I can’t emphasize enough that when you take a look around the cultures, there is nothing in their depictions that truly shows anything of any different sort or type that could not have been easily influenced by earthly intrinsic activities, earthly intrinsic experiences or earth intrinsic encounters, and yet persons want to suggest that these ancient folks couldn’t have easily construct depictions based on many different things seen on earth. There is this notion that the “depictions” are things they “actually saw”, but on the other hand, when it comes to the “books” and the writings on those books where there seems to be a conflict of narrative, the excuse given is these things were written in “symbolic” accounting a “war or a struggle between good-and-evil” blah blah blah or some kind of solar collision — what is critical to note is, from the time it is indicated that these people had the ability to make “symbolic” references and “figuratively” frame stuff, this whole notion that they could have only written down what they saw goes completely out the fucking window. And from the looks of how prevalent this kind of trend was in ancient times, to the extent that it became a culture, this kind of stuff has been going on for quite some damn time. There is no possible way that these “depictions” of these figures with deer and animal heads mixed with human bodies and vice-versa, all without a single fucking tail mind you, were real. Hahaha don’t make me laugh my motherfucking azz off.

4 thoughts on “COMMENT [676]

  1. Interesting post dear as usual!! Great point of view. I hope you had an amazing thanksgiving festivities and I wish the best yo you in the next few weeks to come. We’ll talk again.

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    1. Hey thank you for such a lovely comment Zadi; it really does make me smile <3 <3.

      It has been such a super time chatting with you and also seeing what's on your mind, and I love reading your comments just as much as I do love reading your work. I wish you the best time today and the next few weeks to come as well πŸ‘βœŒοΈπŸ˜„

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      1. Same goes to you dear

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        1. Thank you I really appreciate it my friend πŸ‘πŸ˜„

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