I like the idea of seeking the truth and ultimately finding the truth!; on a small scale right now, I can look at my scriptures in cyberspace and think to myself that they are poof that there is truth out there — yup, beyond all the “astronomical gossip”, and an “atmosphere” of misleading, and the Stars of terrible theatrics; facts do exist, that some will gravitate to and become smarter, wiser and better thinkers, but we have to make it our mission like a NASA space voyager. You weren’t made for no reason, as a matter of fact, the greatest reason there is LIFE.

Some of you might be wondering, since I have said that GOD wouldn’t do anything unnecessary like creating an instance of life here and then going 300 trillion light-years away and doing the same exact thing, then why are there planets all over the place and zillions and zillions of miles apart?

It is my view that this is because GOD is a “creator”; so what can I say! — life is full of life and space is full of stars, but us being alive and actually having life is far beyond an issue of GOD just being a creator, even though this is the core basic principle that applies to most other things in existence, but you can look millions of miles in the sky, or billions of light-years far out into the galaxy, however, love is what it all comes down to in the case of the living. For there are trillions of objects, some very big and some very small — it all comes all the way back down to the precious aspect of our very being — the universe is full of stars and full of planets but we are all full of GOD and this reality of us is contextualized in it’s own unique set of circumstances.

I mean when you look at the planets, they too are in some sense all harmonized; we don’t see it that way because to us our perception has limits, the scale and scope is mind-boggling to us, but in a way, the properties and arrangements of the planets is ideal for planets, planets are arranged in a way that works for planets; our standard of life is not like that of planets — our existence as “life” straight from GOD, must be done in a context that works for us as life-forms, so the size of the planets and the distances of the planets and the quantity of the planets, means nothing to us in-terms of what makes us live and why, and the true purpose of our being — their specific roles are different from our specific responsibilities.

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