are, a joke, a jackass, a false profit, and retards with less than stellar usefulness in any aspect of real life. They’re not even surprising, they don’t surprise, they don’t intrigue, they have no kind of compelling traits — zero. A wannabe is just that, an empty shell…

    I’m arrogant as fuck to a rat bitch, if these fools have an issue with warrior tactics, they can tell it to my ass crack — their talk ain’t nothing. Tell your MOTHER to come and suck the shit out of ass because I’m not gay, I only deal with females, so if she can suck my fucking dick until she fucking chokes, she can definitely kiss my fucking ass.

    So let me write up another script, because I write, fuck read, I write. I mean I read too, but, some folks have shit for brains, they think that if you don’t “like” sitting in one spot looking at an inanimate object, a.k.a “reading” some regurgitated crap, it means that you “don’t” read; it is like they read books on how to be as stupid and incompetent as fuck, now I don’t care what brainless asswipes think, but my whole style is to tell you about reality, and that is also the reality.

    Today, the script is, a Wiseman once said; “talk is cheap, the number one thing to learn from failure, is not to fail, full stop.”

    Yes indeed, failure is not glamourous, it should not be glorified, and it’s not something you should take too likely. You should never get “comfortable” with failure, so if failing pisses you the fuck off, that’s actually a good thing, it means you have something in you instinctually that tells you that you can do better, you may not necessarily win all the time, NO ONE wins all the time, but you can do better at the very least, so listen to your healthy guts, since this indicates that your healthy brain is still functioning :D.


  22. I respect the “topic” more than the “gossip”. I respect the broad more than the broadcaster, ya feel mah?. I respect the “artist” more than the “dj”; I respect the report more than the reporter; I respect the warrior more than the war. I respect the “action” more than the vlog “reactions”. I respect the content-maker more than the content-reviewer. I respect the real authentic trend settings more than the shit “Media” and the fake crap.

    It can’t ever be the other way around; fuck no, it can’t be twisted. I respect the art of doing your own shit, than the freak having to be all up on somebody else’s shit to make a name for yourself — the gossip bull, is lame as shit.

    Hahaa i’m sort of having fun with this session but you all should get the gist of what i’m saying xD. Force-ripe fucks need to know that there is levels to stuff; reality puts a Spotlight on your fucking lane, stay in it — you can get ran the fuck over tress-passing. #Word


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