What’s on today’s topical table?, facts!; the main essence which gives substance to revolutionize. It dispels false-starts, destroying false-hoods in its command. In other words, definitely not no fake, unrealistic crap about “evolution” or “Illuminati” :D

Some so-called experts call the sugar “fructose”; they can call the sugar “lactose”, and they can call the sugar “sucrose”; but give a diabetic a natural fruit that contains a certain level of sweetness; one that is as sweet as it is naturally primarily because of the sugar it contains, then at another time, give them the same equivalent of that in terms of added sugar and you will observe that the effects it will have on their bodies will be the exact same — it makes no fucking difference. Why?, because it’s all apart of the same fucking family — they are all fucking “sugar”.

For scientific reasons, the scientists take these things and break them down into their own categories but nature does not function according to science, so how reality is playing out, for those who may care enough to pay careful attention, is that regardless of how many “sugars” they claim to exist, it does not make a discernable difference in real life when it comes to diabetes. In the case of diabetes, your body does not naturally distinguish the differences between these different categories and different types of “sugars” that the scientists claim to exist, or atleast not enough for these so-called “sugars” not to have the same exact fucking effects on your body if you consume too much.

The main reason why some of the “experts” seem to be making a distinction about this “sugars” thing, that has no significant disparity in bodily effects in reality, is because it looks like their desperate way to try and get people to buy into their social “studies”, they want to see how this goes and see how that goes etc etc, BUT as I have said numerous times, you don’t need to play along with their bullshit to know from the ample proof that is already out there, that it’s moderation and exercise that actually results in weight-loss in substantial and meaningful ways. It has nothing to do with the increase or decrease of “sugar” — sugar is actually completely irrelevant when it comes to weight gain or even weight-loss.

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