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                I remember in a past session suggesting that if it wasn’t for stupidity, some of the questions that we have about our predicament and the universe, could have been a focus back in the good old days of our origins. These are the things that we could have been trying to learn and figure out from … Continue reading COMMENT [862]
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                If there is this image that the universe is somehow “evolving”, then many people will not be “shocked” but in total disbelief to realize what is actually happening with this celestial environment. God is not an “evolutionist”, he is a creator and a maker and what’s clear is that there will never be another Mars, there … Continue reading COMMENT [861]
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                These sources and their numbers and “possibilities” of life billions of light-years away, and insisting that we can’t be “alone”, are amusing. There clearly is no such thing as “aliens” far-far away; it’s silliness that is taking unsubstantiated bullshit “too far“. How far are they willing to take this stupidity?, it’s just a far cry from … Continue reading COMMENT [860]
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                What about this fanatical obsession that says it would be a self-centered mistake to think we are the only one that lives on a planet in the universe?. I mean, for some of these folks to think that we are “not the only ones” that live on a planet in the universe despite the numerous troves … Continue reading COMMENT [859]
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                The basics are what separates fact from fiction, I am not “disappointed” or “shocked” that there are no aliens or life on other planets because my focus is finding out reality, so if there is no such thing as “aliens“, then that’s just what it IS; it’s not about what some people thinks it *should be. … Continue reading COMMENT [858]
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                The deal about this issue of “health” and what we really need to “study” is the fact that some folks think that just because they are mentioning “organic” fruits and vegetables every other word, and so-on, that people will just mindlessly believe what they are saying because “these things are healthy“, but the thing is, some … Continue reading COMMENT [857]

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              When i’m wrong i’m wrong, but when i’m korrekt it’s KRITICAL asf, or in this case ASTRONOMICAL :D


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                Originally Posted: 2017/08/29 at 10:52 am

                hahaha that Mayweather vs Mcgregor fight was actually very good, it was pretty sensational. most people agree that they did not disappoint. I think Mcgregor could have done a little better if he had worked himself more leading up to the fight, because he did show alot of potential, and Mayweather was outstanding especially considering his age and more importantly that he had not been the ring competitively for a significant time β€” all in all it was fantastic.

                Nobody was trying to hear that other weak crap critics were bitching and babbering about xD. Fact is, it was awesome and epic history was made on the 26st. Nuff said.

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                Originally Posted: 2017/08/26 at 1:59 pm

                I’m completely opposite of the critics, I’m seeing that Conor/Floyd showdown later xD. I don’t give 1 – 3 fucks, it’s a classic bitch! β€” I see what i want to see and be apart of what i want to be apart of, that’s the bottom line for me πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸ‘. Some people ride dick and suck dick, i’m not in that shitty league❗❗❗, i’m a different person all together πŸ’―. You gotta be out of your bird-shit fucking mind to be a fanboy for some crap like this xD.

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                Originally Posted: 2017/08/25 at 10:06 am

                The stuff between mcgregor and mayweather is perhaps one for the record books!, because like I said before, this is not an average celebrity boxing match. I mean, it is a boxing match, except involving two highly skilled persons, so don’t fuck yourself thinking that it isn’t β€” it pretty much is because of the circumstances that were agreed too, but it’s not just about who’s the better fighter, most of us can β€œassume” which one is the β€œgeneral” better β€œfighter”, but that’s boooooorrring! :D.

                It goes alot deeper than that in this case, it’s pretty much Mcgregor thinking that he’s just better than floyd, and that he’s so exceptional that he can beat Mayweather even at his own game, these are the real contentious undertones that really set this whole scenario off, and obviously floyd isn’t having that, Floyd doesn’t accept that! lol.

                As to the type of match it is, realistically it is a boxing competition and you just have plain unrealistic bullshit expectations if you’re not expecting the better boxer or boxing to do anything in this context that will actually count. You can think whatever you want about this, but it’s all in your head at this point considering what the reality of the situation has worked out to be, period!. you might as well save your time and miserable existence if you still assert otherwise as facts.

                So it is what it is, and not what you wish it to be. And my outlook of the situation is that regardless of what the fuck it’s being seen as, either side cannot be dumb enough to underestimate the other side, and given the fact that this is set to be β€œboxing”, you cannot expect anyone careless to the principles established here, after an utter dismantle, to not be utterly discredited and dismissed as the biggest fucking joke in history, not knowing what this situation really is, and I don’t think that’s the case here with with floyd or conor, hey know what they are doing, and alot of folks like myself are certainly not clueless to what this event is. Also the truth is, Floyd and Mcgregor is what it comes down too because they are the ones making history, since they are the actual fighters, every thing else is just an β€œopinion” derived from imagination :D.

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                Originally Posted: 2017/08/24 at 9:35 am

                See the Mcgregor Vs Mayweather for what it is β€” this is that krazy shit β€ΌοΈβœŠ. This is NOT your average played-out, run-of-the-mill, mediocre event πŸ‘Ž. This is the definition of epic ⚑πŸ”₯, this is a once in a life time kind of legacy. Fuck everything else that’s going on, NOTHING compares hahaa πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ.

              This is the official comment area where I just drop comments in the comments place below :D. It says RAW in the title so it’s strictly what I have to say about stuff and it’s not always going to be “pretty” LOL.

              Old Intentions – LOL – Things Change

              609 thoughts on “Comments [RAW Edition]

              1. versatility is one factor of growth. Some people may think life is short but it is dynamic to say the least, that’d why no one every knows fully what’s going to happen the next day, week, month or year.

                Sometimes it’s appropriate to be in the bubble, but if you’re going to take it to the fullest, your mind has to be open and willing to face even more realities — that is how you will learn, that is how you will see [more], that is how you will get and form new ideas and even sometimes see things differently.

                life is yours for where ever you want to take it, but how you handle it makes the big difference. You can be a big-looser or big-fool, or a Big Achiever!. There is no way to elevate or fully spread your wings without switching it up every now and then, you just have to be open and willing to do so.


              2. Man I don’t care how tough people think they are, how genius you think you are, how “normal” or “sane” you think you are, if you consistantly fuck up and make shit decisions, you’re proving your self to be, just a stupid son of a bitch, that a guy like myself don’t take seriously — get your mind right.

                This goes to, who ever the cap fits, from a crazy dude straight up your motherfucking azz cause some people tend need that kind of wake up call. Yes there are people like me really other there. You can talk anything you want, but If you’re not moving right, you’re not moving right. #CutThroat


              3. 3 Things Not to be

                (1) Retarded
                (2) Ratty
                (3) Garbage

                3 Things I am ARROGANT enough to be:

                (1) Truth
                (2) Aggressive
                (3) Visionary

                I #Easily don’t give a frigging shit what the norm is.


              4. In my opinion, I don’t think it would hurt if individuals get more aggressive with their weight. To me there is too much softening of the realities of the issue and not enough aggressive pro-activity towards this issue and that might be giving the wrong impression, it leaves no drive to keep people focused.

                It seems like there is just the thinking that you wait around for a miracle, like eliminating sugar, or just cutting back on salt, or it’s just this one thing (whatever it takes the form of next since these not-true-experts clearly don’t have a grasp on the situation), even though there are things they can do NOW.

                In some cases maybe that is a start atleast, but I think people tend to lack aggression on this issue, there are not being energized enough — they are not showing the will to take this issue on forcefully. You’re not going to solve this issue with a lazy attitude or lifestyle — show more energy, get excited about getting in shape and take this issue on aggressively. Step up to the challenge.


              5. I have new material released in a few blogs. I made a new blog which aims to add some reason to this whole issue of sugar, weight gain etc in the following link:

                There is alot of junk floating around out there about this issue so I made about 3 paragraphs worth of points on the matter, using minor details to show inconsistencies in some claims being made about certain things being either bad or good for you health wise, and what I know are the facts.

                The Next Blog:

                I also made a short update to my Top Shoppa blog (in the link above) about incredible options when it comes to CPUs and how flexible the motherboard I have is in the CPU department. And i’m very excited about that and what I see happening in the near future where that is concerned. I will give more specifics soon but for now you can have a look at today’s update. :D


              6. 2017’s been a motherfucking crazy year, and i’m looking forward to another motherfucking crazy year because I keep it motherfucking crazy here 🀘🀘😜.

                I’m seldom on Cloud 9, i’m typically down-to-earth — all guns BLAZING❗❗ :D. That’s better known as Ground Zero, 0 fucks, 0 tolerance for dumb fucks, or dumb fuck❗ :D.


              7. The high levels of obesity present in the amount of people obese in certain cultures, does little to show that there is a “side-effect” of sugar that’s causing obesity. That’s what some of these makeshift health “experts” believe, that “sugar just gives you a sugar ‘rush’ and it tastes good but it has a side-effect that makes you ‘fat'”.

                Obviously if the reality is that you are an overweight person and you have off-spring who carry your obesity gene and then they have off-spring carrying, again, the same obesity gene and genetics, obviously it adds-up over time as a recurring pattern, or perhaps outbreak.

                So if you have a situation where people who have the ability to genetically get overweight, eating too much whilst not doing enough exercise, and they end up getting overweight, then obviously you’re going to have a huge problem since all of these individual cases will add-up. That doesn’t prove that sugar is bad, I have not been fat a day in my life from eating stuff with sugar or any kind of food, so that’s just utter nonsense to suggest that “sugar” makes people fat.

                It’s not the sugar, it’s the person, and what it really proves is that people who can get overweight (since it’s in their gene), are not doing enough for themselves to not get themselves overweight. And what this also shows is that the gene tied to obesity is actually a condition that is communicable and apparently it is alot more widespread than some “experts” first thought.

                What I think people in general should be reinforcing is to forget this very weak garbage about “sugar” and blaming foods, and shift the attention more towards the people who aren’t doing enough about their own health, since it’s a core lack of personal responsibility that’s really killing these people. So if you work properly with these individuals about what they can do about their situation (i’m not just talking about nutritionists, or doctors, dieticians and such, I’m talking about family and friends and communities), then you can see some real effect.

                Nobody should be stupid enough to believe that it’s only sugar that’s bad for the obese, but all these other things like too much calories, oils etc aren’t having a very huge impact on people’s health. People can be getting fat to because aside from having the gene, they are consuming things that prevents their bodies from working effectively, and slowing their immune systems down and messing with their metabolism and things like that. So I think people are getting too focused on the fucking sugar rubbish and are not seeing the issue as a whole.


              8. The time is here again, and nope i’m not talking about new years (though HAPPY NEW YEARS to all of you), i’m talking about another incredible victory in Asphalt 8 LOL.

                The Pagani Huayra BC event ended yesterday, and I ACED that motherfucka hahaha. It was fun and that crazy experience made for another great Road Runner update, so you can check it out in the following link and see how I won the car aswell as some other interesting things:


              9. You thought i was done with my powerful machine?, from all that you have seen me reveal you think you have a good idea of the phenomenon yet?. Stick around much longer my pals because what I have been up to lately means I can confidently say, you have absolutely no idea what’s coming next! xD.

                See update 4 of my latest Top Shoppa update to be more informed:


              10. “look over here!, BIG promotions with as LITTLE-SMALL-TINY as 20% off”

                LMAO, that’s SHIT deal xD. That’s a promotional offer, that’s a gimmick — it’s a very very bad deal. A good deal is atleast 30%, 50% heck even 80% off because these are really the thresholds that show true competition within this kind of industry of who’s being serious and who thinks people are stupid. So when you see a big as filthy rich company, rich from ripping people the fuck off, with this low fucking percentage off something, talking about it’s a massive deal, you know something is wrong — i’m sorry for you if you fall for it xD

                But then again it’s no secret that stores and retailers take the least price off the actual good stuff, and take the most price off useless garbage xD. And the stuff they pretend to apply big cuts too, are sometimes stuff they OVERPRICED to begin with, so they ironically still remain not affordable as fuck :D. So you have to pay attention to these fucking scams, rip-offs and tricks of the goddamn trade. It’s about what’s appropriate, like 10% Off a small azz product, like a small snack, a pencil, a ruler, makes sense because their prices aren’t too high in most cases so these small percentages off these small products with low prices still leaves balance. But these small-tiny percentages off these obviously overpriced and price gouged shit? — buyers beware of these shitty shenanigans hahaha.

                Now if I was a fat fucking santa, you know the fake fat fictitious santa who’s a cheap clone and wannabe of the Jesus in the bible that people think you’re a retard to believe is actually real, like a bullshit alien? — I would be besides myself, of only saving 20% off anything, because, that’s not a good deal or a big deal. I’ll be in trouble because I won’t have saved enough money to eat right, or buy a fucking Treadmill or a few weights to slim my fat ass down, I would be outraged at this insult. So people, shop smart.


              11. Very fantastic and beautiful and marvelous day today. It’s the actual Christmas Day hahaha. So going into the new year, the big bad 2018 πŸ‘πŸ‘, here are 10 cool things we all want to be or continue to be βœŠπŸ˜„

                1- Be Successful βœ”οΈ
                2- Be Number 1 βœ”οΈ
                3- Be Positive βœ”οΈ
                4- Be Truthful βœ”οΈ
                5- Be Creative βœ”οΈ
                6- Be Inspiring βœ”οΈ
                7- Be Exciting βœ”οΈ
                8- Be Confident βœ”οΈ
                9 – Be Giving βœ”οΈ
                10- Be Yourselfβœ”οΈ


              12. Well well! :D. It is that time of year for me to be putting up the tree, and handing out gifts xD. I’m going to put up lights so bright, they’ll light up the bright blue sky haha.

                You know if it’s going to light up the bright blue-sky, it’s gotta be bright! xD. It’s interesting to see how the blue works in nature, It can be very light (the sky/sky-blue) but yet also very dark (the ocean), and don’t even talk about underneath the ocean, oh my god!, that’s where you’ll find nature in some of the most stunning color contrasts known to man.

                On land you’ll find the common shades like red, brown, and green, but under the sea is where you’ll find colors that aren’t as common on land, like even more blues, and oranges, and greens, whites, and even silver present in nature.

                So what people see on land is only about half the picture — look into the ocean and you’ll see many blues and greens and transparent/translucent animals, corals and reefs, and you’ll be even more impressed at how colorful nature really is.

                Some people only know about red roses, or the color of flowers, these are probably the all-red or all-black folks — bland as fuck. They’ll probably try to tell you you how “red has a longer range of visibility” and all this dumb corny shit is, and that’s probably how you know that red is just their favorite color 🀣🀣. You know, they’re like 7 year olds and want everything in their favorite color, if not they’ll cray and have a melt down lmao.

                But back to the subject, that’s a very tiny view and narrow representation of the magnitude of colors out there. I find that you see a certain trend of color on land (browns, reds, greens etc), where as under water in the sea and the ocean, if you observe the corals, reefs, fish etc, you see another pattern of trending colors/color blends (blues, greens, whites, oranges etc).

                But back to what i was saying. The lights on my Christmas Tree and House are going to out-do the beautiful blue sky, and even show up on a NASA satellite somewhere hahaha .


              13. Sure we have heard about “ghosts” and “spirits”, and gods before. We have been seeing images of these things through books and in cartoons and movies, but sometimes fact is stranger than fiction, and there is a high possibility that none of these things we have seen over the years through media and such, actually depict the identity of a or the true, real-life GOD. See the following link for more details in my new topic :D.


              14. The difference between natural and organic is:

                Natural = 100% Pure
                Organic = derivative/byproduct

                I don’t know bout you, but i’m an all-natural kind of dude πŸ‘πŸ‘. I don’t buy into the commercialized marketing garbage πŸ‘Ž, that’s fake news to me, save the shit for the dorky media πŸ‘€. The shady crap is something I have zero tolerance for, I don’t do the pissy shit πŸ–•.

                1 – The Fruits
                2 – The Vegetable
                3 – The Water

                Those are the 3, count it, 3 things that should be Natural, I don’t know about organic and I don’t really care about anything else, but for me, if the fruit or vegetable isn’t “Natural”, it’s not official πŸ’―.


              15. New merry merry update is released, like a christmas gift from your personal santa of shopping :D.

                You can have a look at all potential baffling-buys in update 3 of my new Top Shoppa series over here:

                In this one, GPUs take center stage! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜œ


              16. The mind, the mind, the mind!. What is the mind if it doesn’t grow?. There are billions of people on earth and every single one of mankind is different, not only in physical features but mentally as in personality wise, and thinking wise etc!.

                Think about that, that’s really incredible, and it’s all to do with the mind. Even GOD has made it clear that ther3 is a thin line between humans and himself, and it’s not because of the power and brute force — what is interesting here is what GOD specifically outlined, and it’s the fact that our BRAINS, attaining knowledge (at the time specifically, and rather per-maturely, gaining knowledge from the tree of Good and Bad), our minds are so great and unique, and incredible that and man is like GOD, because of the fact that GOD is able to understand.

                This is what makes GOD so great, not just because he has very marvelous physical “powers”, but his spiritual powers, his influence, his ability to understand, his ability to communicate is what makes him so great — power is nothing without guidance — if you’re aimless, and mindless, and soulless, you’re not a force that helps build the tunnel closer towards the light, you’re just a statistic and your days are numbered — there is no place for you in a progressive kingdom.

                So look within yourself and aim to be smarter and wiser. Don’t tell yourself that you are powerless. Your relationship with the Father, the Almighty, the first and the last — the fundamentals you can pick-up my learning, can help wake you up inside, and open your eyes to realize that you have just as much potential as any other human.

                Use your power to pick yourself up, use your power to help you move on. Your power is great, have the courage to put your brain to use when you really need too, you have the power to make change, whether it’s societal change, or just with in yourself, the mind is a terrible thing to waste.

                Look at all of the animals, who are as strong as the lion, they have the physical power, but they are not over us because their brains are not versatile like ours, they have the physical power, but do not have the thinking ability, they do not have the comprehension, the psyche. The greatest power known to man is the physiological one.


              17. The truth is certainly out there, we are definitely not “alone”. It has been like that for millions of years.

                So If you don’t believe in GOD, sooner or later you may be introduced in many ways — GOD is alive in many ways, and in many forms, for many years, and we exist for many reasons :D.

                Whether you see GOD as a fucking “spacecraft”, “Aircraft”, or “alien”, “UFO”, or ORBS, OR see SIGNS of GOD because lets not forget, that no man has actually seen GOD, but the “holy ghost” or his holy spirit(s), was/were a very real being that acted on the true GOD’s behalf and command (there were some commands given to the Holy Ghost during the creation of the earth), and this being, or these things where all around and throughout the earth and the heavens “working”, and you have to assume that these or this holy spirit would’ve been very odd in nature, but never-the-less, GOD is there…


              18. Sometimes shit heads just need to shut the fuck up πŸ˜‚. Imagine the goal is for persons to pick 10-favourites, and then some clown wants to come in and put up 11?, because “they have more than 10” LOOOOOOOL 🀣🀣🀣.

                The fucking concept of the exercise is for you to, despite however many you may know or can think of, select the ones you think most deserve to be on the list β—πŸ’―, so what sense does it make to go above the main goal so that you can include everything under the fucking sun and moon? 😢. That person is either a bad troll, or a Slow motherfucking bitch πŸ‘Ž.


              19. The option is clear, know yourself, and take care of yourself, that’s how things get better in terms of yourself and research. Believe me the last thing you want is to be on a shitty diet of a fucking idiot. You don’t want to be on a shitty diet of a fucking idiot,it’s not the point of this, you want to be on something that is right for you, forget all this dressed up false sense of security about reducing sugar intake, and figure out what balance is the key for you, because the stuff about sugar making people fat, is not adding up xD, and you don’t need to be hearing from zealous non-meat-eating nuts or blender grinding grass sipping fucks about their boring diets, especially wannabe health expert articles from the internet who make lofty claims about nutritious health.

                Most times this classification of people are herbs that develop the shitty “diets” they bolster for themselves, to have some sense of “accomplishment”. It’s more like a hobby for these people who present themselves as health conscious, when it comes right down to it it’s all about the superficial sense of accomplishment.

                Now some people, they actually believe these bullshit “studies” like the gospel, but my fucking brain has need been gullible , and I also know that just someone is an expert, it doesn’t always mean shit because experts can be totally wrong about stuff too, and even beyond that I don’t need a study to inform me of certain things, because when you have or had experience with certain things, you just know bullshit when you see it.

                it would be interesting to to hear what is made up to explain why the fuck you’re not getting fat, if sugar makes you fat, and you are an individual that consistently receives well above the “recommended” sugar per-serving levels, that anyone is supposed to have a day — obviously something is a miss, it may be specific to blood type people, or it may be another underlying genetic condition but it’s actually pretty difficult for people like myself to get overweight on the same sugar that is said to be making everyone else fat.

                I guarantee you, the logical answers will fall very short on this specific issue by many people — They will probably just try to convince you that sugar is bad but will not be able to explain why it has not done to you any of the bad things they claim it will or can do and it’s because, they’re not really going off facts, they are probably going off stuff they heard, so when presented with reality, it exposes how much they really know about something, which is to say not much because they cannot process or grasp what is going on for real, since they have only known fake or ANECDOTAL bullshit.


              20. In most cases, i could see weed for medical options being redundant, i mean, that’s if there is anything there at all (I honestly don’t believe there is much there in that area — thus far it just looks like pure and major hype, especially from those that think they are cool because they can smoke stuff. They want to fit-in, and that’s the only thing they have to make them look cool so thry become “stoners” and “potheads”), but I mean, yeah you can smoke it and some people probably do think it has medicinal benefits, but when you really think about it, there are many things that treat certain illnesses far more effectively now, that there really isn’t all that need or use for marijuana, or cocaine, or similar.

                When it comes down to it, Marijuana is only for stoners who want to get high. Real people with medical issues don’t gave a stimulating fat fuck if it’s marijuana or whatever, because they are really suffering, they have real issues, and they are not looking to get high — they need something that “works” they are not studying bullshit, they have their lives to get on with
                . Where as, people that smoke this stuff because they think they are cool, they are obviously going to say anything to justify it and why it’s very good, so what we really need to be looking at is, does it really treat serious forms of acute and chronic illnesses?, and if so, does it do that much better than things already available that have been proven to work?.

                Unless you want to smoke it and get “high”, I don’t see where the incentive is for those who are suffering from major health issues to break away from whatever it is they are using, to this stuff. I mean sure marijuana is a natural plant, but it’s not natural anymore when you burn it and smoke it, because then it turns into something manmade and “processed”, you know, like these so called process foods and so on?, well that’s essentially what you’re creating here when you burn a fucking plant, it becomes “processed”, it becomes fumes and vapors. So lets not kid ourselves that marijuana remains “natural” when you take the plant and burn it the fuck up — that’s just stupid, because naturally marijuana in not a burning plant on fire, or smoking plant…


              21. Seems to me that this thing about the repeal of net neutrality was more a shoot-down of “Obama Era Policies”, you know, petty political bullshit, than it was to do about anything else, but that’s not to say there won’t be crummy dipshits still trying to scheme and abuse the fact that Net Neutrality is no longer in place, since some people can’t go too long without doing something completely retarded, so you can’t be 100% certain that this was just all political pettiness and that jackasses won’t look to gladly exercise incompetency and stupidity.

                But I think for right now people should generally just watch and see how it goes, and if the establishments show that they don’t know how to act, then it’s off with their heads :D. Lets not lose sight of the fact that there were some legitimate reasons why net neutrality came into effect in the first place, and even more damning and ironic was that around the time of its devise, there were some instances of idiocy beginning to ware its ugly head and beginning to creep up, where for example; Verizon allegedly throttled Netflix and YouTube bandwidth for mobile users making it difficult for them to access those sites — that’s just one “high-profile” example of what can happen Net Neutrality’s lift.


              22. Can’t be emphasized enough; sugar making people fat is all just smoke, because if you read between the lines, fruits do have a form of sugar but the argument is that but they have other things (I covered this a bit in one of my last comments on this issue), but to reiterate, basically what the point here is, is that sugar [alone] does nothing for you health wise, and you need other (good) things daily, BUT by the same token, you can’t just say that someone is “unhealthy” because you know they drink cans of soda, because that assumption is not taking in to account alot of other things that the individual may be taking into their diet, that actually helps them sustain and maintain healthiness OVERALL.

                So what people need to understand is, you have to study people’s overall habits over a period of time, and years, when it comes to nutrition to really get a sense of how truly healthy they are. You can’t be stupid enough to assume that cutting out sugar or salt, or any other singular food element is going to automatically make you or someone else significantly healthy. I can tell you, it does not work like that — same thing with thinking “eating anything with sugar will make you unhealthy”, nope you’re absolutely wrong, it does not work like that either. The sole act of eating things “with sugar” in them, does not make you unhealthy. It is a pattern of habits, related to diet and overall lifestyle which shapes a person’s health, not just one specific food element.

                You just cannot determine that someone is unhealthy just by how many “sodas” they drink and stuff like that. Only a really ignorant simple mined fool, would think that’s a proper way to gauge someone’s health. Soda/soft drinks are literally just water and sugar, alot of people don’t drink these things for nutritional purposes in the first place, they usually just want a cool “refreshing” drink, so you’re not exactly Einsteins for figuring out that some of these drinks are not exactly the most “nutritious” things around, as that was never the point why they were around to begin with #Sherlocks xD

                In any case, most of these non-alcoholic sodas and beverages are light-weight in terms of their impact on health. They are virtually harmless and it’s stuff that more or less passes out of you through your damn urine [Or probably not, maybe it comes out through “number 2” or something]

                But you get the idea, sugar doesn’t really stick around in the body to be fucking it up like that, so in my opinion, it is actually not natural for sugar to make anyone “fat”, if people are claiming sugar makes anyone fat, that’s probably an indication of a much deeper problem (probably a genetic complication as I have been consistently saying, that is specific to certain persons like maybe something to do with a certain blood-type or things like that) because it sure as fuck never made me fat, and sure as fuck has not made me unhealthy. I still insist that metabolism has a huge hand to play in this situation as well.

                Unless you have some kind of diabetes, it does absolutely nothing to you for the most part unless it’s PROBABLY, and mostly, the only thing you consume, and consumed in very very high amounts with-in a very very short period of time, and i’m talking about ALOT.

                So it’s laughable when people try to make the case that “it ‘can’ kill you”, like it’s “lethal” — you have a much higher chance at drowning, than “overdosing” on what’s tantamount to water with fucking sugar in it…


              23. Updated the Top Shoppa topic ( ), and went into where and how I intent to gather and SHOP for my necessities (namely my computer’s components), and I also shared a short ironic semi-backstory about Xeon based PCs xD.


              24. Chump-Media = gossips and talks about people 24/7s. Spreads fabricated fake narratives, and devise corny “shock”-value gimmicks.
              25. But when all of this/their garbage back-fires, they are fucking crybabies. Pussy Media goes from malicious to moping

              26. “Waa-boo-hooo-hooo we’re being ‘attacked’, no no noo this can’t happen, this is the media, we’re the ‘radio guy’, we’re just a ‘reporter’. We can say what we want but nobody else can — it’s the 1st amendment — FREE SPEECH!! [cries cries cries]”
              27. Forget the bull bout “Illuminati”, and “Free Masons”, it’s the fucking Media (a.k.a Big Toxicity), along with the “Big Government” who are some of the leading and immediate sources of big-HUGE-massive-CORRUPTION in this modern era.


            • You can’t just pop-up, with a bullshit 20 year old “accusation” you claim was so serious to you, and not expect to be looked at suspiciously. If you think something is very “serious”, it is only going to be taken as seriously as you take it, and to just sit on your ass on a issue that’s supposedly very disgusting, is not a very convincing way to emphasize or prove it’s urgency and seriousness or validity for that matter.

              And this retarded logic about just believing the “victim” that comes out (or come-up with) with an accusation, is loony — no you don’t just get believed because you made an accusation, since, you’re not just a victim because you claim to be a “victim”. That’s an alternate reality you’re living with, which is totally nonsensical otherwise.

              Especially if you took long as unreasonably fuck to “come forward” with stuff nobody remembers after 80 fucking years. The reality is, your “he-said she-said” crap doesn’t get any better when you take long as fuck to “come forward”. It actually gets worse and remains he-said she-said fucking shit, it’s just a piss-poor [mis]calculation on your part.

              I’m just talking about accusations in general, regardless of what gender someone is. There are consequences for decisions you make — try to make reasonable decisions…


            • New series released:

              It’s called the Top Shoppa because it’s going to revolve around stuff i’m actually considering to get. I came across lots of awesome options out there, and this series is kind of going to help navigate through them all, to give you an idea of what I might get (and so that you yourselves can also be informed), but of course you’ll only know for sure what I finally decide to buy whenever I unbox another fantastic surprise, in my Surprise blog lol


            • Can’t deny that in some cases, there are those with real addiction issue, i give you that much.

              but other times…

              Addiction = politically correct fuck, to mask the real deeper issue of a lack of real goals, fucked up priorities [sometimes no motherfucking priorities], real immaturity combined with real delinquency. That’s one of life’s real “epidemics”, or plagues or plights.


            • “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”

              That sounds like trying too hard to be “clever” 🀣🀣. It’s so clueless, it practically sounds like some twisted troll shit the Adam & Eve Serpent would want you to believe. It makes absolutely no sense — sounds like some low-grade brain-washing kind of nonsense.

              I assure everyone, the “road” of good-intent, is much more instep with the path of righteousness, and alot more respectful, than the one with, yup! you guessed it; bad intentions. There are quite a bit of fools out there who know how make good things look bad and bad things look good πŸ‘€.

              So as far as I give a fuck, have good intentions, it fucks up and obstructs the bad intentions πŸ’―πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ.


            • My take of this cannabis treating epilepsy stuff, is, that it’s kind of suspicious. I think it seems very, if not “iffy”, highly questionable. I don’t necessarily believe for once that it’s just the cannabis that’s actually helping with this stuff, I think there is a very real possibility that tobacco, cocaine and heroin probably have the same effects, and if not, there are probably some very “common” things being overlooked that are intrinsic here about this peculiar situation, that could see similar results.

              I have seen some cases where some supposed form of cannabis, is taken through the mouth, and within seconds it’s claimed to have worked in the ceasing of supposed epilepsy, but i’m no rookie, the fastest working solutions are typically Intravenous Administrations (unless we are talking about very toxic gasses) and not through the mouth especially if it’s a liquid and not inhaled or smoked. So what might be working in this process of these cases, may actually be something “mechanical” and placebo-like, started by a group of receptive, reactionary and motion based triggers, and not particularly indicative of a substance’ true direct effect in treating a certain issue.

              But what is interesting, is that it does show that there could be interesting ways to affect the on-set of epilepsy (and maybe even other known or unknown medical issues, whether it’s actually in the manner of taste, sense and that kind of thing.


            • lmao I feel sorry for all these fools who believe the weak feeble media propaganda about “Russia Collusion” (which, by the way, they ran from and are now trying to spin it into “Russian Modelling”), the same way they were convinced Hillary will win because of the same bullshit media.

              The meltdown and self-destruct from these fools was real in 2016, now i’m afraid they would practically drop dead after this next dose of reality. It will be interesting to see how long these freaks take to realize that people aren’t stupid…


            • Drunk fucker = sloppy annoying shithole

              How the fuck all of a sudden did this become a “disease”?. Being addicted to being drunk is not a disease, being drunk is a result of blood positing, i.e intoxication, same thing with the bullshit smoking of certain things, and becoming “high”. It’s when you’re basically stupid enough to poison your own fucking self.

              These things are a result of a stupid silly jackass who is perhaps compulsive + having nothing better to do. That’s what creates a drunk and an addict.


            • Play dumb, and be “Shocked”
              but be wise, and be #WOKE

              be common, and be Lifeless
              but be AGGRESSIVE, and be #LIT

              Come bland, and be REPLACED
              but show personality, and be #PERMANENT

              Be normal, and be boring
              but, be crazy and be #FUN

              Be stereotypical, and be “meh”
              but, be unconventional and be #WHOA

              Be nosy, and be “shallow”
              but, be ambitious and be #CREATIVE

              live ordinary, and be “Clones”
              but be original and be #IMPRESSIVE

              Regurgitate the status-quo, and be a joke!
              but set standards, and be the #LEGEND

              The mind-set of a motherfucking warriorπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜„


            • Via a process of elimination, here’s what I can tell you about sugar

              Top 3 Debunks:
              (1) Sugar does not “make” you “fat”
              (2) I have not once had any medical emergency or serious problem because of sugar
              (3) I have never had “withdrawals” from being off sugar. In fact, Sugar does not seem to chemically “conflict” with processes in the brain.

              Top 3 Likely Causes of weight gain:
              (1) Not enough exercise or activity
              (2) Eating “too much” beyond one’s ability to handle as-much.
              (3) These folks have “inherent” weight issues more likely linked to metabolism.

              Keep in mind that the goal here is to give you the facts on specifics. For me I don’t see this as just a food issue, it’s about helping you detect inaccuracies, false information and misconceptions, and give you the facts as i know it, and fortunately I have been around sugar long enough to tell you what passes the bullcrap-test and what does not.

              What I have presented to you here is my personal real-life records about my year-after-year dealings with sugar, so it’s far more reliable than some faux “study” about the subject.Truth be told [as usual], I should look like the goddamn Nutty Professor with all of the sugar that has entered my system over the years, but fuck no!, I am not only as far away from being “fat” as humanly possible, but I also am resoundingly healthy, and I even find it difficult to put on weight beyond my body’s natural average weight.

              I do not get health problems from sugar despite sugar being so “bad” — it has never put me in a “bad” situation for something that is said to be so bad. So there is just plainly alot of residual fuck, terribly wrong with these claims of “sugar” making people fat. That’s sure as shit not what i’m experiencing. I don’t know where people are getting that foolishness from, but they sure as shit got it fucked up xD.

              This being said, even if you are healthy, even after the consumption of certain foods, there is always room for improvement, and you as well as I, could make ourselves even more healthy by taking in the natural substances from fruits and vegetables that grow from the earth. My take on this subject is not to encourage unhealthy habits, but to give you proper information where I can, to prevent knee-jerk reactions to flawed “studies” that may make you pick up certain habits that may not be all that helpful to you, or an issue you may be facing. So I do encourage people to get critical nutrients from naturally growing foods as much as as possible, like many health experts will agree and have been saying as well..

              I say this not because i’m a vegetarian (I am obviously not a vegetarian) but because if you think about it, trees “live” for hundreds and thousands of years, and it is not unwise to assume then that they could very well hold the key to people living healthier and longer lives within the context of the natural “foods” that trees and plants produce. But at the end of the day, if you’re getting-by just fine and you don’t have serious dietary concerns, you don’t really have to worry about this area too much because all-in-all, food is primarily so that you can keep living. So if you are living and you are happy and you are healthy, that’s that!, and you probably do have other things to worry about, other than your diet :D.

              However for those of you who do have issues with weight etc, I don’t think you can go wrong with healthier and more natural options, while keeping in mind that sugar is not inherently fat-causing and that your issue may actually be your body’s way of managing what you put into it. So in some cases you may have to reduce or take more of certain food properties, supplements etc. And in some cases even certain forms of activity may be able to help you health wise, so make sure that the information you’re getting is actually proper information you can use. The best way to figure out what’s right for you, is to try stuff and see if they actually work, and if something is not working, it’s just not working and maybe you can try another approach.


            • Don’t say the problem is “simple” but yet you have no idea how the fuck you get it solved or is just having a very difficult time managing it.

              Beyond being a contradictory bitch, your poor and absolutely stupid attempt at “sugar-coating”, just exposes a very untrustworthy and unstable inept mind. Wha u take mi for? a blasted jackass?. Fuck you and the semantics. #ThinkBeforeYouSpeakClowns


            • Health Facts Part 1:

              Health wise, the new crack, weed, alcohol and opioid woes is; “dumbness”, and it’s “dumbness” because just as with these things there is a section of the population that do not think before they use these things. If your genetics and sugar don’t mix, you should not be at a fucking fast food restaurant or consuming these things excessively. I think the most fucking sensible “measure” would be, if you are over a certain weight, you either cannot eat at the fucking store, or they would ration the fuck out of your order xD. “If you can barely fit through our fucking door, don’t come the fuck inside” how’s that sound?, is that message clear enough?, because it’s clear that obesity is a genetic problem, it has been happening and around for way too long now for people not to notice the signs.

              You don’t need to be a scientist to see that some people get fat as fuck, and some people don’t get fat as fuck. You can say it’s the sugar, you can say it’s the grease, you can say it’s whatever, but the truth is, some people get fat, and some people don’t. Therefore there is a reason why when some people take certain foods they get fat, and when other people take those same exact foods the do not get fat, and the reason for that is because it’s not the food, it’s the genetics.

              So if you’re genetically prone to obesity, cancer, diabetes and whatever else, stop eating so much of the stuff that triggers your health problems, because the issue is not the food, the issue is not the sugar, the issue is not the drinks, the issue is YOU and what you need to do to get yourself “healthy”. BUT just like weed, and cocaine, and alcohol, people just make dumb decisions and use shit excuses — they either abuse stuff or find themselves with them even though they know it fucks them up…

              Also you may hear sometimes “this stuff is ‘linked’ to weight gain” etc etc, but that is not the full truth. Sure there are many things “linked” to weight gain, but that so called link to weight gain is apparently more observed in people who have underlying issues with natural weight management, which is why these things have said “weight gain” effect when coming in contact with the particular specimen or test subject, i.e people who are struggling trying not to get fat in the first place. That is the other half of the story, and like I said, you don’t have to be a scientist to know that there are some people who get fat, and some people who don’t have issues with getting fat or obese, so based off of this very everyday observation, and common knowledge, sugar does not actually make people fat as one of it’s inherent properties, rather, it is that people are getting fat because they eat too much stuff that makes THEM fat, and they intake well above what their genetics can handle individually. So just cut down on what the fuck you’re consuming that’s making you fat. If your metabolic-rate is “low”, then eating “high” amounts of food will just store “as fat” in your fucking body especially if you’re not that “active” in ways that help your system burn fats and energy. Again personal responsibility.


            • Ahh yes!, some people needing some form of drug or rum to have “fun” πŸ‘Ž. I say to these fools, just admit that your brain turned to fucking shit!, cause that’s the definition of a straight; Addict 🀣🀣🀣.

              I use to think (and do still think), just being a fun or interesting person is an authentic trait and that it comes natural πŸ€£πŸ‘ŒπŸ’―. These are not “qualities” you can buy πŸ’°πŸ’²πŸ’° at all, much less it being something that can be given in a fucking bottle, or snorted or smoked into one’s self πŸ‘€. But apparently there are nitwit stooges (probably suffering from serious narcotic brain damage πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€”) that swear being drunk 😡 and sloppy 🀒, and high 😬 and manic-depressive 🀑, is really good πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž.

              I’m either way too confident in my own skin (like I give a fuck) πŸ‘βœŠβœŠ, or there are people really this fucking stupid, who really think there is something “special” about being fucking shitty πŸ˜•πŸ˜•.


            • Just to add to the comment I made yesterday about health a sugar, the only thing about sugar that is proven to be not just “probable” but 100% TRUTHFUL, is that it can cause tooth-decay. That is the one thing factually that sugar can cause that i will warn you about, but then again, you also have to keep in kind that someone would only need to worry about this, if they are not taking proper steps to clean their fucking teeth.

              So this too comes down to personal responsibility, I mean in the end, no matter how you look at it, and how I look at it, you can’t escape personal responsibility which plays the most important role in many of these matters. I just find that alot of these issues are alot to do with personal responsibility.

              If you know “junk-food” is not good for you, what the fuck are you doing in a fastfood restaurant like McDonald’s, KFC and Burger King, in a free society where you can make the decision to opt for healthier choices, that are in many cases, just as available as many of the so called “unhealthy” options?. That does not sound like very sound-judgement to me, and yet it’s something that happens alot more often than you think. Be smart not dumb.


            • Doesn’t take a genius to see through some of these views on certain things when it come to diet, namely; sugar. There is contemptuous hullabaloo about “sugary” foods not being good, but I can safely say alot of that is fabricated garbage.

              You cannot tell someone that sugar is bad for them and then it becomes bad for them. Nobody can tell me fuck about sugar because I have been getting really extra-sweet things from since I was very very young, so this is not me talking about some “sweets” I took 2 weeks ago and decided to speak on this issue. NOPE!, I have been consistently and regularly having sweet stuff from since I was under the age of 10, so I am far more qualified than any nutritionist on how sugar affects ME personally, and from my experience “sugar” itself is not really a problem. I’m not telling you stuff from a fucking “study”, i’m making stuff publicly known based in fact, and this issue for me personally is about facts, because I don’t have respect for lies, I don’t trust liars, and for me, when I talk about subjects such as this, it is about making sure people are properly informed, it is not about me telling people what to do or being an egotistical fool, it is about me not being gullible and knowing how certain things don’t add up, and telling you what does match with what I know first-hand. For me it’s about truth and facts, not about who likes sugar and who refrains from it.

              So fortunately, I am in a very good position to let you know how my experience over the years with sugar sweetened stuff has been, and what I can factually without-a-doubt tell you, as someone who has consistently had plenty of “sweet” things, sugar itself, especially cane-sugar or brown sugar (obviously white granulated sugar too, from cane) is not a huge health-risk on its own — I have NOT experienced serious issues with these types of sugars (or any so called artificial-sweetener).

              The problem as far as I can tell, starts with genetics and people having different levels of tolerance for certain things, or their bodies just totally lack the capacity naturally, to to deal with certain dietary aspects. So if you are prone to high blood pressure issues, or obesity issues, diabetic issues etc, then you’re going to have technicalities in dealing with sugars and certain diets. Then, you’re going to have to make personal decisions that will positively affect your personal health, which is a whole other matter that i am not personally qualified to help you with, since people are different and what works for one person may not work for another.

              Sure everyone can say in general that its good to cut-down on sugar, but in general it is good to cut down and have balance in everything, and that specifically does not address this issue that i can specifically speak too, and when it comes to cutting down on sugar specifically, I don’t personally need that kind of lecture, because I don’t have those fucking kinds of problems. For me “cutting” sugar is not a matter of urgency — I consume sugar, but, I AM HEALTHY. So telling someone like myself to cut down on sugar, obviously is the “simple” thing to do, but at the end of the day, I AM healthy as fuck. So it doesn’t make any sense to me to hear that sugar is bad for ME, when sugar never actually placed me in a bad situation throughout my entire life, not once…

              The people that really need to worry, are the people that need to live with the health choices they make + their overall lifestyle. I’m not going around telling people what to eat and not eat, that is not my JOB, I just do what the fuck I want to do within the reasonable behavior of knowing myself and my limits, and with complete disregard to rubbish controversies, and by that same token, on a personal level, I can tell you that I consistently had “foods” that were “very sweet”, and have been having these kinds of sweet things for years and I am very healthy. Sugar did not and does not fuck with my health. That is what I can tell you about ME because I know myself, so if someone comes to me with bullshiht, I can just let them know that they are fucking wrong and what they are saying does not apply to everyone, and that the “data” they have about sugar and how “it’s like crack” or how it “makes you fat”, is very flawed and therefore not concrete.


            • Gossip and Hear-Say — these things actually lead to dead-end and ruinous degeneracy, because they are nothing productive, these worthless actions wastes time and burns bridges, and also escalates/encourages maliciousness and only attracts vultures and parasites.

              These things are not constructive by any goddamn measure, so pricks need to be aware that before they decide to jack their mouth into something, maybe it is much wiser to mind your own fucking business, shut the fuck up and get a life, and stop being a shit-head which is all you would have accomplished with such ratchet acts of peasantry. You shouldn’t have to be a saint to have the brains to know to keep your mouth shut about things you know absolutely nothing about. Be smart, don’t be dumb…


            • Assuming smoking “cannabis” has some kind of seriously “ultra” effective impact on heath, is not an old way of thinking, and may be a new way of thinking but is definitely a wishful fucking way of thinking, because it definitely does not have an “enhancing” effect on the senses, yet alone being proficient enough to properly treat anything that’s chronic and seriously debilitating. And smoking it probably does LESS for your health positively, than negatively.

              So whatever kind of health pluses it may have for some people (in most cases this is very temporary, and BARELY, at best), it’s certainly not anything beyond superficial enough, that I would recommend anyone who doesn’t smoke, to just pick it up and start smoking to receive all of it’s “magical” wonders of health wizardry, professed by some of the most consistent smokers of this plant.

              To be honest alot of this stuff is just hyped up bullshit, and it’s actually a fact that cocaine used under the right circumstances is proven to be beneficial in some cases of real medical issues (it can be used as a “numbing” agent) than “weed”, it’s the same thing with “alcohol” in its purest form — alcohol is actually far more useful in alot of serious cases in terms of injury (it can be used as a “sterilizer” and an effective cleaning solution), than smoking cannabis just for the sake of smoking.

              The same thing can be said about “smoking” cocaine aswell, but again, if you do the research you will see that under the right circumstances, if cocaine is applied appropriately, it does actually have tangible benefits in terms of dealing with certain emergencies related to health. Same with “alcohol” .

              I’ll rather suck goddamn sugar than smoke half these substances because, in the end, smoking the majority of these things amounts to absolutely nothing at all, health wise. Now if you’re smoking them to get “high” or whatever, e.g for: recreation, leisure etc, then that’s a matter of different strokes for different folks I guess, but in terms of real health positives from smoking these things, the truth is 99% of the time, there is nothing significantly positive in that area.


            • The truth is, if you live by the sword you die by the fucking sword. Alot of people they go fucking around and they play with fire and then get burned and start realizing it’s not a game, when it really gets serious and didn’t go as planned (who the fuck am I kidding?, they know these things already…. )

              The straight and the narrow road has always been the smarter way to be in life, it’s not easy but, life is what you make it ultimately. Some people just get gassed-up, by peer-pressure and other elements to be something they’re not and then when they fuck up, it’s everybody else’ fault — this happens all the time, it’s nothing new…

              Bottom line as far as I am concerned, fucking clowns need to grow the fuck up and wake the fuck up. Period.


            • Let me tell you the difference between “logic” and “conspiracy”. Logic is like a perfectionist that will not stop at anything until an area of doubt, or suspicion, is satisfied with the best plausible or conclusive matter i.e the best facts, the best examples, possibilities etc etc, and is open to learning based on these principles.

              A “conspiracy” is more lame-brained (LMAO), it’s some “opinion” (usually a stupid as fuck one) someone made up, who spends every opportunity, trying to convince people, of what is essentially a fucking state of “delusion” (that’s pretty much what it is, a delusional silly idiot), and basically a delusional mind doesn’t want to learn, and in fact has more interest in developing their illogical path of delusion.

              And do not be fooled for one sec, usually these types of nuts, have views not coming from a place of wanting to know the truth or sensible stuff like that, but typically it’s often time because of undertones based on “race”, think the notion “they lied to us, the Egyptians were ‘black'” for instance. Yeah you know, people that tend to believe that kind of bullshit, or because the fucked up clown thinks just cause it’s rooted in anything remotely close to a creed or even religion that they are not into, its automatically false regardless of how actually true it is PROVEN to be xD. #DelusionalMuch?

              Basically these are the kind of foolish ass people you’re dealing with here, with these conspiracy theories inspired purely out of nothing but “spite”. So be careful with people and their views on certain things, because sometimes their ridiculous nonsensical shit, is NOT based on logic, pure curiosity or educated learning, but on vindictive, meaningless stupidity brought about by nothing more [trivial] than their simple-minded biases on small-minded retarded crap.


            • Summin’ up, youtube’s ad “apocalypse” bullshit cuz people on youtube be fuckin’ up:

              HardHitChannel: “everything is good braaaaa”

              [wtf! “braaaaa???” xD — isn’t that something females ware?]

              HardHitChannel: “i’m just going to make ‘changes’ to my channel”

              [This means apparently some “A.I” starts causing FreakOuts and mass-panic]

              HardHitChannel: “Changes!!, lots and lots of ‘CHANGES!’ “

              [1-Hour later, fucker casually has “patreon” link in the “description” xDDD]

              [Translation = Epic fucking fail]

              HardHitChannel: “IGHT FUK IT”

              [Translation: I can’t mek money no mo’ off being a fucking fool]

              HardHitChannel: “meh patreon, cause… …please pleeaaaasssseeee pleaaaasssseeeeeeeeeee DONATE”

              [lmao — begging the fuck out of “subscribers”]

              HardHitChannel: “Yoooutoobe I dindu nuffin’, so ‘Twitch’ is better”

              [So in other words, it’s only a matter of time before Twitch becomes “compromised” with youtube’s current mess, therefore “apocalypse” round 2 :D]


            • just released a new POWERFUL update about my ninja game :D. It is update 54 and It can be found here:

              I gave an idea of what some of the real technical challenges in this game looks like, how finishing a full playable version of the game is no more than a matter of assembling building blocks at this stage, I talk about fantastic combo features, behind the scenes stuff, and many other finer details that come together to create this highly exciting and elaborate project :D


            • I don’t feel sorry for the “addict” or the “junkie”, I’m different — feel sorry for the child or children who endures parent(s) squandering all their money on booze and drugs, feel sorry for those harmed because a drunken son of a bitch drives a car under the influence of a substance, losses control and rams the vehicle into someone or persons. Feel sorry for those people who are robbed and stolen from and/or even killed by a prick over these senseless things.

              Feel sorry for those who are recipients of abusive behavior at the belligerence of an inebriated or intoxicated shit, smoking or sipping something “habitually”, these things are no “sickness”, these things are a pattern of habitual negligence — they are habitual in nature. It is someone’s intentional act to seek these things out and use them for their own self-gratification, while expecting others to clean up after them, when they do know better.

              These are the things stupid nutty fucks dwelling in this fuckry, need to be aware of. I don’t gave two shits who a motherfucker idolizes, or who people suck off, if you are not knowing these kinds of things, you NOW have to start learning shit. This is for all of you who may be distracted by petty nonsense, including that motherfucker you may be a groupie for, that may still be lost is some serious ignorance when it comes to actual reality……


            • Alcoholic/Druggie = fucking idiot who thinks being drunk or high is cool πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
              Addiction = excuse for a habitually irresponsible foolish bitch πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

              YUP‼️, if you’re looking for something “politically correct” from me, by now it’s clear, it don’t happen πŸ–•πŸ–• πŸ’―


            • The next fun update is available

              Today i gave more insight into the main-character’s Deflect abilities and their purpose with in the game, and how that is more prioritized for him over using weapons, how that technique is applied, and me discovering and learning how to use a fun and powerful feature in RPG Maker to give skills the ability to influence unconventional and exciting outcome.

              You will not believe what new member of the God clan has showed up :D. Trust me, read the blog to view more about this crazy exciting new member, who can apparently gives gods fatalities hahahaha


            • I bring to you another crazy update about this crazy ninja game i’m working on over here:

              I named the categories of official weapon types that will be home to over 200+ cataclysmic powers in total and what makes them one-of-a-kind, plus shared how the new “no junk items” mechanic in my game makes each single one of them galaxy-quaking-menaces, and also gave a breakdown on other fantastic attributes that they will bear!. So go on and take a look because the fifty-second update has just dropped like a bomb πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘:D


            • Word to the wise; it’s not a “fact” just cause it’s vengefully clutched upon generalization and vague nuances! πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž. “Generalization” is often just feeble cover-up of hysterical fallacy, that’s profusely shitty and grossly flawed.

              Real truth are based on merit ✊, not hear-say, fabrications or someone’s crappy feelings πŸ‘€. In other words, there is a difference between actuality and retarded fucking garbage. All fools get acquainted πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ


            • Yes!, I am back with Update 51 for my game development blog, about the turn-based, tactical ninja game i’m experimenting with, using the RPG Maker program.

              An enormous list of different types of weapons?, an enormous set of ways to make your characters become Gods of kicking ass?, endless Super Dupper assets?, gone are the days where certain levels of equipment becomes obsolete and virtually useless “junk items”?, what on earth am I upto? :D, check it out:

              It’s all right there in that blog, all of this exciting craziness is now made possible and with style, by yours truly LOL.


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