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  • Experimenting

    Hello my incredible supporters <3 <3. This topic is about experimenting with better ways to manually place posts in different sections. This is a test post to see if I can control exactly were "posts" go to first, rather than having everything automatically showing up in the main blog section, because if and whenever I try to have a certain theme going on and everything keeps posting to the main blog, as you may have see, especially with the case of much of what I have been doing lately, it's not always the best thing for presentation hahaa.

    I had to atleast “sticky” some of my main posts for that page to prevent them from being pushed down by the general “COMMENTS [##]” caching I had made that are actually for the Comments [RAW EDITION] page lol, so i’m just making this post to find out more about how this awesome “Radcliffe 2” theme works, and wordpress in general. So if you see a couple of these show up, that’s pretty much what i’m doing xD. There shouldn’t be too many appearing since I tend to test out alot of this stuff in private.

    If all goes well, you should be seeing this post on the vigilance page where the main blog posts use to be.

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