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    Originally Posted: 2017/06/18 at 11:18 am

    I am not a one dimensional flat fuck 👌👎👎. I am dynamic 📈 📊, I have my own mind 💡💡, my own sound 🔉🎼, my own opinions ✉❕ and explosive fucking energy 💣. I’m not a “monkey see monkey do” derivative of a carbon copy 👤👤👤👤👤.

    it’s not my style to be politically correct 🚨🚫, or be influenced by the politically correct or by the bitchy things seen as the norm or the trend pushed by bitches (👀) to brainwash. I am DIRECT ⬅, and mostly the one to do the directing 🎯🎯🎯, with accuracy ⚠⚡⚡. Pro-actively 🏃🚶, i’m kind of like the aggressor (👊👊) that’s progressively inclined :D.


    Originally Posted: 2017/06/14 at 12:48 pm

    let me tell you what “normal” means, normal is; you’re just an average bitch like another average bitch. That’s it — there is nothing to “normal” , it’s exactly what it sounds like “normal”. I’m not “normal”, i define myself, i’m “unexplained” :D. And, I don’t give a shit about a retard’s opinion. #ItIsWhatItIs

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    Originally Posted: 2017/06/12 at 5:08 pm

    I don’t give a distinctive damn who’s atheist or a scientific genius ⚠️⚠️. fact is there is a GOD 💯, fact is things come from other things 💯, fact is even the scientist acknowledge we all came from something 💯, fact is that something would have had to have been here before humanity 💯. So it is a general consensus among thought-provoked people that, people (and all living things) as we know it, were “born/created” somehow 💡. Fact is people just don’t agree on how it happened — my expression is a very critical basic logic, which is, I do not believe things without life in the first place (raw dust, raw rocks, raw atmosphere, raw chemicals — raw materials) have even the slightest capability to develop a conscious, fully living being of any kind 💣💣💣 #facts. It just does not happen that way, that’s not how it works xD.


    Originally Posted: 2017/06/10 at 12:05 pm

    Imagine being able to use Actors as Enemies in RPG Maker by default! — that would be revolutionary! :D. That would be one of the biggest changes next to when they included the side-view feature in the program as standard.

    As you can tell by this, Yup!, i’m definitely using RPG Maker xD. See this is this kind of thing I does, not be a petty fucker talking about other pathetic fucks and useless fuckry — that’s just a circus that nobody shows up to 👀😂😂 xD. What i’m bout, is flexing the brain muscle, what i’m bout, is mastermind shit. 👍.

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    Originally Posted: 2017/06/08 at 9:11 am

    This is my general comment section — the same old Krap from killa. Sometimes you just want to share a view but don’t think you need to make a whole blog about it — that’s what this area is for, but as you can see it says RAW, so what i say is not always going to be “pretty” :D.

    You KNOW all these bullshit people out there that can’t get their own shit together, and these retarded sons of slut bitches on that censoring shit are gonna love this one, right? hahahaa.

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  1. These scripts/scriptures are not just for the sake of reaction or idol chatter, they are to help with proper realization and methodology, not “philosophy” — FORMULA!. Some bitches speak but when this occurs, it’s obvious that they are there just to “lecture” or to carry-on a show for 15 minutes and 45 minutes of fame or some attention online and clown activity like that.

    I’m not into clown activity or here just to lecture; 99% of the time what i’m doing is pointing out things to make meaningful changes and also putting things into context and to dispel notions that are false, inaccurate or just lies being spread by all types of misguided asswipes in the Media etc etc; most of which I can spot through the help of experience and real-life happenings.

    The fact of the matter is, this is my passion, I live for facts. I am accustomed to debates and conversations with, not just those who I know, but even on the internet etc, I have been an actual participant on forums and websites talking about a whole lot of issues, topics etc, and regardless of the platform or the circumstance, sometimes there is agreement, and sometimes we don’t agree and stuff like this. This is not just things i’m mentioning in some talkative derision like a pathetic doofus. Some folks are very sensitive fucks, they portray images that you know is just not them; you know they are just a clown son of a bitch, mentioning “characteristics” and “qualities” that they only read about or something.

    They don’t truly have these kinds of qualities;, it’s something that they read about in a fucking book, it’s not actually in them. I’m cultured in this; other people might give the impression that they are of these attributes like debating and having zeal for the truth, but that is only because they are in certain positions like in the Media. The slightest original thought that has the potential to make their shitty rotten nerves feel uncomfortable, they are then quick to censor and silence. From the time you are not in the shitty narrative, they want to perpetuate, they become restless, depraved feminine dipshits.

    Ticklish bitches of such fragile insecurity, are playing roles, they are in an occupation of a system of narratives, they are a representation of a dull image. They like to lecture mainly, but when they get blazed by the same fire they play with, they meltdown like the cosmetic sheet of soullessness that they clearly are, and like true media bitches, “censor” and “silence”.

    Fools ought to know their caliber and not think that everything is some “media” blitz, it can backfire when I embarrass a stupid bitch’ 15 minutes of fame in 3 seconds flat. I can EASILY arrogantly embarrass some bullshit retarded fuck on whatever talk program or radio show they think they are on, if this is the kind of “publicity” they are looking for.

    To be in certain places, it takes a special type of patience. If you don’t have the patience for certain things, then your tail is up pity’s shitpit, because you’re really not that important for anyone to have to tolerate your angsty, knee-jerk, jackass attention span, and impulsive bitch moodiness. These lames are corny COMMERCIAL cunts. These habits that I engage in are not “commercial” for me — i’m the dynamic dude, distinguished from a distance with versatile varied vibes — 100% NATURALLY thoughtful and vigilant.

    My content is not “filler” — I keep it 100 at around 10,000% more COMPELLINGLY DELIVERED, compared to the average pile of garbage in the Media or from nosy fuckers who’s content, now-a-days, is 15 – 45 minutes, or whatever the silly algorithm is, because you know, these pricks and entities have their shitty Media “algorithms” like 40/45 minutes of cornball indignant fuck, and then 15/20 minutes of “ads”, and these kinds of artificial, generic systems. There is usually some foolish “algorithm” consisting of brain-deadening garbage or dull-witted regurgitation for the sake of “audience” and “sponsors” — a massive waste of time and existence.

    The material I have is for helping folks with clarity and critical korrektness, realistic thinking, and so-on. It’s for the: scribe, teachers, and for the aspiring research folks within some of us; so if you’re really into discovering things and finding out stuff as-they-are, so that you can korrektly deal with them as-they-come, then this [blog], with these scriptures, in this era, is the opportune place for that :D.


  2. This is the initial Top 3, remind unimportant garbage, how i’m superiorly fantastic:

    1- orchestral thoughts that thoroughly tantalize

    2- hardcore-facts dropping over maggot bums monolithically

    3- super-smart scripter proven by powerful exemplary potence

    I’m a research kind of dude; the issue with books, in some cases, is that some folks feel that with books, everything is gospel; they seem to believe everything they read, they don’t do research even though the books that they read were written by other people and not themselves. I tend to prefer taking my knowledge into my own hands, i’m just a hands-on kind of guy. I’m not too comfortable with just reading; i’ve never been this kind of individual, this is why I mention that I don’t like to read (note that this does not, or never meant that I don’t read, I never said that I “don’t” read), because it’s not enough to stimulate me. I’m an individual that’s practical and this is the thing with me; I learn fast and pick-up on things n other ways.

    There are some people that are stuck in the 60s or some shit; unless there is some manual or “how-to guide”, they are completely lost, they struggle with the latest technology, they are always far behind in the times, living in a parallel universe, don’t even know what the fuck a smartphone is etc etc,, I don’t find myself in this position, and that is the difference between me and these persons; I get down to actively figuring out how things function, that way if i’m in my 50s or 80s, I don’t look as dum or as clueless or as incapable as I should be, since, because of my research and thinking skills, hands-on experimenting and so-on, i’m the person who at 80 years of age, i’m probably functioning as if i’m still in my 21s or 26s. The formula is this; I have the experience of an eighties, but the capabilities of a young-young-young unstoppable 21 – 36 year old, and this is how I learn.

    Some people won’t know something because they are not in a book, but they don’t have to know what’s in the book to figure out something. On the other hand, other people, unless it’s in a book, they won’t fucking know much of anything because they are not thinking outside the box to figure out things. Don’t get me wrong, read and educate yourselves, but what I’m saying is that you don’t have to limit yourself to this, there is nothing with getting creative with your way of thinking and finding out stuff.

    Top 6 take-aways for the screwed-up, unfixable, fallible, inexplicable pissy sillies:

    1- Enumerating epic divulge comparable to catchy encyclopedic frequencies

    2- Erasing instable illegible cumsuckers, using precarious profound precision

    3- Retaining vigorous volumes whithering the fiber of feeble flunks

    4- Disincentivizing sub-shit specimens complements of powerful privilege

    5- Exemplifying epic extremes detrimental to chronic shit-sucking deteriorations

    6- Tormenting puke-indignant cunts with incapacitating calamitous garrote

    Sure Black lives matter because all lives matter, but this has nothing to do with me being a “black” or “pink” person, this is a stark vivid CONTRAST between a seek-and-you-shall-find bro, and some by-the-book/text-book case sucka :D.


  3. The following shall be the initial Top 3 thoughts, that should “rattle” shitheads and possibly awakes some sort of useful purpose within their deplorable self-destructive conditional hideousness:

    1- Eradicating bullshit bottom-feeders who refuge in covert-clown-crevasses

    2- Introducing retards to reality from relevant revolutionary regencies

    3- Distributing superior sustenance to haphazardous half-wit hopefuls

    Saying “slogans” and things of this nature, may be all fun and good to some folks until it is used by some scoundrels in out-of-context unintuitive ways; lets take Black Lives Matter for instance, you may hear that Black Lives Matter is to let folks know that black lives should be respected to — there is nothing wrong with this reasoning, but there is a fundamental flaw with many of these color-based themed rallies, and it’s the fact that they also attract noticeable degrees of individuals who use them to actually fuel their own acts of prejudice and this is what some jackasses can’t seem to comprehend; as long as you have these color or ethnic-themed campaigns, they will attract alot of those who are not “racist” per-say, but who are “prejudice” participants, who will use these movements as a cover for ulterior reasons.

    I don’t give a fuck if it’s about black lives, I don’t give a fuck if it’s about Native American lives, I don’t give a fuck if it’s about Hispanic lives, since this is besides the point, because while the main goal of these causes are good, they have very negative side effects which is the prejudice drawn. So people need to grow the fuck up, focus less on race, and develop to a level where the focal-instance is more about common fucking decency.

    And this is something where alot of pricks fall short lmao; when it comes to the race thing they are on to that like white-spots on car bodies; is all the fuck they know and live for — they don’t live against it, they live for it. But when it just comes down to exhibiting common fucking decency, they are flaccid as fuck — these are not the kind of individuals that you want at the forefront of any serious case as that deranged thinking, is premature and baby-ish at best. This race redundancy is small-minded superficial bullshit; you can denounce racism just off of the esteem of common basic fucking decency, where, no racism or racial discrimination is tolerated, period. It doesn’t have to be “lilac-lives-matter” or white-lives-matter” or some other color-based-cliche

    Black Lives Matter, but race-driven activism is a cornered, prejudice, counter-productive implications :D

    Below are my Top 6 epic capabilities and disciplined dedications, that cause dum-dimwitted despicable indignant fucks, to decline:

    1- Dislodging Scio-schizophrenics with silencing sequesters

    2- Exposing jackasses to my dooming dexterous wise depictions

    3- Exceptional distinctions like a delicate-dance of dilating-disco

    4- Terminating useless vermins with uncomfortable deducting destruct

    5- Brash, no fucking reluctance; influencing fools to relinquish stupidity

    6- Exercising critical culminations with unlimited artful-arrogance, astronomically

    Yes that’s how it is here with this fellow, crazy and exciting!. No “normal” and boring stereotypical, uninspiring unappealing LOL


  4. These are the initial compelling Top 3 compositions about my actions :D

    1- Enlightening prevalence, concerted with creativity, consecutively

    2- Sinking measly monotonous sects using deadly declassification

    3- Bulldozing belligerent bitches with perfected punitiveness

    Now for the subject; Here is the thing, it’s often said that humans evolved from monkeys, but if humans “share” D.N.A. with monkeys and humans were said to have procedurally evolved from neanderthals, then this should mean that the neanderthals also share D.N.A with monkeys as well, which also would mean that Neanderthals should also have a common biological element inside of their genes that is similar to modern humans that can also be found “shared” within the Neanderthals/themselves, but what is really strange is that modern human’s relation to Neanderthals is typically presented as a one-way-streak, in which case, it cannot be a one-way-streak if both humans and neanderthals “share” the same common “monkey” D.N.A, in which case, monkeys are said to have alot in “common” with us, D.N.A wise, but how the crap can Monkeys “share” alot more in common with us on a D.N.A level, (since it’s said that we “evolved” from “monkeys”) but when it comes to neanderthals, it’s only a one-way-streak, where, only Neanderthal “traits” are “found” as a very miniscule percentage in modern humans (it is claimed that certain colors of “hair” and and things like that, is as a result of the Neanderthal traits found in us) but nothing in modern humans is found in neanderthals, when both neanderthals and modern humans are said to have direct D.N.A relationship to actual Monkeys that are still alive today and we share more in common with actual moneys, in comparision to the small miniscule percentage of D.N.A we “inherited” from neanderthals, even though we supposedly “evolved” directly from neanderthals and should have far more Neanderthal D.N.A in us, than modern day monkey D.N.A?.

    Most likely if we are finding “traits” that Neanderthals have, also in humans, this could be indicative of a dynamic range of creation that did not result from evolution, but is a result of a diverse intentional design that is not circumstantial but creative in nature. This tells me that the “percentage” of D.N.A elements shared in humans and monkeys actually point towards an influence that is much greater, elaborate and far more dynamic in nature, than a basic case of straight, singular, mutative generational evolution, since these D.N.A elements do not seem to be specific to only one kind of life form on earth, but is “shared” more broadly and is naturally apart of all different kinds of species, in different kinds of CREATIVE ways instead of happenstance “evolutionary” instances, which seems to link back to a common influentially specific intentional design, that made their stand-alone variations possible via a causation of this common element (or more accurately STANDARD) known as D.N.A, found is nearly all fleshly life, showing that we didn’t really “evolve” from Monkeys, we didn’t really “evolve” from Neanderthals, we didn’t really “evolve” from bacteria, we didn’t really “evolve” from single-cell organisms, we didn’t really “evolve” from fish, but that there is this one common “creator”/creation phenomenon that purposelly shaped our specified existance, effectively make us out of, nothing more, than causation of this mysterious factor.

    Behold, Top 6 techniques that disturb dipshits with terrible timely thrashings:

    1- Subjecting shitstains to overbearing actuating Achillean rectitude

    2- Discontinuing the deeds of shitty germs with degrees of disabling dynamics

    3- Quintessential charismatic duration that enthrones effectiveness, rejecting repugnance

    4- Raising reworking revolutions that collapses recidivistic bullshit

    5- Endued lasting-levity budging odious boneheaded obsolete obstructions

    6- Intrinsic tantamount tormenting trending tremendous teachable tackling


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