Update Log

—-[Full list of all critical updates made]—-

[1/JUL/2019] Just making this update to let everyone know that I have made a decision on a theme and i’m current having creative fun and doing my thing with the “Radcliffe 2 ” theme — I have no plans to stop using it any time soon unless something comes along better and more suitable for the ideas I have in mind, but for now this theme is awesome. I still have alot of things to do as far as implementations and  fine-tuning is concerned, but these are gradual steps that will take shape overtime — Stay Tuned.

[24/MAR/2019] There are some issues i’m encountering with the pique theme (certain functions cease to work properly like the “opacity” and panel optimization, color changing etc), so i’ll use this opportunity to play around with some of the other themes and other styles

[23/MAR/2019] I chose the “Pique Theme” theme. Now i’m looking through its layout and its format and I will experiment with a couple of things to see what it can do. I’ll have my blog fixed up in due time.

[17/MAR/2019] – I’ve been using the current theme that I have for a while and it has done its purpose very well and it is an awesome theme for what i was looking for when I first started using WordPress.

Lately I have been looking at some of the themes that have shown up, so I am looking to try out a different style — one that keeps some of the key aspects of my current themes but also has other aspects to play around with.

[02/OCT/2016] โ€“ At this point i have finished fixing most of the links that were not working in the blogs properly due to coding issues, and have also utilized an old solution to a recent problem where I could not get the old codes for the Thumbnail images hosted  on Photobucket to work, where Basically all I had to do was to enable the HTML-thumb feature in my photobucket account, so that it would “generate” an HTML version of a thumbnail code, which you can use to embed thumbnail images into your blogs. So I did that with the majority of images that required this, in addition to also swapping the links of regular images and Videos out instead for the appropriate working ones in most of the blogs, and this concludes most of the critical work that needed to be done where my blogs were concerned. All that’s left to do now is to fix up the “formatting” on some of them, to conform them to their original presentations. On another note, the Tinypic codes for videos that I have hosted on Tinypic, don’t seem to be very compatible with wordpress so i have to work on alternatives to get that issue sorted out and will notify when anything changes.

[21/AUG/2016]I recently transferred most of the blogs I had originally published on Capcom Unity, but that’s just the first step. I actually have to go into the blogs and re-link all of the images and videos that are supposed to be in each individual blog since the other site uses BBCode and WordPress uses HTML, which made the original codes for links unworkable. There is also some reformatting that needs to be done with some of the blogs as well. Don’t worry, eventually i’ll sort this all out! :D

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