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  • πŸ“ŒTechnical Hitch [RESOLVED]πŸ“Œ

    This is an update to this prior notification:

    Hahaha, so recently I stated that I had an issue with Windows (specifically on Windows 10) pertaining to sudden freezing and crashing issues that was causing alot of [in]stability issues. I knew that it most likely had something to do with a Windows Update probably not installing well because of the fact that the issue only started happening shortly *after I installed a Windows 10 update, so I don’t think that was a coincidence; after all, things don’t always run smoothly on computers and there have been a ton of times where something was updating or installing on my computer, and for some reason it just doesn’t complete; the installation would become stuck or frozen in time, with no other option than to terminate the process and start fresh all-over-again, with the hope that the same issue doesn’t reoccur, and 99% of the time I can be sure that installation errors were not due to something I did because typically I would let certain programs install without doing anything, or having anything else opened or operating on the computer, while they are installing. See the thing is for me, is that i’m not using the best and greatest hardware at this time. The desktop computer I have is very old and is using very dated technology, so while updates of a certain nature wouldn’t be an issue for most modern computers (especially high-end ones), this is not the case when you are using older computers, and in most cases, it is not advisable to update certain programs on dated systems because while updating would be good for maintaining a reliable operating environment within the program itself, this does not mean that it would necessarily be cooperative with certain types of physical technologies or hardware that are not supported (or properly supported) by the program that you are updating. This is why I often didn’t have windows doing updates in the background without me actually keeping an eye on exactly what is being “updated” because it might “update” something that the CPU, or other key foundations of the system, can’t handle. The CPU that I am using is a 2010 dual-core Pentium E5800 @3.20ghz, and while I am impressed at its raw power and processing capabilities for such an old processor (it has an integrated GPU that’s not even worth mentioning 2021 🀣🀣), it barely has any decent or relevant “instructions sets” or extra 64Bit instruction-set-extensions to keep up with most modern programs and applications (although I think it’s really suffering in the GPU department because the Integrated GPU that it’s using is actually weaker than the one on the Pentium B950 that was in my Sony Vaio laptop). It just basically has the barebones “minimum” required, to execute basic 64bit processes and that’s about it. I learned this the hard way when I realized that I can’t even run RPG Maker MV and alot of other programs (and games) that I used on my Sony Vaio Pentium B950 laptop, before that laptop got damaged by a power surge following a storm, and failed to even power-on ever since, but that is a different story for another time.

    So taking a look at the main issue at hand, I realized that whenever the issue occured, the first thing to cease functioning was the “Taskbar” — upon entering my windows profile, everything loaded up well initially, but then a few minutes later the “freezing” event would start and I would no longer be able to click icons on the Taskbar. Then the next thing that follows would be the desktop itself exhibiting the same issue, where, I would be able to click and open files on the desktop for a few minutes, but then nothing works and then I won’t be able to actually click on anything. So ofcourse you can imaging that this was extremely annoying, especially when what would happen is that I would already have certain files opened or programs opened, but after some time, when I go to close them, they would not close and this is terrible if you are making documents and if you are writing up ideas and stuff, only to discover that most, if not all, of that data might not save because the program is pretty much unresponsive but in a bizarre way, this could mean that your data isn’t going to save, or worse, it could become “corrupted” in the event that it’s been damaged by this bizarre technical issue. Thankfully none of my documents and other material that were in use at the time of the sudden malfunctions were corrupted.

    After suspecting that it may be an update that caused the issue, I decided to see what I can do in the Windows Services panel to, perhaps, disable certain Windows services that are associated with windows updates and so on, but really and truly the damage had already been done so this would only have served to probably prevent things from getting worse if anything — I still did it “just in case”. The issue however still persisted and I was thinking that somehow, widows may have still been “updating” or “configuring” stuff with the help of the internet, so this is what gave me the idea to disable the internet completely and see what happens; to my surprise, it worked. Throughout the entire duration of my internet being off, the issue did not occur; the taskbar and desktop didn’t crash or freeze up as long as the internet was unplugged, and over the course of some time, I had reconnected and disconnected the internet and compared the results, and it was the same consistent outcome. The issue did not happen when the internet was disabled.

    But I couldn’t just let it stop there and had to find a way that I could use the computer with the internet “enabled” but prevent the bizarre issue from occurring again. So while I was troubleshooting the issue, I decided to exploit one of its strange aspects to my advantage; see, I had noticed that typically when this particular system failure happens, programs that were opened before the error occurs, were still functional to a degree, so I came up with the idea to open up “Task Manager” to sort of see if I can maybe, via a process of elimination, close or shut down certain applications that may be contributing to the disruption — this didn’t seem to get me that far with the first set of processes that I messed around with, but since I figured that the Taskbar and other things on the desktop may start being responsive again if I did a restart of “Windows Explorer”, I decided to take advantage of the “Task Manager” which was still responsive (since it’s a program that was opened and still somewhat functional even after the bizarre error was in full effect), to locate the “Windows Explorer” process and “restart” it to see what would happen, and low and behold, when I clicked on the Taskbar after a Windows Explorer restart, the program icons became responsive to clicks-of the-mouse again, and I was abe to actually use said programs and apps that I had “pinned” to it. What’s more, is that all of the files on the desktop became usable again, and apparently, I was able to regain full control of the system. Yes, very bizarre but that’s just how it worked πŸ€£πŸ˜‚.

    Results proved that I was on to something, so I stuck with that method for a while and, over the course of a few hours (actually that’s what it seemed like but the reality was probably more like 1 hour & 30 minutes to 2 hours at max), I was signing out of my profile and going back in and using the same procedure every time the system crashed and became unresponsive with Task Manager opened, and the results were always consistent, where a “restart” of Windows Explorer, made things function again. But I arrived at an odd situation where the system would freeze and fuck-up (pardon my language πŸ€­πŸ˜‚) even after I had previously restarted Windows Explorer successfully, and for a brief moment, I was unable to really understand why and then I realized that whenever I had restarted Windows Explorer successfully and it started working again, but then also opened up “Microsoft Edge“, this is where the system would once again crash LOL. So rather than closing other programs, I decided to only shutdown Microsoft Edge but leave other programs opened and operating to see what the outcome would be, and as it turns out, with nothing else but Microsoft Edge “closed”, the system ran without fail hahaha. Every time I signed out of my windows profile, and logged back in, everything functioned well until I actually launched Microsoft Edge; whenever I would launch Microsoft Edge apparently this was responsible for the crashing of my windows operations, and once again, this only started happening *after the “Windows 21H1 – 19043.1237 – Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.3530.0” update on my 2010 Veriton Intel Pentium E5800-based system, at the time of this posting.

    After being able to pin-down a solid source of influence over the issue by determining that Microsoft Edge was part of the problem, I shifted my attention to doing what I can do with Microsoft Edge to see if I could manage it in such a way that it won’t crash my system. So I started off with something basic, which was to close as much tabs as possible to see what influence that would have on the error because, in the Task Manager, I noticed that Microsoft Edge was pretty heavy on the resources mainly due to the fact that I had about 400+ tabs opened up (which was not an issue before the update). It was more accurately about 400+ tabs stored in the session but most of them were not actually “active“. I ultimately saved all of the tabs with the help of a handy extension so that I would only be left with atleast 1 or-so tabs opened, and after that, the issue ceased to exist and from then-on I was able to use windows without this annoying issue happening again. I have actually reenabled Windows Updates once more, so we will see how that goes but I suspect that as long as I don’t have too many tabs in Edge opened up, I should be good for the time being, although, I still think that the original cause of this particular system error may be due to the fact that the Windows 21H1 update is not installed properly on my computer and may need reinstalling.

    I have good reason to believe so because of the fact that my computer had become unresponsive and hanged a couple of times during certain phases of this update and had become stuck and “frozen” upon reaching up to a certain percentage of completion where it would just hang and never complete installation causing me to have to hold the power button down and force a shutdown-and-reboot of the computer.

    • COMMENT [823]

      This session is loosely based on this script:

      We must pay attention to what GOD says because GOD keeps his word, GOD’s words define a person, GOD made humans in his image, so it’s quit silly that there are notions that seek to undermine this by suggesting that there is any greater image that anyone can bow to or pray to that represents “GOD“. The image of GOD cannot be fashioned by the hands of mankind through physical objects.

      The one and only true GOD is not even a physical being — we must show appreciation to GOD through the image of the heart which is within (love); physical objects are just distractions, we can’t physically see GOD on our own, so when we close our eyes to pray to GOD acknowledging that we are in HIS image, this is a meaningful show of reverence because it is sacrificing your conscience’s urge to give *attention to the material things that you are surrounded by and, instead, devote your complete awareness to the Almighty who is superior to the dust of crafted objects. Some people have it twisted; we can’t create an image of GOD, GOD created us in his image, so with all of our being we should dedicate our lives to appreciating life — praising and bowing to silly inanimate life-less objects, forded by the flesh and used as manipulation, is a fucking gimmick. GOD’s word is a direct calling, the only word that matters above all, is his.

      Deceptive fucks have “lost” their half-wit minds; full-blown facts win easily over fuckry πŸ‘ŠπŸ’₯😜

    • COMMENT [822]

      “Removing” sugar from diets on the basis of facilitating weight loss, *does not work. “Cutting out sugar” strictly for this purpose *is not realistic, that’s just a bullshit placebo like I have said in past sessions. The body stores food that it cannot fully process, so therefore the less of it that you eat, is the less of it that your body has to try and properly manage. This all adds up when you see the kinds of habits and practices that are actually making people lose weight, as well as take note of the flip side of when some people gain it back. Even the scriptures in the bible warns against *gluttony.

      And I must remind people that this is a much broader issue than about what I or anyone likes to eat and their preferences. This is about getting out the facts and correcting what some of these fools manage to fuck up; that’s what these sessions are really about and the purpose of bringing these issues to the surface.

      Sugar does not “convert” into fat; some bird-brains in the media and in the health space, are just trying to “convert” their incompetent shock garbage into reality.

      I back FACTS for the “win” because clowns “lost” me with their trite fuckry πŸ€£πŸ‘Š. #Accuracy #Versatility #PowerStriker

    • COMMENT [821]

      You may hear the stories of those who conveniently claim to be “addicted” to something — just replace the word “addiction” with “irresponsibility“, in which case the word “addiction” is often the politically-correct way of framing silliness in stead of “irresponsible”, by those who claim to have an “addiction” to habitual toxicity, and it’ll all contextually fall into place.

      Replace the word “sugar” with “overeating” and the context of obesity will also fall into place. There are those who insist “sugar” is responsible for “obesity” but they are fools trying to sound intelligent. These silly “studies” now-a-days are just shit-head narratives trying to sound factual. The facts still remain that nobody has ever lost weight by just removing sugar from food, or have gained weight by just adding sugar to edibles and drinkables. Sugar’s relation to obesity is like “evolution”, a bullshit myth; lots of “links” but no real connection.

      With me it’s facts for the win because I fail too see the relevance in fuckry πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž. #KorrektiveKounteracter #ContextCritical


      • COMMENT [820]
        Here is the unrealistic thing for me concerning the notion about the ancient people, and the so-called “UFOs” they were in possession of. These were people that were all over the place throughout their ancient terraces and beyond (in the case of a few); they had sandals and all kinds of footwear because they knew that … Continue reading COMMENT [820]
      • COMMENT [819]
        There is no such thing as “junk food”, and the issue of weight gain is not people not having proper access to “healthier options“; the issue originates from the very fact that (in regard to certain varieties of edibles), THEY admit that THEY can’t put it down. If THEY can’t bring themselves to put it down, … Continue reading COMMENT [819]
      • COMMENT [818]
        We sometimes see clueless sources, apparently individuals in certain institutions whose life mission is to spread foolishness like “obesity is a sugar problem”, always looking to claim that something else is the problem other than a lack of self-control, and this is perhaps why the “obesity” situation is out-of-control because according to their ever “evolving” and … Continue reading COMMENT [818]
      • COMMENT [817]
        Let me tell you all what I meant by evolution not being considerate, in relation to a previous session I did concerning the same views. See, evolution functions on a go-with-the-flow kind of disposition; it’s an “every man for themself”, short-sighted day-to-day, dog-eats-dog, “supreme genes” kind of philosophy. But when you take in all of the … Continue reading COMMENT [817]
      • COMMENT [816]
        This is just for emphasis; there have been, and still are, centenarians living for eons who did not follow a strict weight-loss or weight-prevention diet, and yet they lived (and live) long, healthy and prosperous lives. They were on the sugar, they were on the salt, they were on the meat and they were on the … Continue reading COMMENT [816]
      • COMMENT [815]
        Unlike what you may have heard in the mainstream media, when it comes to the issue of sugar and weight-gain, I know it is a fact that weight-gain is triggered by *overeating, I am also able to tell first-hand the kinds of effects i’m experiencing because of my first-hand experience with my intake of sugar over … Continue reading COMMENT [815]

      The Staple Spot, where the current crop of [recent] comprehensive comments are contained 🀘😎


      Kritical Ninja: Kritically Korrekt Kontent that astronomically improves!. 

When i'm wrong i'm wrong, but when i'm correct, i'm critically correct.

      When i’m wrong i’m wrong, but when i’m korrekt it’s KRITICAL asf, or in this case ASTRONOMICAL :D


      • COMMENT[28]

        Originally Posted: 2017/08/29 at 10:52 am

        hahaha that Mayweather vs Mcgregor fight was actually very good, it was pretty sensational. most people agree that they did not disappoint. I think Mcgregor could have done a little better if he had worked himself more leading up to the fight, because he did show alot of potential, and Mayweather was outstanding especially considering his age and more importantly that he had not been the ring competitively for a significant time β€” all in all it was fantastic.

        Nobody was trying to hear that other weak crap critics were bitching and babbering about xD. Fact is, it was awesome and epic history was made on the 26st. Nuff said.

      • COMMENT[27]

        Originally Posted: 2017/08/26 at 1:59 pm

        I’m completely opposite of the critics, I’m seeing that Conor/Floyd showdown later xD. I don’t give 1 – 3 fucks, it’s a classic bitch! β€” I see what i want to see and be apart of what i want to be apart of, that’s the bottom line for me πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸ‘. Some people ride dick and suck dick, i’m not in that shitty league❗❗❗, i’m a different person all together πŸ’―. You gotta be out of your bird-shit fucking mind to be a fanboy for some crap like this xD.

      • COMMENT[26]

        Originally Posted: 2017/08/25 at 10:06 am

        The stuff between mcgregor and mayweather is perhaps one for the record books!, because like I said before, this is not an average celebrity boxing match. I mean, it is a boxing match, except involving two highly skilled persons, so don’t fuck yourself thinking that it isn’t β€” it pretty much is because of the circumstances that were agreed too, but it’s not just about who’s the better fighter, most of us can β€œassume” which one is the β€œgeneral” better β€œfighter”, but that’s boooooorrring! :D.

        It goes alot deeper than that in this case, it’s pretty much Mcgregor thinking that he’s just better than floyd, and that he’s so exceptional that he can beat Mayweather even at his own game, these are the real contentious undertones that really set this whole scenario off, and obviously floyd isn’t having that, Floyd doesn’t accept that! lol.

        As to the type of match it is, realistically it is a boxing competition and you just have plain unrealistic bullshit expectations if you’re not expecting the better boxer or boxing to do anything in this context that will actually count. You can think whatever you want about this, but it’s all in your head at this point considering what the reality of the situation has worked out to be, period!. you might as well save your time and miserable existence if you still assert otherwise as facts.

        So it is what it is, and not what you wish it to be. And my outlook of the situation is that regardless of what the fuck it’s being seen as, either side cannot be dumb enough to underestimate the other side, and given the fact that this is set to be β€œboxing”, you cannot expect anyone careless to the principles established here, after an utter dismantle, to not be utterly discredited and dismissed as the biggest fucking joke in history, not knowing what this situation really is, and I don’t think that’s the case here with with floyd or conor, hey know what they are doing, and alot of folks like myself are certainly not clueless to what this event is. Also the truth is, Floyd and Mcgregor is what it comes down too because they are the ones making history, since they are the actual fighters, every thing else is just an β€œopinion” derived from imagination :D.

      • COMMENT[25]

        Originally Posted: 2017/08/24 at 9:35 am

        See the Mcgregor Vs Mayweather for what it is β€” this is that krazy shit β€ΌοΈβœŠ. This is NOT your average played-out, run-of-the-mill, mediocre event πŸ‘Ž. This is the definition of epic ⚑πŸ”₯, this is a once in a life time kind of legacy. Fuck everything else that’s going on, NOTHING compares hahaa πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ.

      This is the official comment area where I just drop comments in the comments place below :D. It says RAW in the title so it’s strictly what I have to say about stuff and it’s not always going to be “pretty” LOL.

      Old Intentions – LOL – Things Change

      604 thoughts on “Comments [RAW Edition]

      1. I believe it strongly evident that the earth is a globe because of mankind’s incredible “head”. The skull, which is ROUND and “global”, like a globe, can “house” many things, just like the earth has TONS of contents. So the earth must be a globe too — it’s the perfect shape with the perfect capacity for almost all things motherfucking conceivable :D.

        That’s why the earth can never be “flat”, instead, just like a crazy azz head, it has to be ball-shaped, or globe-shaped, with enough firmament (the brain) for materialization of matter, and surrounded by water (the blood) for the “stimulation” of literally all ASTRONOMICALLY Koooooool things “thinkable” to man LOL.


      2. This extra side note is related too this context of Crop Circles here:

        One other interesting thing I would like to add to the crop circle thesis I made recently, and the distinction between tools and technology, is that tools to me are just basic utilities used for basic construction/fixing and things like that, but when I say “technology”, in context, I’m referring to what is commonly associated with very advanced technology these days like heavily (sometimes in fully-automated or semi-automated fashion) computerized assets used to streamline highly demanding tasks, by utilizing sophisticated technical interconnecting intrinsic mechanisms, to execute metrics that are beyond basic natural (or instinctual and intuitive) human functions or application. Yeah, it’s a mouth-full but I meant that kind of technology and I do not believe “technology”, or “tools” was at play in the making or real crop circles, and I explained why.

        I sensed a sort of supernatural element at play, and that’s why I brought it up as a possibility instead, because I do not have any problem with Supernatural stuff xD. I am 100% of the view that there is plenty of things that goes on in this reality that are Supernatural already — I don’t give a hairy ass who thinks that’s “fairy-tale” and whatnot, because if I think it’s supernatural, you know me, if it is what it is, I WILL call it, especially if it’s the goddamn truth!, so that’s not an issue for me at all, i’m completely down with that.

        On the other hand, I know it can be said that it’s pretty easy to just write off anything that can’t be fully understood or explained as just “ohhh it’s supernatural”, but that’s not what i’m doing here, and that is completely not my style either — i do not look at or analyze things in such a manner. What the situation really is here, is that I have been carefully examining the details and research that’s available and only after I have studied certain aspects and also thought about certain considerations using my own head, it became increasingly clear to me that this miraculous situation in particular does rise to the level of that designation (supernatural). I mean c’mon man, i’m not a fucking FOOL, I don’t necessarily have to take forever to connect the (what i believe to be) obviously matching dots. So that just a bit more clarification on the subject, to let you all know where I was coming from when i mentioned “technology”.


      3. This is a little extra note about the Crop Circles, related to the bit I mentioned about possible ancient sightings of the phenomenon, which can be found here:

        Apparently the people who were around at the time of some of the earliest known activities of this sort, were completely caught off-guard by these things as well, and do not appear to have had a clue as to what was causing them or where they really came from, so I could assume that those people in that era were from a not too distant past and were probably alot closer to modern civilization (like us around today), rather than being a very old civilization, like say, the ancient Egyptians or the Mayans who date back to “B.C” (before christ) periods.

        That leads me to believe that there is a a possibility that whatever was doing these Crop Circles, may have been around for alot longer than we might realize, and that whatever is doing the Crop Circles, probably goes way back in history and may be linked to other ancient civilizations that go thousands of years back, even millions of years back, and I don’t think it was necessarily linked to ancient cultures in the context of creating crop circles, but that the phenomenon involved with the crop circles itself, may have been associated with other historic peoples in other, just as equally, phenomenal ways that defies our conventional ways of thinking and doing stuff as a modern society, if you are following what i’m saying here. So this crop circle phenomenon, if you’re thinking big enough, could be (and could represent) something really really significant that’s going on here, that perhaps not enough attention is being payed to…

        The impression I get from the time period [1678] and forwards to now, is the impression that the individuals of that time-frame were not accustomed to out-right seeing these types of things, which is a situation more relatable and common in these very modern times, than in ancient times when you see certain ancient cultures from eons ago, talk about the gods and things coming down from the sky, and talking to them and so on, but in contrast, you would notice that the closer you get to modern day man, alot of this knowledge and connection with such phenomenal activity, seems to have been lost (though seemingly it’s being slowly rediscovered somehow through history and research) and we don’t really see these unusual accounts as outright. That reminds me of the how these people from that not-so-distant-past-civilization are reacting, where, they have never really seen anything like it before and are not really sure what’s up, so it kind of adds up if you think about it, and said people seem to be modern (relatively speaking), and the fact that this phenomenon was still going on even back then (even though compared to really old civilizations, the period of 1678 isn’t that far into the past) is actually still very interesting, when considering how dated technology and other things would have been at the time, and not very capable of pulling off anything like these sophisticated crop circles, in the manner that the real ones are made, and in the relatively short space of time many of these vast elaborate crop creations seem to appear.

        I mean if these Crop Circles can be found as far back as then [1678] doing this kind of phenomenal thing, think about it, there is clearly a consistent pattern (pun intended) of behavior :D. Not just that, but there is clearly also a case of intuitive, cohesive, orchestrating construct at play, which is a behavior only seen in things with great intelligence — great intelligence pretty much meaning human-level psychology in a nutshell. So we are probably looking at something equal to or greater than our type of thought process, because if it’s not pranksters that are doing some of them, then what else could it possibly be than obviously something that is living and has the intellectual capacity to craft imagery?. To me it’s a complete no-brainer.

        But if Crop Circles were happening way back in the 16th century and even further back, and it was technology used to create these things, you don’t get that kind of technology over night, so this advanced thing being used, whatever it is/were, was possibly around for much much longer, if you consider the possibility of it being “tested” and continually developed over time as typically happens with technologies. And if it is not “technology” and instead “skill” or ability being used by people with very basic tools (“tools” aren’t necessarily technology), you still don’t get that kind if “skill” or capability over-night either, it takes lots and lots of “practice” and it also takes a number of people, plus plenty of time, and “ideal conditions”, and all of that type of stuff. So I doubt “pranksters” and considerable “practiced” techniques, are what cause the real Crop Circles :D. On the other hand, if it’s something on a super natural scale, now we’re talking, now it makes complete sense and as the saying goes; that explains it!. If it’s not human pranksters, it could only be something else, and possibly something else with baffling capabilities.

        So this thing probably dates back even further than it was discovered, and I wouldn’t be in total awe if it actually dates back to times, where, these kinds of phenomenal things were actually quite common, and that whatever this thing is doing the crop circles, could actually be linked to ancient mankind, possibly doing phenomenal things far back then too. Potentially, the crop circles situation could be a very big key to some interesting things both modern and historic.

        I know it’s a big leap to assume some of these links i’m establishing based on the nature of this incredible situation that is indicating super natural elements, and also other instances of phenomenal occurrences told about in history, but bear with me here, sometimes you have to take big leaps — that’s a visionary thing xD.


      4. It’s super easy to be Super Religious like I am, here are my [personal] 3 RELIGIOUS fundamentals:

        1- Truth and realistic minded

        2- Believe there is a GOD 100%

        3- Dispel “disbelief”, incompetent fabricated “misinterpretations” by rats, and wisely bomb feeble fake spiritual make-up artistry, that just distracts from the truth and the deeper understanding of life, and instead spews fallacies about looks and race.

        They are in no particular order, fuck that bullshit, they are just 3 Super Religious “laws” period. For me, they’re easy as motherfucking 1, 2, 3 — it’s easy when you are this bonafide :D.


      5. Reiterating what I said in my last comments previously — focus on the TRUTH people πŸ’―. Instead of wasting time paining images and painting over images, try to have a stronger connection with reality πŸ‘πŸ‘, that way, your experience plus the changes and developments of time (⏰), will improve your vision (πŸ‘οΈπŸ‘οΈβ€πŸ—¨οΈ), since time is impartial, and since time waits on no one and since time cannot be manipulated 🀘.

        The spiritual make-up artists and fashionistas, have different [trivial] agendas, and often distract from things that truly matter πŸ‘Ž. Keep open minds, but also exercise great caution πŸ‘€.


      6. In context, “color blind” doesn’t mean you don’t see original colors. It’s good to have different cultures, it’s good to have variety, it’s good to have various personalities and whatnot, that’s never the issue when you’re talking about the notion of color blindness.

        What color blind actually means is that you couldn’t care less about the color of one’s skin, or eyes, or what have you when it comes to having respect, for people in general based on real standards. “Color” here is not as important as people treating you how they would like to be treated.

        Now racism is indeed a very serious issue. I honor my ancestors, I respect our god (the one true god of all of humanity), but the other thing you need to realize is that there is a way to do this and you have to be careful not to be brung into the deep shithole of racist, because that exactly what they want.

        They believe that they are superior and that if you don’t too, you’re no good. So we must not fall into the same trap and ignorance — that’s what they want, they originated this system of shit. We need to change this system and purge these shitty people out. So prejudice is not the answer, we need to chop the head off of the pissy fucking snakes, we need to focus on the bad apples. That is the real problem.

        Me with my prominent African roots, although i did not live through the harsher times, have not forgotten what i have learned about the cowardly inhumane atrocities committed against my ancestors, but we the people collectively need to do this right, we cannot continue to “trend” the dirty ways of these shit heads by also being prejudice against whole groups of people — that doesn’t make any sense to me, I do not support “crying wolf” and just throwing around the word racist.

        We definitely need to kill off racists and racism, not necessarily “kill” literally since I do not wish to be accused of being a murderous madman,but we need to make sure they understand it is wrong, and there is no place for that, real fucking cutthroat style.

        So yeah i’ not making no sport with slavery and racism things, don’t get what i’m saying twisted the fuck up, these are elements that need to be eliminated completely, because they are nasty crappy filthy people. On the other hand to be color blind is a very basic standard of a view that sees people for what they actually are, rather than just seeing their “color” or ethnicity — in a nutshell that’s what it is.


      7. Some of the jokers who are on the race charades, sound like fucking make-up artist. If the priority of a freak is to find out the “color” of god and place that above everything thing else, rather than a closer relationship with god, he’s more of a “spiritual-fashionista”.

        There are a ton of these pretenders lurking around who try to style and fashion everything into race, and alot of these, what I would call make-up artist, they have poor eye-sight. How are you going to be able to properly navigate through life and handle so many issue with their gimmicks and idiocy?, many of these freaks and make-up artists, they are professional distractions, they are performers of deception, they are trying to stay “relevant”, they are trying hard to keep their weak evanescent games over race and rivalry alive, and the only way to do that is to cling to something that’s well alive and fresh. If you think about it, that’s what fucking bacteria does, they are like nasty infections, spreading these cancerous falsehoods.

        Fuck white god and fuck black god — those who want to see a white god would see white god, those who want to see a black god will see black god, or goddess whichever one they want to put into the picture, since these silly nitwits behave like make-up artist.

        It is their purpose to draw and conceptualize these cancerous conclusions, it isn’t a very good purpose, it isn’t a very useful purpose in of itself, but it is the oldest gimmick in the book, that is to be knowingly anachronistically disjointed and mockingly disgusted, to bring people at a place where they are as confused, as paranoid, as misinformed, and as dysfunctional, as these pricks. We can see here how extremes present themselves in many forms, whether it’s extreme stupidity or extreme desperation, it don’t have to always fit the profiles of a person taking hostages or blowing places up — demagoguery is the name of the game, and they need nothing more than to assemble players.

        Black god/goddess can kiss my ass — the white god/goddess can kiss my ass. These things can all bow to my reality and be at the same level as shit on the dirty fucking ground. Fuck the black god and fuck the white god, fuck the asian god, fuck the Indian god, fuck all of these motherfuckers painting these “images” — they are make-up artists and con-artists, hand-in-hand nothing short of co-conspirators alike.

        My only concern is truth, and those who want the truth will seek and find the truth, naturally, it is how the universe works and connects — once you work on building good intelligence, your mind cannot be blown and your mind cannot be washed by bad influence, no matter how they talk, dress, sing, breathe, think, write, read and act.

        I’m all for roots and ancestry and killing off racism whether by compassion, success or any other means necessary, and restoring dignity, but in acts of querulous futile regression, there is no fucking “we”. YOU have free-will to take that route to the depths of your own indignity. That’s the power of choice, we don’t all have to fuck up — make-up artists can dwell in shit while I can choose sagacity. A motherfucker can “preach” all they wants, but just because they’re talking about a specific “race”, professing to condemn a specific race, doesn’t mean it’s going to automatically become a “we” thing. People can switch up, get involved with various practices and lifestyles etc, and do all kind of shit and claim all kind of things, but after all of that bullshit, it’s still up to “me”, it’s still up to you.

        That’s what it always comes down too, no one person speaks for everybody, not even god was able to save everyone — life requires decisions to be made, and some people will make good ones and some will refuse to make good ones, time will have to tell what is best, but for now the bottom line is, no one can tell you how to relate to, every individual has to make their own minds up on that, regardless of what they think of themselves or what they try to present to you.

        To me, anyone twisting all of these valuable things we have learned from ancient accounts and reality many eras ago, into a scenario of race, is nonsense since I genuinely feel that we all still came from the same source, and that this is not something that can ultimately be hidden since the divine light never goes off — the truth will always come to light, but in my opinion some people are not as accepting of any of this wisdom, despite acting as if they do have some kind of interest, and it’s because can’t just outright come with their own brand of stupidity because the wisdom of life will not allow that, so they re-package bullshit, change and twist the subjects around a make it about “race” — they are so pathetic that the only hope is to get as controversial as possible, and to corrupt the pool and make it murky and cloudy like a cesspool.

        They can’t handle the cleanliness, from the time the place starts getting cleaned up and the garbage thrown out, there are those elements in society that become nervous, they can’t truly handle a real life of god, they can truly handle the “image” — the conspiracy “make-up artists” are about the “image”, they can distort it and paint it up etc, as they please — they really are into the messy gimmicks, but not the way of life. So distorting your focus is what they are really trying to do, they just don’t see it like you see it.


      8. Here we discuss something out of the usual; “Crop Circles”. Yes you heard me, I just said something about suspicious “Crop Circles” — I’m not 100% sure of their origins but I’ve heard some “theories” about them, such as, “people” are the ones making them — hhmmmmm. To me it’s still actually a big mystery as to how exactly and what or who exactly is creating them, but lets go with the whole thing about; “it’s people”.

        Some seem to believe it’s all figured out and that it’s a case of “farmers” letting people onto their land under the cover of night to playfully construct these “Crop Circles”, but, HAHAHAHAA what for?, why the crap would I believe such ridiculous shit?, you honestly believe that a group of lames are simply “allowed” to go on to someone’s “property” at night, dark as fuck, on their crop field to create hundreds of meters and maybe even thousands of meters wide “crop circles”?, LOL, are you fucking kidding me?, people hardly want to do actual real work, and i’m supposed to believe that they are going to just go and do this random, possibly sweaty, possibly tedious, possibly time consuming shit, at night (possibly late) just for fun? — do some of you who think this to be the case, even acknowledge the fucking scope and size some of these things are?.

        I mean there could be a very small possibility that some people may try this, i’m not ruling that out, but some of you want to say this applies to ALL of them?. NAAAAAH!!!, that’s like people saying everything they can’t identify in the sky is just a weather-balloon xD.

        First of all, just to reiterate, i’m not denying that there are people out there who can and have made “crop circles”, and that there are fucking cults of jackasses making crop circles as hoaxes or whatever, but real and seemingly very authentic Crop Circles do not seem to be made by a group of fucking clowns overnight, in somebody’s crop field in the middle of nowhere to take selfies and put on their twitter or facebook “websites” with just 1 – 2 “followers” and “friends” who are bored and want to be entertained.

        I’m certainly not an expert in this field, but assuming that some of the Crop Circles are real, then given what I gather, “real” Crop Circles actually cause temporary “damage” to the plants/crops that have been subjected to the phenomenon (thought it’s been said that over time the plants in the area that was affected actually grow back better the next time around), so again. i’m not too sure about these Crop Circles as I have not seen any in person, but if these claims are true, why the fuck is someone just going to “allow” people to off-set their trade?, because even if the crops grow back they would still have to wait for that to happen and during that time they would be losing out on harvest so I mean why?, If it’s not making the farmers money, or the land owners money, or the pranksters money, or if there is not any kind of real sustainable livelihood being created out of these staged pranks, why spend that much time, doing something that fucking stupid, which is, creating big elaborate gimmicks, that most people wouldn’t see, and most people would be “skeptical” of and probably not take seriously?.

        Again going off the possibility that some are in fact authentic and not “faked”, there is literal scientific proof that there are highly mysterious and unknown physical manipulations involved in the process of real crop circles, that cannot be explained or replicated by any known modern techniques, methods or technologies, especially not on the colossal scale that real crop circles have been made to. I’m not talking about just the shapes since anyone and anybody can create circular patterns in a field, I’m talking about the specific methods and manner that real intricate, elaborate crop circles are created — the processes used are very unique, and not easily matched by modern tools. Again, that’s just me giving these things the benefit of the doubt that some of them are real.

        Furthermore, these are things that have been witnessed by real people who have seen them with their own eyes in person, and there also have been observations where people have literally been physically affected by just being in these areas that were affected by the phenomenon, plus accounts that that some kinds of electrical equipment have also been affected by strange occurrences at, near, in and around these circles. So there is alot of research that suggests that real crop circles (not the stupid ones that pranksters make, trying to mimic the real ones) are not just pranks, especially since they have been going on for years (even with there being possible historic records acknowledging the phenomenon, like the “Mowing Devil” from 1678).

        So i’m not about to believe that all of this is caused by pranksters overnight in the cover of darkness just, to prank. Same way how I would be absolutely stupid to assume that everything that I cannot properly see in the sky, is just a “weather balloon”.

        Also there is a misconception that Crop Circles happen at “night” — no not really, they don’t necessarily all happen overnight or at night. Secondly to do a real Crop Circle, it is not as easy to produce as a fake one done by pranksters, as a matter of fact and thirdly, it’s almost impossible for pranksters to do a real “crop circle” involving the kind of perplexing accuracy, intricacy and precision involved in the making of real Crop Circles.

        So yeah that’s my random impromptu, session about an interesting issue called “Crop Circles” — it’s like food for thought. Fact sometimes IS stranger than friction, so lets think about it :D. Lets see how much we can understand about our existence.


      9. As you know people selectively quote things and fabricate things and talk pure “filth” so to speak. They often do this with the bible as well, there are tons of people who are not even a believer in god but yet they somehow “quote” the bible to support their own absurd claims that they made up. On the subject of “diet”, people talk about how we were “meant” to be on a diet, but fail to tell people how it was a fruit that fucked up adam and eve in the first place, as they were led astray by “foolishness” (by the words pf a serpent) and thus how humanity had degenerated and descended into a state of decay where we actually die. It’s the same “foolishness” you all must try to avoid when you see some stupid “studies” and clowns on “chauvinistic diets”.

        Another fact is when things were just getting off the ground, for whatever reason, god encouraged Adman and Eve and all of man and living things to eat stuff from tress etc. That WAS before, AFTER and later on, you would see that god allowed people to eat meat. The only main specified problem he cited with meat, was the BLOOD, since he made it explicitly clear, that you (possibly, SPECIFICALLY humans) should avoid the blood of living things because it is sacred.

        So meat was also allowed to be eaten, as to why, I don’t know (i’ll have to read up on the context and a little further to see what i can discern for myself), maybe god saw that being strictly on a plant/grass diet was not that much better than one where meat was included, again that is my personal assumption since I have not learn where god explained why he allowed people to eat meat, but as to what I just assumed, if i’m wrong i would like to see how I am wrong, since as I have said many times, there really are no huge benefits to being on weird diets (vegetarian diets are not weird diets since god saw no problem with people using vegetation as a main food source, a weird diet is a chauvinistic diet that does not have any real value and is just used to get attention, and/or for insecure reasons), as i was saying, I have not noticed huge benefits to being on the weird diets that some people come up with, compared to a regular diet.

        The life span of someone on a weird diet was never significantly higher than people on regular omnivore eating habits, and in fact, the age group of centenarians, include plenty of people who were not on a specific strict diet. As I said before, strict diets seem to only be truly effective for those who have specific conditions and diseases, these are areas where diets are truly meaningful, and have significant advantages, other wise, some diets are just weird and aren’t really as good as some people think, and in some cases are actually worse than being on a regular omnivore diet. The people on some of these weird diets, often just think that the diets are good in their own minds, but the diets aren’t really significantly beneficial.

        One other significant thing I will mention for those who like to selectively quote the “bible”, is the situation in mathew when it came to the feeding of thousands. That was a situation that included fish which is meat. The food they had was very insufficient to feed all of them, and god was one of the figures that actually helped those individuals split the bread and the fish among themselves so that they all had a share of the bread and the fish, a predicament which would have been an otherwise unreasonable and severely compromised situation.

        God didn’t smack away the fish and said “thou shall only eat the bread, you will die from thine fish” — they actually had a diet of bread and meat in his presence, which is not a “shock”, since he had already allowed people to eat meat ages ago prior.

        Again when you’re dealing with the bible, GOD and the food of man, CONTEXT is everything, and we live in a context of life these days, where, meats plays a critical roll in the sustainability of life as much as it is taken for granted.

        A I said before, its not an eating competition and those who fail to realize this, are not as wise or as reasonable as they would like to believe that they are, which ofcourse is not my problem. I have made it clear that people see what they want to see, and hear what they want to hear — I do not play games with fools…


      10. With all the total rubbish that’s going around about weight issues, obese people will have a hard time loosing weight if they believe that sugar is what’s making them “fat”. It is the “body” of overweight people that’s exclusively the sole and primary reason why they are getting fat. Sugar is not a fattening substance, only really gullible people believe this junk that claims sugar makes people fat, and they probably believe that because they themselves get fat, because to my mind, I do not see how if you are a person like myself who does not get fat, why you would believe such a dumb thing as normally you would have been able to see first hand (not from a foolish study or “hear” this stuff) that that’s not the affect that any kind of, common foods, in general is having on you.

        It looks to me that over-eating and not enough proper physical flexing, is PARTLY what contributes to fatness. Sugar is a flavoring product, used to enhance “taste”. The other PART relating to what is making people become fat, is that obesity is a genetic condition, meaning, it is your body’s fault for contributing to your own weight gain.

        The stupidity that says it is really the “sugar”, is highly incompetent and factually incorrect information. Your own body’s reaction to food, is not the same reaction as someone else’s reaction to foods, just as how someone who is a diabetic does not react to sugar the same way as someone who is not.

        Obesity to me looks as if it is actually a medical chronic condition. It is not a situation where it’s the food that is inherently bad, it is a situation the other way around where somewhere along the line, your biological gene developed an inconsistency that makes the body react to food in ways where it does not proficiently or effectively process your food intake, and I would assume this most likely was due to the parents themselves possible having the genetic make up be fat themselves, or are actually pretty sizable individuals, and thus the gene is transferred on to the children, AND/OR it occurred and developed at the stage of pregnancy, or during the very very early years in a child’s infancy, where, the parents were not particularly careful with what they gave the baby.

        I obviously am not 100% sure on this but that is just my hunch. Regardless of that, even if someone is prone to massive weight gain, putting on unbearable size is still 100% preventable….


      11. I don’t believe in “evolution”, this subject all goes back to taking or leaving god out of the picture. “evolution” is saying that modern day humans somehow developed from “animals”. The people behind the evolution stuff, more or less are unsure of how people progressed to be as they are today, and strongly believe that humans were just here and started out as animals with instinctual adaptations, and then grew into more sophisticated beings as time went on — I don’t buy that B.S. Although I do believe they may be on to something in discovering that early man was slightly different than modern man, or that some ancient animals where different from the animals we see today, i do not believe these things all came to be by procedural, generational, back-to-back physical mutations.

        See the problem is however, that no matter how you look at it, there would have still had to have been a force and originator of all the things you see in existence, especially when you’re talking about life and life-forms, every life-form on earth started from and originated from something that was there, before it was, in the first -place, so even if they say that people “evolved”, it still doesn’t explain, how life forms on earth originated in the first place, and not only popped up, but are able to somehow connect with the earth, with exact and specific functions that intelligently match with what is required at minimum to have sustainable life on the earth for decades.

        There would have had to be an originating beginning to ever single life form known to man, regardless of supposed evolution anyhow. and I do not think that there is any life-form present on earth today, that just made its self come alive and come into being just out of nowhere.

        Beyond that, before we could even have any sort of life on an earth, something had to also make the planet, and before we even talk about the planet, the place the planet is even in has to come from, and originate somewhere as well, so this thing we call life is leagues beyond “evolution”. Evolution does not even begin to cover the area of origins, which is the key critical area I tend to focus on.

        So all this talk about there is no god and stuff, i don’t even give two feathery fucks about that shit, I feel dumb as fuck just even thinking about it. As far as i’m concerned there is more than enough reason to even feel in the slightest, that there was and is a very great originator of many of the things that at some point became a reality. That’s what the fuck my RELIGION is telling me, as you know, i’m super-religious so lets not forget that for one second — this shouldn’t come as a fucking “shock”, and my religion is telling me life doesn’t just “happen”, and when I say “life” i mean all things that make up life for it to be the life that we know, this obviously includes living beings like humans and animals, but also planets, atmosphere, physics, things we can see, feel, hear, colors — things of that nature.


      12. I like to think of myself as classy, and in this class, I deal with REALITY. I can take it and I can dish it, but i’m the kind that don’t take it, if you know what i mean πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž.

        So as I am a SPECIALIST in top-class reality, don’t expect “shocks”, I don’t do low-class shock value. EXPECT the shit that burns souls like ether πŸ”₯πŸ’€πŸ’€. I do raw, I do authentic, I do UNBELIEVABLE, I do my own thing. You can do anything when you have what it takes, that’s my fucking attitude ✌️😏☠️. #DealWidIt


      13. I prefer a balanced-diet because regardless of what studies may say and stuff, my WELL-BEING is not hanged-up on someone else’ cheap talk πŸ’― πŸ’―.

        At the end of the day, when it concerns real life and the dynamics that brings, real decisions have to be made, reality has to be faced — the smartest “survive” ✊🀘.


      14. I remember a while back i spoke on the issue of taxes on foods and stuff and responsibility, but would “taxing” really do any good in this case?, would it “reduce consumption?”, it probably would but it will not reduce “obesity”, because obesity and people getting fat has nothing to do with “sugar”.

        Check all these places that claim to have taxed on sugar to “reduce consumption”, they still have high obesity rates and really fat people — the obesity rates, in my opinion, are still through the roof and it’s because people are not doing enough about their weight. Stop blaming the foods like dumb-dumbs and blame irresponsibility and the eating of too much of it.

        I said it before and i’ll say it again, people getting fat is a genetics issue, they are getting fat because their genetics allows them to swell up from eating because their bodies don’t breakdown the foods and handle the foods correctly, and if anyone with such an acute issue doesn’t get aggressive about his/her weight, they will continue to gain weight.

        It’s a known FACT that when people decrease how much they eat, they start to gradually lose weight over days, weeks and months, but the problem is that people don’t stick to it, they don’ stay consistently active and they don’t do enough to keep their portion sizes small, so if people are given really bad information to believe that it’s just the “sugar” that’s making them swell up to the size of a sugar plantation, most likely they are going to remain fat because they are not looking at what actually makes them fat, which is, in THEIR case, too much food (not just “sugar”) and too little exercise.

        The thing is, people want to believe the nonsensical “studies” too much because the crappy conclusions those arrive at sound “simple”. They are filling peoples’ minds up with anecdotal junk to where they are being conditioned to believe in some mystic miracle paths to fitness where they just cut-out one tiny thing (ala sugar) and that’s it, but they’re being fed nonsense, it is very obvious that the people who put on lots of weight, get obese because of their genetics. There are plenty of people, just like myself, who do not get anywhere near as humongous from regular common foods of any kind.

        Let me be clear as well — I am very healthy, and by that I mean, the very definition of healthy: I have no high-blood pressure, I don’t have any low-blood pressure, my kidneys and liver are in great condition, I have 0 heart problems, I don’t have any problems with my eye sight, I can hear very well, I have no problems with passing urine or otherwise, my sense of smell is great, I don’t have issues with inflammation, and like I have stated numerous times, I am far from fat or being obese. So these controversies about “sugar making people fat”, I do not know where some people are getting that stuff from, but nothing I currently eat or have eaten, makes me “fat” in any way, and I REGULARLY have some sort of food that has been sweetened with sugar almost every day, and not one fuck is wrong with me from eating or drinking stuff with sugar or otherwise.

        I am not saying that i am perfect, i am just saying that within the context of consuming stuff with sugars and gaining weight, I do not experience problems in these areas — i do not get fat and overall I have been consistently found to be a healthy person.


      15. I don’t care what nobody says, if you think I play with fools, you will see how arrogant one person can be 🚯🚫. And that’s not a misspelling, i’m not being politically correct — I will be super ARROGANT and completely intolerable when it comes to foolish bitches trying to act dumb, lets be clear about that πŸ’―. Games of a silly bitch is not going to work, so don’t even try it, try it with someone else. I have no regrets and no hesitations about setting boundaries and not letting myself get caught up with incompetent freaks βš‘βš‘βš‘πŸ™ƒ.


      16. I didn’t think it was BREAKING NEWS that I “eat” meat, of course I eat meat, that’s a matter of “survival” — it all makes sense when it’s about survival, it’s not just about how it “tastes”, trust me on that one. Yes there are “options”, but I don’t see “options”, survival is a MUST, and it’s just retarded to UNNECESSARILY “choose”, when the matter is about survival as a BOTTOM-LINE xD.

        Someone else can play-around with those options and “experiment” if they desire, but I don’t play around on SERIOUS matters. I just “eat” both “just in-case”. Sure the meat tastes FANTASTIC, so what!, there is nothing that says it has to taste crappy — there are tons of NATURAL things that tastes good to ENCOURAGE you to survive, and even if that wasn’t the case, it’s still about SURVIVAL. If you insist it’s just about “animal cruelty”, I’m sorry, who the flipping fuck are you?


      17. If you ask some clown on a weird diet to show what they can do that an “omnivore” can’t in everyday life, it’s a fact that 100% of them will FAIl to show anything significant xD. It’s all a fad folks.

        Freak says: “but… but.. muh fake concern about ‘animal cruelty'”

        Yeah right, suck “cock”.

        That’s like saying well just because I spray mosquitoes, I support “animal cruelty”, or just because I set rat-traps, I support animal cruelty. No this line or reasoning is just really fucking silly. That’s not what you call “supporting the cruelty of animals”, that’s a “context” where you call, “in this case”, there was just no other way to properly handle one of the challenges these elements are mutual too. You’re not an animal, you should be able to make these kinds of intelligent distinctions — stop “thinking” like an animal (See what I did there?, animals don’t “think”)

        I mean what else is there really?. It’s already solidified and an inescapable fact that animals are not killed to be cruel or because it’s funny, it’s just one thing that’s done in the capacity of an essential purpose where there is just no other way to go about it, and you have to work with what you have, as life gives it to you, to navigate through the REALISTIC demands of real life, and notice I said realistic demands and not just what some stupid bitch is thinking up inside of his/her head. The issue here is beyond said fool’s local isolated waste of space — i’m talking about real issues in a GLOBAL context.

        We already established, in today’s climate, that “diets” are no credible indications as to whether or not someone is a prick — we have already established that there is not necessarily any higher life-spans on one side that doesn’t have any meat in diet, or the other side that does have meat in the diet, but that the main good thing about being a vegetarian (not no other bullshit weird derivative of a vegetarian, notice I specifically said vegetarian, no play on words, and I do not mean anything else — I said vegetarian), is not necessarily that you’ll be “ultra” healthier, but that you’ll be able prevent potential “risks” of certain health conditions, and that’s again considering today’s climate and sate of mankind.

        We also established that weird diets are sometimes even worse for some individuals than having “balance” in their lifestyles, and sometimes these “diets” people go on, are nothing more than personalized menus based on insecurities and are even further more about a cheap way to fell “accomplished” and add purpose to some people’s existence — sort of like an easy “click bait” way for some to attract attention, when really there is nothing there, and it probably isn’t doing what they think it is. so I don’t think there is much that hasn’t been logically answered in this area.

        Ultimately my main point is, you should not just do things that sound “good”, especially if it’s based on some people’s small minded fucked up priorities disguised as a “cause”, but is actually a “fad”. Thta’s not the way to go — you need to see if it makes sense in your individual situations.

        To my mind, if someone has “trauma” understanding these things, then manybe it’s just an issue that’s too complicated and big, for their brains. Maybe that’s just because they need to start thinking beyond their small fish-bowl containment of ideals, or they may just truly be handicapped in these vital areas.


      18. The waters have been polluted for a long time, that’s why people need to be firm enough to stay on the right track — the road of wisdom not, the words of a fucking clown.

        The scriptures are a valuable historical insight into the origins of the people, it more or less is depicting something about everybody. So you need to keep an eye on the truth and try not to be sucked into a void of ignorance by professional or amateur distractions who will try to infiltrate the healthy minds of those truly seeking greater understanding of LIFE, with their falsehoods and fabrications.

        Especially those confused individuals trying to use this area of discourse as a vehicle to confuse (as they are also confused) and “stage” rifts of race and set-up other kinds of conflicts and motives. I think some people should really think and take in alot more of life before they decide to speak on certain subjects, so that they have a much more opened and informed mind on certain issues.

        What these fucking imbeciles don’t realize is that people have been doing the same gimmicks for a long time — they’re not the first to try and use the “bible” (the word) or “god” (the name of god, or in-the-name-of-god) to slip unwise “toxins” through the cracks.

        I don’t give a heavenly fuck who you are — do not be trying to be like the wolf hiding among the real beasts trying to cover up your wobbly fucking tracks. Don’t be preaching no crap about “Africa” and “ancestors” and you have a bible in your fucking figurative shaky ass hands. If you are that much in tune with your “ancestors”, you will be trying to go as far back with it as possible. Put down the fucking bible, stop fake-crying like a stupid bitch, go and practice some authentic African-voodoo or authentic African-animism. These are things you need to be deeply devoted too since you will be showing examples.

        Do not try to deceive no one that you’re really about your African ancestry, but then you’re circumventing real precious African traditions and practices and history by using a bible that has to do with everyone, to spew your own bitterness, based on “race” or whatever it is.

        The ancestors and Africans aren’t the issue here, the issue is you fucking people being fucking frauds because you cannot grasp or personally handle a specific way of life, whether that be “Christianity”, Muslim etc. Don’t give me no shitty talk about “ancestors” this and that, and yet, you’re reciting biblical verses mixed with your own drivel creating the most autistic episodes one can imagine. Geeme a fucking break, practice what you preach, show a sing that you are not just paranoid and confused, using whatever random non-intrinsic “item” it is you’re critiquing as a scapegoat to “vent”.


      19. I have been an “omnivore” for almost my whole life, I mean there really is no other factual way to describe it, the fact is I don’t just eat meat, so i’m not just a “meat eater”. The terms “meat eater” is kind of lazy-brained and generic because you dolt have to explain what a “meat eater” is like how you would have to explain what an “omnivore” diet actually is to most people, if an “omnivore” is a “meat eater”, by that shit head lazy logic, i’m “not really” that and can be described instead as a “vegetable eater” and “fruit eater” aswell, depending on the jackass i’m talking too, since I also eater those things. So i’ll just cutout the stupidity and call it what it is; omnivore. or “neutral eater”

        After that, i go back to this other fact, which is through observations, I really have not seen real-life strong valid results about being on a weird diet compared to just being a neutral-eater. So it’s not like there is a real solid compelling case to be made that someone on a weird diet, is in necessarily god-like better condition than those who are not on such diets. Any grass-eater will have an extremely hard time actually proving otherwise.

        That’s why I assume many of them who are really on “chauvinistic” diets (that’s what they really are) try to shift the focus to so called “animal cruelty”, because “animal cruelty” means being cruel to animals in general, but “killing” certain animals as a food source is not being cruel to animals in general since you are in fact not practicing being cruel to animals in general or have any interest in being cruel to animals — it’s just doing what is reasonably required to get a life sustaining dependency which is of great value since there is just no other way to accomplish, it is in no way sadistic, it’s just necessary.

        Anyone that doesn’t understand this, chances are will never understand it because they’re probably just some chauvinistic insecure nut that you obviously can’t fix. You can say well you can be vegetarian (which is not what I call a weird diet by-the-way), but that’s where things get really complicated, since just because you can do something, does mean it’s always the BEST decision or most savvy choice, and in some cases sometimes you have no choice when you think about it long term.

        As I said before we are not adam and eve — I encourage people to do what they genuinely feel is a great decision regardless of what “diet” you are on, but we live in a completely different times and era. There are alot of problems now and challenges now that didn’t exist back then or atleast not nearly to the degree of what they have developed to be now, so no matter how you look at it, it’s just unrealistic to except everyone to live off of an all-plant, or all-meat, or all-fruit diet.

        Circumstances wouldn’t permit that and people’s individual needs wouldn’t permit that. Within reason there some times has to be balance, and the reason why it is absolutely fucking retarded as crap to compare humans to animals is because we have the understanding and capacity to make these kinds of critical distinctions. They do not and they don’t really care as much as we do, which is why we care as much as we do to do what it takes to do what’s ultimately in our best interest and their best interest.

        I’ve seen, to my mind, pissy dipshits on both sides of the spectrum, so the nonsense some try to portray that they are so considerate and decent because they don’t believe in “animal cruelty”, is utter shit. life doesn’t work like that, being on a certain “diet” or professing that you care very deeply about animals, does jot guarantee who is a respectable person or who isn’t ,and chances are once you don’t go around being an odd-ball piece of garbage, “your diet” will come to no one’s mind — no one will want to know if you took your fucking pills, what the fuck are you sipping, or if you’re on something.


      20. People trying to undermine the morale and wisdom of the scriptures by throwing out controversial accusations of race suppression and oppression, are paranoid freaks. You can cry about africa this and africa that all you want, but if you were really that into african ancestry, you pricks would be practicing animism, or “voodoo”, not looking in a fucking bible.

        You would be more focused on what you believe to be “African culture”, rather than crying about Christianity this and that, there are also Africans in Africa who do not just study, but practice Christianity, so you are really out of touch with what actually happens in Africa by this fact alone. And “Christianity” in africa didn’t now become a thing, if you really do your homework, you’ll get some real fucking knowledge, and see just how long it has been around in africa.

        Lastly you should develop a strong faith based on principles and wisdom you strongly believe and know best represents and reflects reality, not based on race or because you believe that just because so-and-so [of a race] is Catholic, you’ll become a rasta, or because so-and-so [of a “race”] is a Buddhist, you’ll become a Muslim or vice-versa. That is ignorant foolish behavior.

        I’m not taking no clown seriously who is on some kind of watered down pro MLK fuckry, talking about how they are so into africa and they are using a fucking bible, you should be leading by example and doing african-animism or african-voodoo or some shit like that — things that are way different. Not lecturing someone on pro black “african” shit using a goddamn bible. You’re making jackass of you self in the process and exposing your own lack of knowledge on the subject.


      21. “don’t dare me, I do it πŸ˜‘”

        I dare you to drop in a 100 foot well 😜

        OR, how bout, put your hand in a crocodile’s Jaws πŸ˜ΆπŸ˜„

        #SillinessEntertains or #WhenTryingToShowOffGoesWrong


      22. The whole point of my previous comments about diets and stuff was to think with your own mind about your own needs and not be to gullible to where you feed into someone else’s personal customs that may be just superficially “chauvinistic” instead of it actually being what you need.

        The whole deal with the animal talk, is to seemingly at times sidetrack from the fact that, certain diets don’t really affect certain people’s health anymore positively than “regular” diets, and in the end there is no significantly higher mortality rates in those who are on specific diets compared to those who are not on any specific diets. My interest is not telling anyone what to eat, it’s about putting realities out there — some which are common knowledge and some which are of my own personal experience.

        All this talk about animals being “tortured” and stuff is bullshit, because it’s first-nature for animals to die unnatural deaths, and generally no one is seeking the destruction or demise of animals to take sinister pleasure in their downfall. That is a completely retreaded train of logic, it is just as equally stupid to suggest that animals are comparable to humans, or furthermore that the animal kingdom as a whole are being dramatically brought down because of marketed farming, when many of the land farm animals now-a-days are raised and bred within the farms themselves.

        We are the ones that “domesticate” animals to somewhat be on a level as us. Their way of living is clearly different — in most cases animals don’t really have a deep concern about people or anything else other than their own types. People may not want to believe this reality, but fact is we are very much just as exposed and subjected to their animal instincts as anything else.

        So if people really care that deeply about life, that’s good. Peace is the way to go but life is demanding and “life” is definitely not the same for every one — sometimes you have to be smart and less emotional about how to be savvy about the circumstances and challenges faced with everyday life.

        Like I also said previous to all of you, many people didn’t bring you into this life, so they are very out of place for thinking they could even tell you how to remain alive, especially if it’s based on their set of “Chauvinistic” mundane, and small minded practices/objective.

        I don’t know what the crap some people are trying to pull, or what the fuck they are doing, but I actually encourage people to keep being VEGETARIANS.

        What mean in a nutshell, is that there are those that are on all kind of fucked up shit for the wrong reasons, but atleast i know what a vegetarian is and i encourage people to keep being vegetarians, if they are, and embrace the natural products of the earth. In encourage everyone, including those like myself who are on a regular diet to embrace the natural foods of the earth, even though by default we already do since our diets don’t really “exclude” anything in the first place since we are not strictly all-meat, all-fruit or all-vegetable, we typically have “balance”, but nothing is perfect, I am sure we all (people in diets, and people who are not on diets) can do alot better when it comes to looking after ourselves and respecting lives.

        At the same time, everyone’s needs may not be able to be met in stereotypical on conventional, ways and aren’t the same, and people should try not to rush into stuff just because it sounds good, and that is a decision others will have to make on their own for whatever reason — it’s just a decision they would have to make on their own, so it’s not really a competition.

        It’s is not up to me to tell people what to eat, I believe myself to be a wise person, and as wise person, i’m just saying be cautious, and don’t just pick up nonsense because the reality is it might just be a “fad” or trend.


      23. It is actually a natural part of animal life to die unnatural deaths, there are tons of animals out there that don’t eat fruits or vegetables, so i’ll leave it up to the food Sherlocks to figure out what the fuck is it that they eat, but the very reality of a life of an animal IS a “vicious cycle”, they don’t distinguish between being put out of their modern day food chain by an animal or by a human, they don’t think that deeply or live that deeply.

        So chauvinistic freaks pretending to care about the “suffering” of animals to add artificial significance to their flimsy personalized menus, is pathetic and a joke, which people like myself will never buy — they just desperately think it’s a strong and compelling case, and the only leg they have to stand on to get people on their shithead diets. But it is not a very strong and compelling case considering the amount of other overriding and compelling challenges in everyday life, and how animal products, on a food basis, play a significant role is adequately supplementing certain dietary challenges.

        If random people are “traumatize” by it, I don’t know what to tell, maybe get thicker skin or get some “therapy”, that is not and never will be MY problem. Your fake outrage and fake concern is just making you, maybe not bored, but DEPRESSED for no reason xD.

        I mean we paint these alternate images of animals — animals are not very concerned that much with you, unless you domesticate animals and those domesticated animals are saved from tons of unnatural deaths in the so called animal kingdom, otherwise, they are “animals”. People have cats, and portray cats as cuddly and stuff — those same cats are born killers, the moment that cat is released into nature, and sees a chicken, bird or a mouse, it kills all of those things and that’s just for fun “usually”, like they play with a ball of yarn. Dogs the same thing, lizards, ants etc.

        We are the ones that control these things temporarily, but that doesn’t hide the fact that these behaviors IS the reality. People come with the lame guise of that they feel sorry for the animals are whatever, but I mean, these are the same animals that really don’t give two shits about you xD. They will shit up your house, piss up your belongings and not give a damn — animals are not humane, they are not civilized.

        They are actually “lucky” that humans are in the equation because in some cases they get to live in pretty “stable” conditions for a while atleast, or even longer than their typical life spans in the care of humans, regardless of how long that may be for, than they other wise would have. So to compare animals to humans is just retarded, on all levels.

        I’m not advocating for people to just mindlessly kill things, if you think that’s what I was saying in anyway, you need to get your brain checked for shit stains, but given the state of affairs, sometimes “sacrifices” have to be made in honor of survival.

        The Freaks Of The Chauvinistic Diets can cry about the fact that there are fruits and vegetables, but not even these of course are the answers to everything and further more, no one has to explain to any of these pretenders, historically contemporary food options and choices.

        You were not brought into this life by them or to please clowns over small-minded insecurities, so therefore it is not up to them on how you sustain it, whether by plant stuff, or “hunting” means that are second nature to us, but very first-nature to them in the first place.

        Pissheads can go and bathe themselves in animal piss, or read a shitty book because they are clearly just bored [I guess], but I (or you) in no way shape or form have to entertain them.

        Long gone are the days of adam and eve, “bacteria” is everywhere now, even on your citrous “tamato” and crunchy grapes, beefs, porks and other krap. As I said before, it’s not an eating competition, and obviously I meant what i said.


      24. Diets can be good, but it’s all about knowing yourself and doing what’s necessary :D. Some people seem to think that it’s an eating competition and what-not but here is the true story:


      25. 8 Militant Principles

        1- You’re not a warrior if you’re a coward. Warriors and cowards are two different people. Mass Shooters and “bullies” are not warriors.

        2- You’re not a warrior, if you don’t stand by your word, or keep your word.

        3- You’re not a warrior if you need money to give you character

        4- You’re not a warrior if you don’t see the value in being a leader

        5- If you show off with a “crew” and ain’t saying shit by yourself, you’re a joke.

        6- You’re not a warrior if you’re not aggressive and persistent enough

        7- If you’re not thorough, you’re not a warrior because you won’t know what discipline is.

        8- If money can control you like a stripper, you’re not a warrior, you’re a stripper.


      26. I don’t believe in no stupid “aliens”. I believe in myself and I believe in god, I believe I originated form a fucking God, only god makes greatness xD. Fuck this Hollywood shit about “aliens” on mars and E.T. Fuck the stupid media, and its fake news about aliens also…

        Beware aswell of when some of these people speak of “aliens”, since “alien” is too much of an inclusive term, you know?. It’s too much of a broad term where some context-sensitive things could get lost in the association, because you can use the term “alien” to associate with things that are merely foreign, or just outside a particular region or zone, but lets not buy that bullshit for one second.

        We all know what the fuck the really mean more specifically, when linking stuff to that term, — they are picture little green men and saying here “well look, there are ‘alien’ things all around us, there ARE these ‘alien’ things outside, so TECHNICALLY, there is such things that are ‘alien'”, but obviously, when they say ‘alien’, they are implying notions of fucking human-form creatures who fly around in space crafts and memberships and use warps and “wormholes” like you see in Sci-Fi movies.

        I’m saying Flat-out NO!, period. There are no little green alien men controlling alien spacecrafts — there is nothing “alien” about planets either since they are part of the same life. Planets are real, the force that created mankind is real, because we are real — there are no “aliens”.

        I believe there is a god because life had to form somehow and I sure as fuck don’t think all of that is just because of dust collisions and material mutations out of objects that never had life in the first place. That is retarded, life comes from life. So that theory, is both logically and factually busted.

        They also believe that just because space is huge that it means there has to be life on other planets. But you need to understand that that’s their interpretation and it don’t necessarily mean it has to be like that just because they think it should be like that.

        Space is a very strange existence, it might not be what we think it is through our perception, it might turn out to be something completely different and way beyond our current understanding what the heavens is, but that said, it is good to ask questions, question reality and learn as life goes on. Also keep in mind that this era we live in is our time, we need not get too caught up in the past, this life is ours to make our mark NOW in these times, just as how life in the past had it’s own time, so that’s just the other side of things.


      27. How I see it, is if someone has a real mind, they don’t need the gossip, they don’t need to have “shock” value, because your substance already has real value and you can just rely on your own efforts and authenticity, ad they don;t desperately need attention. That’s how originals do it.

        That’s IF they have a real mind, otherwise they don’t have a real mind and they’re not really a fucking “creator” of anything, they don’t have creativity — that’s not them. They just cling to, and regurgitate, and parasite off of whatever is convenient at the moment.

        Who ever the bitch is that thinks they’re doing something “special” with all these other “gimmicks”, the lamebrain has a fucking peanut, or scrambled eggs, or something shriveled up xD. You ain’t saying shit, you’re just a joke, part of a mess.


      28. HA!, I gotta say, this whole computer-parts-pricing controversy sounds rather silly to me. The reasoning behind the GPU prices doesn’t make any sense man.

        The way i see it is, If people are actually buying-out the cards, that’s actually a good thing, it means that the retailers and the card makers are making money, and on top of that, it seems as if they are making even more money than they expected to make — it probably means that the original manufactures made huge profits aswell. So how does any of that justify these extremely high prices for the computer parts (the video cards in particular) that are well over their original MSRP rates?.

        There is talk that most of them are being bought up by only a select few people, but how is raising the price high as fuck going to be of any help to any one? xD. I mean is it, like some may suggest, too keep the cards around longer since they are at high prices and those buying more than one are less likely to buy more than one at such high price if they don’t have too or something, I mean there are many ways people can get more than one thing these days legitimately, there is alot of stores and alot of people out there — people can find “workarounds”, not to mention that if there are some people who can spend all that money buying up all these cards in the first place, they probably could still afford the expensive stuff, and more than likely, in a competitive environment, most of the cards are still ending up in their ownership.

        It also doesn’t add up when you consider that nobody knows exactly when a demand craze is going to stop, or exactly how long it’s going to stop. This scheme is wasting alot of time and it actually just makes it doubly-difficult for other people to get the cards, and on-top of that, you can’t ignore that these companies are possibly making alot more money due to the extremely high over-priced cards, because there are probably people desperate enough (or stupid enough) to buy them still xD.

        So what if people are buying out the cards?, people also buy multiple cars, clothing etc. Just use this as an opportunity to get more cards out!. This is what the card manufactures, retailers and the so called “AIB” partners live for!. They should welcome this, people are buying the fucking cards, isn’t that the point? xD. Why are you trying to slow it down by “artificially” raising prices?.

        If it goes out of stock, it just goes out of fucking stuck, because how things are handled now, the thing is, when it is in stock it doesn’t make a fucking difference since you have the prices “artificially” high as shit, so it’s like it still doesn’t exist to people, and is out of stock because no one is going to really try that hard to pay an “artificial” fucking price hike, and be scammed and ripped the fuck off πŸ˜„πŸ˜„.

        In my view, what is most likely to happen is, most people aren’t going to waste time or money with these artificial economics schemes, they may go to the “black market”, and the companies across the board doing the bullshit, will lose potential sales and not make as much as otherwise.

        So i’m trying to make sense of the exorbitant price schemes, but when you think about it, it really doesn’t do much, because on principle, the consumers still have to wait for proper adequate new stock for the prices to come down, to even consider buying anything either way, because the consumer is definitely not looking to be scammed or looking to pay way above than they have too. So this whole thing is like what the fucking shit is going on! 🀣🀣 πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž


      29. Let me inform you of the difference between am original “Computer” and a traditional “Console”. The critical between the two as I understand them to be, is that a “Computer” is designed to essentially be an extremely powerful “tool” to help with sophisticated computational functions. The platform it is literally designed from scratch to do computational and many different kinds “programing” aspects as good and as proficient as humanly possible.

        Where as a “Console” is usually designed to do one thing one thing only, which is to obviously play games. Consoles are like arcades that you can play I your homes — consoles were actually inspired by Arcade Machines, and so they are pretty much miniature arcades even if they run Operating Systems, they are not really “computers” in the sense that, they are not systems designed to do and manage computational or programing tasks very well compared to real actual computers.

        Consoles are tremendously crippled in the area of professional sophisticated and advances compute, since they are primarily gaming systems, or gaming machines (like arcade machines) with one central goal and overall design in mind, and that is in the most basic terms, to function as a Media Player.

        So calling a game Console a real computer is like calling a DVD player a computer xD. So a computer is a “computer” because they have tools to specially enable really highly computational operations, and programing capabilities and are not just used to play-back media. They are designed to properly handle and manage alot of various types of things, hence why they can also play games, but at the same time also make games. So it’s only when you really go to do operations that require the tools, capabilities and power to create, Network, program and process comprehensive parameters, you’d realize or you’d really see what makes “computers”, “computers”.


      30. Right so we know there is not one particular way to be healthy when it comes to commonly known foods. Flipping fools with their “C-Diets” (chauvinistic diets), need to know it’s not really an eating competition, but more so in the case of many, about survival!. Each and everyday it comes down to that basic necessity, the need to live, that’s what food is really for. Yes it can be enjoyable, it can be delicious but that’s besides the point, it’s not about who has the prettiest plate, it’s not about “mines is better than yours”, it’s about the fundamental reality that no one escapes — survival and longevity.

        The earth has an increasing population that’s very high and not all areas are suitable for the growing of certain crops, so it’s just fantasy to think that every single person is going to have proper access to the right kinds of daily nutritional needs (never mind having access to other kinds of necessities) through crop based foods each and every time. That would have been the ideal scenario in a perfect life, but we do not live in a perfect life, i don’t gave a fuck where you are, or who you are, it is not realistic that everyone can be on a crop based diet, especially considering the logistics involved that contribute to situations and conditions that are not sustainable.

        And that too is another off-set, the greedy industries and the politics that tax the fuck out of these “goods”, making them very expensive in certain places. So people need to mind their own fucking business, shove their own menus up their behinds, and focus on the real root of unnecessary evil, which is the money.

        The reality is, compromises usually have to be made as a necessary means to survival, and you just have to capitalize on what the fuck you’re stuck with — sometimes you have a small budget and you have to see how you can prioritize and make that stretch, not just for yourself, but the many others who may be depending on you, and you can’t always comfortably pick and choose. So in many cases it is good that there are helpful options, not just for personal preference, but for much needed advantage.

        We do not live a in a golden castle, people have unique challenges and have to meat (hahaaaaa get it?) those challenges with reasonable and sustainable approaches, and what ever that maybe for so-and-so, they will make that decision for themselves, if they feel the need to get healthy and what-not, they will also take the appropriate steps to archive that in the context of their own circumstances, IF their damn heads are on straight. Just because you’re on a “diet” doesn’t mean your strange fucking dietary choice is a wise choice for some other individual.

        Plus many of the diets some people go on, are fucking rubbish and have little to no plausible benefits. When you go on a diet, you need to make sure that that shit you’re doing, actually does what you think it’s doing or what you think it is going to do, because it might not be doing what you intend for it to do and might actually be worse for you and have fucked up negative draw backs. That’s why unless you’re in a serious, or DIRE need of a diet specific to a condition, it’s always good to maintain a balanced diet and just try not to over eat, otherwise your efforts are probably either futile, or foolish as fuck xD.

        People like to preach the bible in this case but somehow forget something that’s also in the bible, with regards to meats and foods etc, which is that it’s not really the meat but the “blood” that you should really try to stay away from, and also it’s not just what you eat that tarnishes and degrades an individual, but it is what comes out of the person. Also, prayer is very important, do you pray over your fucking food?, regardless of what diet you are on, you need to pray over your fucking food — give thanks.


      31. As I grow and get wiser and smarter, I realize that diets should only be used to really achieve something meaningful, because in reality, have you ever really been able to make a clear distinction between someone on a “chauvinistic diet” vs someone who is not on a specialized diet?, and I call them chauvinistic diets because most of the time it just comes down to some blinking jackass making a big deal, over what is just effectively their own fucked up, shitty, meaningless personalized “menu”, that has marginal psychological placebo effects at best, pretty much what essentially is just “hype”, but think you’re stupid enough to be convinced that they have everyone’s problems all figured out as a result of their dietary preference.

        I mean for all practical purposes, in everyday life “chauvinistic diets” are frivolous and don’t seem to actually translate in significant ways when it comes to common application. So it boggles the healthy-mind why at times people show-off certain diets, that are meagerly preferential in nature, and aren’t substantially “transforming”, health wise.

        I feel that often it comes down to insecurities, they just want to be acknowledged or get some attention, so they bolster these grass diets, or weird diets in general, as gospel. People show insecurities in alot of ways, some people get plastic surgery, some get hooked on steroids, some have crack-head substance abuse tendencies, and others for reasons only god can comprehend (or even might not), go on on very silly “diets”. So I think often these Chauvinistic Diets are more about dealing with insecurities, and aren’t really “diets” that have relevant causes.

        As I said before , if you’re trying to lose weight and stuff, or you need supplements, you go on specific diets, but even in the case of people who want to lose weight, once they control their portions and try not to over-indulge, often times that is what really makes them loose the pounds overall — just that basic step made tons of people with weight issues lose the pounds.

        So general moderation rather than going on strict dies, is all it takes for most people, unless you’re talking about specific cases where supplements are required, or the appropriate need to abstain from certain things as much as possible is specifically required.

        chauvinistic diets to me is kind of like a clown who discovers he can jog instead of run, and is very very very happy about it. It’s akin to some fool, who just discoverers he can actually eat what the fuck he “prefers” but eventually discovers not a single fuck was given that day xD.

        I mean call this hallucination on my part, but i have not really seen anyone on a preferential diet aka chauvinistic diet, able to do much of any basic everyday tasks significantly more noticeably than someone who isn’t.

        In many cases it’s extremely hard to tell unless someone on a weird diet, tells people they are on a weird diet, other wise, I doubt anyone would just notice well “this person is on X diet, and this person is on Y diet” — it doesn’t work like that. Call me clueless, but i don’t really notice any huge capabilities between someone on a chauvinistic diet and someone like myself who is very healthy and not on any particular diet.

        Don’t get me wrong, it is extremely good for people to look after their own health and eat well and healthy (and as I know, there is no one way to really be healthy in terms of diet), but a “chauvinistic diet” to me is just someone’s “preferred” way to eat, that doesn’t actually prove to have any real value in general, they just “feel” (especially out of insecurities) in their own minds, that it’s the best way to eat and live.


      32. Silly people that don’t even know the half of it, wanting to take you for a fool about how junkies and bums need a helping-hand is kind of funny. NO!, fucking freaks need to get a grip! — get up out of your stupor and face reality.

        You gotta understand, some folks tend to live the life they love, and in that case, there just isn’t fucking crap you can do about it. They are often grown people and need to take responsibility, such as stop being delinquent little thieves, especially being shitty enough to lie and steal form your own folks.

        Stop wasting all your money in drugs and booze, stop scrunt and expecting that you’re entitled to what the fuck some else has.

        One thing that’s not happening, is that i’m not going to be the jackass taken for a ride!. I’m too crazy for that, i’m not with what the norm is like that :D.


      33. Yup sharing more of thoughts, tips and suggestions about Asphalt 9 xD. You got it!, my attention span is legendary, and when I have opinions I really have opinions — my brain is the real deal :D. Basically if I don’t think I have said enough, or have explicitly stated that — expect more lol.

        I have said alot about the game so far, so this would be my last comment about the game and giving suggestions, until maybe after I have actually played the game when it has officially released globally and I want to give you my final impressions. As I said in an earlier comment, I would be reevaluating the entire game from scratch when I finally get to play it, so hopefully by then many of its significant issues would have been fixed and sorted out.

        I don’t think the team should do too much to the game, because that can change the fabric of the game, but many of the fundamental areas that prohibit people from get into to the game, and having pure fun with it, should be comprehensively resolved like the: “fuel” system, bugs and glitches that makes cars “wreck” or flip over and crash randomly, and the “rank” mechanic (there seriously needs to be some proper match-making that makes sense, match cars up appropriately based on performance regardless of rank or class). Those are the 3 fundamental areas that will make a big difference without interfering with the overall style and charm of the game.

        One other thing I must comment on too, is the length of the races. I actually think the sprint races are a fantastic idea, but I can see at times where some people may feel that races are too short, and in that case, a basic solution for that is to just increase the length of the sprints and make the routes longer, because on a side note, from what I saw, the amount of time it took to complete a sprint race in Asphalt 9, were around the same amount of time it took run a 1-lap race in some of the stages of Asphalt 8, it’s just that there were some stages that were longer than others like the tokyo track, and crystal lake and ice cave routs, but with a fast car and good driving, it didn’t really take too long to complete the stages. The only thing that really made races longer was when they were more than 1-lap, and that’s just basically plying over the same stage/route but in a loop for a number of added times, but some sprint races in asphalt 9 might be way too short, and for those obviously all you have to do as a basic solution, is to increase the length of the routes.

        My impression about sprint races in general, is that I actually think it’s way better to race sprints through different locations rather than just racing the same tracks over-and-over again in loops, to me it makes things feel more fresh and exciting. So I don’t mind the sprint races (or atleast not for career mode), and I would actually leave them in, except just either increase and extend the length of the sprints to give people more time to have fun racing, or just loop the locations (in the case of multiplayer) where the sprints take place, so that people can race and have fun a little longer in locations that would have been other wise too shot.

        Otherwise, all things considered, I really wouldn’t change too much about the game. As I mentioned the racing aspect of the game needs to feel thrilling and needs to feel responsive, and needs to feel fluid and needs to feel fast-paced, and I think they did that right in asphalt 8, so if the asphalt development team can keep the gameplay more similar to Asphalt 8 but just spice it up and add a little extra kick to the gameplay, that would be awesome!.

        It won’t be good if the cars feel clunky and stiff — the drifting and the ability to throw the cars around corners with a tap of Nitro felt very satisfying in Asphalt 8, and I think that is the way to go when it comes to keeping asphalt titles enjoyable to play in the context of real arcade racing, heck, even a touch (not too much) of the rally kind of steering in Asphalt Xtreme would also be good. But stiff, rigid clunky handling should be something to avoid, and in Asphalt 9 it looks like they are heading in the right direction, they just need to tune and tweak things to get the cars more in line with Asphalt 8 and Asphalt Xtreme to make cars handle more nimble and agile and swift and responsive.

        So I yeah once agian, I don’t think they should do too much with the game, they just need to focus on those few areas that are fundemental which really affect the experience of the game at its core — any other elements can be worked on later, but these critical aspects should be utmost priority.


      34. Do yourselves a favor and sometimes just learn to walk away or something, because some people think they are slick. Like for example, don’t tell me that you’re not really about the dispute, and yet still you want to “box” and stuff, because you “got hands” and all this shit — if you got “hands”, you can lose 1.

        As far as i’m concern i’m not a retard, if you really want to keep the peace, keep the fucking peace. Don’t tell me you’re about the peace and yet you still want a kind of “confrontation” or showdown or spectacle, because what that shows is that you think it’s a game, and If I suspect you think it’s a game, it’s not going to workout because you need something to show you how serious it is — fractured skull, loss of an eyes, all of your teeth gone, back broken, you’re crippled for life and everything else.

        That’s the kind of stuff you’re asking for if you think it’s a game. So if people really want to keep the peace, just do that like intelligent people and get back to business, and get some constructive stuff going. Just learn to walk away sometimes.

        Actually that’s my rule, if you think you’re Mike Tyson, i’m not impressed, if you think you’re jet lee, i’m not impressed. I don’t know what other people got going on, but that’s as far as I care to entertain these issues. You got hands?, you could lose 1.


      35. In Asphalt 9, there isn’t really a whole lot about the game i’ seeing that I don’t like, and from what I see from a general perspective, many people really want to play the game, so i would say the game is actually very good and not just in my opinion, and another plus is that it still has an “asphalt feel” to it.

        There are some games that tend have a different feel when they start getting into their 9th+ series, and they feel different, but that often come at an expense and the expense is that sometimes the series becomes extremely unrecognizable! and it doesn’t really feel like you’re playing a game that belongs in the franchise — it feels almost like a fucking reboot or some shit xD.

        With Asphalt 9, it still feels like an asphalt game and there are some gameplay elements that actually makes it fell like you are playing an asphalt game but with a twist!.

        Another thing I think I personally realize, is that it’s kind of pointless to compare this game too much to most other games in the series before Asphalt 8, solely because of the fact that this game is obviously supposed to be like a blend of their recent ONLINE Multiplayer asphalt games and not a proper single player arcade experience like some of the other games in the series, and from what I can see, this game does have the potential to be one of the best ONLINE experiences in the series, if they can get some of the “kinks” worked out. Online “free-to-play” games will never be able to match the quality and enjoyable standards of single-player games, and this is pretty much another online “free-to-play” game with a “career mode” just like Asphalt 8, and not a single player game with multiplayer functionality, like some of the older games in the franchise.

        That’s one thing I always try to keep in mind when analyzing this game, and it’s the fact that it’s not constructed in the same way that you would go about making a solid single player game, it seems like this is more of a overhauled multiplayer game that mixes a couple of elements from some of their previous ONLINE multiplayer games and tried to make an online game that’s similar to asphalt 8, but with a twist.

        So I think in that context, they did do a commendable job, and as a result many people, seem to acknowledge that and want to play the game really badly based off of what they are actually seeing right now.

        However once again, it’s not perfect, they need to work out that fuel system first of all, and they need to work on the gameplay bugs and they need to make sure that they fix-up the unbalanced multiplayer matchmaking, and match cars based on overall performance characteristics regardless of rank, and that will give people incentive to race with many of the cars because it would make sense as a result of the cars being properly matched in multiplayer, and matches being more competitive and fun no matter what car you choose. That again should be top priority and a big focus for now.

        What should be another focus is working on the progression in the game and trying to avoid too many luck and chance schemes, because when it comes to things like the blue-prints etc, these things are elements that should be more specialized instances, that should be introduced in ways that makes people want to do them. You can’t just put them in a game without careful thought, execution and and structural implementation, because if not done the right way, which are essentially fun ways, people are just going to think it’s a paywall, or a way to get them into micro-transactions and it will definitely ruin the game.

        Things like the blue-prints should be implemented in ways that should encourage people to want to play, instead of discouraging people from playing or making it feel like it’s not going to be time well-spent, or even money well invested.

        A basic [blue-print] solution is; lower the drop rates, and provide specific progress-trees (which are in the form of mini events) for cars, that can be unlocked (and played/participated in by any car that’s in the same class as the car you want to own), that would unlock different stages of the progress tree of the car you’re trying to get which would earn you its blue-prints.

        Something like that, which can speed up blue-print acquisitions and allow players to take control of how they get the blue-prints, and when they get the blue-prints, would be a very good idea, since it’s all about saving time and adding more transparency to an other wise convoluted, very vague and tedious system too heavily based on luck.


      36. Facts101: The difference between a WARRIOR and other kinds of “fighters”, is that a warrior doesn’t need a “gang” or an army, those are the things you do not fundamentally associate with a warrior πŸ’―. And a warrior is not just a “fighter” either, more or less a fighter is usually indicative or a personal battle, but a warrior is not just necessarily in it for himself and can carry weight and pain ALONE till he fucking dies — that’s the difference, PERIOD. and still worship GOD with the brothers and they sisters πŸ‘πŸ‘. #Truth #Deep


      37. These situations with mass shooting require careful and thorough analysis of the specifics involved. “Twitchy” labeling and off brand pseudo-psychiatry distracts from the real merits of these issues and further minimize the real volatility of the issue.

        While classifying the matter as “metal health” is merely what a fool wants to hear, I couldn’t gave a fuck less what fools want to hear and would like to bring awareness to the reality, that it just doesn’t add up, and is not even scratching the surface as far as I’m concerned.

        We have patterns of calculated planning, specific targeting, premeditation, clear organization, and motives that are more or less retaliatory in nature, rather than merely impulsive, and you mean to tell me that all of these obvious trends of appropriate orchestration and appropriate actions to carry out a targeted objective, which is a trending commonality among these mass-shootings, is just a matter of psychedelic incompetency, even though there are patterns of cunning-coordination usually involved, case after case?.

        I don’t know about that, but what I do see looks like a matter of very “misunderstood”, “denial” and “misdiagnosis” being ascribed without much thought or context, and you will not be able to properly deal with any kind of problem if you fail to even sense what the fuck the problem really is.

        “Mental Health”? Yeah right — good luck with that bullshit. In some rare cases maybe it is valid, but from what I understand, it barely applies to the vast majority of these mass-shootings. Plus when you take into account the huge number of people affected by real mental illness, who are all over the place, and yet this kind of stuff rarely happens anywhere else as much as it does occur in schools, the connection to “mental health” seems even less likely, and that perhaps it’s a manifestation of a different kind of issue, and like I said before that could be more than likely social issues which escalated.


      38. My eyes are focused πŸ‘οΈ, my senses are keen πŸ’‘οΈπŸ₯ŠπŸ’ͺ, and my determination is inspired by success β€ΌοΈπŸ’―. This is the GALL of a warrior ✊, and it’s how WINNING starts — inwards not outwards, forwards not backwards 🀘😎😎.


      39. Concerning Asphalt 9, this is my opinion about the 360-Spin mechanic. Considering that the game isn’t finished, it could be a place-holder but obviously i can’t be too sure. However regardless, like I said, the 360-spin is not an issue at all xD. I fail to even consider that as any sort of real issue.

        Could the animation be better?, of course, nothing is perfect and all games could be “improved” in one sense or another There is millions of animations they could have used, and they chose what they chose — not really a big deal.

        Now for an alternative animation/concept, I personally think they could make it into a sick “rev” and wheel burnout/smoking tires kind of animation.

        That way when it’s triggered you would hear the car rev-up, and you’ll see the tires spinning-up with smoke/dust kicking up and moderately trailing behind the car, and that way you know you’re charging up the nitro (along with the fact that you obvious would see the nitro bar filling up).

        So yeah, instead of a 360-spin they could use an animation like that, but like I said, the 360 spin isn’t too bad of an idea, and should be the least thing to worry about with so many other actual bigger issues :D.



        Just making more comments about Asphalt 9: Legends. There should be and effort to avoid a situation where there is a shortage of real ideas, and instead just opinions on the “cosmetic” crap, and not much actual good ideas on how to improve the damn game, on a gameplay level xD.

        That’s why i’m making these comments, so fans and developers alike can cut through all the B.S and see the actual constructive stuff meaningful to the game’s immediate and long-term prospects. Fuck the cosmetic stuff — that’s the problem with games these days, too much focus on cosmetic crap, and the game just gets left with cosmetic casual shit, because not enough focus is on the gameplay. So fuck the graphics, the graphics are great, and the stages look epic and such, so that’s not really an issue.

        Now when it comes down to the fundamental aspects, there are a verity of different ways the fuel system can be handled, and I had already expressed some ideas on that in a previous comment, but ultimately if it was just removed completely, that would be great — that could work perfect too xD. That would encourage more people to play, and that would encourage more people to speak positively about the game with their like-minded peers, and get others to join in on the FUN. Other wise, outside of Time Limited Events, the fuel mechanic makes the game feel very unsatisfying, especially when compared to other games out there, because you gotta understand, people are not just looking at the sate of the game in the context of other Asphalt titles, but will also compare the game to other titles in general, and make decisions based on that aswell, so the team needs to get it together.

        I think it would be great if the cars in the game actually are grouped and placed in categories that reflect their real life reputations, because that would add more appeal, instead of people requesting cars and then when the cars are released, you see a “Mclaren F1” being a D-class car, which is very “disappointing” and utterly fucked up xD. Like why is a “Mclaren F1” a D-class car?, that’s a complete waste, and it’s the kind of feeling you generally get in the game when new cars are released in the manner that they have been introduced in Asphalt 8, and they don’t live up to expectations LOL. It obviously feels more like “marketing” than anything else, but that’s just a side note.

        The other fundamental area, is the blue prints system. It was somewhat acceptable in Asphalt 8 where it only applied to SOME of the cars. Having them on ALL of the cars, is kind of too much of a limbo, because it will take an indefinite amount of time to accumulate those cards in order to earn, “assemble” and own the cars. And if you can’t own cars in a racing game, the experience again is compromised dramatically.

        *The solution would be to increase drop-rates for some, while the ones you think in your game are extra valuable, you can leave those with rare drop-rates, not to mention that you already have the option to make some available through events also. You can also get blue prints through “card packs” it seems like in Asphalt 9, which is a good idea, but again, if they are way too expensive, and the majority of them are only for tokens = bad idea, it’s not gong to workout well. As with the exclusive deals, make some available for tokens, AND make some available for credits, not only that, but like you did with the last update in Asphalt 8, these rewards could remain randomized but also have about 8-slots to choose from, to keep things mixed up and interesting.

        *I agree that a game with these things just given out for free and TOO easily, would definitely suck — that’s not a game i would enjoy very much personally xD. But there are too many restrictions designed around pay-walls in Asphalt Legends, that will fuck this game up, if there isn’t proper comprehensive measures put in place, and proper planning and a proper structure, so yeah, for the blue print system, have some of the drop rates for some of the car cards increased, while for the really special cars, keep the drop rates “rare” for those. Understand the point here, is emphasis on creating a comprehensive and interesting structure.

        *Have the car packs “shuffle”, where, they are still randomized but don’t make them too expensive, unless you have a structure, where there are “guaranteed” packs, which would be like over 500 – 1000 tokens OR 100,000 – 1 million credits, that guarantees a specific set of car cards.

        *The “regular” shuffled packs, would be 50 – 150 tokens OR 3000+ Credits a piece, which will give blue prints for cars that aren’t the “kings” but are still very good competitive cars, and hopefully the ranking system is fixed up so that all cars in their respective classes are fun to play with because they are matched-up evenly with other cars.

        *Don’t worry about the money, if you make a game fundamentally fun, that experience will encourage people to want to play, and “spend” if the purchases are reasonable. That’s what developers need to understand, if people are drawn to your game because they are genuinely excited, because the game is designed based around fun, they will be compelled to keep playing as much as they want.

        *Nobody finds the fuel stuff fun, or the overly extremely long time to collect cards for ALL the cars in the game, fun xD. Make the game fun and people will genuinely want to support. That’s how it works. not the other way around — your game will just flop, if you’re not making it enough fun for the fans.

        *The nitro in the air, the wrecks, the take-downs, the knock downs, the blast of perfect nitro, the 360 spins in the road, the barrel rolls and the flat spins off the ramps, plus the ability to make extremely long stunt-like jumps, are fucking SIC :D, and makes the game super cool and crazy, and I encourage more madness like that, but the pay-walls for every small thing in the game, is not at all fun, and I believe it will jeopardize the game and compromise what could have been an otherwise epic experience, if not fixed, and I tried to offer some suggestions in this comment and other previous comments. But in this one specifically, I tried to go more in-depth with the blue print system.

        *I understand that there is a technicality in making cars cost credits, where, they just keep going up and up in price and getting extremely expensive to purchase and to upgrade, and with the introduction of blue prints, you wouldn’t really run in to that issue where, the vulcan is 5 million credits, and the next car that comes out cost 12 million credits, and it just keeps going up and up xD. With blue prints, the situation is different, all cars could have the same number of blue prints to collect in order to get the cars without any substantial increase in credits needed, since it will come down to a matter of random acquisition of the cards, and mostly everybody has a fair chance, rather than most players having to grind their asses off, that will take forever if you had to buy cars for credits that have astronomical prices, release after release. But even with that issue, there is a proper way to handle it aswell. So I don’t mind the blue prints, in light of that kind of issue. There should be just more specific ways provided for players to be able to get the blue prints for specific cars, without it necessarily having to take forever to do so, for each single car xD.

        *There are ways around the credits issue too, as I said previously, just like the “Double Credits”, you can have a “Triple Credits”, or one that’s even better — it’s really not that hard.

        *Put boosters in the game that people can either, buy or collect through Cars Mastery, or as a prize for completing certain events in career mode, which for a certain amount of hours (just like the Double Credits is done) increases the amount of credits a player earns in races by high percentages that range from 50% – 200% or even more. I mean it’s really not that hard, and like I said, you can earn these through career mode, or car mastery, time limited events, or you can buy them on occasions. That will solve the “sky rocketing” credits technicalities.


      41. lol the 360-spin in Asphalt 9 and what my thoughts are on that are!.

        Hahaha I actually think it is an interesting mechanic, it might not be for everyone I guess (although i don’t see why since you’re already doing slat-spins and barrel-rolls and everything else in the game anyways), but I think it is highly useful. It’s not something you’d use all the time but as with everything else in the game, you use it to your advantage according to you situation, because it does actually have an advantage — sure the animation could probably be better, but that doesn’t change the actual purpose of the mechanic. But if anyone doesn’t want to use it solely because of the animation (which to me is actually ok), you could just not use it. I don’t think they need to do anything drastic like remove it or anything, since that would be kind of silly since it adds another interesting benefit to game play, but at the same time isn’t something that needs to be used.

        It’s like if I don’t want to do a barrel roll, i’m free not to do a barrel roll. If I don’t want to use NOS, i’m fee not to use NOS — the option is yours, the choice is yours. You can always pretend it doesn’t exit, though ti’ll be pretty silly not to have it in there since it’s clearly another way to opportunistically get nitro…

        I see that mechanic like how I see the other things concerning nitro in the game that are optional. There is plenty of ways you can gain NOS — you don’t have to use any of them if that’s your idea of playing this game. But I Also like the fact that there is also other ways you USE nitro to your advantage too, like you can use it in the air now as I mentioned previous.

        In asphalt 8, it was a little rough around the edges in certain areas, and certain things were buggy, where, whenever a car went up into the air and stood there long as fuck (LOL), there was no way to fucking speed it up, but fortunately Asphalt legends came to the rescue and that issue is not really a thing anymore, since nitro actually works to manually push the car forward now!.

        That is fucking brilliant, I mean why not?, depending on the situation you’re in, the inclusion of that physics, can be used to help the car go forward in the air slightly faster, so if you’re in the air too long (especially in cases due to a bad jump, or because of a random bug or something), OR you want to make a risky jump to a short cut or you feel the car needs just a slight push to get it to where you want to go, it’s good that the boost actually helps push the car through the air for a while.

        Heck, sometimes you’re in a very competitive race and you’re neck-and-neck with someone and you needed just a slight push to land on a ledge to pull a couple of seconds ahead of your opponent — it would be great if the nitro worked in the air in that kind of situation, because you can try stuff and take greater risks, which makes circumstances more dynamic.

        So to my mind, the fact that the developers actually thought of putting these useful mechanics in the game, is remarkable. To me if anybody complains about something as
        none detrimental as that, it’s safe to say they don’t know anything about game design, much less how to make a game interesting.

        I mean, could you imagine anyone silly enough to want all of these minor touches and features removed?, including the options to change the colors of the cars, upgrade the cars you want and other stuff?, well welcome to reality, there are boneheads who would actually mindlessly fuck this game up if it were up to them xD. Good thing it’s not, and what’s more is that none of the aforementioned aspects are fundamental or affects the way that people are able to really experience games like Asphalt 8 and 9 as real, fun, competitive racing games.

        The things that frig the game up on a fundamental level, are things like the fuel mechanic, needless pay-walls, bugs and glitches that wreck and launch cars randomly, and the awful match-making lmao. These are the important issues that need critical attention, not some of those other optional inclusions.


      42. let me tell you a little something about some of the weirdos on weird diets. many of them are just bored fucking buffoons, because when you look at the facts, throughout the history of civilizations, multiple individuals that lived long prosperous lives to the age of being centenarians, had lived various life styles, and were not all on any strict diets, That bracket is shared by people from many backgrounds and dietary habits.

        So, many of these Grass Fanatics who flaunt and parade this bullshit, are just wasting their fucking times like stuuuuupid fucking bimbos xD. The only time these diets really matters are in the cases of individual who seriously have health needs, like people who are trying to lose weight or have certain deficiencies in their nutrients, or they have blood pressure issues, or they might not have enough iron in the blood, you know, things like those. Not some dumb jackass that just wants to be “recognized” for a pissy eating “preference” 🀣🀣.


      43. In terms of gameplay in the asphalt series across the spectrum, I strongly am against doing anything with the responsive, Fast-paced nature of the series. I think that suits the game best and is a quality that is classic and never gets old. So messing with that formula isn’t a good idea at all.

        What would be a good idea is to introduce other kinds of mechanics on-top-of that fast-paced arcade style of racing, that would provide players with new interesting techniques they can use to gain a competitive edge, instead of these wild, nonsensical micro transactions that’s just wasting valuable “room” in the game, that can be used for actual good stuff, that people would actually enjoy and appreciate.

        So after we get past all the wild, tacky useless junk that hopefully gets fixed and replaced with proper incentives, lets move on and talk about other ways they can improve the game with things that are interactively fun.

        An interactively fun idea, or CRAZY a heck idea to be honest, would be introducing some kind of a “Rumble Mode” to the series, and I classified it as a “mode” because by having it as a separate format, it would allow the basic “classic mode” to remain intact for when people just feel like racing regular common “lap” races, while on the other hand it would allow for the developers to be more flexible with putting interesting practical competitive ideas into the series.

        Lets take the basic principles of “knockdowns” for example and bring it closer into focus. It would be so much more fun if there were other ways to “take down” or “knock down” players in races, apart from the usual stereotypical “hit the person from the back or at the side” approach.

        Instead, in Rumble Mode, new dynamic actions would be included into the experience, that will give players awesome offensive, maneuverable and defensive tactics, and these will be implemented in the style of regenerating power-ups on the track, and these power ups would allow players to have access to a range of fun powerful options that grant temporary abilities.

        Being randomized in nature, some of these capabilities could randomly give people a kind of “projectile” that they can shoot out to wreck other players, or you can have one which increases a car’s “resistance”, or you can have one that makes the nitro of a car temporarily lasts even longer, or even some power-ups that make the vehicles invincible for a while, or even pull off super fast re-spawns after a wreck. And again, these are just rough examples.

        That would make things even more competitive and allow people to get a bit more aggressive if they choose too, and alot of these things would add more captivating things to do in the game, gameplay wise, and make it an even more exciting and crazier affair than just the regular method of knockdowns and take downs currently being used.

        To me these things are far better to focus on than all these restrictive features just wildly plastered all over the game, that just makes the game crappy xD.

        I actually support 100% and without question, these kinds fun and crazy measures that are critical and compelling enough to get people into the game, and not things that wildly retards and dumb-down the game just for the sake of getting money, because I mean, at the end of the day, things in the game can be for Credits and Tokens. Gameloft has cars and bikes in Asphalt 8 that both have a credits and tokens option, it’s even done in a way with the daily exclusives, where, some can be bought with credits and some can be obtained with Tokens — they can apply this idea to many other parts of the game too, so I don’t see why they have to riddle the game up with these other micro-transaction schemes.


      44. Just a run down of a list of the real issues that should be resolved in Asphalt: Legends. These are, to my mind, the top 3 areas:

        1- The ranking system (they need to make sure there is proper balance and that cars are matched up evenly and closely based on overall performance)

        2- The Bugs/glitches which makes the cars randomly wreck and flip-up in the air in Asphalt 8

        3- The completely awful fuel restriction mechanism

        As I mentioned, the goal should be to put things in the game that are satisfying, and that elite thing was not satisfying xD. I actually thought it would have been better if the charge meter only went down 1 bar at-a-time after each race, instead of what at times looks like almost half the bar gone only after one race — Struggle ASF! LOL

        Otherwise I think the way the charge bar concept was executed, actually got in the way of the fun, and in my mind, no matter how much tokens anyone spent to refill the bar, it was just such a compromising mechanic, that it just didn’t feel all that great or satisfactory, and like I said before, it’s actually a huge downgrade from, not only some of the other asphalt titles, but in racing games as a whole.

        It’s really going to prevent alot of people from really getting into that game. I really believe the fuel mechanic is going to significantly hinder the potential of that series, because the elite stuff was not a very popular or embraced structure in Asphalt 8, so you could imagine how things would be in Asphalt 9 which as alot more of it.

        But it does seem to have everything else going for it, and the Career mode of legends looks very good. If it’s similar to Asphalt 8’s own where progression means, you complete tasks, gains “stars” and pass a certain amount of individual race events, to unlock more seasons, locations etc — that would be AWESOME. And the fact that there are approximately 70 “locations” (notice they said locations and not 70 individual stages — it’s probably certain parts of the same stages, divided into section/locations), is also very exciting especially since the stages are very well detailed and have various destructible and atmospheric/weather activity going on, not to mention the stages themselves are very well themed/detailed.

        Now the real highlight of the game which is multiplayer, looks like tons of fun but i’ll definitely have to see more about it, and about the rest of the game, to know for sure. In fact, I’m actually going to reevaluate the game, all-over-again, when it finally gets released for the other platforms (especially windows PC, which is the platform i’m using). Hopefully by then, alot of fundamental issues will be resolved and it turns out to be even better than what we are seeing now.


      45. what I meant in my last comment about using credits instead of tokens for fuel in Asphalt 9: Legeds, is atleast there being one opportunity at the end of each race (that you placed 1st in, perhaps), to choose from a list of options about which asset you’d like to obtain for a certain amount of credits, or if you’d just like to save the credits and move on. So in this case you’d be given an option to gain more “fuel”, or increase the overall fuel capacity of a car etc, and that’s the only opportunity you’ll have to spend credits on anything “fuel” related in the game, other wise you’ll have to use tokens. I think that’s a good and fair solution for this whole fuel issue, and is what I meant yesterday about atleast having an option to use credits to gain fuel apart from tokens.

        What would also be interesting to see in Asphalt 9, is if there will be much better quality car and engine sounds xD. I hope there will be, because there is the capability to have diverse and proper car sounds in the game, the developers just need to make that a priority, so I hope that is an area that’s given proper attention this time around too.

        Another CRAZY thing that’s good to see is that nitro actually works in the air lmao. I thought that was a no brainer — when playing Asphalt 8 I always wondered why the heck doesn’t nitro still thrust the car when you’re in the air?. C’MON it’s a video game, lets do something cool and crazy :D. So it’s good to see that nitro still helps the car maintain momentum when you’re in the air like a jet lmao. That’s crazy and that’s what’s up, that’s what the game needs.

        I actually think they went in the right direction with the crazy art style aswell, because to me, alot of times when companies try to make the games look too real, the games end up being too boring, very bland and extremely generic. Games like these don’t need to be “real”, they need to be crazy and fun and interesting, and what I like about Asphalt 8 is the crazy creativity, which is what I also like about what I saw in Asphalt Legends’ gameplay footage — it’s about the creativity.

        In terms of cars I would like to see, that aren’t in the game already, there are a ton of cars that I can list that I would like to see in the game, i wouldn’t mind seeing the Pagani Zonda R back in there being a beast this time like it actually is, rather than the slow car it was in Asphalt 8 lol, but I wouldn’t mind seeing some F1 cars making an appearance just like in Asphalt 8 too HAHAHAHA. That would be super CRAZY.

        Which brings up another point — I think it would be way cooler if the stats of the cars in the game, actually matched their real life reputations, that would be awesome! :D.


      46. What i’m going to say about asphalt legends is that it has very huge potential. The graphics are a huge step up in the series and makes the game have a distinctive tone and feel because of its rich and destructible environments. It truly looks like you’re playing through an adventure, and the mixing of familiar asphalt series elements from the asphalt series, is a very good touch, but obviously what makes a racing game truly outstanding doesn’t stop there and there are some areas of concern.

        One of the greatest things about moving to a new engine or making a new game is that you get a really massive opportunity to correct many of the old issues, and things like the fuel system can be implemented in far batter ways. I actually think having fuel spots on the tracks where racers can moderately refill a fuel gauge, is times better than the static fuel points system they went with, because the whole point of putting things in the game, should be to make the experience feel satisfying, and only having a set fixed number of races with each car in the game, is not a satisfying deal.

        That was exactly the most critical problem with the “elite cars” in asphalt 8, and that totally sucks xD. I personally believe that if you want a “fuel” mechanic in the game that’s actually satisfying, then having fuel refills on the tracks that players can reach to in real time, to restore a certain amount of fuel, just as how its done with getting more nitro, is the best way to go, instead of the static ticket-style fuel count approach being used, which is very bad, very boring and very unsatisfying.

        In each race, the player should start with a full fuel bar and then it’s up to the player to make sure they successfully go over as many fuel pads scattered around the track as possible, to refill as much fuel as possible throughout a race in order to stay in a race, and if the fuel runs out before the race finishes, the car blows up and the player is ejected from the event, and you have to start a new race. That to me sounds way more fun and way more satisfying. The only way it gets better is to remove the “fuel” system altogether since I don’t think a system like that adds any real value to an arcade game such as Asphalt 8/Legends xD.

        Another thing, is the way the cars feel to drive in an online game. The fluidity and responsiveness and the arcade physics of the series, is one of the critical things that made online play so much fun in Asphalt 8. I had played a bit of other online games back in the not too distant past, and the quality of online gameplay in Asphalt 8, is by far one of the best racing games to experience online. So if I was Gameloft, I would try very hard not to ruin that formula, because that is the soul of the game, which made it extremely fun. Graphics is one thing, but the fluidity, responsiveness and physics of the gameplay is another thing.

        I’ll also just add that I like how the graphics actually add to the immersion and themes of the stages, because all of these elements seen in the trailers and gameplay footage, actually makes the game feel like a different experience, maybe not totally BETTER in every way than some of the things seen in games like Asphalt 8 etc, but immersion wise, atleast different in a very fresh way.

        The things to me that negatively impact the game in ways that matters, are not graphical but actually on the progression side — I’m not really a big fan of the overly blueprint collection requirements, since I prefer the game to be as transparent as possible in that aspect, and I don’t believe the blueprint system helps with the transparency aspect of fundamental areas of the game related to progression. SOME of the cars cars being blueprints is ok, but all of the cars being blueprints acquired, presents too much of a “luck and chance” factor that I am definitely not a fan of, and also affects the pace of the game.

        I’ve also seen some customization features in footage of the game, and that’s an excellent addition. It gives you a reason to play around with the cars more and express yourself and such.

        I also think it’s great that you have the 360-degree spin mechanic in there too, which provides another interesting way to build up nitro. The game seems ALOT more stable in the actual gameplay in comparison to some of the buggy and glitch issues in the gameplay you run into with Asphalt 8, so that is hugely good. But the fuel stuff and the blueprint stuff, I think would majorly affect this the Asphalt 9 game, and would keep it back, and I believe they should change up a couple of things concerning these areas — even have the options to exchange some credits (not tokens) for fuel points would be GREAT. Otherwise I think the fuel mechanic should just go altogether xD.


      47. lol just some opinions about Asphalt 9:Legends. I haven’t played Asphalt legends yet, but there is some chatter about the cars having a “fuel” mechanic, and if the game has a “fuel” mechanic, that’s a TERRIBLE idea right from the start. That is going to hold back the potential of that game tremendously xD. If all the cars in that game feel like “elite” cars, that is going to significantly get in the way of the experience, because elite cars was an interesting idea introduced in Asphalt 8, but to me, that idea was not executed well. Only being able to play with the car like 2 times and then have to wait for like 5 hours or pay 500 tokens just to race another 2 or so races, is a process which nobody is going to find that appealing and is a very huge downgrade, from not just Asphalt 8, but the vast majority of racing games in general xD. Atleast in asphalt 8 that mechanic was only the case with a few cars, but applying this to all the cars, severely compromises the experience.

        What would be very good fixes and improvements to the series, would be programmable controls for the PC. Far less “ghosting” issues, higher frame-rates, also the ability to just store boxes without them opening automatically, would be great.

        Better “farming” options, maybe in the form of a special unlocked season event that becomes available when you collect a certain amount of “stars” or cars for example, OR even another form of credits boost, like in addition to the “double credits”, there could be “triple credits” that are found in the mastery of some cars, or it appears randomly once in any stage for a certain time, and players have to see who can be fast enough get one, and once you have one, you can’t get anymore for a while.

        Also new types of racing modes and proper intuitive ways you can enter those racing modes would be a very exciting addition to the game, instead of the non-intuitive-process of having to “vote”, which lead to a waste of interesting conceptual game-play modes and options in Asphalt 8.


      48. I’m not a police or in government, so I give zero fucks about the the politics or the legal lingo. My only interest here on this subject is to do what I know and do best, which is see through unadulterated bullshit, and share it with people in hopes that it will help them make wise or wiser moves. Don’t expect alot of “shock” from me, because in a case like this a “shock” can get you shot and hopefully it doesn’t take that to wake an ignorant jackass up because sometimes it has the exact opposite effect, so don’t look to me for pissy shock gimmicks, i’m not a clown. What I do is if anything is “in-your-face”, VERY OBVIOUS a.k.a it’s waking people the fuck up period.

        Yes we know “gun control” and mental-help can do positive things, but I am also not ignorant enough to think that this is enough for this kind of issue, so at the same time more can be done by looking at the “root-cause”, and the root cause here comes down to social issues. It comes down to a wide range of factors like self-esteem, lack of proper support in people’s lives and things like this.

        With a society like the U.S that’s not only big but hugely populated with people having all kinds of ways and perceptions, stereotypes, you name it, you’re not going to fully solve these kinds of targeted attacks by gun-control and “mental health”.

        Half these people don’t even really have real metal issues to begin with, so I don’t know how the fucked up frig that is even going to work here. As a matter of fact, half the time these motherfuckers manipulate this “mental health” crap, and get off easy and avoid “serious time” xD.

        The gun-control and mental heath thing is a sideshow within the context of how deep this problem really is. The trigger behind many of these mass-atrocities are social issue, and you’re not going to solve social issues by just systemic or material mechanisms, so to really help with this issue long-term, it starts with the community, it starts in the homes, it starts in social circles, it starts in-side people, internally not externally.

        So when I talk about the cultural aspects, these are the basic fundamental things i’m referring to. All these other things like gun-control and mental health while helpful to an extent, just treat symptoms — they’re just temporary until people find a way around them. There is not really any one single solution here.

        The two scapegoat sacrifices (gun control and mental health) are often brought up because people just think you need to be a fucking police, politician or goddamn rocket scientist, when what it’s really about is reaching people on a conscious level to break the cycle of cancerous habits, beliefs, domestic conflicts etc, that makes some people self-destruct and breakdown from the heart.


      49. Updated the Road Runner topic today, which is right here

        And in update 18, you will be given a BIG chunk of insight such as the brand new rides I have obtained and what to expect in that area of new cars coming up, also my final thoughts AND reiterated suggestions about Asphalt 8’s Fall Out Boy update and the game’s buggy, inaccurate match-making issues LOL — my opinions of the new Asphalt Legends footage, and me scoring Top Times in the Top 10 of a recent Old School Cup event held in the game, plus other interesting details you may want to know as to probably why I didn’t get the #1 spot 😜😜.


      50. LOL I think it is very important for me to express to you all the different “types” of gun crimes, but what still makes them all the same…

        A “mass shooting” is like when there is a gun assault on numerous persons by a gun or guns. A head-shooting is like when a head got shot by a bullet from a gun. A plain old “shooting” in a broad term and may not be a “mass shooting” but it’s also an attack with a gun , and what makes all of these common, is that even though they are categorized as different types of attacks by guns, they are still guns used, and these other “types” of “shootings” still happen all over the globe with guns.

        Now the way some individuals may explain these mass-shootings, you might think that maybe there is a specific problem in one area related to the types of guns involved, but lets not be fooled by the “mass shooting” talk, there is a huge difference between a “mass shooting” and general “gun-crimes”. Let me break it down, in alot of other countries even though there are no “mass-shootings” per-say, there are still a relatively concerning amount of “gun crimes”.

        People high off ignorant politics like to say there are gun laws in other counties and the issue is that the U.S just have more guns, NOPE, america is a big ass place and even if you were to get rid of “assault riffles” all together, it still would be a place with more guns on earth than most countries and more crime, and more of alot of other things, since it is literally that big…

        It IS true that in some other countries there are stricter “gun laws”, and it IS true that there are no mass “school” shooting in those countries, but there is still a considerable number of homicides by guns in these same countries, BUT there are no “mass shootings” — however there are still shootings never-the-less with guns.

        You don’t need an “assault rifle” to shoot multiple people with a fucking gun. A gun is a gun, so in those same countries with gun-crimes there is still always a chance that someone could just go and shoot a school up and kill people with a gun, but compared to the us, that still doesn’t happen, and it does not happen because it is not only an issue of guns, it’s also cultural elements…

        Before you talk about that there are no mass-shootings in other countries, you must seriously consider that that’s just half the story and that the other fact is, there are still issues with gun crimes in those very counties with no mass-shootings, and you can say “ok but it’s because there are specifically no ‘assault rifles'”, but that does not matter, since it doesn’t matter what you call a gun, most guns are able to kill multiple people, yet still in a huge number of countries that still have gun crimes, where anybody can use a gun and shoot anywhere they feel like, you still do not see people taking guns to school and shooting up students and staff.

        So this argument about these other places not having “assault rifles” (again, a gun is a gun) still doesn’t really hold up in the context of how many people all over the globe are killed in gun crimes by gun-weapons — weapons that can still easily kill just about any and every one whether they are hand-guns or “assault rifles”, and yet there is rarely an incident where some of those guns were used to carry out assaults in schools.

        You can’t even say it happens “more” in the U.S. because of the “assault rifles” in the U.S and mental issues, because, this kind of thing doesn’t even happen at all in any other country with ANY kind of gun, even though there are still serious gun-crimes in those same countries, just like in the U.S where there are still serious gun crimes that are not “mass-shootings”, in addition to the mass shooting that affect U.S schools.


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