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The is the official comment area where I just drop comments in the comments place below :D. It says RAW in the title so it’s strictly what i have to say about stuff and it’s not always going to be “pretty” LOL.

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  1. These are an intial top 3 things to take awareness of:

    1- Solid facts prevent the corrosion of inconsistency

    2- I uphold the truth like a bursting beacon of obviousness

    3- Truth is my playground obtuse fuckers occupy landfills roosting on their own gigantic garbage

    Now let us examine the main topic :D. First of all, these beings known as the “neanderthals” and the “Denisovans” and also “Otzi The Iceman” (as an honorary mention) where not mare evolutions of apes, and when you look at all of these groups, you begin to see a broader picture forming of an actual diverse community of beings not unlike that of the relation to the small peoples of Africa and the taller individuals of the African society. So this shows a picture now of the fact that there was in fact a sustained aspect of smaller humans living on earth with the taller human population. Lots of folks have this idea that there was a “convergence” of the two dynamics so-to-speak, but my claim is that even though these groups “converged” at some point, it still doesn’t mean that they both did not exist independently at the same time throughout the earth.

    We all know that Africa is an ancient continent, and most ethnic groups are said to have spread-out from Africa and had done so in the far distant past, but far in the ancient past there may not have been such a thing as any known established “country” or territory, even though humans at that time might have been highly “territorial”, but if the landmasses had not been broken-up to the extent that they are now/today, EVERYWHERE could have technically been “Africa”. But we are seeing more and more of a picture of prehistory humans being traced to just about every major location, which in my view gives us a quintessential clue that these peoples were possibly connected in very peculiar ways than previously thought and it highlights a community of diversity consisting of races and ethnic groups and not mere evolution of apes, but actual humans.

    Neanderthal D.N.A being associated with modern human genes is proof of not a “link” to evolution, but a diversification of beings all belonging to the same exact group; i’ll be damned if we actually find out of “traces” of “modern” human “D.N.A” making up “2-percent” of Neanderthal genes or something like this LOL. Right now there is only bizarre notions of apes sharing genes with “us” but there is no talks about how much of OUR genes are “shared” with Neanderthals or is found/present in neanderthals, which is strange because if Neandertals “evolved” from apes, then they too would “share” more D.N.A in common that’s within them, with “us” as well. But so far, the only thing that is mentioned is how much of their D.N.A is “found” in “us”, but nothing about how much D.N.A they also have in common with us that’s “found” in them, just like the apes, who they say “share” D.N.A similarities with “us”.

    Now for the top 6 fun facts about myself that’ll make a prick understand that he/she is timid in comparison and crawl back up their mother’s backside:

    1- I take full responsibility for my own-way-ish’ onus

    2- I don’t like to read but my sophisticated articulation and sense of diacritical delivery, “spells” trouble

    3- Certain things can’t be found in books this is why actual thinking actually “draws” interest

    4- I summon computing potency only to make sense of some fuck faces’ fxxking symptoms of synchronized senselessness

    5- I make no hesitation about correcting or contextualizing

    6- I EASILY make no retract of sharpening harmonious validity, homogenizing comprehensiveness + baffling basics

    I identify as a comprehensive CONQUER known to sequentially shorten the potential of pseudo “giants” considerably; also an aggressive Guru with god-like guts; and as a brutish-truth-tormentor with tantamount precision telemetry. Can’t get enough of this krap :D


  2. Let me drop a Top 3 because great minds are naturally exceptional at such things :D

    1- A dose of reality does everyone well

    2- Be exact and not a vague Vagrant

    3- Having true style makes you and individualistic instance

    With those in mind, lets see what’s the subject today. You see, When looking back in history it is often mentioned how some folks are the oldest culture and the oldest civilizations, but when looking further into the history, them being the oldest of something was just scratching the fxxking surface, the fact often is, these folks are BEYOND the oldest “culture” and often BEYOND the oldest “civilizations”.

    In many of these cases, these things are BEYOND evolutionary, the peoples both indigenous and primitive, were BEYOND crafty and did many things that had me thinking that they were very much like us; BEYOND a shadow do a doubt. If these glorified “beings” in Sumeria were truly the actual all-powerful “gods” that were also “aliens”, where the fuck are they, why the fxxk did they do so much counter-intuitive crap, why were they so “limited” asf in capacity on earth, and why does everything else remain, and even stood the test of time, while ALL “hundreds” and “thousands” of each one of them are BEYOND gone?.

    Much of what the ancient people did are BEYOND our expectations and i’m pretty sure this is what the real GOD is going to prove to be, i.e nothing like the carefully sculpted figures of the supposed “gods” of these old ancient cultures that are BEYOND like-life — GOD is BEYOND metaphysical and is way BEYOND flesh and blood. To their FULL credit, the ancient prehistoric peoples may have been using stone tools, but their look into history is BEYOND gold.

    Observations of the Australian aboriginals and the African pigmy’s may prove that when it comes to alot of other unique ancient groups, the connection they are with us is BEYOND circumstantially mutative — If I were not to see that there is more here to learn from, than “natural selective circumstantial coincidences”, then I or anyone else must be BEYOND stupid.

    I know for a fact that what I read and researched about alot of ancient fuckry is gots to be BEYOND fabricated. The truth about reality is pointing BEYOND texts and costumes and role-playing, alot of these ancient cultures were BEYOND superstitious. These fucking things these dudes conclude like “aliens” and “matrix dimensions” is BEYOND hilarious. The influence of GOD is BEYOND technology and BEYOND our full understanding. Clowns circulate so much conspiratorial regurgitation and brain-damaging underdeveloped asswipe material that their frame of comprehension is BEYOND recognizable, and their motives is BEYOND questionable.

    This is the Top 6 traits possessed by Rebels BEYOND the highest caliber:

    1- Authentic as fuck; not a “derivative” of “subpar commercialization”

    2- The recognition of identity is built on the respectable precipice of vigorousness

    3- Completely unresponsive to unconscionable frivolous diminutive germs

    4- Totally complacent in my stance of logic not phased one bit by any fool’s broken derangement disorder

    5- I prefer to be a BRUTE dismissive asf to any misguided piece of shitty garbage

    6- Not sugar-coating or watering down is a good recipe that remedies nut-disfunction

    How can I resist to set the record straight?, hahahahaha, this is so much fun it’s BEYOND sensational :D.

    Always on the motherfucking anticipated verge like a historical breakthrough; IMPACTFUL like a devastating Oumuamua crater in an alternative universe, plus perpendicular to prominence like an adjacent Atum statue; all like now, also in the year 2021 and BEYOND! LOL.


  3. These are my top 3 initial reminders fo this day:

    1- giving concrete evidence, substantiates surreal structure

    2- fools fall through cracks of their own psychological disrepair

    3- the amusement value of invalid fuck-ups is too good to be true

    Hahahahaha now time to talk :D. LOOK, here is a reality check, if Egyptian Hieroglyphs being in Australia known as the “Gosford glyphs” does not show that these ancient people did travel far-and-wide so they could have easily borrowed and traded ideas and concepts and even physical items with other ancient societies, I don’t know what does. These “stories” being shared by ancient civilization after ancient civilization does not mean that they were all “visited” by the same “gods” or “aliens”; these civilizations could have also seen or heard other people from other nations with these same stories and rituals and made their own versions of them.

    Even from events described in biblical times, we know that these folks traveled. Even from a “political” point-of-view, there have been many accounts of certain territories being “invaded” and “conquered” and leaders owning captured “salves” from other cultures. All of these encounters and activities could have easily played a significant role in how ideas and points of views got traded throughout time, throughout these ancient societies. These ancient populations literally got more highly-socially-literate by generally socializing. It has nothing to do with no fucking aliens.

    I also still will point out the fact that the reason for me believing that the earth was far more “connected” in the past than we may have gotten the impression of initially, is not because I believed in some ancient aliens arriving, or anyone in particular coming to earth and giving the peoples around at the time the “technology” to do so, but it’s primarily because of the fact that many people insist that Sumeria was were “life-as-we-know-it” started, but as I have observed a number of archeological and historical things, I had begun to realize a patern that some of the earliest establishments of any kind related to humans have been found throughout the globe in places FAR outside of the Sumerian and middle eastern territories, with a huge portion being discovered in Africa and Asian territories with the Sumerian texts themselves making references to things that do not seem to correlate or match-up with earthly origins of certain things being uncovered, that these Sumerian folks made absolutely no fucking mention of, and to me this indicates that they were completely oblivious to these things.

    Plus we have a series of sunken ancient communities being discovered under the sea, that sank eons ago, that I know have to be certainly older than the Sumerian civilizations, and also additionally, the accounts of some of these lands through Sumeria and Ancient Egypt, and many other communities at the time, being “attacked” or “contacted” by “sea peoples”. This unspecific and obscure reference to “sea peoples” implies, in my view, that these “sea peoples” were foreign individuals who were not that well-known to the nations that they had arrived to by boats etc, which clearly shows that there was alot of communities that had been existing within those same exact time periods that some of these nations/civilizations like Sumeria etc, were not familiar with, who obviously existed and who would have been existing outside of their boundaries, simultaneously for quite a significant time. Again dead fucking give-aways — BAAAAANG! smoking gun krap :D

    Now for my Top 6 of the things I keep in ocular motherfucking focus:

    1- Having the corrective enthusiasm to unmangle incredibly-botched-incompetence

    2- Being a critical part of the “equation”, with no interest in leveraging shitheaded baseless “statistics”

    3- Meaning what I say instead of saying things with no meaning

    4- Telling the truth as-is instead of lying to my fxxking self

    5- Me as an emphatic embodiment of a force for inner-will, and a magnanimous steward of sensational sapience

    6- Stereo-typical of profound AWESOMENESS instead of a minimal mono-tone irrelevant fucker

    Facts all-over-the-fucking-place like the sea peoples; amalgamating sacred prospects like Jesus Christ; truth tall-tall-tall as fxxk like an obsidian obelisk — dis iz wat I do :D.


  4. These are my top 3 tips for thought:

    1- Patience is a must

    2- Without patience you can end up being a premature fuck

    3- Prematurities often predetermines propensity for the preconceived

    The main topic today is some more of my interesting thoughts about the aboriginals. Basically, with the aboriginals, we could likely have a distinct group of humans that are the most representative examples of a link to the ancient humans, i.e a bloodline that never actually went extinct — a genetic lineage that remained intact from the time of it’s initial origins to the present; or what we could have here is something more than just a “link”, by that I mean we could be seeing an ancient lineage of peoples that actually never went extinct and somehow survived, and who’s genealogy actually got more extensive by mixing with so-called modern human populations.

    Or we can have a major plot-twist, where, these people are not merely “links” but perhaps actually ARE what they are perceived to be “linked” to, meaning that these are direct descendants that could possibly put history into perspective about just what we are actually looking at with groups of very ancient prehistoric individuals and what they and their communities may have actually been like, CONTRARY to all of the “evolutionary” dogma that we have been hearing about for centuries.

    These are top 6 thoughts on how I choose to delivery the facts :D

    1- direct diligent discernment

    2- managing-ability without massive manipulation

    3- firm on my position, not being an interchangeable two-faced bullcrap bitch

    4- directing dignity, while impressively not being unwittingly contradictory

    5- not easily distracted by useless degenerates prone to dogmatic derision

    6- being a corner-stone for solid substantive counteractions

    EASY to follow; compelling to INSPIRE — next level vision stuff :D


  5. The top 3 things for today’s session is:

    1- Wisdom helps fools not be a “common” bitch, with no “capital” or fucking foundation.

    2- Without “capital”, you’re not “heading” anywhere anytime soon

    3- Without “heading” anywhere, all of your activities are only “marginally” fucking sustainable

    That in mind, time for the core of today’s topic. starting off by saying:

    YO, even if you look at the “pygmy” peoples in Africa, which I encourage many of you to research since it’s a captivating situation; it’s SUPER hard to deny that something very interesting is going on with these citizens and what they share in common with the ancient populations concerning their similar stature. Hahahaa c’mon lets not be totally bling here; I consider this to be a fucking smoking gun “triggering” all kinds of “connections”, “correlations” and “commons” lmao. The relevance of these people still alive today, to the traits and features of other human ancestors that are said to be extinct is very surprising to say the least.

    Some would say that the pygmy Africans are not related to some groups in the past that have similar size and body profile and that they are to be seen as some “evolution” or freak mutation due to generic environmental influences, commonly known as “natural selection”, but I emphatically assert that there is no evolution here with these individuals, and their predicament is something well beyond some circumstantial coincidence, and that in reality, they are part of a continuing surviving community of ancient genes and genetics of that peculiar profile.

    Again, this also proves to a certain factual extent that these small prehistoric figures, namely neanderthals/denisovans etc, were not necessarily apes and could have been very identical in nature and behavior to so-called modern humans, and that some of the other groups that some of the scholars are saying were predecessors of modern humans, probably were not “links” to humans and were probably just animals.

    But what’s very funny is what seems to be the soft, stealth-confirmation of the acknowledgment that these pygmy peoples are highly baffling from a historical and physiological perspective, with some of the practitioners using such stealth-confirmations like “small body size”, “infantile” phase in early human evolution, “hunter-gatherer people with short stature”, and how “pygmy” can refer to any human or animal of “unusually small size” LMAOOOOOOOOO.

    It’s that UNUSUAL???, I thought there was nothing to see here and maybe just a matter of dwarfs or midgets. HA! even they know OBVIOUSLY better than that. It’s unusual because the size of the pygmy populous is not technically “abnormal” or “genetically defective”; they are perfectly fine but just very small, but still are NOT apes, OR “ape-like”, and function just like us, because they fucking ARE more human than anything else. This is why it’s highly unusual, i.e. they are missing all of the other “evolutionary” fictitious bullshit :D.

    The ironic thing is that if these pygmy people went extinct, you would hear about how they are “our long ago ancient evolutionary ancestors”, and how they “evolved” to walk upright LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    Ahhh wisdom; the means to help realize reality in pure natural form, which is refreshing because there are many who claim to be doing many things and who claim to be many things, but are not convincing by any fucking measure. What the fuck they are unconvincingly “doing” is as irrelevant as the shitty day they came out as an actualized full-blown shit-splatter. They should cease trying to promote an image of themselves that no one is convinced of and find a new occupation. Perhaps, start with getting a life because what these bum parasites are trying-out, is not effective.

    Dipshits are not convincing anyone, but I am convinced that the more Covid-19 prolongs, is the more the severity of their chronic type-1 autistic handicap becomes more and more obvious.

    Anyone who’s not an unconvincing prick bitch knows these 6 things:

    1- It’s devoted “will”, that convinces

    2- Creativity draws intrigue — this IZ fucking gravitas at it’s finest

    3- Captivation is naturally influential

    4- If you are creating things, you’re OBVIOUSLY “crafty” and OBVIOUSLY not “parasitic”

    5- Real-deal influence is stereo-typically sound and resonating — needs no “radio”, “television”, or in general terms, mainstream garbage “media”

    6- Convincing is within the order of OBVIOUSNESS, not the disorientation of a foolish cunt-leaking fake convoluted fuck

    I’m 100% sure of myself, 99% unlikely to be persuaded, and congratulate you 100% – 10,000% for reading and taking in the content of this blog :D


  6. Here are 3 thoughts for this current time:

    1- Life is not a “simulation” or a game
    2- Winners don’t play games with losers, they play smart
    3- When dealing with facts, it’s “game over” before it even starts

    HAHAHAA now lets take a look at today’s subject — see I may say some highly interesting things but I don’t see myself as a “controversial” guy. Usually controversial and clowns go hand-in-hand because a “controversy” is by way of unintended consequences; usually when the dum-dum tries stuff that “backfires” is when the “controversy” occurs. It’s the unforeseen travesty of a retarded bitch, as hilarious as it can get or may appear to be.

    I’m not a “controversial” character — I am “compelling” and this comes with creativity not “controversy”. Controversy is for clowns, creativity is compelling in a natural and captivating way, not no bullshit controversy. “Misery” loves controversy — I don’t mix up with fools and their controversial conspiracies and whatnot. This is what prick cocksuckers profess in these days, they are “controversial” panzies, shackled by shame; a “controversial” mar onto their own half-retarded half-bullshit existence.

    INTEGRITY!, this is what i’m cooking up. This is not hard to do, but many hopeless fucks are inept; this stuff is not that hard but they make it look very technical, while those like us makes it look easy. Word of advice to incapable, haphazardous fucks, if you don’t use your heads, don’t use your hands.

    Here is a summary of 6 directly related to the aforementioned:

    1- “Controversy” is entertainment
    2- There is a deep relationship between controversy and clowns
    3- controversy is the cousin of conspiracy — never taken seriously
    4- controversy “happens” without consistency
    5- controversy “converts” into unsubstantive matter — it has no “good” chemistry with “greatness”.
    6- with compelling creativity; nobody needs controversy

    That’s just me creatively speaking; EASY to follow, compelling to INSPIRE LOL :D


  7. Here is the Top 3 Summary for the case on the table today:

    1. Some Aboriginal traits possibly can be seen in some prehistoric groups of humans on a genetic level

    2. The Aboriginals, more than most other groups, seem to show a direct relation to a linage of a specific set of prehistoric humans

    3. The aboriginals are yet another group that insist they were created by a creator and not genetic sub-modifications

    What I said in the scripture that I posted previously on the 14th of this month (, was actually inspired by my observations of the aboriginal people in Australia and other real-life dynamics. Funny thing is, I could have sworn that you can compare the facial features and jaw structure of the aboriginals to the neanderthals and it would be almost an exact match. I am talking about some of the most recent illustrations where parties who study and research on the subject seem to be trying to emphasize the reality that the Neanderthals/Denisovans etc may have been more human than animal, not the much older references to them as more animal than human.

    I mean think about it, how they draw the depictions of neanderthals with the long hair, the shortness and the fairly light to dark complexion, is an absolute noticeable similarity to the same kind of features I have seen in the aboriginal groups.

    Even a blind man can tell the distinctness of the aboriginals by the affluent sense of self-identity they express. These aboriginal people are not just a typical ancient tribe; I actually believe that their family of genetics may actually be surviving human ancestry from pockets of ancient folk who had similar lifestyles as the neanderthal populations — part of a broader community of humans that had the same kind of habitual “traits” as the neanderthals but varied on an ethnic level.

    So in relation to the above, there were prehistoric genes from this genetic “family” that were neanderthal, as well as Denisovans as well as dynamics that created the possibility for the current aboriginal heritage, all sharing the same timelines which once again proves that these ancient people were not evolutions of apes and also proves how diverse life on this plant was before, during, and after Mesopotamia; especially considering that Africa is actually the most ancient culture and even inhabited geology — it all makes critical sense when you think about it.

    1- prehistoric people were probably just like us

    2- prehistoric people had broad communities

    3- prehistoric people were not evolutions

    4- prehistoric people were probably more ethnically distinct than animalistic in likeness

    5- prehistoric people shared the same earth at the same times as us

    6- prehistoric people conveniently having no tail, not paws and no fucking “fur” and hunched or curved spine, is a dead give away that needs no elaboration.

    Those are my overall top 6 motherfucking conclusions of ancient mans and associated contemporary peoples/cultures/civilizations. Now shit-suckers better be paying attention, since I bring back the novelty and sophistication plus high-caliber demonstrable specialty they have no hope of exhibiting for a loooooooooooong time, due to their classless cognitive absenteeism :D


  8. A little bit of a different topic today because I don’t really get too deep into technology but for those of you who have seen my history, in terms of other posts I have made on this blog and projects, you will be well aware that i’m experienced in alot of things including electronic, technology and so on, because this is just me, I prefer to mess around with these things instedda fucking around with gossip and conspiracy theories or being some effeminate bum being a cross between a pussy and a slappable butt-cheek.

    Too many “trans” figured shitheads rampant; this is why we need to invest in technology before unsafe levels of low-life shit, piles up. But in certain technological circles concerning aspects of gaming-consoles and Computers, there is usually confusion between the processing-power of Consoles and PCs.

    Truthfully speaking, like hopefully when I banged the brains out of some prick’s desperate and depraved mistress into a new hemisphere, with no rum or substance abuse needed because these things, just like these other bullshit loser people, don’t have what I have — can’t compare. So back to the subject, much of the appearance of the “capabilities” of a console lay within the game itself and not just the system’s native power, this is because alot of the games on consoles are heavily optimized to work on those systems, this is why when you go to play the same games on PCs, the same games struggle to work correctly because they are not optimized for the platform like they are for the consoles.

    On the consoles, developers and publishers do whatever it takes to get the games to work on the console system even if it means stripping it to a bare minimum, so you may think that the games that work well are just not “that demanding”, but the games won’t be fucking “demanding” if they were actually optimized in the first place, which is the first whole fucking point. Optimize the games and they won’t be that “demanding” because almost all of these games don’t have to be as “demanding” as they are, and only are because of misplaced priorities.

    See these guys who acquire these 11-million-dollar computer components and high-tech system-tools for their computers to play games and run programs, aren’t doing so because these assets were necessarily fundamentally needed; beyond half the time it’s just the programs and apps they are trying to run being faulty and bug-ridden at their expense, they are just running alot of unoptimized crap giving them the illusion that the process “demands” something “advanced” based on incremental potency and added additional value, when really and truly it usually is just lousiness and poor effort that results in the overpriced requirements. This is why spending more for something isn’t necessarily any good indicator of quality because you really have to do some research and investigating to really see why is the bottom-line that you’re paying that much.

    The “in-thing” to recommend before by various sources and clueless pundits on various “platforms” especially the more established ones trying to make a name for themselves, was to say to the person that they need something more expensive. This was the bewildering boneheaded thought process — just throw as much money as you can at flawed practices. If it were up to clowns like this, we would have had industries still release 2-cores with 3.2ghz at $2000 dollars, and in another short 5 months time, another 2-cores with 3.3ghz at $14.000 fucking abomination, this is what many of these clowns were satisfied with condoning and recommending to the consumer, but good thing this is becoming a thing of the past because the influence of undeniable wisdom has prevailed.

    When all is considered, the principle of the fucking matter is that you SHOULD NOT need to go to such an extent because of unreasonable management, there should be no need for things to rise to that fucking level in the first place, it is not reasonable and this is how it was for a long time before people woke the fuck up after being encouraged to buy subpar bullshit at “premium” prices and realized it was an unnecessary crippling compromise, as well as a bad consumer practice. Now, because of this resonating smartness, we are beginning to see proper competition among AMD, Intel, Nvidia.

    Hahaha I usually have 3 objectives:

    1] Bringing values that be basic and recognizable asf in obviousness like Egyptian hieroglyphs

    2] Staying assertive in ascribing appropriate accountability

    3] Remaining a captivating monolithic representative in pin-point proficiency

    EASY to follow; compelling to INSPIRE :D. So i’m definitely not like the retarded buffoons that I described earlier at the start of this topic.


  9. Alot of the time alot of people have many a interesting thing happening right under their noses, and by interesting i’m not talking about the poor excuses for human conception that make complete lame asses of themselves in every aspect, who relieve my bowels as I release my waste matter over them on a daily basis; if you think that’s being “vulgar”, they should realize that this is nothing, believe it or not, it can be way WORSE. It’s actually a complete minor fucking issue; no single inexplicably grotesque fuck is an “issue” for me. I’m not “blunt” like the pussy they bleed from. Their asshole diminution is the diminishing pitty of an ovulating bitch.

    No i’m not meaning the dum-dum fuck-faces, i’m talking about significant realities right under people’s noses, and it’s just that they are not vigilant enough or not paying enough attention. With that in mind, you may smugly think that I may be giving too much “attention” to slow useless ass-clowns, but I assure you, they are none-too-pleased since my sovereign ire is not predicated on the fact that everyone noticed their gapping fuckhole cesarean cavities while getting their shitty panties in bunches.

    But never mind that, the issue here is that there is many, critical – diacritical, things practically staring folks in the face, that are underrated as fuck in the moment and left by the wayside even. Then, when the light-bulb finally goes on in the head, it’s often too late at that stage and all you’re left with is second or third-hand obscure recollections and maybe some possible distortions, and the unreliable “stories “that someone in their mid to top 90s’ is barely able to put into words,

    Ain’t this eerily ironic?, that’s all parasitic germs do on a regular; divert, distort or do some “matrix” thing and twist/tangle it the fuck up. But this is to their self-destruct as it’s not hard to realize what a trifling big-talk, big-boobs cumstain they are on their end; an inconsequential tepid bitch-flopping irreverence — rectal-suckers, born as granular piles of shit.

    But yeah, the “not knowing what you have got until it’s gone” complex is true since when I look back into history, it’s often highly remarkable how many potential clues to certain things were taken out of context or slipped through the cracks for systemic formality’s sake.

    Covid-19 is exposing some fools type-1 retardation, this be the same boneheaded clowns who be “shocked” at the same baffling nonsensical clown mentality they perpetuate — if the clueless fuckers are “shocked” i’m not an electrician, I can’t help the malfunctioning, I prefer high-maintenance myself, I don’t deal with defective-circuitry πŸ’―πŸ‘€πŸ˜œ

    Getting back to the core point at hand, I guess this is what makes new ways of looking at things and new thinking so important because even if some of the things people say may be just gaseous rhetoric and not necessarily rooted in reality, it can still encourage folks, like I, to find different ways and methods to put things into perspective by considering things that were just flying under the radar.


  10. Everything isn’t going to be a “quick fix”; as I like to say, just because you ask a “simple” question, don’t expect a simple answer. I mean I don’t have to give a long retort or dialogue, things like “no”, “that’s your opinion” and “I don’t give a fuck” will suffice just fine, so don’t get it fucked up.

    Fact of the fucking matter is, there is those who try to push complete and utterly feeble emptiness, but in my mind, if your retarded ass is so certain about what the fuck you’re saying, then your bitchazz needs to do what the fuck it is that you’re so sure about. Your fag-gibberish is cheap — zip your damn mouth and do what the fuck it is you’re so “certain” of, if you think your flimsy “strategy” and moronic “cautiously optimistic” oxymorons are “adequate”.

    I’m 100% sure your foolish azz ain’t having no type of effect or effectiveness on a goddamn motherfucking thing. Just because you dum’ something down to your arbitrary and awful standards, it doesn’t mean it will work at your insignificant jackass level, you’re not that important. If it’s that “simple”, SHOW how so. Shouldn’t have to come to anyone else with your twisted bullshit and warped sense of imbecile derision and unrealistic folly; take the lead in your “certainty”.

    The problem is some of these unsophisticated bum fools, do no research, which they actually should, instead of remaining blind like an arthropodan fucker. Many a “writing” is usually on the wall, it just takes “manual” attentiveness to discern concrete context. Stupid parasites and their embarrassingly distinguished shoddiness are seldom “on to something”, just prolonging fag fuckry, severe backwardness, and in all literal sense are lousy in logic and pissy in practicality.

    That’s the brashness I tote not giving a flipping fuck as most of it still correlates homogeneous vigilant validities, and by the same token, x-rays the endless illegitimate unsubstantiated garbage of all your types of bum stupidity and mind-blowing inconsistency. Some realities are just too big for shitstains to handle and if you can’t handle the truth that’s your shitty problem. Nothing has to conform to your secular mediocrity and shabbiness in an attempt to convert and corrupt quintessential foundation.

    I don’t idolize mascots playing roles — we must refrain from this. It is contagious like cancer and spreads like infectious tumors. I tend to incinerate such toxic pathogens.

    I’m like the ABORIGINAL bros staying true to as-is reality; on-point like ENOCH and totally unimpressed with bullshit AKHENATEN style, while taking every brash aktion to expose and uproot corrupt retardants, with destroying surprise-sorcery, out-of-nowhere like when their mothers suck and gag on my fucking genitals.


  11. Recently we discussed Australian kangaroos and Dinosaurs, now we move our attention over to another remarkable side of the Australian continent and focus some light on the indigenous peoples in Australia and how this ties into greater human history :D.

    See I was doing some thinking and I could not help but notice that the aboriginal people seem to have close genetic retainment of a very far ancient bloodline of human origins. I have not done any extensive research on this issue as yet, because as you know, a high percentage of these scriptures I do are based off of thinking and how I feel about certain things in relation to real-life vigilance and observations, and experiences in addition to a tiny fraction of research, but if you look at the aboriginal folks of Australia closely, to me, they look profoundly different from general modern humans, an is trait-wise, which suggests, or atleast to my mind, that this particular linage of people could be close (close meaning that their genes have not been diluted as much) direct descendants of a sector of prehistoric humans.

    Effectively, we have a group of individuals who’s ancestry could have shared the same timeline as the neanderthal and denovisian communities evidenced by the reality of how the average aboriginal does seem to share the same height and size profile to prehistoric humans, along with the size of their noses and many other facial and genetic traits. You also have to wonder why they are given the name “aboriginals”; it’s almost as if the researchers studying these communities also had some indication that these folks are not just a typical “tribe” and that their history seems to point to a very peculiar past that puts certain things into technical question, because as I look at these individuals they don’t seem to fit the stereotypical profile of alot of ancient tribes and settlements that we have seen to date, almost as if they retained and reveal a living example of another side of human history, of certain key things that no longer seem to exist elsewhere, culturally or biologically, that actually lives on to a degree in this curious group of individuals.

    See the thing for me is, I never really thought about the issue of the “aboriginals” before. Recently I always heard people throwing around this term and talking about the group for a few years now, so I thought they where a typical ancient tribe if anything for the most part, but, I was thinking about human origins and stuff like I do sometimes and something just told me to go and take a look at the case of aboriginals for myself since I figured that certain things of this culture could possibly help my cases for other similar topical historical observations, so the idea was to just take a look, not anything too deep or extensive in particular, but mainly to see what I can learn about their history etc, on a basic level. And the first thing that stuck out to me almost immediately like a full-moon in the night’s sky, is the distinct appearance of some of these individuals.

    “Appearance” specifically meaning things like the broad noses, the beautiful GOD-given black/dark skin, the texture of their hair, the sort of short stature on average; now this is very important, there is a reason why I said “on average” because occasionally you would spot some individuals in this community who are fully grown and properly developed but uniquely shorter than the rest of the population and this is why vigilance is super important because some of the forefathers of these shorter individuals could have been directly apart of the group of ancient humans who are now thought to be extinct but were also characteristically short — it is important to be vigilant to spot unique things like this.

    The signs are all there, When we look at the aboriginals, we’re not just looking at a typical splinter-group or a tribe, this goes deeper than that. There is just something about the aboriginals that makes me think and consider that if they had gone “extinct”, one of the first things you would hear is, “we have discovered a new ‘species’ of human”, but because they are alive, they are not no damn “new species” of human, they are a “tribe” and they are actually seen as humans, which is what the heck they are, and not “evolutions” of “apes”, which is what they would have been probably seen as if it were not for the fact that they are still alive LMAO!.

    I am telling you all man, if these aboriginal people were not still alive today, this is persistently what the fuck you would be hearing, I just know it hahaha xD. So my reason in examining the aboriginal topic, is rooted in the reality that the more you go back in time and look at these civilizations or settlements, is the more it becomes clear that humans have existed on this Earth for a long time, and that in fact, there seems to be a reality that there was a huge amount of distinct diversity to the human linage, a significant portion of which has been not necessarily “lost” in time but apparently forgotten in time due to the absence of any adequate written records or vivid pictorial works, some of which, in the case of Africans and the aboriginals, have actually survived and passed down through generations.

    These so-called neanderthals and Denisovans were not apes, they were indicative of a very long history of human diversity that has existed on this earth — it is the ORIGINAL idea and origins of human life which did not originate is Mesopotamia/Sumeria. Those Sumerian and Mesopotamian lands are more-or-less where “systemic” civic traditions as we know it were established, but not necessarily true human origins. I think that the same way how “evolution” fails to account for the ORIGINAL diverse state of the animal kingdom, it is also not accounting for the original reality of the diverse range of human groups.


  12. Clean body, clean mind, clean foods. I don’t care what the fuck i’m eating or drinking, it could be a piece of fruit, it could be some nuts or “seeds”, it could be some damn water or some meat, particularly meat. I like chicken as clean as possible more so because it’s fucking meat, but overall there are no exceptions, everything across the spectrum is cleaned thoroughly.

    Some people bitch about the “wings” some people bitch about the “legs” and “thighs” and all that, some people are big bitches over the different parts of the chicken and pork more than the parts of themselves. They bitch about liking the “leg” and the feet of the chicken, and I’m also super sure that they like the fucking hypertension, and the clogged arteries and diabetes and the obesity as well since they have such a high priority to bitch about these kinds of frivolous things.

    I favor the tenders of the chicken (the breast part so to speak), but you don’t hear me bitching about it, and it’s for good reason, it’s the reason is why I don’t have “hypertension” and “high blood pressure” and “obesity” and “weight gain”, it’s because I don’t have these things as a priority or a high-priority. I don’t give a fuck what some bitch eats; the shit they eat is NOT killing ME.

    I like the idea of being a clean motherfucker, so if something isn’t that clean it doesn’t interest me that well or that much. I actually clean my food (in addition to actually cooking it myself) and I can tell you from experience that there is not as much cleaning to do with the “tenders” of the chicken because it’s the cleanest part of the chicken. Why do you think popeye’s chicken sandwich and chicken sandwiches in general was and is so f’in good?, it’s partly because it’s the real “premium” part of the chicken that was used, with no cartilage and no or minimal blood tissues, minimal “bone” associated with it, which minimizes less fuckry going into the body and alot less to clean and alot less issues to develop.

    So the chicken-breast is the most consistent and versatile and cleanest part of the chicken, especially if you want lean cuts of meat, but this is besides the point. The fact is, people need to be aware of the condition of what they eat aswell, because you may think that some one gives a shit about your pointless “diet” — no one gives a shit about your diet; some of these people probably don’t even cook their own damn food, so they don’t know what the fuck is happening or passing through…

    They might think that their diet is all well and good until the “heart attack” comes and the cramps start-up, the doctor is telling you that you have some fucking “inflammation”, and the “amputated” limbs from diabetes shows up. That fucking bullshit alcohol you’re drinking ain’t saying shit for your “strong” stomach, try some milk, see if you don’t fold up and shit your pants; if you don’t, that’ll be impressive. But on a serious note, people need to look at the “condition” of what they are eating rather than the frivolous bullshit they’re bitching about.

    Some silly, disturbed incapable clowns just need to live with the reality that it’s up to the people to decide what’s in their favor and they need to understand that just because it’s bad for you, it doesn’t make it bad for everyone. The reality of the situation is that alot of people make things “bad” for themselves. Things that aren’t actually bad, they are so stupid that they make these things bad for them because they are not looking at things like condition and integrity, these fools are only interested in the chauvinistic stunts and prioritizing meaningless fuck. This is what “addiction” and non-balanced diets exemplify, these are perfect examples foolish people give priority too.


  13. YES so what are we looking at today?, I have so much material that sometimes I don’t even know where to start but the excitement just makes me pick something knowing that whatever I pick is going to be AWESOME :D. So I place onto the table today, something about, prehistoric times, dinosaurs and kangaroos — that sounds like the makings of something super kool xD. Yeah we don’t just gossip over here like a prick and circulate hear-say and rumor, we actually have great pride in our authenticity and creative ability to stylize practical and diacritical thinking LOL

    There has been the long-standing perception that somehow “birds” are related to dinosaurs, and in much sense this just goes back to comments I made about evolution being a great exemplification of exaggerated similarities between different types and different kinds of species, but one “evolution” (oops, I mean motherfucking similarity) that can teach us a little something about dinosaurs, is actually from one of the most unlikely animals that’s on earth today, just like birds, and it is an animal that Australia is famous for, and that is none other than the Australian “kangaroo”.

    I named the kangaroo because they seem to give us a special look into how some dinosaurs may have possibly used their “hands”, how they may have moved about, and how their tiny hands may have helped them in any sort of physical and practical anatomical way.

    There has always been this mystery about what would have possibly been the purpose of the arms/hands on the larger extinct dinosaur animals since they are found to have been extremely tiny, and didn’t really seem to be useful for such a large animal, although nothing in nature that was formed naturally on any animal is completely without use and so by default, you can assume that there must have been some significant function in that area, but what is highly interesting to me personally is the fact that kangaroos in Australia (and maybe else where) seem to have the same distinct and rare aspects in their physical diaphragm and design just as the dinosaurs did, where, we have this creature which is relatively large, who has very long, strong and massive legs, moves around upright and also has something in common with actual dinosaurs that most other mammals alive today do not have, which are the extremely tiny “hands” on their upper bodies.

    How kangaroos are able to use their tiny hands in combination with their massive legs to defend themselves, move around or manipulate objects and obstacles or their circumstances for food etc, may serve as a very small but realistic example of just how dinosaurs may have used their small hands at the front of their bodies to survive in prehistoric times. So yeah while the birds and dino comparisons are cool and all of that, it’s seems to me that we can actually learn a whole lot from the kangaroos too about dinosaurs.

    Folks, this is fucking big, we are not just talking about close cousins or immediate family, what I am saying is, and proposing is, that dinosaurs were the great-great-great-great-great-great-great GODFATHERS of kangaroos :D.

    Pay significant attention to the lessons that can be learned from life’s reality and not the degeneracy of Ass Clowns and their cyclical toilet bowl rotations as if they be some monotonous flushed excretions, then you will catch on to these kinds of things a lot faster since such fools are just a break in concentration.

    I really do think that there may be something interesting here with the kangaroos and how they use their hands and how that can relate to some of the small hands found on dinosaurs, granted that everything else about dinosaurs is specialized to suit different kinds of environments and dilemma’s within their prehistoric time-frames compared to the environments kangaroos live in today, but basic fundamental functions seem to be present and shared in both.

    This could also present another interesting angle here where lots of the traits and features that possibly were on the older giant prehistoric animals, seem to have been shared or passed on to the smaller generation of animals because every time folks researching in this field dig-up these old Jurrasic or very ancient animals, the animals tend to have some of the same features in them that are present on almost every kind of animal on Earth today, except configured to function more unique and slightly different on either side of the spectrum.

    It’s a similarity to a nut fuck, whether we are talking about the right-side of the brain spectrum of the left-side of the brain spectrum, they always seem to be stuck somewhere in the middle of derision between a detrimental bitch to his/her own self and/or the lowest shittiest common denominator — no sense of direction, no reason at all hahahahahaha.


  14. It Boils Down To This [Exclusive]

    Welcome to today’s next diacritical topical, and it’s all going to start with one basic but interesting question, not unlike many of my other questions but this one, probably unlike those others in this regard, has not been satisfactorily answered yet πŸ˜‚πŸ€£.

    The question I have is, what came first?, the Chicken πŸ“ or the Egg? πŸ₯š , but I say today that this is an easy one to answer. Actually, I think I answered this in a few of my previous scriptures before in different ways, but allow me to provide another unique perspective on the issue and I think that this will be radical enough yet realistic at the same time to be considered an EXCLUSIVEβ€Ό.

    “Life” came first before “reproduction”, so basically the male and female aspect came first before the need for reproduction, so the egg only comes as a result of the need for a process of reproduction. So basically there is only a need for reproduction, i.e egg, if there is already a previous life i.e male and female.

    Birth is a reproduction of a previous production; humans were first CREATED from scratch as a production (so to speak, for the illustratory purposes of this examination), so creation, via the creator (GOD the almighty), made/created humans and bio-organisms, who in turn reproduce themselves, which is an act of giving birth for the sole PURPOSE of multiplying a divinely created linage. Now if we exclude the “purpose” we will be stuck with an idea of “evolution” because that’s what the concept of evolution basically does, evolution takes away or ignores the “purpose” .

    Once again, we know from reality that life gives life to other life, under no certain circumstance do we ever see “birth” just giving life, that’s just azz backwards — “birth” doesn’t just come out of the blue to randomly create something on its own, again that particular point-of-view is just bonkers evolutionary crap. Life always gives birth to life.

    So obviously you can’t have the “reproduction” before the “conditions” that are required for the reproduction because then who the krap is going to take care of the young resulting from this reproduction?, there is always a time and a place for specific critical reasons, unless they are super instinctive, but I mean lets be realistic, there is no creature that is that instinctive, they were all guided in some way or another but possibly just not by conventional human standards.

    Take turtles for instance, even with turtles, the adults lay their eggs very close to the ocean on the seashore and makes the place where they lay their eggs, at just the right height and proximities and also shallow enough and so on. So they do some level of “guiding/parenting” but obviously in different ways, but it’s the same principles never the less.

    Also, It wouldn’t make sense for something that is already alive to make itself into something to then come out as itself; this would be essentially the confusion that all so-called “evolutions” turn out to be at some stage if life worked according to the basic philosophy of evolution.

    I have another question, which came first, the bum or their slow backwards retardation?. We may never know but one thing’s for sure, a garbage-bag and then a ditch must definitely come last because they are measly shitty disposables who should not be trusted πŸ‘ŽπŸ˜œ


  15. The notions about “vortexes” creating “crop circles” can be destroyed with one point in particular: “deafly silence”.

    Sure from the minds of some, from a pseudo-scientific perspective, they obviously want to give off some perception that it all comes down to some generic weather pattern, but realistically, the bigger nature gets is the louder it gets, so how the fuck do you have a damn “vortex” full of intense, volatile, sporadic energy being produced by nature, making such enormous and vast intricately drawn “designs” in a goddamn crop field in well-populated areas, and not a single fucking sound made and no one hears or sees shit?; this is preposterous as fuck to believe. When it comes to “wind” and “energy” and “faults” and “shifts” all mixed, nature does not keep “silent”, shit gets fucking NOISY in that context. These are the facts, not just wild, unsubstantiated shittiness.

    There is often other assumption that it is people making these Crop Circles too — who the fuck has time to go around in the dead of night on some random person’s property, in pitch black fucking darkness, just to make a big azz Crop Circle that they can’t even fucking see that they are making?, and then as if that’s not stupid enough, just go off hoping that somebody finds it just to feel good about creating some bullshit “prank” that somebody else is probably going to take credit for?. It doesn’t add up people, it doesn’t add up.

    It’s like a piece of shit bum’s lofty laughable tirade that never comes to fruition, it never adds up. The brainless, boneless bitch makes zero sense; you can usually learn way more from a fucking crop circle. It’s not shocking, maybe to degenerate “dogma” as slow as they are and the same caliber of foolish/fools, but these clowns don’t “fool” anyone, but they are pricelessly good for laughter and peripheral educational purposes :D.


  16. Lets get excited about making GOD’s culture our priority, not the charades and chauvinism of man. Reaffirm reality, be true with GOD and to ourselves, and lets get back to basics. This is the single most diacritical life-changing mission.

    Clowns should fuck off and hanged slow with their mischievousness and veiled ulterior propagandized preposterousness. Kritical Kulture is the korrekt “environment” to “sow” the “seeds”, the seeds of kontext, which silly fucking fools know nothing about. Their fields are littered with fucking cow shit, their grasp is lousy, their roots are dissevered and their entire persona is BUM as fxxk, disheveled and cadaverous.

    People, your pastures iz to be cultured and cultivated with natural vibes and vividness, vigorously toiled and sanitized, coronavirus style, for the love of the sacred one. It has to start somewhere — it starts with the kulture of GOD, the living Eternal Energy. It isn’t based on the glorification of mortals stipulated by sanctioned systemic mongering or sensitive sympathetic psychology, but in the pure love of life from the creator.

    Fuck bullshit role-playing; the true GOD is a cultural one and an environmental one, not of the fucking flesh, but of the soul. GOD is the common UNIFIER of all life, not an evolutionary “ancestor”. Bitches be doing the most corrupt and embarrassing retarded fuck but the best way to vigilantly reach GOD at the very least, is to stay grounded.

    Shitheaded BACKWARDS irrelevant F.A.G.S need to understand I get STRAIGHT to the point — demoralized FUCKS are too slow to get a FXXCKING klue. This has been fucking SuperDuper Scribe at your service, well written, well reasoned.


  17. It’s just yesterday I was a goddamn neurologist, and today I might as well be a fervid oculist because I am ashamed at what a struggle it must be for any bitch to see with their retinas far up their rectums; it’s bad enough to be an evanescent shit-head but having shit-eyes along with that is just the shambles of a deplorable bitch fxxking prick.

    Now, I said this before and i’ll gladly say it again; I don’t just “know” there is a GOD, I actually “believe” in GOD. I don’t just know my name, I “believe” in myself. Some folks talk about they “know”, but they don’t really “know” shit not even one fucking thing worth mentioning — I don’t give two shits what any clown “knows”. I’m not no damn “non-believer” I actually B.E.L.I.E.V.E in GOD.

    I tell any cock sucking shit this, I don’t just “know” there is a GOD, I BELIEVE — I BELIEVE in GOD. As far as I give a fuck, there is a big difference between “knowing” about something and believing in that something. I’m not no goddamn “non-believer” and neither I do not give a flipping fuck about “race” either.

    Plenty “non-believers” mention not believing in religion and how this causes separation and how such things causes “division”, while on the other hand confused fucks from the same set turn out to be heavy practicers of habitual senselessness and promoters of stereotypes among other associated anti-social prick ideologies.

    I “know” about race but I don’t “believe” in bullshit “race”; I “believe” in GOD. I don’t just “know” about GOD — I religiously “believe” in GOD. Some of these atheistic people are just saying things that sound good among themselves but they don’t actually have any real understanding of the words they use — the fail to understand the korrekt uses of the words “know” and “believe”. This is where I come in, BOOOOOOM!!!, the Super-duper Scribe explosively at your fucking service :D.

    In reality, do these clueless azz “non-believers”, who “know” alot, actually “believe” in what the crap they are saying?; often time it doesn’t seem so, they only “know” who their insecure selves perceive to be “religious” or possibly have some type of “faith”. So i’ll have to greatly digress, I don’t “know” about that and then having any grip on anything that requires manual neurological cognition, but what you should “know” is that I “believe” in GOD. I believe in GOD’s might, I believe in GOD’s word and I believe in GOD’s ways.

    BE GONE DEVIL AND DEMONS!!!, I can’t abase my magnanimous sapient sophistication at the miserable demands of you sanctimonious dipshits.


  18. Do I really believe that some of the things said about UFO sightings are actual distortions?, YES without a doubt. Some as a result of distortions and fabricated stories, and a great deal of others are hoaxes!!!. There is only a small percent that are actually real, and the reason why some of these encounters are tainted, is because what is the most common trait of most authentic UFOs?; apart from almost all of them actually being in the sky, almost all of them come with “lights”.

    So I believe most of them do have characteristics of “light emittance” but the issue is when people try to “describe” what they think these “lights” may be “apart of”, which is to say, who is to say that these “lights” were actually attached to anything to begin with?, but again, this is where the issue begins, and usually ends up into a situation where people try to fashion an impression based off of their own perceptions of aeronautics and so on, or they dilute the situations using too many technological references, comparing something they see in the sky which they believe is some kind of “craft” that they are seeing in the sky, to airplanes and jets, which are the only things of that nature to them, that can be in the sky with “lights”.

    Going by those specific commonalities, it’s clear that the issue obviously is the “lights” and people’s perceptions that the “lights” that they are seeing have to be automatically apart of an electronic device or mechanism.

    The other problem to me comes in additionally when there seems to be a factor of “trace elements” being given off or emitted from these same objects of “light”; the trace body or fractal spectrum of elements, or energy, that comes along with these unidentified anomalies, is often seen to be more likely the result of some parameter of a solid “body”, and to most, these possible trace elements that can only be a “solid” body, must be some kind of “metallic” surface.

    This leads me to conclude that alot of described scenarios involving “UFOs” and “aliens” is indeed alot of preconceived fuckry and often times seem to be highly distorted beyond the basic facts that there were “lights”, some kind of “force”, and some sort of semblance of a “formation” of some kind. So basically, they based their perspectives on “real” things but not necessarily realistic things; sort of like politicians, they just say stuff based on “real” thing but they are not often being very realistic.

    But the audacity of some of these exaggerating fools to commercialize and standardize the practice of being this silly and this fucking blind. These clowns have the “nerve” — brainless bum fucks makes it look too easy to change professions because yesterday I was an “orthopedist”, but today I feel like I should try fucking neurology since these useless bogus asf bitches don’t appear to have any range of “sensible” sensations left. #FACTSnotDUNCEgossip


  19. GOD is nothing to be scared of; we should all love our GOD. Realistic thing is, I often talk about “the truth” and “knowing” things and “understanding” reality, but it’s one thing to know and understand something, but can we really handle the truth?. This is the question we have to ask ourselves — do we really know what we are getting into!.

    When you think about it, you seem so much more free and happy-go-lucky without knowing or caring about certain things, much like a kid that’s innocent and indifferent to things. It reminds me of the lessons of the days of Adam and Eve. They were so into themselves and just loving life, and then all-of-a-sudden, they became more aware of some things by this “knowledge” from the forbidden tree, and then, things changed. That’s just one example of how, truthfully, in their case becoming more aware, but in a broader sense understanding things and having a great powerful vision, can have an impact on you, however profound or unstable.

    So I was just thinking about how I try to deliver the “truth” and live the “truth” — the truth is the truth regardless, but are we really prepared for what’s in-store?; Are we really ready to live within the reigns of the almighty GOD?, can we really handle what GOD has in store?. Now this brings up yet another examlpe in the scriptures of the bible where GOD’s governance was instituted and solidified, but some folks, for whatever reason, wanted it to be lifted — why is this so?.

    It brings to question, what was the real reason for the desire for this “change”?, was it because of a matter of mundane desires?, or could there have been more to the story?, could there have been those who just could not handle the culture?; could they not handle the discipline?, could they not handle GOD’s wrath?. Could they not handle what it TRULY was to be in the reign of the almighty?, were they actually desperate for an escape, an ease?, a lite-version?.

    Is this just one big motherfucking BREAK either for us to get our sxxt together or for us to learn a key lesson by actually living in our own ways?. Even to this day and age, we still have many who scoff at “free will” and our actual ability of “true intelligence”. They think that living with morales and integrity and some actual fucking smartness and basic sense in doing stuff, makes us less complete as beings. These fucking FOOLS do not “understand” that what we have is the real deal, no artificial bull, and that GOD gives us the tools to handle this pure authentic gift of “free will” and “intelligence” and real life that we have and are in.

    The truth is one thing, but do we really know what the real deal looks like?; can we handle the real deal???, can we endure the real deal?. I know I don’t give a fuck, I want the real deal, I am open to GOD, but can YOU handle the real deal? — are we ready to give up certain things and sacrifice alot if necessary??.

    Can you live without certain things?, do we really understand the magnitude of what we call upon?, do we have this extent of love and respect for GOD?. When reality hits and impacts can you really take it?, or would you have rather it not have been summoned?. Would you have rather not have knowledge of certain things and instead be this “innocent”, free, care-free, care-less being that you seemed to have been before?. This could very well be a case of “ready” or “not” here it comes.

    Excuse me for a sec since I know about the current situation with the coronavirus, but forget respiratory, often time it’s as if I have to get “surgical” with detestable maggots. Yeah, not rocket science perhaps a fucking orthopedist. Does anyone ever need to truly bother?, because the more shitstains carry on is the more we see a steady stream of self-derision hahahaa πŸ’―πŸ˜Ά


  20. After all that conspiracy and philosopher faux intellectual bullcrap, folks still need to get a better understanding of what’s actually going on around them and this is where truth-tellers are most called to action, telling you the real deal, not a substandard, faux alternative and convoluted perversion. See the role of conspiracy theory/theorist is not to even attempt to get anything right, it’s to just try and get you to believe, which is why it such a low-tier and frivolously flaky basis to try and establish anything of validity, or anything to be taken seriously on, because if the roots are weak and the foundation is rotten, everything else withers and/or collapses — it’s just only a matter of time in this case.

    There is alot of “before the flood” hype that gets mentioned in different contexts, but we must take note of 1 majorly critical thing; Noah is the link to humans alive today and humans that were alive even before the flood, which seems to point to the reality that humans alive now in this day and age, share just about as much as possible in common, whether we are talking about on a genetic level or just habitually, with humans that were alive and on the earth before the flood, because remember, when GOD told Noah to go into the Ark and he was in teh ark all through the flood, no physical change had been documented having ever took place with him biologically, so if we are in fact descendants of Noah, then it means we are infact the same group of mankind that also existed before the flood. So I believe that life on earth was actually highly diverse and that Neanderthals were actually “humans” and not apes, and shared alot in common with humans than apes, or animals, regardless of how “shorter” or “stubbier” they may have appeared to us as strange as that may sound.

    If you look back at one of my older scriptures you’ll notice that at one point where I mentioned that there was no complete break in human history on earth, and it’s just the lack of “recorded” history that makes it seem as there is this huge gap, a gap that’s often used to suggest that there had been some “evolution” that occurred during that time, but there was no evolution, just a whole lot of time and events unaccounted for, during which time alot of things were obviously still taking place. As I said before, alot of these things like Neanderthals were either, actual beings belonging to the human family, or these beings were actual animals being grouped in with the human linage to establish some farce evolutionary linkage. Most creations on earth share more than just a common “ancestor”, the bigger picture is that they ALL share a common CREATOR.

    Some folks are saying that Neanderthals were “smarter than we think”, but the truth is that’s only because some people never thought Neanderthals were humans — if you consider that Neanderthals were very much humans like us, and not merely a product of animal evolution, then the smartness makes alot of sense and then how they behaved made alot of sense, and then them not being humans and this notion of how they just “evolved” out of apes makes no fucking sense. I mean there is only so much you can learn about a group that lived relatively, not just primitively but extra-tribal as well. The tools and hunting methods they used obviously won’t tell you the whole story.

    That’s why I told people in a previous scripture not to get tied-up on this “they look funny so they must have been aliens that existed before the flood” because “we”, as in “modern humans” also existed before the fucking flood too. If you look at historical parallels of noah’s flood and compare instances in that with the fact that there has been “tribes” existing nearly 80,000 YEARS in “certain” parts of earth seemingly undisturbed during the time this “flooded”, or what some refer to as an “ice age” supposedly occurred, and furthermore who’s ancestry can be traced back within those same inhabited areas to 10s of thousands of years ago, which still makes me question if some of the wording of this flood story in the bible (the majority of which were “translations” of very old and very ancient findings/writings that were not originally in english) is neccessarily accurate beyond the fact that they may just give you a “sense” of what was going on, because if it was translated into English (which it sure was), then as massive as the English language is, there is plenty of room for a multitude of words to be used in place of others than even though may seem similar, they (specific words) still in reality, can change how the context reads and is conveyed to the reader when we take into account how funny the english language can be.


  21. Haha seeing is believing but sometimes even what you see is hard to believe; heck I can’t believe the amount of foolish retardation I see often coming from “experts” bitchy pricks and various conspiracy theorists.

    You ain’t gotta see me, intelligent words are prolific and inspirational, more vivid, stand out more and are far more compelling than a piece of shit’s entire life so the objective is that hopefully you “see” what i’m saying. When you look around you “see” alot of retarded fxxking shit, you “See” clowns, you “see” people shooting themselves in the shithead; you see people exposing their cancerous insides and you see them exposing their true colors — the nasty color of shit residue.

    That kind of “seeing” is what the fuck you call entertainment it’s a clown carnival. But things like wisdom is about “understanding”; this vigilace of life is a different level, this ain’t about being the biggest visible incompetent bullshit. That’s just spectatorship — wisdom is about making a fucking difference, this is not about cheat antics this is not some corny fucking shitty “show”, this is a “blog”.

    You don’t need to see me making a fool of myself, there is plenty of fools already doing that — you can watch them. And they need to “watch” themselves or “watch” their fucking unwanted mothers — i’m not their sons and daughters who the fxxk bxxches think dis iz?. This is not a “show” this is “blog” — this is not a “conspiracy”, this is “facts”.

    Alot of people see what they want to see — the real question is not who’s business an irrelevant bum dipshit is watching, but where do YOU “see” your damn self in a few years from now?, where do YOU see yourself in a few months from now? — what does YOUR future look like, what does your loved ones’ futures look like. What do you “see” your selves as now or in time to come?, a scientist?, a builder?, an entrepreneur? we should be “seeing” alot more of these not taking some prick asswipe seriously.

    Keep in mind, the truth is the truth, everything else is just a different form of ignorance.


  22. Hehe HA!!, I believe in “aliens” as much as I believe in “big-foot” — total and complete krap is what I “believe” it to be. I believe these things as much as I believe in persistently fucking the eyeballs off the hideous faces of bum fuck’s half-dead barely decent, but fuckable, mistresses. I laugh at this sort of stuffs — this is the sort of illegitimate bull I destroy for breakfast all while making a “mess” of that dried up rotting piece of shit, that gave birth to bums, from the back.

    It’s not even remotely credible as far as I can see — these thoughts of aliens etc, etc, are notions that largely stem from pathological distortions; it’s like when a conspiracy nitwit sees a “UFO” and knows nothing about it but still “knows” enough to “know” that it’s a fxxking “alien” using “technology” and it’s a “craft” and all of this misleading rubbish. It’s like come on, make up the little shrivel of a disintegrating mind you have — it’s EMBARRASSING; it’s like they want you to become as “confused” and foolish as fxxk as they.

    So essentially, “aliens” and “spaceships” and this kind of thing is based on, not the fact that they are seeing an “unidentified object”, but the fact that so many of them are presenting misleading misidentification as a validating object.

    What i’m mainly trying to reveal to people is that things like “aliens” and so-on, are just products of sometimes hallucinations and often times fabrications — alot of these things you’re seeing in Star Trek and things of that nature are not real; they are based on fantasy. Alot of the fucking time, the real stuff is nothing like the manmade stuff that some are producing to present to you. Things like “aliens” and “hybrids” and “paranormal ghosts”, are urban legends and myths; basically exaggerations of exaggerations or things that have been misidentified and then blown out of proportion.

    I mean think about it, this whole notion of “aliens” doesn’t really make any sense, atleast that’s if you listen to the reasoning behind it coming from some people, because if you listen closely, according to some, there is supposed to be all of these galaxies and planets with aliens on them and all of these beings with advanced technology but somehow, out of all these millions up-on millions of years, we just so happen to be the only ones out of these endless possibilities of entities who just so happen not to be so “advanced”, and in addition to that, no other signs of fxxking life anywhere in our own solar systems or a few miles away, or a few more miles away, or a few more miles away?.

    This whole bullshit is fucking clown crap to the fullest, and the more you look into these “UFOs”, SOME of them appear to have a nature about them that is more akin to the natural nature around us (and out there in the universe) that we should be more grateful for, embrace more and learn from alot — a “nature” that is not really of material or mechanism.

    Fuck this advanced alien technology fuckry; our growth and true progress starts from the “roots” and I believe there is more credibility to these kinds of ways, meaning, within the natural to the supernatural, than the manmade ways being developed in the minds of dingy pathological lias and deranged nuts — the deluded pathological fuckers who even when shown the truth will still intentionally try to either hide it or still insist that it is what they think it is.


  23. Remember, GOD is the speed of all speeds, the light of all lights, the intelligence of all brains, and the force of all matter and the creator of all things; including fools that make themselves into retarded fucking degenerates — achieving the impossible even if this means the lowest of lows that not even GOD himself could have foreseen.

    So all these things fools claim to be “aliens”, “ufo” and “flying craft”, have so much of an enormous chance to be something these clown conspiracy bitches are NOT expecting xD. Their perceptions are off just like their brain functionality — maybe their intelligence only turns-on on another alien planet because it surely as fuck ceases to exist on planet earth.

    There are no “aliens”; these sci-fi fools and pathological lying ass shitheads just “alienate” and are “alienating” the truth. I’m talking about the real GOD not no New-Age/New-School Sumerian bullshit. I’m talking about from since pre-civilization not the fabricated crap from post-civilization LOL.


  24. It’s as if Covid-19 is exposing many people’s Type-1 Retardation. Some of these lame, inauthentic pricks are like the gag-reflexes of their own infertile, unfaithful, cocksucking females; they just regurgitate. Pure wizening maggots of their own dead cells — the epitome of fucking filth and rotten knavery.

    When it comes to the truth i’m accurate and give it my best “shot” — my truth is fully-automatic, and also cuts through semi “colons”, striking “nerves” and tearing through these bitch-fool’s “guts” exposing how clogged they are on the insides, inoperable and cancerous; which comes as a shock to no one.

    Much of what I say is really not that demanding to put yourself in a position to see, especially not as demanding as the pile of garbage that gets created when these bullshit rats talk their nutty rhetoric. It’s all rooted in reality it’s not as if i’m bringing information and getting you too involved in things that I don’t really know a goddamn thing about, and doing so primarily for some social media and video clicks — it’s not as if you have to be solely dependent on some opportunistic bitch. This is not what this is — alot of what i’m saying is reality that anybody else can see for themselves as well, you just have to allow yourselves too.

    The problem with a conspiracy theory is these jackasses pulling them up out of thin-air, don’t realize that anybody can make up a retarded conspiracy theory even a conspiracy theory that says the exact opposite of their foolish conspiracy theory, but is still a conspiracy theory.

    This is the issue with conspiracy theories and severely misguided conspiracy theorists; just because you think you are on to something, it doesn’t mean that your delusional silly stupid azz actually is, especially when the facts are actually there but you ignore it to relish in your own shitheaded fantasies. Anybody that’s bored as fxxk, delusional as shit, and pathologically illogical as crap, can build-up a bullshit conspiracy there are no real elucidating qualities about this mindless process.

    The other issue with conspiracy theories, is that they are often presented to you as being “the real thing ‘they’ are hiding from you that the conspiracy theorist is giving to you to keep you from being ‘programmed'”, but at the core is ironically just one big huge maniacal distraction from the original active forces at play influencing the situation — two-faced fucks with one-tack minds, negligible usability and low dexterity and no potential, this is is the definition of washed up.

    The thing is, many of these shitheads try to oversimplify these issues and in the attempt to do that, this is when the conspiracy theories start and its all-of-a-sudden a black and white and race issue or some grand conspiracy, not because it actually is but because they dum’ down the issue to an incredibly stupid degree and it gives them some type of temporary gratification.

    Some people might call this “clever” some may call it “genius” some might have these illusions, but whatever the fuck they want to call it, it’s certainly anything except smart; it’s certainly not smart. These kinds of very low standards aren’t good for anything or anyone — just alot of dull-witted fools bewitched with stupidity.


  25. There is validations and justifications — there are alot of things that just makes no sense. At some point in time an individual just has to realize that they are responsible for themselves the sob stories don’t work. “Philosophically” you’re not the first crybaby to use it, and you’re not the last crybaby to use it; again philosophically speaking. Regardless, some of these losers iz just a BIG stinking ass bitch — being a big stinking ass fucking bitch can only get you so far with others, and absolutely nowhere, nohow with me nobody else.

    Realistically speaking, the Coronavirus is not a conspiracy; some people may look at it as some sort of a “war” and they can turn into a “philosophy” if they so chose, but the turth is, if so, you lost the fxxking war. I don’t know if “philosophically” these clowns think this is a damn game too, but the TRUTH is, you got played for a big fucking fool.

    No wonder these viruses keep coming up, it’s because some of these foolish fuckers just don’t get it; it’s usually not about anybody anywhere plotting or planning, it’s about feeble shitheads failing to understand basic principles — reality isn’t going to stop to revolve around you, it’s always about what works not the other way around. You can see yourself as whatever illusion you deem, not seem, philosophically speaking, but the truth is things just don’t work this way. You can try to dum it down because you can’t keep up, but that’s not how it works.

    If you’re are not learning from your mistakes, “philosophically” speaking its probably because you ARE the fucking mistake. That musty ass bitch you shitted out of is not good at swallowing, truthfully speaking. Life put these washed-up fools on time-out and their pick nonsensical shitty selves have not been able to recover.

    You can run your, philosophically, shit sucking cavity until your wrinkly fucking granny gets resurrected and bites on this cock, and lose the rest of her fucking teeth, the truth is, you still ain’t meaningfully saying shit, I doubt give a fuck about your pissy sob story — ill rub it in, you haven’t seen nothing yet.

    Folks don’t make yourself look like a hyperventilating corny azz piece of shit philosophically speaking, because the truth is, these fools are worst than that sounding like a soft pussy getting fucking hard — a pure big stinking ass bitch more sensitive than a titillated clit.

    “Philosophically” you can look at this coronavirus krap as an “enemy”, but the truth is, this virus was spread by a nasty ass son of bitches and that’s what really caused the virus to enter communities, this is a known fact. Some of these asswipes are just too concerned with being seen as experts and in the process of doing so forgetting about alot of these critical details — this virus didn’t just come out of nowhere; the truth is, it was a set of retarded clowns up in china responsible for the outbreak of this virus this is a goddamn fact. I’m not saying that just because it started in china that Chinese necessarily did it, obviously I don’t know who the fuck actually did it but it first appeared in that region.

    It’s not just the virus itself and “touching your face”, but also how the fuck people got into this mess in the first place that needs to be paid attention too. People making degenerate decisions are not the “enemy” — they are “nothing”. This is just as a result of retarded degenerative fuck.

    See this is what i’ve be saying, none of this is shocking because when you listen to some of these retards talk, it’s pretty much a set-up for the same things to happen again before it even finishes. We see the facts of these realities across other dynamics, degrees and conditions of life, we see the C.D.C even recommending masks and hand washing, but naah, some bitch gotta be an expert.

    I mean who the fuck would want to make up something like this?, it’s retarded so it just gotta be. One thing I know is, facts on top of facts :D


  26. There is a recommendation to wash your hands but it seems like a recommendation for especially people that never washed their fucking hands; if there has to be guidelines abut washing hands, yet alone having to spend more than 6 seconds or 10 seconds washing your hands, you might as well take an entire fucking bath. Some nasty ass people need to spend exactly that much time actually in the damn shower because they probably don’t even spend nearly that much time in the bath.

    Eradicate the virus on your part, anyone can eradicate the virus on their part, on an individual basis; this much should be obvious. But this virus is probably not going to be fully eradicated right now, or atleast according to some people, but I guess these “some people” probably know how nasty as frig “some people” are, or maybe they know that they themselves are some nasty ass filthy fucks. They probably know something we don’t know since this is the case some people are presenting, but if it was just up to the rest of us clean folks, stuff like this would probably never existed, but since it may persist because of nasty fucking shit, spreading dirty ass things (because this is what they do best), you might want to wash your hands with something STRONGER! :D.

    That’s right, it’s about using your brain — washing your hands can do the trick but what you wash with also makes a big difference. it’s ok to take the length of time into consideration but you can also tale it a step further and wash your hands with something that is effective — aim to use something that is going to fuck-up the virus worse than how an erroneous toxic bum maggot fucks up his own brain, if that’s even possible.

    That is what becomes of a piece uv bullshit involved in officious deeds — there is nothing else left to do except clean up and dispose of the garbage i.e pricks. I wash my hands with strong stuff all the time, and I wash things (including myself) with strong cleaners all the time. I don’t know what viruses I have immunity too, but i’m assertive that i’m highly resistant to bleach and strong soaps; i’ve developed this over time — this happens when you’re motherfucking clean. It’s the clean-gene; so I use stronger things not just quantify longer things. If anything, use quality stronger things longer :D


  27. Masks and other worn guards is not the only thing that is going to “prevent” infection in dealing with this coronavirus issue. What also has to go along with that is some fucking sense, and this is clearly the part of it all that fools and clowns, alike, are struggling with and they are not only struggling with it but are also spreading their own distinguished brand of stupidity over the issue as a result.

    On this matter, you’ll especially need to also be aware of alot of things pertaining to your surroundings because there are alot of fools out there not really doing anything but being “experts” and talk coming out of someone’s shithole is not going to protect you in any way shape or form. Atleast if you are wearing something, atleast that would do alot more in terms of being proactive about protecting yourself.

    Now let me also inform many of you that these viruses are easily spread not because of some stupid crap like they are dust vs moisture or smoke vs vapor; in this case, that doesn’t have shit to do with it. In this case, these infectious particles are affected by “weight”.

    They are small and tiny as fuck so it’s completely irrelevant whether they are wood or rock or fucking crystals because they are so small that their weight is not enough to off-set the common forces of wind, which can easily pick them up and spread them out. So in this case, all it takes is one person to come along and sneeze or cough at a moment when there is a gust of wind, and then TADAAH!, whatever they have is already on the next person or the next object.

    The factors are generally persistent regardless of form, factor or format but what makes the coronavirus particularly dangerous, is because of how contagious and infectious it is — so we have this virus that is extremely light and blows around as tiny little particles with little to no resistance, especially when sneezed or coughed out just like alot of other things its size and its weight, except unlike many of those other things its extremely contagious.

    Again people usually talk about “if” you touch your face and “if” this and “if” that; “if” is never actually a strong case in situations like this — you can “if if if” all day fucking long; “if” is just a fucking excuse.

    You’re never going to be 100-percent invulnerable to these types of viruses but last I checked, this is never a good reason as to why you shouldn’t do all within your ability to reduce your chances of getting infected. Fools will talk about “‘if’ it goes into your eyes”, well these things don’t have eyes, they are not hard-programed to go into your goddamn eyes, nose, feet or head so that’s beside the point, and so folks should be aware of this and do not waste any time trying to predict where this fucking thing will exactly go.

    Regardless of what they are telling you about the “nose” and the “eyes” and the “hands” and touching your “face”, just use your head — something that alot of boneheaded bitches ain’t doing, they are using their fxxking mouth — all of you should just try to be as clean and careful as possible :D

    Focus on what matters — try not to give too much attention to attention-seeking desperate fucks. Odd-balls are already brain-dead shits, they don’t need no coronavirus to infect them, they were well fucked irreversibly before this pandemic — don’t let the bums fool you. The only people the bums are sub-jecting to their incompetence are their sub-decent “wives” or semi-retarded kids, this must be who the fxxk they think they are talking too with their lies and prickish-ideologies.

    These shitstains are just a subset that have been subtracted a long time ago. All the sub-optimal crap these shitty asswipes do is just a distraction from their domestic and inner dissatisfactions. Nobody takes these bums seriously, not even the bullshit they call blood under their own roofs. Their nutty performances don’t help.


  28. There is not much to say about philosophy other than the fact that i’m not philosophical, to me it’s a thought process that typifies circular futility. It’s too close to bums-ville where the road is supposed to be “straight and narrow” but these lost sub-par, semi-coherent, sub-intelligent fuck-ups, ironically with no fucking sense in circulation, somehow managed to turn it into a fucking round-about. To me, a major amount of the time philosophy is just rambunctiously inoperable dogmatic filler; it’s just a very effective way of fooling ones’ self into thinking that something is anything other than what it actually damn well is. Sounds familiar?, why yes indeed, it is like going down the road of a bum prick having too much of a bitchy tumultuous habit.

    So using “philosophy” is retarded as fuck when it comes to actual real issues and this is a major problem because we have a case where we seem to have alot of overnight philosophers but not a whole lot of individuals who realize things for what they actually are even when the merits are clear as fucking day, and this sets-up the way for all kinds of ridiculously twisted mindsets, so philosophy is, while not obsolete and redundant persay, absolutely fucking IRRELEVANT when it comes to the kind of material I try my best to deliver too you. It makes me think to myself why spend alot of time converting something into a bullshit senseless notion that has no base in reality, rather than focusing on understanding the reality itself?, it makes zero sense.

    Philosophy could be somewhat applied in situations where you are trying to convey something to someone so that they can understand it a little better; so you can see philosophy as a substitute for layman’s-terms when all else fails. Or it can be used in a topical circumstance maybe on a blog or a website, or with friends, family etc to stimulate conversation and have fun with ideas and whatnot. Outside of those special use cases, in general, or to hear politicians with that, or “officials” with that in times that require fundamental action and directive, is more of a case of ulterior compensation and is often used as absolute time-wasting fuck. So i’m not a philosopher and I am not in the business of circulating empty, false, garbage, conspiracy theories. I actually see it as a duty and a mission to untwist people’s’ minds from that brain-eating mess. In case anyone can’t tell by now, I take great pleasure in destroying shit-deceptions regardless of who the fuck it comes from or where the fuck it comes from.

    I mean why the heck would I even consider dealing with philosophies when I can just deal with realities?, there is just no competition or comparison. Only a fool spends alot of time on philosophy, which is so off-based it can be seen as a baseless classification under fiction, and furthermore do this at the expense of pushing critically tangible factors off to a state of abeyance, in peculiar mind-boggling fashion, except for when chasten by revolutionary repartee.


  29. The truth has a way of coming up no matter how many times snide shitsuckers try to suppress it. These bitch bums function as though they are in the matrix judging by the way that they try to twist, bend and distort facts, but some of them are so dum and shitty that they get themselves so far down the septic tube that they can never get out of their crappy situation no matter how much turning and twisting and bending they do.

    There is intriguing information that is in circulation about the different ways this virus can spread and this is exactly what I was cautioning people about last week, in which I advised not to get too focused on the touching of the face crap concerning the Masks, since in reality, I felt that there were multiple ways the coronavirus can spread, and now look!, this is exactly what experiments on these possibilities have shown.

    But hold-the-fxxk-up a second, do we even need an experiment for this?; if you ask me I say NO not really because like I also said last week “there is too many things people are exposed too in day-to-day life to not know of how things of this nature can develop”; I assert this because here is the thing, we see and know that even in the winter time, particularly when it’s extremely cold to the extent that moisture freezes almost instantaneously, that whenever people talk or sneeze and give off moisture through breathing etc, the moisture from their respiratory glands can be seen floating and drifting away from them almost with the same motion and speed and appearance as vapor or smoke, often spreading out further beyond where they actually originated and in very swift/rapid succession and obviously some of those particles will come into contact with structures, surfaces and even other people — all of these aspects remain the exact same whenever someone is infected with something highly contagious like the Coronavirus. You really don’t need anyone anywhere to do an experiment to come and relay this information.

    Don’t get me wrong, the experiments are good because they help provide another way of seeing things through examples, but also what i’m saying is if you are really paying attention to certain things, this is the kind of stuff you would have realized has been happening for a long time.

    So based on these basic real-life common occurrences, something that nutjobs don’t have a fxxking clue about since they are a set of lost loony pricks with too much time on their dirty hands and too much mischief on their enervated nut minds, you can tell that these viruses can spread easily and physically through these kinds of ways. Like I said, these pissy odd-balls getting up in the media with these “expert” accreditations, spewing off these nonsensical notions, misinformation, and whatnot, aren’t fooling anyone. They are incompetent fucks needing people to play along to make it seem as though they know what they are doing — they not that good where it really counts.


  30. Some random “experts” and their false info, say that wearing a mask won’t “protect” you from the virus, but obviously if this was really true, they wouldn’t have to say it and dwell on it because the mask and glove wearing initiatives we see taking place wouldn’t truly actually make a practical fucking difference, a case that would generally become apparent to people probably alot sooner than you think, but obviously, it isn’t THAT true or accurate. These people are basically throwing out myths trying very hard just to be an “expert”.

    These gus with the “expertise” say only wear masks if you have symptoms or suspicions of such, but why wait until you have symptoms to protect yourself and take action?. This is the dum-ness i’m talking about — it’s as if some of these jackasses are, once again, just saying stuff just to be “experts”.

    If this foolishness was even remotely true, you wouldn’t see alot of people in public wearing em’ because within this mass of people, there are probably some of em’ who know somebody who was actually infected, who, probably didn’t wear one (or took such precautions) before getting infected, and as a result probably wished they had; in which case, anyone of em’ who were close to these persons who were infected, would learn alot from em’ and realize certain things first-hand about the situation and would fucking know that if the masks weren’t any good in a type of situation like this, they wouldn’t look to use em’ as help for resistance — this much would spread like wildfire.

    So there is every indication that if such a measure would have been good for the patient, it should be presumed indicatively good for the public. I shouldn’t have to parrot this, but as the saying goes: what’s good for the goose is good for the gander; motherfxxkers just need to get a realistic clue. Even the CDC recommends wearing masks lmao.

    I mean who the fuck would want to make up something like this?, it’s retarded so it just gotta be. One thing I can tell you about the facts is that this is not fake, this is not coerced, this is not staged; this is naturally prolific and eye-openly authentic.

    Ontop of that, there is two types of bullshit + 1 king man which makes 3-distinguishable people: (1) shitty degenerates who only carry news; (2) prick bitches who carry viruses, and (3) that 1 dynamic dude dropping fakks. #IfMyMathServesMeKorrekt


  31. It been weeks into this Coronavirus thing and clowns are still spreading myths about the handiness of gloves and masks etc I guess this is the epitome of first-world-problems or the depths of severe fucking stupidity, regardless it’s all reminicent of illogical nutjobs. Masks and Gloves aren’t going to prevent the virus or protect people from the virus; this is obviously something only an incredibly retarded bitch would think is a basis not to take measures to guard against the coronavirus. These slithering simple sluts have a sleazy way of slicing the truth, no masks or gloves or any kind of gear just “protects” someone or something, it’s individuals who have to take it upon themselves to do EVERYTHING that they can to protect themselves which is why folks are taking these measures and extremes to do exactly that. The empty speech from a clueless pile of shit is not what’s protecting anyone, people using their brains, taking advantage of intuitive measures is what’s actually the main factor contributing to the weakening of the virus rather than the spread of it, this is why there are alot of those who are actually equipping themselves because they are just not buying this flimsy garbage coming out of some people’s bacterial slobbers.

    People have been using these protective masks for a long time because they are not slow, they know that wearing a mask and some gloves and washing their hands, sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces etc, because they have the brain capacity to process the whole series priorities and everything that’s required, is actually most likely to make them have more of a resistance to the infection. Jackasses are trying to make it seem as if there is only one way you can get this virus, but in the manner in which people carry themselves there are hundreds of ways this virus can spread by individuals/people — this is why many are wearing these masks and things like that, it’s because they are not taking any chances.

    I don’t know about you but to me it’s highly stupid and senseless az fock of the asswipes insisting on half-measures and carelessness, to say that the face of humans are highly susceptible to infection from this coronavirus and expect people to walk around fine and jolly with their face exposed with only words of “reassurance” from fuck faces, that is dum as shit there is too many things people are exposed too in day-to-day life to not know of how things of this nature can develop, on an intuitive level. These individuals and their silly lies and misinformation aren’t fooling anyone, they’re just complete bull. This is the same thing I’ve been talking about, some of these folks have the book-knowledge but real situations like these actually expose just how far behind they are in actual real-time reasoning.

    I keep it in perspective without giving a recognizable fxxk about their feelings and mood and attitudes because i’m motherfxxking CRAZY! like that — out-of-nowhere the facts come up πŸ€˜πŸ’―πŸ’₯. #MyStyle


  32. When it comes to life, lets look at our lifestyle like food, everybody gets hungry, but the Chef is in control of the food, that’s sort like me, I like to get my hands dirty and this is why I can accomplish alot of things, it’s because of the experience of intentional hands-on instances, I don’t just want to be present for encouragement or something, I want to actually develop the skill and the know-how; this is what the chef does, the chef developed a skill — the chef gets his hands dirty, so the chef has some level of control.

    Without the skill, you might end up being a guinea pig, so if someone gets hungry and the food-mill forks up shit, they are eating shit. The chef doesn’t have this issue, the cheff isn’t just at the frontline, the chef draws the fucking frontline; he actually gets his hands dirty, so that way, if the food-mill serves shit, he doesn’t have to eat shit, he’s in charge, he doesn’t just have the recipe, he makes the recipe.

    The chef doesn’t have to put himself in a way that he will come out a gullible bitch. So look at life as you being the cook, take control of the ingredients, don’t be just inline to take what tray of shit the system serves. There is nothing wrong with getting the job done despite what twisted toxic composite the filthy rats and bowel mites may try to stir. Bums don’t have this acumen or any good taste in anything; they clearly bite down on baloney.

    See i’m this kind of dude that lives to try stuff, while bullshit just try to be in other people’s business; they are robbers, they just like to take things a run with it; just like their crappy rodent ancestry, always running around to no cessation — utterly despicable embarrassments. Be the cook, don’t let freak incompetent fuckers turn you gullible.

    I don’t know what you call these fools other than notoriously ditsy fucking shitheads — there are so many things they may want to be known as like: “genius”, “clever” and so on; but one thing is for sure, these bitches are obviously not smart xD.


  33. We need some brain-food, too many dorks running around too dum-and-dits πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž. They should know that if you don’t take care of yourself, something has got to give and it will give out like the dingy cum guzzlers these filthy fucks call mothers, and the tender utters on their mother’s flabby chests that they give up to me so easily πŸ‘Œβœ….

    They give-in, they can’t resist, the call me CRAZY because I do pleasurable things to them that the lames they are used too “normally” can’t do. I effectively efface their sense of undesired, and crazily satisfy their every crave πŸ’―πŸ”₯.

    Something to note about nutrition. When it comes to nutrition, being too selective about the kinds of vegetables and fruits you consume, is not necessarily going to be an effective way of maintaining your health as much as just getting yourself enough of these foods in general, will be. This is why alot of people, even though they appear to be eating the right things, still seem to have issues health-wise and it’s because they are too focused on silly trends that don’t really supplement well; they are too focused on eating one particular type of nuts, or one particular type of beans, or one particular type of carrot, and in the end, they end up very undernourished and at times even malnourished, so only focusing on making it a must to only eat one type of potatoes or one type of beans, is a fundamental flaw in nourishing yourself, and in the end, will not be as effective for your overall health as much as just trying to incorporate enough vegetables and fruits into your diet generally speaking.

    You shouldn’t be too focused on only getting one particular type of Peas only one particular type of nuts etc because this could also result in severe imbalances if all you are concerned about is picking and choosing rather than just getting yourself wholistic meals that actually satisfy your body’s demands, instead of just trying to fulfill so-called “guidelines” since you don’t want to just know that you are eating nutritious things but you also want to be doing so in a way that’s holistic,, in a way that you won’t be undernourished, and also in a way that actually satisfies your body’s every nutritional demand and actually supplies you with enough energy because that is a big part about food aswell, it’s about the energy and not just the typical nutritional generics.

    So don’t focus too much on picking and choosing only one kind of vegetable or one kind of fruit since in the long run, you may not really gain enough, effectively, from this approach; unless in specific cases where you are trying to avoid allergies or you have some medical condition, otherwise, it’s best to just eat a well-balanced diet in general.

    This is the main issue, folks spend alot of time seeking out only specific types of fruits or vegetables, you know they scamper around from market to market highly obsessed with just gaining certain bits of vegetables, fruits, herbs etc, because of silly notions, and by the time they go to eat something, while what the are eating may be actual nutritious things, they are still not getting holistic nutrition, the food isn’t satisfying because it’s not satisfying the needs and demands of their bodies properly because they are spending way too much time being unnecessarily too selective and focusing on silly redundancies that at the end of the day, don’t actually payoff. There is no one group of fruits that are better than another set of fruits, and there is no one group of vegetables that are better than another group of vegetables, unless we are talking within the context of genetically modified crap, other wise, all vegetables are great — they are all produced by nature.


  34. Haha I don’t know what’s up with these misfits misinterpreting things and spending their misinformation, but that’s essentially what’s going on here with some of the things involving the coronavirus, I mean all these clumsy bitches do is misuse stuff and misrepresent stuff.

    I am still trying to understand this logic about Masks and Gloves don’t “prevent” the Coronavirus. This is the kind of misleading fuckry these bimbos are throwing around — I can say that wearing a seatbelt won’t “prevent” you from wrecking or getting into an accident; I can say wearing a Bulletproof Vest doesn’t “prevent” you from getting shot, I can say that wearing a Life Jacket won’t “prevent” you from drowning — I mean it’s all just so much stupidity, missing the point entirely πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ˜Ά.

    All these Simple Sluts and messy bitches do best is mischaracterize and make mistakes. This is all they are good for — It doesn’t come as a “shock” when you don’t misjudge the situation and we put it into proper perspective with basics that baffle πŸ”₯πŸ’―πŸ˜œ


  35. Time again to do one of my favorite things: neutralize inferior practices naturally, sensationally energize with smartness and sanitize everything to eradicate garbage and filth. Helping Simple Sluts to hopefully realize their ways, sterilize their habits and become “decriminalized” because with how bullshit they operate, they make it look like a fucking crime, a senseless crime non-the-less but still incriminatingly crappy.

    I’m saying this in relation to the topic discussed yesterday ( )Don’t believe the hype, essentially humans were never animals or animal-like. The incident with Adam and Eve just illustrates a case of them now “knowing” something (it didn’t indicate that they didn’t have the capacity to do it prior), whereas, they were “ignorant” before, so essentially Adam and Eve were just “ignorant” before they ate the fruit, they were not different beings, they were not animals.

    They were the same beings, I mean they ate and did something which they were not supposed too, it’s like these feeble buttmites endlessly eating shit regardless of how much times they are cautioned don’t do it; it’s almost that they have a serious penchant for awful bullshit dispositions; but the Adam and Eve event perfectly aligns with how the human brain actually works and has been for as long as ever; humans “learn” and without leaning things they can be ignorant to lots of things, setting themselves up for rude realistic awakenings; sort of reiterates the foolishness of simple sluts, constantly being “shocked” by the jolt of their own stupidity, the same stupidity they themselves constantly spread.

    Their brains are wired to be defective faulty fucks — can’t tell if the “shocks” are truly genuinely an electrical failure, or mainly a mechanical one but they are certainly failures of the shittiest fabric. They stand for nothing, uphold nothing, and bring down everything and steal or corrupt what they can.

    Also the state of decay that Adam and Eve entered after eating the fruit seems to support the point that I made, where, them eating the fruit may have lead to an incomplete biological mutation that persisted because of not having all the proper and necessary aspects to supplement the change into a full development, and this insufficient state was allowed by GOD to persist as a punishment for Adam and Eve’s disobedience.

    Yeah so in other words, it’s the year 2020 and I still do not believe in no fucking evolution bullshit LOL :D.

    It also exemplifies why nutty fuckers should listen to the godly voice of reason — their sights are tinged by the decay of their own inferior “fabrications” they brought upon themselves through vanity, where the evil root is money. This kind of ocular-proficiency of life, and by the real GOD, can’t be acquired through pennies, but rather only by the utmost submission that deep down silly simple sluts are just a fucking shitty nuisance, and then out of your retarded misery you shall be plucked :D.


  36. It’s hard to focus exclusively on the matters of the day with so much shitdrips and unsightly, ignoble specimens littered about; not the best environment to be “working” in, but, it’s not about the filth of a set of timorous boneless membranes, it’s about the greater good of the gut bacteria of the public body :D

    Some folks think that humans were animal-like in the beginning before they ate the fruit of the tree in the bible, but this is false, eating the fruit just shows that a change occurred and that after the change, humans began to “know good and evil”, or something like that, but it didn’t specify whether or not this “change” or transition was complete or if things necessarily went the way GOD had wanted or desired (actually it did in a sense; GOD was not pleased about it, but just for the sake of argument…), meaning, it didn’t indicate whether the effects of the fruit itself was all that was intended for that changes and if there were to be other things that should have also been done that would have made Adam and Eve fully benefit from the effects of the fruit. It just states that a bad decision was made, and obviously it cannot be a good consequence if a bad decision was fucking made.

    Also the wisdom of the scriptures in the bible says that GOD made humans in HIS image, and this was done from the get-go. Also when he commanded Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply they understood what he meant from the get-go on an intelligent level, not on a purely instinctive one. There is no instance in any of the scriptures of the bible where GOD’s style and manner of interaction with humans deviated, especially when you consider his way of dealing with animals versus his way of dealing with humans.

    This all indicates that humans possessed independent-thought (a.k.a independent thought), in keeping with the signature behavior of a human, from the beginning. So humans had the ability to function as intelligent beings from since the instance of their very creation. The Adam and Eve incident just shows that something “negative” occurred, it doesn’t necessarily show that human were necessarily better off (with the gain of this so-called “good and bad” knowledge) in the actions that they had chosen in that moment where some believe that they were no longer animal-like, and dogmatic folly such as that.


  37. Taking a look at this weight gain issue again, I must insist and point out that the female body has the ability to naturally gain weight during pregnancy, this phase, or its similarly associated factors, are more likely connected genetically to weight gain in humans than the misleading claims about sugar that these insidiously oblivious fools are talking about.

    These people are just stupid as fuck; it’s clear as day that obesity is gene-related; it is as genes related as lactose intolerance, diabetic deficiencies, nut allergies etc etc. So in other words, the individual gaining weight because of natural “carbohydrates” in fucking natural vegetables, is very much similar to the issues of people being allergic to natural nuts. Are nut’s bad?, no!. Are natural “starchy” or “carbohydrate” based vegetables bad? no!. Is sugar which actually comes from natural fucking plants and crops in the first place bad?, FXXK NO!.

    So let that “sink” in for a second. “Humans” don’t “need” to eat “junk food” to gain “weight”. Weight gain “is” a “biological condition” and the “human body” can “gain weight” due to “natural” genetic “causes” which is “demonstrated” by the “fact” that “females” naturally gain weight during “pregnancy”. Yeah you’d be “SURPRISED”; the “first” instance of a “human” gaining weight in “history” may have been a “woman” during pregnancy πŸ’― πŸ’―.

    Again this is next level vision, you cayyyn’t fuck with it πŸ”₯πŸ’£; exact akurate perfection at its peak — sooner or later people have to face the facts πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜œ.


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