I know that I have been notoriously saying that I don’t like to read but to make it even more digestible and to contextualize it even further along with the emphasis on the word “like” and how it doesn’t necessarily mean “don’t”, when I say I don’t like to read it’s more within the context of “in comparison to”, so when I say I don’t like to read i’m not only looking at it from the perspective of not reading but also from the context of comparing it to other things that I also do.

But here is another context to consider, lets look at this for a second, if I don’t like to read how am I still managing reasonable input about various things?, that’s the thing, I don’t “like” to read so I have no choice but to use my head — I know what I am talking about and I know what I am doing.

So this is not just something I am repeating for the sake of imagery, neither have I told or advocated for anyone not to read, this is more fucking context as well. I am not concerned with what someone else does with a book, me not liking to read is focusing on how I fucking function.

This is not something I am saying for controversial reasons or solely because I have a “platform; I have been saying consistently that I don’t like to read [compared to other things], I have also been saying that I am a practical thinker; I’m more about experimenting and researching.

I use good old brains; the classification of convincing competence. Some talk about “common sense” but where the fuck the brains at when you need it especially in this pandemic where so many expert fools are missing the point?. This was me before the pandemic, this is me during the pandemic and this is still going to be me is after the pandemic.

I’m not just saying this stuff; some people (especially Media freaks), just say things they know absolutely nothing about according to where the tide or the current is shifting, but i’m not just saying stuff, this is authentic.

Of course read the books, but also mind what you’re doing, because another thing that context really shows during this pandemic, especially when they bring up this thing about “if” you touch your face when you are wearing a fxxking mask, is that most likely, in most of these cases, it’s more of a matter of not doing things properly, or not doing things at all, that’s responsible for the majority of issues because of a deficiency in being able to put principle into practice.

Context matters like black lives, because it gives contrasting context to fabricated black-and-white situations.

I’m not some little parasite prick spreading [fake] “news” or shithead gibberish. Call me Tha Dradgon, nothing but flames barbecuing baseless bullshit. #Yup

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    1. Thank you, to have recieved your feedback is SUPER βœŒβœŒπŸ˜„


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