Leaps, Keeps & Feats (My Thoughts On Technological Innovations, Competition etc)

Competition in the technology business has once again gone crazy!. From what I’m seeing, things are more livelier now than in recent memory and there are a ton of notable innovations on many levels. On the GU side of things, the GTX 10 series is killing the the fuck out of shit xD. I have to be honest about that, The AMD RX 400, 500 and RX VEGA grade cards are also very excellent, but the GPU pricing on both sides at this time are nonsensical, and where AMD in particular usually gets the upper hand, is in performance and value for that performance compared to the alternatives, and right now the pricing on GPUs in not making alot, price wise, look appealing, and in some cases just plain fucking stupid, I don’t know who’s at fault specifically but something needs to happen fast because you want to maximize on potential customers, not lose potential.
I hear alot the blame pointed on shortages, which just baffles the rest of us because, using AMD RX and AMD Vega as an example, how can you be planning to release one of your most anticipated and sought-after products in a long time, and not expect that the demand is going to be through the roof?, it just doesn’t make much sense, of course millions of people are going to want to buy your cards, it’s like this almost EVERY generation, so how there is a “shortage” in the face of all of this increasing excitement and build up is beyond me — this is just 1 of the top things you should have been ready for, at the very “least”.
The GTX 1080 is a straight killer, I see it as a no-nonsense card because it is not relying on gimmicks, its performance speaks for its self, and you can see this card being the GPU Thread-Ripper equivalent to AMD’s new dominating CPUs — the GTX 1080 just tears apart video games without breaking a sweat, and it is pricey, though for a product of such outstanding delivery and execution I think it’s well worth $400 – $500, but for me, looking at it from a long term perspective, I think it’s a very good long-term investment for what it’s capable of, for whatever significant price you may pay to get one today.
On the AMD side of things, with the RX Vega in particular, they are sitting on something that could very well be a TRUE game changer and actually revolutionary. I say this because I think the High Bandwidth Cache Controller technology of the HBM(1/2) architecture in the RX Vega class of cards, is actually a monumental idea that could be extremely helpful in the future when it comes to games and applications, and can be a highly advantageous in alot of scenarios if they somehow manage to make it more practical. Of course stuff like this has to be approached with game developers in mind, because from what I understand, they are the ones who have to program their games to some degree to be able to utilize this technology, but it is a terrific piece of technology.
I don’t see why the same developers who are always optimizing their games for “4K” and new technologies, wouldn’t atleast have interest in optimizing their games to actually work EVEN BETTER, with the same technologies they expect people to have. To waste time on “4K” and things like that, but not make it a priority to utilize technology in necessary hardware that would tremendously increase the performance of your games for the vast majority of people, would be very incompetent. These games rely heavily on memory and there is an opportunity here that AMD is pushing with it’s High Bandwidth Cache Controller technology, that could make videos cards as a whole, play much more critical roles in being able to do what they are exactly designed to do, which is to leverage memory to process textures (ala 4K-content and generally high resolutions and definitions) and store data which helps games run more smoothly.
That sounds like a very useful feature to have on graphics cards for gaming as well as video editing etc etc. So i think the High Bandwidth Cache Controller stuff AMD is trying to introduce with its vega units and such, is actually a solid idea (doesn’t really seem like a gimmick) and hopefully developers realize this can be very beneficial to the end-user, and in terms of games etc actually provides another kind of way to help with many issues related with graphics and memory.
So yeah, apart from some fuck ups (LOL), If I were to take the good with the bad, there are alot of productive things i’m taking note of this year, and looking at how much of it applies too my situation, and what I have going on with regards to making my own computer, and interesting functional capabilities I would really like for it to adopt via many of these developments in the area of technology.

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