Gaming Conference Part 4: Crazy and Fantastic Prospects

That time has landed again folks! xD. The time where I resume my “Gaming Conference” series that started a while back, where in it you will get some insight into my plans in making my first ever fantastic computer, and also how that factors into my future gaming-related operations. This time however this would be the final chapter in this series, which would make it a series that has 4 whole parts to it, filled with in-depth info as to what i’m up too. This fourth part you’re reading had been teased for a couple of months, so it’s with great excitement and eagerness that I make it happen and present it to the public, and especially for those who had been following from since the release of the very first one.

Due to recent developments there has been a new series that I had started related to this, and it’s the recent topic I did entitled “Killa’s Surprise Unboxings”, where in that, I will be following up on the things I have disclosed in this blog series, and revealing lots of surprise goodies that i will be showing you pictorially, and in all of their grandeur and splendor, plus that’s not all, there will be approximately two other spin-off series that will be coming soon that are also inspired by this series, that will become follow-ups, that to some extent, continue on where this left off and therefore the fun continues xD.

In this final part, this is where I will give some technical aspects of my next build unlike before with the other three parts, where, I was just giving an “overview” so-to-speak, as well as giving some background and history in terms of my reasons for doing this, and what inspired me to, and what to expect as far as other attributes of the build is concerned. This time is when I will really get into some technical factors of this fun system that i’ll be building, so keep reading.

I think one critical thing that I must make clear is that when i’m going to be building this computer, i’m going to try to build it with some of the most professionally durable components out there, and i’ll also try not to go too overboard with it’s creation, so don’t be surprised to see that I may have not gone with certain elements, or may have just opted for reliable alternatives that could get the job done just aswell but they just may not be as “cosmetically” exuberant. Don’t get me wrong, my system is going to be colossally kickass and absolutely radical in respects to its design, but just not that way in regards to certain conventional minor areas, because don’t forget, I already made it clear that I’m also going to be making this computer look awesome aswell as perform superb, it’s just that you should expect that it would be done so more unique, instead of “cliche” or predictable — that’s essentially what i’m saying. So there might be typical schemes and themes trending that I might sort of “bend/twist” a little, or I may just utilize alternatives, but what I also will be emphasizing and paying close attention too, is getting the best bang for my buck and making sure that my money actually goes invested into things that are reliable and will last, and wouldn’t necessarily fail when they are actually being pushed. That is what I will keep in mind when buying my computer’ parts, and I have already started doing so with the latest motherboard that I did buy recently, which is an incredible beast, which enables incredible technologies, which shall aid me in my incredible gaming and production related content and materials.

For one, lets talk about Dedicated Proponents for a sec. I’m going to have the ability to work not one, but “multiple” Core Processors with this system compared to the laptop i’ve been working with for some years now (which is only a one CPU-socket Dual-Core Chip), and there aren’t just any processors, they are some of the best processors that money can buy and they are designed to work around the clock. So by that, you can tell they are very high-caliber and top-of-the-line components, that are meant for heavy duty operations and that most likely, can withstand high levels of demand. This is exactly the kind of reliability that I need because, it is very annoying to be doing what you’re doing, and then all of a sudden, something just fails xD.

With my experience that I have gained over the years when dealing with computer’s and system failure, it has thought me to pay careful attention to the reliability and durable-quality of assets, and therefore, I think i’m making a very wise investment with the tools and parts that I, in some sense “have” (in terms of the motherboard), and “will” be getting (in terms of the other parts that I will be owning shortly). What this synopsis also highlights is one other key thing: Dedicated Proponents!. That’s right, you may not think much about it at first, but for me, these are things that I couldn’t help but pay attention too, or afford to ignore, as someone who is going to be moving from a laptop to an actually seriously specialized and custom computer build. See on a laptop, doing what I have been doing and trying to do, most of the time, you don’t really have that much options, but with the new system i’m creating, I have the ability to tailor it accordingly to meet certain specific needs and because of this, I will incorporate alot of DEDICATED hardware a.k.a Dedicated Proponents, to help in areas where I need a certain kind of performance. So be rest assured I knew exactly what I was doing when I bought this Dual CPU Beast.

I’m right on the money with that investment, because along with the durable CPUs, I also have the ability to connect multiple micro-devices for storage and whatever else I might need. I mean talk about USB connectivity!. With my new computer, I will be able to have a massive number of high-speed USB connections, and i’m talking about unprecedented levels in any capacity that was virtually unthinkable in times gone buy, never mind the fact that it would be an epic transition for someone such as myself who is elevating to that, from a tiny laptop. For some more perspective, I once had an old computer that only had 2 USB 2.0 ports xD. Only one of those ports was used at any given time because the other port was always being occupied by the keyboard (so you know i’m talking about some 90’s type shit going on here lmao), and then a couple years later, that’s when the “laptop era” started for me and the fam , since the old computer was replaced now by a more modern laptop (so as you can get a sense, the laptop is not really mine per-say, it’s for the family in general. Just a side note), and of course, with laptops, they typically come around as portable computers with a built in keyboard as mine did, but still with 2 USB slots lol. In this case, none of the USB ports were taken up automatically by a mandatory device like a keyboard etc, like the old computer was, so you essentially had two whole slots free, that you can use for anything. Then, skipping a few years and some long stories, eventually came this Sony Vaio which presented a similar situation as the previous laptops, except with 4 whole USB high seed 3.0 slots, which is always good, and so you know then that anything more than that, would be automatically absolutely epic because more USB slots are always helpful, and with my new system, I will have way more than 4 — the more USB ports I have is fantastic since it equals more productivity! :D. So the build is going to have MULTIPLE durable powerful CPUs, and a ton of high quality USB ports aswell, which even by that alone, you can see dwarfs the functionality of the laptop i’m using lol.

That’s Dedicated Proponent number 2. Now we’re on to what comprises number 3, and here it’s only right that I mention Graphical Processing Units, which tend to be a huge pain in the ass for gaming xD. Typically it is often recommended that you have a proper Video Card to game with since most games really utilize them. I’m probably one of the rare few that thinks it’s actually much better to have a good all-around system and that all the focus shouldn’t be on the GPU, which is why i’m actually going to take my own advice and make sure that I add in quality components in all other areas, but since i’m going to be gaming ALOT, it makes sense that after having all of the other areas “well oiled”, I will also install some great graphics cards too, and my next machine will also be able to accommodate multiple high-end and high-quality technical graphics based proponents aswell, which is another new territory for me because laptops generally don’t have video cards, they usually have on-board built-in Graphics Chips, and trying to do alot of the advanced stuff I had been wanting to do, like things relating to my video productions or developing games and actually playing games — had become almost next to impossible on this laptop i’m using because of the absence of proper graphics processing tools, so as you can see, having the ability to configure multiple Dedicated Proponents to be utilized for certain applications and programming, will fix this issue and eliminate some of those technical limitations I had been facing for a while now, with my laptop. I will have unprecedented control in this area also because dedicated factors in this area, aren’t going to be just limited to gaming, I will also be able to configure separate dedicated proponents to help handle and manage aspects specific to video editing, which I do also. So expect a system that can be massively configured to handle a wide range of issues SIMULTANEOUSLY, just to give you an idea of how unique this architecture will be, because I know in some sense, you might have an idea of what’s going into my next build but looking at the bigger picture, I know that there are alot of things that you don’t know, that will be going into this build. I know that this build will NOT be what you quite expected, and in fact, alot more awesome than what you might be thinking. so mark my words on that :D.


I want to touch on this important point too that still remains the same and it’s about what I had declared earlier, which is, that I am not going to be building a build that would be mainly all one AMD brand, or all one INTEL brand. That’s exactly another reason why I brought the motherboard that I went for, because with it I can actually make really deep custom-configurations, where, multiple different technologies from multiple different tech-corporations can be installed. So there will definitely be a huge variety in the mix, since, just because you may feel that the motherboard uses INTEL CPUs, that doesn’t still prevent me from installing AMD or nvidia video cards for example :D. So I meant what I said about not just supporting one brand, but supporting a wide array of technologies from various makers, since ultimately, I do actually need to utilize specific special hardware features from builders of these computer technologies. So everything along those lines, remains as planned — you will be seeing technologies from various makers i.e some from Intel, some from AMD some from nvidia etc etc, to help configure my brand new system to certain standards and with certain capabilities that I will need, and I must say, the competition out there, is very good, just as it was last generation despite there still being some controversies on pricing and not actually getting the amount of memory advertised and so on, but I will just use such questionable circumstances to educate myself even more because I did learn a couple of interesting things in light of such ordeals, never the less given the technologies on the market now, both old and new, it’s safe to say that I have my work cut-out for me, and I have some big decisions to make during the course of me developing my new system — things definitely will be getting more and more interesting. 

I can tell you that my next computer will be a powerful one without me even spending that much on it, just based on the way it will be “configured”, and it will be a very fun system, because, along with the capabilities of the awesome CPUS and powerful graphics cards, it’s going to be utilizing some very high speed system RAM which is classified as DDR4 memory. DDR4 from what I understand, is and has been one of the highest performing grades of ram to date, and has been featured in mainly high-end intel motherboards. So when it comes to things like browsing the web with multiple tabs opened, or through multiple browser windows for what ever reason, or doing work inside of a programs like photoshop etc, I will be more then prepared to handle such tasks and much more effectively than on my current laptop which only has 4Gigs of System Ram, no video card and the ram being the much slower and older DDR3 standard.

So these things are actually going to be significant improvements over what I have now, and what I also have to mention is the fact that the motherboard i’m using, also is going to be using a special type of memory called ECC memory, which is a kind of memory that is a little bit slower than the Non-ECC versions, but what’s great about it in my case, is that it is a memory that “corrects itself”, it actually resolves errors and issues in the memory that can lead to instability and even system corruption, this in combination with Windows 10, which if it’s anything like the very stable windows 8/8.1, should create a far more advanced and stable overall system, which of course is something I am very much after for my next system, since I want and need it to be very stable and consistent for as long as possible, and hopefully I can avoid some of the issues I had encountered in the past that caused me to lose files, pictures and documents or which contributed to lost progress on production projects, system failures etc. So this is a big development and a new area for me that I am enthusiastic about.

On the subject of RAM, i’m happy to announce that my next computer will be able to utilize over 500+ GBs of system memory. So when you heard me say that it was going to be a fun system just look at all I have already said thus far, plus this mention of the RAM capacity, and you’ll know that this system is in fact going to be ideal for multiple scenarios. Right now i’m working with 4GBs of RAM in my laptop. Now that use to be alot back in the day but certainly not now and especially not in what I intend to do in the future as far as computing is concerned xD. This amount of RAM is going to allow for me to actually use programs that consume a ton of RAM without system performance being affected and compromised too much, because I use programs like photoshop, and Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, and many times I have found myself in multiple situations where my system had slowed to a crawl and had become completely unresponsive to the point that I had thought it was going to crash, which in some cases did happen, and instead in other cases it would just be unresponsive for a very long time, or the program itself ,not the whole computer, would crash and I would at times lose progress of what I was doing and have to start over again (fortunately I have avoided this occurrence the vast majority of the time xD). But you get an idea of how huge in my case this is for me because for heavy RAM consuming applications, my system is more than capable of installing a huge amount of RAM according to what it is I need to get done. And trust me, when i’m using After Effects and and I start making things that need a huge number of particles, it kills the fuck out of your system — alot of the great effects in After Effects, are achieved by using particles, and particle effects eat up your system’s RAM. So i’m developing this beast of a computer to be able to have tons of RAM installed and also be able to utilize that massive capacity of RAM effectively and efficiently.

Now we go from the RAM onto something else that will really make this new computer i’m building a kicker, which is something that I don’t think I have been able to use in any computer I have owned so far which is; HyperThreading a.k.a turbo frequency. Yes, my system will have the capacity to be turbo charged and take advantage of Hyperthreading with the inclusion of multiple CPUs that have that capability. Now where this really comes in handy, is when it comes to rendering videos mostly in my case. I mean this system is going have CPU’s with so many cores that you won’t generally need them to have HyperThreading or turbo, but you know, HyperThreading/turbo still always helps and when you’re doing video rendering, the CPU absolutely does the majority of the work in this process, when you’re finished video editing and then you want to export your content into a video file/format.

One issue I had been facing for a very long time in addition to not having Video Cards to help with editing videos, is that after I finished my projects, it would take almost forever to export that content into a video file, and we’re talking about old mostly 1080p videos that are only on average about 3 minutes long at best that would take hours most of the time to convert into a short video. With the ability for me to introduce very high-end CPUs, just like I can install high-end GPUs, and in dual configurations (that goes for both the CPUs and the video cards), it gives me more effective boost and power in this very critical area to help make this computer batter at video rendering than what I have been having to endure for a pretty long time now. This was always one of the areas that presented a huge challenge for me when working on this laptop and trying to produce content that had special effects and high quality footage, and my new system gives me the ability to deal with that issue head-on which is a major help. So this new machine of mine will have the ability to be turbo charged and have intel’ HyperThreading technology, along with having multiple CPU cores and even multiple GPUs in configuration.

Another thing on the list of objectives that might surprise you a bit, is my interest in the area of virtualization :D. I had been recently showing interest in doing a series of things that apparently required virtualization, and I though it was a really cool thing except that my computer (laptop to be exact) was just not cut-out for it because the CPU it uses (Intel Pentium B950), was not designed to handle this technical application. In order to do what I wanted to do, I needed to have some kind of support on the hardware level to execute virtualization parameters and was at a stand-still as far as that is concerned and could not proceed any further because of a lack of functional support and capability for such a measure. Now with the new highly sophisticated system that i’m building, it would essentially make virtualization look like old news xD.

It will be more than ready to handle any situation where I think Virtualization is required, without be hitting any major snags in that area again because of not having the necessary requirements. Also what is interesting to note is that virtualization is exactly one of the reasons as to why I will be having alot of RAM in the system, it’s because I will be doing lots of networking and things that are only achievable through a Virtual Machine mode of set up, so the RAM will come in handy for this use, as-well-as the kinds of CPUs i’d be using, the number of cores they will have, as well as the benefit of being able to use them in dual capacity, which is all kind of relatively fresh territory for me and something I cannot wait to actually be able to use and experiment with, since it will be very helpful and it will be something that will help me get things done alot better especially when compared to my current computer which is extremely limited in it’s abilities and makes the things I can actually produce with it, a very limiting affair. So as you can see, this computer is going to be very dynamic as i’m going to be enabled to game my way, i’m going to be able to get alot more productions done timely, and i’m going to be able to network in ways that I was not able too before. So when I said this computer is going to be a beast, as you can see with all of the facts and details I have made available here, that obviously would not just boil down to being able to play crisis at max setting xD. Instead, it means how incredibly useful the system is under varying degrees of demands along with the “computer” itself not being what you would conventionally expect from a Personal Computer :D.

That being clarified, it takes me up to my next point about scalability. It is refreshing to know that with the scalability I have with this system, it would allow me to delve into things that provide more levels of quality and substantially satisfactory results than I had been dealing with over the last sets of years. I have taken my experiences from a variety of circumstances that I was faced with, and try to recall upon them in the situation where i’m developing this next machine, so that it would minimize the severe shortcomings that had plagued many of my still active projects in the past, whether it be making videos that require lots of RAM, woes with real-time video editing, some programs just not even bothering to start, some programs requiring a video card, the processor is just not fast enough, not enough space on the harddrive, videos taking an absurd amount of time to render out, random crashes or I can’t get things done or functioning in the ideal resolution or mode that I really want them at, so they are forced to be reduced and incur loss of quality as a result etc — I have made sure that I take into account all of the necessary dynamics at play that I couldn’t adequately deal with in the past to introduce in this new system, measures that will far exceed or that can handle most of the familiar factors that need to be overcome in order for me to deliver the things I want, in the ways I want.

So now instead of it being a matter of “ohh what now!”, ever so constantly despite the fact that i have been able to do an impressive amount with what I have (and that in of it self being a learning opportunity that’s contributing to all that I will be doing), it should now be a shift more interestingly towards a “what’s next!” kind of progressive situation, that i’m looking forward too :D. No more hold-ups — I will be able to deliver alot more, with alot less compromise compared to many of the hindering aspects I just could not “shake”, with the very narrow technical constraints that made things far more stringent than preferred. So scalability was very much part of the core of the latest architecture because if you don’t have that, you’ll be ultimately bound too much by sub-standard options that don’t really cut it.

With these new found assets I will undoubtedly amass a huge amount of potential which is another thing that factored into my decision to buy the particular motherboard that I did, and be able to use the particular parts that go hand-in-hand with it. I don’t know bout you, but i’m not in the industry benefiting from certain privileges and things like that, so I had to keep in mind that when I buy stuff, it really should be things that are worth while quality investments, since, I don’t have alot of money to waste on computer parts of all things xD. So alot of the stuff i’m choosing are not only going to be some of the best around, but will also have the potential to be upgraded even well into the future. So rather than having to buy a whole new system every certain amount of years, I would be able to have the option to upgrade just a few parts if necessary.

As you know now, the system can accommodate a high number of RAM, it can hold a high number of GPU’s and you can do different CPU configurations spanning across generations, so the options I have in terms of upgrading, and further more, gaining more out of my system even years from now as time goes on rather than having to constantly renew via the far more pricey purchase of a new system each time, are exceptional. That is the wonderful thing about the computer that I’m making, it’s the potential — based on it’s potential and it’s unique configuration, it means a person like me in my situation, is actually making an investment now, that will pay off and actually be more cost-effective in the long run because I can continue to build upon its flexible foundation and continually configure it, in a way that works for me functionality-wise and cost wise, since, with the type of platform i’m building on, i’m actually only tapping into about 1% of the max potential via available options out there, that I can take to use and make this computer in particular with the technologies it has, improved! — available options that I would not actually have to use for YEARS to come.

lets expand on that; my system is going to be using the Xeon line of computer chips and you do not upgrade Xeons like regular consumer grade chips. The Xeon sockets are usually designed to be compatible with future releases of newer xeon chips coming out months and years later, just like your PCI slots on your motherboard can actually be used to run future, much newer graphics cards when they are released, so that eliminates the need for me to have to keep changing my motherboard each time I want to upgrade to a new i7 chip for example, or AMD CPU. Because i’m using the Xeon line, it’s basically a matter of replacing the current chip with a selection of available Xeons that are already out there (which have accumulated due to the benefit of many of them all being made at different times but for the same sockets) ranging from the very old generation versions, to the latest. Plus, the fact that they are designed to be used in dual configuration, gives you that much more power to work with, even if you’re not using the best and most expensive out of the bunch, which would make your computer still be able to keep up with whatever else is out there even years after your initial purchases.

That is essential the great thing about going with the xeon line if you can use them in the same capacity that the motherboard I will be using them in, provides. You’ll have something very durable that you won’t have to worry about replacing anytime soon, and extreme options in terms of improvements and upgrades. Of course the Xeons are not going to be good all on their own for gaming, I mean no CPU really is, so that’s why it’s important to pay close attention to the architecture of your system and how it’s configured, with the right configuration, i.e a proper video cards aswell to help go along with the Xeons, and the right grade of everything else you need to make up a properly functioning computer, you will find that even though you’re using xeons which are typically used in servers, that because you have everything else in place to help in areas where the CPU is not enough, your system actually works incredibly well because of your overall configuration. So don’t be afraid to try new things because, then you might discover that it’s more about what you didn’t know, than what you thought you did know.

11 thoughts on “Gaming Conference Part 4: Crazy and Fantastic Prospects

  1. Your laptop must be something to be able to play a game like that with it, but then again I’m not really sure of the system specs beyond needing windows 10 to play it. I only assumed by how the game looks and plays, that you would need a pretty capable system to run it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. haha can’t believe Microsoft put killer instinct on windows 10. Glad to see it finally arrived be i remember when it wasn’t and i had discussions son the forum about Microsoft bring they games to other windows platforms and how that’s actually a good thing despite people claiming that it would stop being from buying an xbox, which was just silly (lol), and now here’s just another example of another great game that was only on xbox/console making its way to PC, not to mention the fact that I was also wishing it would come to PC.

    It’s also intereting to see Forza Horizon on the platform. Now that was one I never saw coming until i read about it about a month or two ago though I knew that Forza Motorsport was already on the platform for a while — I guess I should have assumed they were eventually going to bring over Forza Horizon aswell in light of that.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reminder about the newest Killer Instinct being put on Windows 10. Accounting that, I’ll download Killer Instinct for my laptop via the Windows Store.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. lol you are very welcome. Hope you enjoy. Just a few years ago, having these games on PC was unheard of lmao. But then came Street Fighter 4, which was initially a windows release aswell, and before you know it we are now having a ton of “fighting games” for the platform that it hard to keep up ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. That’s good hahaha

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  3. What videogames am I looking forward to? Too many to list in comments but I make short blog posts referencing what new videogames I want to buy and play.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah i asked that because after writing this piece, I just felt like talking about games, and I also remembered you told me that you liked fighting games hehe :D.

      Your idea sounds good — I think in terms of a game you might like, I would have to recommend the new Killer Instinct!. That’s a game I could play about 10 – 30 times a day and still can’t get enough ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž. I use to absolutely love playing the first one on the SNES ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ

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  4. what games are you looking forward too man?. With my next computer i’ll be able to play the Dead Rising games that you mentioned and just about any game on the market ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Š. Yes, thankfully even the ones that are poorly optimized (hopefully they just stop with the poorly made games, but just in case, i’m prepared for it ๐Ÿ˜Ž).

    What I really need to do is invest in a good controller, because the last set of controllers i had man, didn’t last very long xD, we’re talking about issues anywhere from busted D-Pads to sprained Analogue-sticks ๐Ÿ˜ถ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ . That’s what happens when a hardcore gamer really games hehehe. My future controller needs to last for atleast more than 10 full months ๐Ÿ˜‚.

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  5. Maybe you can play Dead Rising 1 HD on this computer you’re building. After all, you commented on one of my blog posts by saying you’d love to play such a game.

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    1. oh yeah man that’s an excellent recommendation to try out on my new system.

      That computer is going to be something else . You’ll be one of the first to know when it’s done haha.

      I have no doubt it would be able to play the HD version of the first Dead Rising.

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  6. hope you come away with learning alot more about PCs after reading this man ๐Ÿ˜‚. Alot of this series was the product of lots of diligent research and staunch experimenting, not to mention “trial and error” ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Ž

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  7. Alright just finished this last piece of info belonging to my Gaming Conference series, which concludes it. Part 4 in the final part and gives insight into the technical side of things and more about what you can expect on that end. I also shed a little light on some new series that have been inspired by this series, and talked a little about its follow-ups. So I hope you enjoy the read :D

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